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February 11, 2011

7 Office 2003 Quick Reference Cards

Here are Quick Reference Cards for 7 Office 2003 Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Visio. These references, or cheat sheets, are hosted by customguide, and were found on google, doing this search. They are in pdf format.

Word 2003 Quick Reference, Word 2003 Cheat Sheet

Excel 2003 Quick Reference, Excel 2003 Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint 2003 Quick Reference, Cheat Sheet

Outlook 2003 Quick Reference, Outlook 2003 Cheat Sheet

Access 2003 Quick Reference, Access 2003 Cheat Sheet

Publisher 2003 Quick Reference, Publisher 2003 Cheat Sheet

Visio 2003 Quick Reference, Visio 2003 Cheat Sheet

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January 28, 2011

3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, from Hillsborough College. These are nicely illustrated with screen shots and detailed explanations of the PowerPoint features and topics listed below for each tutorial. They will help you become a more productive PowerPoint 2003 user.

Powerpoint Tutorial 1
(27 pages, 486kb, pdf)

 - Opening PowerPoint
 - Saving a PowerPoint Presentation
 - Slide Set-up
 - Master Slides
 - Slide Design Template
 - Slide Layout Template
 - Views
 - New Slides
 - Text Boxes
 - Font Format
 - Font Alignment
 - Clip Art
 - Pictures
 - Sound from Clip Organizer
 - Sound from File
 - Movie from Clip Organizer
 - Movie from File
 - AutoShapes
 - WordArt

Upon completion of this PowerPoint tutorial, you will be able to:
1. Open and save PowerPoint files;
2. Use the page setup feature;
3. Design a master slide (title master and slide master);
4. Use the slide design templates;
5. Use the slide layout templates;
6. Select various views (normal, slide sorter, slide show);
7. Insert a new slide;
8. Insert a text box;
9. Format font (type, style, size, color, effects, alignment);
10. Insert graphics (clip art and pictures);
11. Insert sound files (from the clip organizer and custom sounds);
12. Insert movie files (from the clip organizer and custom movies);
13. Use autoshapes to create custom graphics;
14. Use WordArt to create custom text.

PowerPoint Tutorial 2
(21 pages, 395kb, pdf)

 - Background Standard and Custom Color
 - Insert Shadow Effects
 - Insert 3-D Effects
 - Insert Fills
 - Line Style
 - Rotate
 - Dash Style
 - Group
 - Order
 - Slide Transition
 - Custom Animation

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Apply a standard or custom color, style or picture to selected slides;
2. Apply a slide background color, style, or picture;
3. Apply a texture background to all or select slides;
4. Apply a pattern background to all or select slides;
5. Insert shadow effects to text, shapes, and WordArt;
6. Insert 3-D effects to text, shapes or WordArt;
7. Insert fi lls to text boxes, AutoShapes, WordArt, and Pictures;
8. Apply Line effects to text, shapes, and WordArt;
9. Rotate text, shapes, ClipArt and WordArt;
10. Apply a dash style to text, shapes, and WordArt;
11. Group objects as one piece;
12. Order objects;
13. Create slide transitions;
14. Create custom animations.

PowerPoint Tutorial 3
(13 pages, 314kb, pdf)

 - Action Buttons
 - Action Settings for AutoShapes and Graphics
 - Creating Hyperlinks
 - Print Options
 - Saving Note Files

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Insert and hyperlink Action buttons;
2. Create an Action setting where any AutoShape or graphic is “hyperlinked”;
3. Create hyperlinks for text or objects to a file or web page.
4. Print presentation handouts;
5. Print Outlines of a presentation;
6. Save a PowerPoint presentation as an rich text file (rtf).

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January 15, 2011

Office 2003 Tutorials – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher

Here are lots of Office 2003 tutorials for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, from the University of Wisconsin. The areas and features covered for each application for shown below.

