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September 13, 2010

7 Visio 2007 Training Tutorials

Here are 7 Visio 2007 Training Tutorials, located at agileconcepts. All of these are in pptx Powerpoint format. These will help you work with and use Shapes and Text in Visio.

4 Beginning Visio 2007 Tutorials:

(pptx) Learn what Shapes are, How Visio uses them, and the Types of Shapes available

(pptx) How to Get Shapes and Use Pictures

(pptx) How to Add and Edit Text in Single and Grouped Shapes

(pptx) How to Position Text and Use the Text Block Tool

3 Intermediate Visio 2007 Tutorials:

(pptx) How to Group Shapes and Modiry a Shape in a Group

(pptx) How to Position Shapes and use AutoConnect, Grids and Rulers

(pptx) How to Stack Shapes to Relate Shapes and Change the Stacking Order

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April 21, 2010

4 Excel eBooks, 6 Access eBooks, and 1 Visio eBook

This computer ebook site hosts 11 Office eBooks: 4 Excel ebooks, 6 Access ebooks, and 1 Visio ebook. To find these ebooks, simply do a Find command in your browser (Edit->Find on menu, or Ctl+F) and type in the keyword ‘Excel’, ‘Access’, or ‘Visio’.

4 Excel eBooks:
Excel – All Features
Excel – Macros and VBA

6 Microsoft Access eBooks:
Access – All Features
Access – with SQL Server
Access – Database Design
Access – Programming
Access – with VB .NET

1 Visio eBook:
Visio – All Features

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January 20, 2010

6 Free Visio Course Lessons

These excellent Microsoft Visio Course Lessons, at the University of Minnesota’s website, will help you quickly learn and get up to speed using Visio. Visio is a diagramming application that uses vector graphics to create diagrams. These 7 Visio course lessons (in pdf format) contain information about creating various types of diagrams, and also include some good resources you can use.

Creating Basic Visio Diagrams  1.87 Mb, 81 Pages
These Visio course lesson show you how to create diagrams such as an organization chart, a ballroom diagram, and a process diagram. A lesson on how to share Visio documents is also included.


Class File (.zip)
This is the class file for the above Visio lessons, you can download this when reviewing the lessons above.

 - Creating Basic Diagrams class file

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June 18, 2008

12 Free Office XP Training Manuals

Here are 12 Free Office XP Training Manuals for all of these Microsoft applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Project, Visio, and FrontPage. These excellent free Office training documents, from, include tutorials and instructions for learning both introductory and advanced features, and also provide Macro and VBA training. The documents are downloaded in zip format, and when unzipped are in Word (.doc) format. They are comprehensive and teach you all of the features and topics for these apps in a step-by-step format.

MS Office 2002 / XP Training Manuals

MS Word Training Manuals

MS Excel Training Manuals
MS PowerPoint Training Manual

MS Outlook Training Manual

MS Access Training Manuals

MS Project Training Manual

MS Visio Training Manual

MS FrontPage Training Manual

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May 27, 2008

Download Links for Office eBooks

Here are three sites that provide download links for Office eBooks covering all of the Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Visio, and Project. These computer ebooks are located at download sites like On, you need to click on the ‘Free’ button, and then click on the ‘Download via…’ button (you may need to enter a 3-4 character code). On other download sites you may need to click on the ‘Request ticket’ link.

1) FreeBookSpot links to several Office eBooks in its Microsoft Office category.  Some ebooks on this site have two or three download links. The link(s) to download each ebook are under the Download Instructions heading on each ebook’s description page.

2) Here is‘s Office category. To download an ebook from this site, you need to first click on the link under the ‘Server’ column on the ebook’s description page, then on the next page click on the ‘Download eBook’ link. Some of these links are not working.

3) Lastly, here is KnowFree 2.0′s Office category. Some of the links on this site are not working, but many are.

