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February 11, 2011

7 Office 2003 Quick Reference Cards

Here are Quick Reference Cards for 7 Office 2003 Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Visio. These references, or cheat sheets, are hosted by customguide, and were found on google, doing this search. They are in pdf format.

Word 2003 Quick Reference, Word 2003 Cheat Sheet

Excel 2003 Quick Reference, Excel 2003 Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint 2003 Quick Reference, Cheat Sheet

Outlook 2003 Quick Reference, Outlook 2003 Cheat Sheet

Access 2003 Quick Reference, Access 2003 Cheat Sheet

Publisher 2003 Quick Reference, Publisher 2003 Cheat Sheet

Visio 2003 Quick Reference, Visio 2003 Cheat Sheet

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January 15, 2011

Office 2003 Tutorials – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher

Here are lots of Office 2003 tutorials for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, from the University of Wisconsin. The areas and features covered for each application for shown below.

Office 2003 Tutorials:

Word 2003 Tutorials
Word basics, Bullets & Numbers, Using Outlining, Organizing Information with Word Tables, Inserting Fields and Text, Using Word Styles, Working Collaboratively, AutoText and AutoCorrect, Automating Your Work, Labels and Envelopes, Mail Merge and Form Letters, Customizing Word, Working with Word Forms, Inserting Clip Art, and Miscellaneous Word Features

Excel 2003 Tutorials
Working with Excel, Printing with  Excel, Special Features, Working with the Database Feature, Managing Your Excel Worksheet, Charting with Excel, Favorite Excel Functions, Excel Gradebook, and Inserting Clip Art

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials
PowerPoint Background Information, PowerPoint Basics, Working with Objects, Customizing PowerPoint, PowerPoint Diagrams, More PowerPoint Features, Viewing Online Presentations, and Inserting Clip Art

Publisher 2003 Tutorials
Getting Started with Publisher, Publisher Basics, Layout Solutions, Working with Graphics in Publisher, Automating Your Work, Inserting Clip Art, and Help with Publisher

Common Office 2003 Features
General Office Features, Customizing Office 2003, Clip Art, WordArt, and Drawing.

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April 19, 2007

Free Book – Teach Yourself Office 2003 in 24 Hours

Here is an excellent free Office training book, titled Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours. This book will teach you great keyboard shortcuts and efficient methods to perform many of the common tasks in Office. It covers many important topics and features of all of the Office applications. These include the following: Word Formatting, Customizing Word, Advanced Word, Editing and Formatting Excel Worksheets, Excel Charting, Editing and Arranging Powerpoint Presentations, Advanced PowerPoint Features, Animating Your Presentations, Planning and Scheduling with Outlook, Displaying and Retrieving Data in Access, Reporting with Access, Using Office with the Internet, Creating Web Content with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint, and Inserting Art with Publisher Art, and Publishing with Publisher. It also includes chapters covering Web Page Design and Creation using FrontPage, and managing your web site with FrontPage.

Table of Contents for Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours

  » Introduction
  » Who Should Read This Book?
  » What This Book Does for You
  » Can This Book Really Teach Office 2003 in 24 Hours?
  » Conventions Used in This Book

  » Part I. Working with Office 2003
  » Hour 1. Getting Acquainted with Office 2003

  » Part II. Processing with Word 2003
  » Hour 2. Welcome to Word 2003
  » Hour 3. Formatting with Word 2003
  » Hour 4. Managing Documents and Customizing Word 2003
  » Hour 5. Advanced Word 2003

  » Part III. Computing with Excel 2003
  » Hour 6. Understanding Excel 2003 Workbooks
  » Hour 7. Restructuring and Editing Excel 2003 Worksheets
  » Hour 8. Using Excel 2003
  » Hour 9. Formatting Worksheets to Look Great
  » Hour 10. Charting with Excel 2003

  » Part IV. Presenting with Flair
  » Hour 11. PowerPoint 2003 Presentations
  » Hour 12. Editing and Arranging Your Presentations
  » Hour 13. PowerPoint 2003 Advanced Features
  » Hour 14. Animating Your Presentations

  » Part V. Organizing with Outlook 2003
  » Hour 15. Communicating with Outlook 2003
  » Hour 16. Planning and Scheduling with Outlook 2003

  » Part VI. Tracking with Access 2003
  » Hour 17. Access 2003 Basics
  » Hour 18. Entering and Displaying Access 2003 Data
  » Hour 19. Retrieving Your Data
  » Hour 20. Reporting with Access 2003

  » Part VII. Combining Office 2003 and the Internet
  » Hour 21. Office 2003 and the Internet
  » Hour 22. Creating Web Content with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

  » Part VIII. Publishing Eye-Catching Documents
  » Hour 23. Publishing with Flair Using Publisher 2003
  » Hour 24. Adding Art to Your Publications

  » Part IX. Appendixes
  » Appendix B. Business Contact Manager and Office Extras

  » Part X. Bonus Hours
  » Hour 25. Using FrontPage 2003 for Web Page Design and Creation
  » Hour 26. Managing Your Web with FrontPage

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March 19, 2007

10 Publisher 2003 Tutorials

Here are 10 Publisher 2003 Tutorials that will get you going with this desktop publishing application in Microsoft Office. Learn how to perform and create the following using Publisher: all the basic features; insert and edit graphics; create newsletters, brochures, and booklets; working with text boxes, and editing pages.

Publisher 2003: Basics
This tutorial describes and teaches all of the fundamental features of Publisher 2003.

Publisher 2003: Graphics
This tutorial takes you through the steps of how to insert and edit graphics in your Publisher document.  The picture toolbar is also explained to make this easier.

Publisher 2003: Newsletters
Describes and teaches how to make a professional looking newsletter using Publisher.

Publisher 2003: E-mail Newsletters
Learn how to make great looking newsletters for email with Publisher.

Publisher 2003: Brochures
Shows and explains how to easily create great looking brochures using Publisher 2003′s brochure template.

Publisher 2003: Booklets
This Publisher tutorial demonstrates and teaches how to make great looking booklets.

Publisher 2003: Connect Text Boxes
This will teach you how connect text boxes from one page to another within a Publisher document, such as a newsletter.

Publisher 2003: Working with Pages
Shows and explains how to edit and manage a 2-page spread withing a Publisher publication, and also add, move, remove, and copy pages.

Publisher 2003: Blank Tutorial
This tutorial teaches you how to use Publisher 2003 when beginning with a blank document instead of one created out of the ready-made templates.

Publisher 2003: Printing a Newsletter onto 11×17
Shows how to print a 4-page newsletter on a single 11×17 piece of paper using Publisher.

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January 16, 2007

Publisher 2003 Tutorials using Pictures

This new software tutorial web site, In Pictures, hosts and offers the following free online Microsoft Publisher 2003 Tutorials. These Publisher tutorials will help you learn how to use many of the features of Microsoft Publisher 2003. These tutorials are based on screen shots that demonstrate the tasks and features being taught. These In Pictures software tutorials were developed as part of a research study performed for the U.S. Department of Education. They are designed to help you learn and understand the features of Publisher faster and easier versus traditional learning techniques.

Publisher 2003 Tutorials using Pictures

Publisher Basics

Enhancing Documents

Refining Documents

Brochures & Newsletters

Advanced Features

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