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February 11, 2011

7 Office 2003 Quick Reference Cards

Here are Quick Reference Cards for 7 Office 2003 Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Visio. These references, or cheat sheets, are hosted by customguide, and were found on google, doing this search. They are in pdf format.

Word 2003 Quick Reference, Word 2003 Cheat Sheet

Excel 2003 Quick Reference, Excel 2003 Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint 2003 Quick Reference, Cheat Sheet

Outlook 2003 Quick Reference, Outlook 2003 Cheat Sheet

Access 2003 Quick Reference, Access 2003 Cheat Sheet

Publisher 2003 Quick Reference, Publisher 2003 Cheat Sheet

Visio 2003 Quick Reference, Visio 2003 Cheat Sheet

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May 23, 2008

Free Visio 2003 Training Manual

Here is’s Free Visio 2003 Training Manual. This illustrated Visio training guide is 66 pages in length and is downloadable in zip format (ZIP file is 546kb, resulting DOC file is 830kb after unzipping). Visio is designed to help you create business and technical diagrams, including Organization Charts, Flow Charts and Office Layout Diagrams. These diagrams are created with the use of sophisticated drawing tools and stencils of pre-drawn shapes that can be dropped onto the drawing page. This training manual demonstrates Visio’s features for creating and working with Visio diagrams, including the following Visio topics: the Visio Layout and Toolbars, Stencils, Working with Shapes, Drawing Shapes, Pages and Views, Working with Text, Connectors, Printing, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Contents of Visio 2003 Training Manual:

Getting Started

Visio Environment:
Screen Layout
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Task Pane

File Commands:
Saving a File
Closing a File
Opening an Existing File

Opening more stencils
Moving between Stencils
Closing stencils
Searching for a Shape on a Stencil

Working with Shapes:
Creating a shape
Selecting shapes
Select Multiple Shapes Using the Keyboard
Select Multiple Shapes Using the Multiple Select Tool
Select Shapes Using the Area Select Tool
Select Shapes Using the Lasso Select Tool
Moving Shapes
Deleting Shapes
Resizing Shapes
Rotating Shapes
Flipping Shapes Duplicating/Copying Shapes Changing the attributes of a Shape
To Change Line (Border) Attributes
To Change Fill Attributes
Stacking Shapes
Aligning shapes
Distributing Shapes
Grouping Shapes

Pages & Views:
Creating a new page
Moving Between Pages
Ruler & Grid
Snap & Glue

Working with Text:
Text Boxes
Adding Text to a Drawing
Editing Text in a Text Box
Moving, Resizeing, and Rotating a Text Box
Adding Text to a Shape
Editing and Moving Text in a Shape
Resizing a Text Frame in a Shape
Rotating a Frame in a Shape
Formatting Text
To Select All Text in a Text Box or Shape
To Select Some of the Text in a Text Box or Shape
Horizontal and Vertical Alignment of text
Tabs within A Text Box or Shape
Bullets within A Text Box or Shape

Creating a Point-to-Point Connection
Creating a Shape-to-Shape Connection
Connecting Multiple Shapes
Automatically Connected Shapes
Working With connection points

Drawing Shapes

Background Pages:
Inserting a Background Page
Assigning a Background Page
Creating a Background Page from an Existing Page
Editing an Existing Background Page

Custom Stencils:
The Favourites Stencil
Adding Shapes From an Existing Stencil to Favourites
Adding Shapes From A Drawing to Favourites
New Stencils
Creating a New Stencil
Adding Shapes to the New Stencil

Print Preview
Printing your Drawing

Visio & Other Applications
Keyboard Shortcuts

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October 9, 2007

Visio 2003 Tutorial

Here is the Visio 2003 Tutorial from the University of Texas. Visio allows you to draw and render ideas, concepts, and structures into a visual representation. This application gives you already defined shapes, symbols, backgrounds, and borders to work with. This Visio tutorial teaches you how to create flowchart diagrams, and demonstrates how a web design wire frame and an organization chart look in Visio after they are  drawn. After going through this tutorial, you can try out the tools to create other kinds of charts and graphs, and web diagrams. 