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May 23, 2008

Free Visio 2003 Training Manual

Here is’s Free Visio 2003 Training Manual. This illustrated Visio training guide is 66 pages in length and is downloadable in zip format (ZIP file is 546kb, resulting DOC file is 830kb after unzipping). Visio is designed to help you create business and technical diagrams, including Organization Charts, Flow Charts and Office Layout Diagrams. These diagrams are created with the use of sophisticated drawing tools and stencils of pre-drawn shapes that can be dropped onto the drawing page. This training manual demonstrates Visio’s features for creating and working with Visio diagrams, including the following Visio topics: the Visio Layout and Toolbars, Stencils, Working with Shapes, Drawing Shapes, Pages and Views, Working with Text, Connectors, Printing, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Contents of Visio 2003 Training Manual:

Getting Started

Visio Environment:
Screen Layout
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Task Pane

File Commands:
Saving a File
Closing a File
Opening an Existing File

Opening more stencils
Moving between Stencils
Closing stencils
Searching for a Shape on a Stencil

Working with Shapes:
Creating a shape
Selecting shapes
Select Multiple Shapes Using the Keyboard
Select Multiple Shapes Using the Multiple Select Tool
Select Shapes Using the Area Select Tool
Select Shapes Using the Lasso Select Tool
Moving Shapes
Deleting Shapes
Resizing Shapes
Rotating Shapes
Flipping Shapes Duplicating/Copying Shapes Changing the attributes of a Shape
To Change Line (Border) Attributes
To Change Fill Attributes
Stacking Shapes
Aligning shapes
Distributing Shapes
Grouping Shapes

Pages & Views:
Creating a new page
Moving Between Pages
Ruler & Grid
Snap & Glue

Working with Text:
Text Boxes
Adding Text to a Drawing
Editing Text in a Text Box
Moving, Resizeing, and Rotating a Text Box
Adding Text to a Shape
Editing and Moving Text in a Shape
Resizing a Text Frame in a Shape
Rotating a Frame in a Shape
Formatting Text
To Select All Text in a Text Box or Shape
To Select Some of the Text in a Text Box or Shape
Horizontal and Vertical Alignment of text
Tabs within A Text Box or Shape
Bullets within A Text Box or Shape

Creating a Point-to-Point Connection
Creating a Shape-to-Shape Connection
Connecting Multiple Shapes
Automatically Connected Shapes
Working With connection points

Drawing Shapes

Background Pages:
Inserting a Background Page
Assigning a Background Page
Creating a Background Page from an Existing Page
Editing an Existing Background Page

Custom Stencils:
The Favourites Stencil
Adding Shapes From an Existing Stencil to Favourites
Adding Shapes From A Drawing to Favourites
New Stencils
Creating a New Stencil
Adding Shapes to the New Stencil

Print Preview
Printing your Drawing

Visio & Other Applications
Keyboard Shortcuts

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October 9, 2007

Visio 2003 Tutorial

Here is the Visio 2003 Tutorial from the University of Texas. Visio allows you to draw and render ideas, concepts, and structures into a visual representation. This application gives you already defined shapes, symbols, backgrounds, and borders to work with. This Visio tutorial teaches you how to create flowchart diagrams, and demonstrates how a web design wire frame and an organization chart look in Visio after they are  drawn. After going through this tutorial, you can try out the tools to create other kinds of charts and graphs, and web diagrams. 

You will learn the following Visio features:

  • Open a new Visio document
  • Create a flowchart diagram using shapes and connectors
  • move or add shapes
  • Add text to a diagram and format the text
  • Create a background
  • Modify the color palette
  • Add a hyperlink
  • Print a diagram or insert it into a PowerPoint or Word document
  • Edit a diagram while remaining in PowerPoint or Word  

Visio 2003 Tutorial Contents:

  – Getting Started and Navigating in Visio

  - Creating a New Diagram

  – Adding and Modifying Text

  – Creating a Background

  - Modifying the Color Scheme

  - Adding a Hyperlink

  – What to do with Your Visio Drawing

  - Other Types of Visio Drawings

  – Resources

  - Evaluate this tutorial

  - PDF Handout

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September 13, 2007

Freely Available Microsoft Office eBooks

Here are links to freely available Microsoft Office ebooks from This site bills itselfs as “A 100% free resource to hundreds of free ebook downloads from all over the web.”

Freely Available Microsoft Office eBooks

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May 21, 2007

20 Free Visio 2003 Diagrams

Here is a free download from Microsoft for 20 Free Visio 2003 Diagrams that will help you use this diagramming program more effectively. These Visio diagrams can be used in several areas. Here are some of the available diagrams: Flowcharting, Floor Plans, Computer Networks, Database, Calendar, Electrical Engineering, Organization Chart, Timelines, UML, and Web Design.

   - Active Directory diagram – ActvDir.vsd
   - Basic Flowchart – Bflowcht.vsd
   - Block Diagram – BlkDiagm.vsd
   - Building Floor Plan – BldgPlan.vsd
   - Basic Network diagram – Bnetwork.vsd
   - Brainstorming/Mind map – Brainstm.vsd
   - Calendar – Calendar.vsd
   - Database diagram – Database.vsd
   - Detailed Network diagram – Dnetwork.vsd
   - Electrical Engineering Control diagram – EECtrl.vsd
   - Fluid Power diagram – FluidPwr.vsd
   - Meeting Room layout – MeetRoom.vsd
   - Organization Chart – OrgChart.vsd
   - Process Engineering diagram – ProcEng.vsd
   - IT Rack diagram – Rack.vsd
   - Timeline diagram – Timeline.vsd
   - UML diagram – UML.vsd
   - Web Design diagram – WebDsgn.vsd
   - Web Site diagram – WebSite.vsd
   - Window UI diagram – WinUI.vsd

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March 22, 2007

Office Quick Reference Guides

Here are eight excellent 2-page Office Quick Reference Guides for Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003 and 2002, PowerPoint 2003, Project 2002, and Visio Professional 2003 and 2002. These will come in handy when you need to find out how to do a task and perform a feature quickly in these Office applications.

Word 2003

Excel 2003

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2002

PowerPoint 2003

Project 2002

Visio 2003 Professional

Visio 2002 Professional

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March 12, 2007

3 Visio Tutorials

These are 3 Visio Tutorials, hosted by Towson University in pdf format. Visio gives you the ability to create comprehensive diagrams and graphic drawings, such as flow charts and organization charts. These Visio tutorials will teach and demonstrate the fundamentals of Visio and how to use the following important features and tools: making a Diagram; using Templates, Stencils, and the New button; using, creating and moving Shapes; interactive Shapes; the Shapes window; the Organization toolbar; Pictures and Text; and the Insert menu.

Visio: Basics

Learn to use the following Visio features:

  • Making a diagram
  1. Choose a template
  2. Shapes: drag to page
  3. Move and Resize shapes
  4. Adding Text
  5. Zooming the view
  6. Connect shapes
  • Templates
  • Shapes and Stencil
  • New button

Visio: Organization Charts

This Visio tutorial shows you how to create an organization chart that contains pictures and hyperlinks.
  1. Organization Chart Template
  2. Adding the first shape
  3. Forming the hierarchy
  4. Organization Toolbar
  5. Moving Shapes

Visio: Shapes

Understanding Shapes inVisio is critical to knowing how to use this diagramming application. This document demonstrates various shapes and how to find and move them.

  1. 1-D Shapes
  2. 2-D Shapes
  3. Interactive Shapes
  4. Pictures and Texts
Getting Shapes:
  1. Shapes Window
  2. Templates
  3. Search/Browse Stencils
  4. Make your own Shapes
  5. Insert menu

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July 26, 2006

Free Training for OneNote 2003 and Visio Standard 2003

Here are free training courses for Microsoft OneNote 2003 and Visio 2003 offered by the Instruction Technology Group at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as part of their Microsoft eLearning Library. These interactive Office application training modules and tutorials were created by Microsoft. Note that to view the main training tutorials, you must be using Windows and Internet Explorer, however, you can use any platform/browser to view the Tutorial How-to Steps for each Lesson.