You will learn the following Visio features:

  • Open a new Visio document
  • Create a flowchart diagram using shapes and connectors
  • move or add shapes
  • Add text to a diagram and format the text
  • Create a background
  • Modify the color palette
  • Add a hyperlink
  • Print a diagram or insert it into a PowerPoint or Word document
  • Edit a diagram while remaining in PowerPoint or Word  

Visio 2003 Tutorial Contents:

  – Getting Started and Navigating in Visio

  - Creating a New Diagram

  – Adding and Modifying Text

  – Creating a Background

  - Modifying the Color Scheme

  - Adding a Hyperlink

  – What to do with Your Visio Drawing

  - Other Types of Visio Drawings

  – Resources

  - Evaluate this tutorial

  - PDF Handout

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May 21, 2007

20 Free Visio 2003 Diagrams

Here is a free download from Microsoft for 20 Free Visio 2003 Diagrams that will help you use this diagramming program more effectively. These Visio diagrams can be used in several areas. Here are some of the available diagrams: Flowcharting, Floor Plans, Computer Networks, Database, Calendar, Electrical Engineering, Organization Chart, Timelines, UML, and Web Design.

   - Active Directory diagram – ActvDir.vsd
   - Basic Flowchart – Bflowcht.vsd
   - Block Diagram – BlkDiagm.vsd
   - Building Floor Plan – BldgPlan.vsd
   - Basic Network diagram – Bnetwork.vsd
   - Brainstorming/Mind map – Brainstm.vsd
   - Calendar – Calendar.vsd
   - Database diagram – Database.vsd
   - Detailed Network diagram – Dnetwork.vsd
   - Electrical Engineering Control diagram – EECtrl.vsd
   - Fluid Power diagram – FluidPwr.vsd
   - Meeting Room layout – MeetRoom.vsd
   - Organization Chart – OrgChart.vsd
   - Process Engineering diagram – ProcEng.vsd
   - IT Rack diagram – Rack.vsd
   - Timeline diagram – Timeline.vsd
   - UML diagram – UML.vsd
   - Web Design diagram – WebDsgn.vsd
   - Web Site diagram – WebSite.vsd
   - Window UI diagram – WinUI.vsd

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March 22, 2007

Office Quick Reference Guides

Here are eight excellent 2-page Office Quick Reference Guides for Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003 and 2002, PowerPoint 2003, Project 2002, and Visio Professional 2003 and 2002. These will come in handy when you need to find out how to do a task and perform a feature quickly in these Office applications.

Word 2003

Excel 2003

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2002

PowerPoint 2003

Project 2002

Visio 2003 Professional

Visio 2002 Professional

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April 26, 2006

Tutorials and Help for Microsoft Visio 2003

Here are lots of tutorials, articles, and support documents for helping you learn and use Microsoft Visio 2003. These will get you up-to-speed on and using many of the basic and advanced features of this graphical, diagramming, and workflow application. These are authored by Microsoft.

Tutorials and Help for Microsoft Visio 2003

» Startup and Settings
Installing and Activating Visio | Accessibility | Getting Help | More…

» Setting Up Your Workspace
Working with Menus and Toolbars | Arranging Windows and Stencils | Restoring Original Settings

» Creating Drawings
Block Diagrams | Brainstorming Diagrams | Building Plans | More…

» Working with Drawings
Viewing Drawings | Working with Pages | Working with Layers | More…

» Working with Shapes and Text
Finding and Adding Shapes | Positioning Shapes | Adding and Formatting Text | More…

» Printing
Printing Large Drawings | Preparing Drawings for Printing | Printing Drawings

» Sharing Information
Reviewing Drawings | Sharing Information with Other People | Sharing Information with Other Programs | More…

» Work Essentials with Visio
Administration | Team Collaboration | Consulting | More…

» Visio and the Web
Office System files on Web servers | Publishing to the Web | Using Hyperlinks in Drawings | More…

» Using Your Data in Drawings
Entering Data in Shapes | Creating Reports from Data | Linking Shapes and Drawings to Databases

» Security and Privacy
Digital Signatures | Macro Virus Protection | Privacy | More…

» Automating Tasks and Programmability
ActiveX Controls | Macros

» Language-Specific Features
Working with Asian Languages | Working with Vertical Text

» Visio at Home

» Columns, Demos, and Quizzes
Crabby Office Lady | Taming Templates | Demos | More…

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