Free Training for OneNote 2003 and Visio Standard 2003

Core Training for Microsoft OneNote 2003

  • Training Modules for Microsoft OneNote 2003:
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Getting Acquainted with OneNote
    • Taking and Formatting Notes
    • Revising and Reorganizing Notes
    • Flagging and Finding Notes
    • Making Information Stand Out
    • Sharing Notes
    • Post Assessment
    • Quick Reference
    • Glossary

Core Training for Microsoft Visio 2003

  • Training Modules for Microsoft Visio 2003:
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Getting Started with Visio
    • Working with Shapes and Diagrams
    • Formatting Diagrams
    • Connecting Shapes
    • Creating Project Schedules
    • Creating Organization Charts
    • Laying Out Office Spaces
    • Creating Network Diagrams
    • Using Visio with the Microsoft® Office System
    • Creating and Customizing Shapes, Stencils, and Templates
    • Post Assessment
    • Quick Reference
    • Glossary

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July 20, 2006

Free Training for FrontPage 2002, Project 2002, and Visio 2002

Here are free Microsoft Office XP training courses for FrontPage 2002, Project 2002, and Visio 2002 offered by the Instruction Technology Group at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as part of their Microsoft eLearning Library. These interactive Office application training modules and tutorials were created by Microsoft. Note that to view the main training tutorials, you must be using Windows and Internet Explorer, however, you can use any platform/browser to view the Tutorial How-to Steps for each Lesson.

Free Training for FrontPage 2002, Project 2002, and Visio 2002

Core Training for Microsoft FrontPage 2002 / XP

  • Training Modules for Microsoft FrontPage 2002 / XP:
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Getting to Know FrontPage
    • Creating Your Own Web Site
    • Presenting Information in Lists and Tables
    • Adding Graphics to Your Web Site
    • Creating a Web Site from Scratch
    • Changing Web Page Layout
    • Enhancing Your Web Site
    • Communicating with Your Web Site’s Visitors
    • Creating a Web Site to Support Team Projects
    • Connecting Your Web Site to a Database
    • Hosting a Web Site
    • Managing Your Web Site
    • Post Assessment
    • Quick Reference
    • Glossary

Core Training for Microsoft Project 2002 / XP

  • Training Modules for Microsoft Project 2002 / XP:
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Getting Started with Microsoft Project
    • Creating a Task List
    • Setting Up and Assigning Resources
    • Formatting and Printing Your Plan
    • Tracking Progress on Tasks
    • Fine-Tuning Task Details
    • Fine-Tuning Resource and Assignment Details
    • Fine-Tuning a Project Plan
    • Organizing and Formatting Project Details
    • Publishing Project Information
    • Sharing Project Information with Other Programs
    • Tracking Project Progress
    • Consolidating Projects and Resources
    • Post Assessment
    • Quick Reference
    • Glossary

Core Training for Microsoft Visio 2002 / XP

  • Training Modules for Microsoft Visio 2002 / XP:
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Creating a Diagram
    • Adding Shapes to Diagrams
    • Formatting Shapes and Diagrams
    • Connecting Shapes
    • Creating Project Schedules
    • Creating an Organization Chart
    • Laying Out Office Space
    • Creating a Network Diagram
    • Using Visio with Office XP
    • Customizing Shapes and Templates
    • Post Assessment
    • Quick Reference
    • Glossary

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June 30, 2006

56 Visio Tutorials and Tips

For those of you looking for help with learning the features of Visio, along with drawing its lines and arrows and using its shapes and graphics, here are a total of 56 Visio Tutorials and Tips. Included are several Visio learning articles and how to tutorials from Design Draw, one tutorial each from the Universities of Texas and Arizona, and four Visio tutorials from CNet.

Visio Tutorials and Tips from Design Draw

Visio Tutorials and “How-to” articles

Visio Tips

University of Texas Course 325: Database Model Diagram Visio Tutorial

University of Arizona Visio Tutorial – Draw a Data Flow Diagram Step by Step

4 CNET Visio Tutorials

Create Effective Visio diagrams for Network Documentation

Visualize Deadlines in Visio

Create a Timeline in Visio to Help Team Members Visualize Deadlines

Create your Own Custom Stencils in Microsoft Visio

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June 6, 2006

Microsoft Office Quick Reference Guides

Rhodes State College offers the following free Quick Reference Guides for all of the Microsoft Office applications, in pdf format. These are excellent for learning the details of many of the features of these software programs.

Microsoft Office Quick Reference Guides

Word: | 1997 | 2000 | 2002 | 2003 |

Excel: | 1997 | 2000 | 2002 | 2003 |

Outlook: | 1997 | 2000 | 2002 | 2004 |

PowerPoint: | 1997 | 2000 | 2002 | 2003 |

Access: | 1997 | 2000 | 2002 | 2003 |

Project: | 2000 | 2002 |

Visio: | 2002 |

FrontPage: | 2000 | 2002 |

Windows: | 1995 | 1998 | 2000 | ME | NT | XP |

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April 26, 2006

Tutorials and Help for Microsoft Visio 2003

Here are lots of tutorials, articles, and support documents for helping you learn and use Microsoft Visio 2003. These will get you up-to-speed on and using many of the basic and advanced features of this graphical, diagramming, and workflow application. These are authored by Microsoft.

Tutorials and Help for Microsoft Visio 2003

» Startup and Settings
Installing and Activating Visio | Accessibility | Getting Help | More…

» Setting Up Your Workspace
Working with Menus and Toolbars | Arranging Windows and Stencils | Restoring Original Settings

» Creating Drawings
Block Diagrams | Brainstorming Diagrams | Building Plans | More…

» Working with Drawings
Viewing Drawings | Working with Pages | Working with Layers | More…

» Working with Shapes and Text
Finding and Adding Shapes | Positioning Shapes | Adding and Formatting Text | More…

» Printing
Printing Large Drawings | Preparing Drawings for Printing | Printing Drawings

» Sharing Information
Reviewing Drawings | Sharing Information with Other People | Sharing Information with Other Programs | More…

» Work Essentials with Visio
Administration | Team Collaboration | Consulting | More…

» Visio and the Web
Office System files on Web servers | Publishing to the Web | Using Hyperlinks in Drawings | More…

» Using Your Data in Drawings
Entering Data in Shapes | Creating Reports from Data | Linking Shapes and Drawings to Databases

» Security and Privacy
Digital Signatures | Macro Virus Protection | Privacy | More…

» Automating Tasks and Programmability
ActiveX Controls | Macros

» Language-Specific Features
Working with Asian Languages | Working with Vertical Text

» Visio at Home

» Columns, Demos, and Quizzes
Crabby Office Lady | Taming Templates | Demos | More…

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April 7, 2006

Free Microsoft Office Templates

Microsoft offers many free templates for their Office suite of applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, InfoPath, Project, Publisher, Visio, and FrontPage. Here are links to all of the templates for these applications. These will help you create useful and attractive documents using Microsoft Office applications.

Free Microsoft Office Templates


Agendas and Minutes
| Binder covers, spines, and dividers | Books and Pamphlets | More…

Business | Calendars | Education | More…

Awards and Certificates | Calendars | Charts and Diagrams | More…

Business | Education | Finance and Accounting | More…

Stationery by Community Members | Borders and Backgrounds | Business | More…

Business | Finance and Accounting


Brochures and Booklets | Business Cards | Calendars | More…

Calendars | Diagrams | Flowcharts | More…


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April 5, 2006

Visio Templates and FAQ

Here are some excellent templates for Microsoft Visio, and also Microsoft’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Visio 2003, providing you some useful information about this graphical application that is part of their Office suite of applications. There is also a community of Visio experts where you can ask your Visio related questions and receive answers.

Visio Templates

Organization Charts

Visio 2003 FAQ

General Information

Q.What is Visio 2003?

Visio 2003 is a drawing and diagramming solution that can help people transform business and technical concepts into visual diagrams. Use Visio 2003 to formulate, document, and communicate important information and make a professional impact on your audience.

Graphics can be a powerful way to communicate information, but most graphics software packages require users to have artistic skills to render effective images; Visio 2003 is intended for people who feel uncomfortable drawing freehand but who need visuals to help relay important information. Create diagrams with Visio 2003 using formatting tools and predefined Microsoft SmartShapes® symbols; add backgrounds, titles, and page borders.

Q.Who can benefit from using Visio?

Just about anyone can benefit from using Microsoft Visio. Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2003 can help business professionals easily create diagrams that can help them demonstrate how their business operates. For technical users such as IT professionals, software developers, engineers, and space planners, Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 provides comprehensive diagramming tools that can help communicate technical information through simple diagrams.

Q.I already create diagrams in Word and PowerPoint. Why do I need Visio?

While other Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint®, provide basic diagramming capabilities, Visio is a dedicated diagramming tool that can help you easily create a broad range of diagrams. In contrast to other Office programs, you can use Visio to automatically create diagrams and complete tasks, or to export data to reports and store information within each shape.

Q.What kinds of artistic skills do I need to use Visio?

None. With Visio, you can easily create diagrams using intelligent, predefined SmartShapes symbols and templates. You can get started with tutorials, available in the Help menu, and in addition, Visio Solution Providers can provide basic and advanced training.

Q.What’s new in Visio 2003?

Visio 2003 features enhanced diagramming capabilities, new templates, updated importing and exporting capabilities, improved methods for collaborating with other applications, and many new advanced features for developers and power users.

Q.Why should I upgrade?

There are many reasons to upgrade to Visio 2003, including new templates and brainstorming tools, updated diagramming tools, and improved ways to collaborate with other applications. For more information, see the top 10 reasons to use Visio 2003.

Q.Are Visio 2002 files compatible with Visio 2003, and vice versa?

Yes. You can open and use any Visio diagram from any previous version in Visio 2003. You can open a Visio 2003 diagram in Microsoft Visio 2002 or Visio 2000 by first saving the diagram in the Visio 2002/2000 file format. Note  Some specific functionality may be unavailable after saving your diagram in a previous version.

Q.What products are included in the Visio 2003 product lineup?

The Visio product family comprises Visio Standard 2003 and Visio Professional 2003.

Q.In which languages is Visio 2003 available?

Visio 2003 is available in 17 languages:

Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)













Portuguese (Brazil)



Q.How can I use Visio 2003 with other Microsoft Office System programs?

You can use Visio 2003 with Microsoft Office System programs to:

Emphasize important points. Emphasize and clarify important points in everyday business communications by inserting information-rich Visio diagrams into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Outlook® e-mail messages, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

Edit your diagrams in place. With in-place editing, you don’t have to go back to your original diagram to modify it. From another Office program, simply double-click the diagram to access the Visio editing environment and make your changes.

Transfer your PowerPoint color scheme. Create a Visio diagram in PowerPoint and then transfer the slide’s color scheme into your diagram.

Brainstorm. Export a brainstorm diagram (based on the new template) to a Word document in outline form to easily organize and communicate ideas generated in meetings.

Create a calendar. Create a calendar in Visio from Outlook data using Visio tools to customize the look and feel.

Create project timelines and Gantt charts. Generate timelines and Gantt charts by importing project tasks and milestones from Microsoft Project. Also, data stored in Visio timelines and Gantt charts can be exported to Microsoft Project. Use Visio to create a work breakdown structure from your Microsoft Project data.

Q.Can I customize Visio 2003?

Create Visio solutions that meet the needs of your organization with Visio 2003 tools, such as:

ActiveX Controls. Use Microsoft ActiveX® Controls to add Visio drawing capabilities to your development project.

The Shape Studio. Create shape libraries with this Visio tool.

The Visio SDK. The Microsoft Visio Software Development Kit (SDK) provides sample code, tools, documentation, and Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) for creating custom solutions.

Q.Can I get help deploying or customizing Visio 2003?

Yes. For help with deployment, get the Visio 2003 Resource Kit Tools. For customization, use the SDK or visit MSDN. In addition, a global network of more than 200 Visio Solution Providers can assist customers with specific deployment, training, and customization assistance.

Q.Does Visio 2003 support silent installation and other forms of managed installation?

Yes. Visio 2003 also supports the custom install wizard and custom maintenance wizard.

Q.How does Visio 2003 help with business process management?

The critical first step in any business process management (BPM) effort is to create a clear picture of the process. Visio 2003 can help you quickly document and map your organization’s business processes, providing deeper insight into how these processes work.

Q.What resources are available to help me use Visio as a business process management tool?

The Visio team works with you to provide both the tools and information to successfully complete a BPM effort. This includes starter templates and online tutorials, as well as custom partner solutions and training.

Q.Can I integrate Visio 2003 with other Microsoft technologies?

Yes. Visio 2003 integrates with:

Exchange Server. Use a wizard in Visio to generate an organization chart from the Microsoft Exchange Server global address list.

SQL Server and Access. Use Visio Professional 2003 to document Microsoft SQL Server™ and Microsoft Access databases by reverse-engineering existing schemas, or to design proposed database structures using entity relationship diagrams. Create or modify Visio diagrams by linking them to a database.

Visual Studio .NET. Use Visio Professional 2003 to create Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams of Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET development projects by reverse-engineering the class structure. Visio supports add-ins written in Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET and C#, and also supports XML Web services. Visio includes a macro recorder and an integrated Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) editor.

BizTalk Server. Use Visio to design or document a business process and then dynamically share the data through XML process standards, such as old domain exit (ODX) or business process execution language (BPEL); automate the task with Microsoft BizTalk® Server.

Windows Server. Use Visio Professional 2003 to document or design a Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory® directory service topology for organizations to use with deployment and migration planning.

Q.What live end-user training and certification programs are available to help me learn Visio 2003?

For information, contact Visio Solution Providers.

Q.What are the system requirements for Visio 2003?

See Visio 2003 system requirements.


Visio Standard 2003

Q.I’m a business user. Why should I use Visio Standard 2003?

Visio 2003 provides you with dedicated diagramming capabilities to help you perform tasks such as documenting processes, organizing and mapping charts, and diagramming project timelines.

Q.What’s new in Visio Standard 2003?

New features in Visio Standard 2003 include:

A brainstorming template. Export a brainstorm diagram (based on the template) to a Word document in outline form to easily organize and communicate ideas generated in meetings.

The ability to add pictures and dotted-line relationships to organization charts. Import pictures of employees into organization charts and show important reporting structures.

The ability to generate a calendar from Outlook data. Import your Outlook calendar data to Visio 2003 for easy viewing and reference.

An improved Timeline template. New functionality enables you to split multiple timelines.

A business process diagramming category. Access specific tools for almost any business process documentation effort.

Q.What’s the difference between Visio Standard 2003 and Visio Professional 2003?

Visio Standard 2003 enables users to create business-related diagrams, such as flowcharts, organization charts, and project schedules. Visio Professional 2003 combines the shapes and solutions in Visio Standard 2003 with shapes and solutions that enable technical professionals to create IT, Web, developer, engineering, and other technical diagrams.

Compare features in Visio Standard 2003 and Visio Professional 2003.


Visio Professional 2003

Q.Why should I use Visio Professional 2003?

For technical users, Visio Professional 2003 provides you with dedicated diagramming capabilities across multiple technical categories. Whether you are an electrical engineer, a building floor planner, or a software developer, you can use Visio Professional 2003 to create the diagram for the project.

Q.What’s new in Visio Professional 2003?

New and improved features include:

A Rack Diagram template.

Updated network shapes.

An improved Web site mapping solution.

A Microsoft Windows® XP user interface (UI) template.

Improved support for incorporating data into building plans.


Pricing and Ordering

Q.How much does Visio 2003 cost?

Find Visio 2003 pricing and licensing information.

Q.Is Visio 2003 included in Office 2003 Editions?

No. Visio 2003 is available as a stand-alone program only; it is not included in any of the Microsoft Office 2003 Editions. Learn more about what programs are available in Office 2003 Editions.

Q.How is Visio 2003 licensed?

It will be licensed as a stand-alone product. Find Visio 2003 pricing and licensing information.

Q.Can I order a trial version of Visio 2003?

Yes. Find more information about getting the Visio 2003 trial software.

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