Office 2003 Tutorials:

Word 2003 Tutorials
Word basics, Bullets & Numbers, Using Outlining, Organizing Information with Word Tables, Inserting Fields and Text, Using Word Styles, Working Collaboratively, AutoText and AutoCorrect, Automating Your Work, Labels and Envelopes, Mail Merge and Form Letters, Customizing Word, Working with Word Forms, Inserting Clip Art, and Miscellaneous Word Features

Excel 2003 Tutorials
Working with Excel, Printing with  Excel, Special Features, Working with the Database Feature, Managing Your Excel Worksheet, Charting with Excel, Favorite Excel Functions, Excel Gradebook, and Inserting Clip Art

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials
PowerPoint Background Information, PowerPoint Basics, Working with Objects, Customizing PowerPoint, PowerPoint Diagrams, More PowerPoint Features, Viewing Online Presentations, and Inserting Clip Art

Publisher 2003 Tutorials
Getting Started with Publisher, Publisher Basics, Layout Solutions, Working with Graphics in Publisher, Automating Your Work, Inserting Clip Art, and Help with Publisher

Common Office 2003 Features
General Office Features, Customizing Office 2003, Clip Art, WordArt, and Drawing.

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January 8, 2011

7 Microsoft Office 2003 eBooks

Here are 7 Microsoft Office 2003 eBooks for the following applications: Excel (2), Word (1), PowerPoint (1),Outlook (1), and Access (2). These Office ebooks are available for download and are in CHM (Windows Help) and PDF formats. They’ll help you learn and use these Office 2003 applications.

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March 3, 2010

2 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 2 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, at University of the Incarnate Word, that explain various tips and techniques for creating and delivering effective PowerPoint presentations. The first Powerpoint tutorials demonstrates some basics tasks that will provide useful to a beginner and the next tutorial discusses various games and animation features of PowerPoint 2003. These are in pdf format.

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial 3.20 Mb, 80 Pages
Basic features like toolbars and task panes, importing and exporting fonts, image editing, inserting video and audio clips, linking presentations are explained in this section on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

 - Toolbars and Task Panes
 - Importing and Exporting Fonts
 - More Image Editing
 - Importing WebTemplates
 - Inserting Video & Audio Clips
 - Linking Presentations
 - Animation (A PowerPointoon! )
 - Options for Saving PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2003 Games & Animation 1.22 Mb, 23 Pages
PowerPoint games are a great opportunity to prepare students for upcoming tests, or review difficult concepts. The purpose of this lesson is to show you how the process works.

 - PowerPoint Games
 - Linking Slides for Games
 - Animation
 - Options for Saving and Playback

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November 3, 2009

Excellent PowerPoint Tutorials

These excellent PowerPoint Tutorials and Handouts at Health Science Center Training, University of Florida, discuss and teach many of the important features of PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007. Microsoft PowerPoint is a very popular presentation program for the Mac and Windows. These PowerPoint tutorials explain the basics of PowerPoint, followed by PowerPoint formats, animation, and charts and graphs. They can be downloaded and saved for later reference.

PowerPoint 2003 Basics 1.75 Mb
This tutorial provides an in-depth coverage of the basics of PowerPoint 2003 with screenshots.
PowerPoint 2003  Formats  59 Kb
This tutorial discusses the various formats that PowerPoint uses when saving presentation documents.
PowerPoint 2003_Animation  818 Kb
This tutorial imparts knowledge about the various animation effects that are available to users in PowerPoint
PowerPoint 2003_Charts and graphs 842.5 Kb
This tutorial explains how charts and graphs are used with related data for creating an effective presentation.

 - PowerPoint 2003 Animation-Handout  242 Kb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Animations_Exercise  2. 5 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_ChartsnGraphs 1.36 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Images 1.93 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Images 5.12 Mb      
 - PowerPoint 2003_Webify 1.18 Mb
 - PowerPoint 2003_Webify_Comparison 61.5 Kb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Preliminary Findings 3.67 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Preliminary Findings_done 3.8 Mb    
 - Animation 903 Kb  
 - More Animations 1.6 Mb  
 - Cheltenham Tables & Charts 240 Kb  
 - Creating a Poster  Using PowerPoint 2007 2.9 Mb  
 - Custom Animations.ppt 69.5 Kb
 - Inserting Clip Art into PowerPoint 253 Kb  
 - Creating a Logo 7 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003 2.6 Mb  
 - Posters Presentation 5.1 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003 Basics Addendum 447 Kb    
 - PowerPoint Basics 879 Kb
 - PowerPoint Basics Old 802 Kb  
 - PowerPoint Posters 487 Kb  
 - PowerPoint-Charts-and-Graphs 202 Kb  
 - PowerPoint-Level-2 846 Kb  
 - PowerPoint-Webify 1.2 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Charts and Graphs 470 kb   
 - PowerPoint_2003 1003 Kb  
 - PowerPoint 2003 Basics 1.8 Mb
 - PowerPoint Outline 34 Kb  
 - Powerpoint Basics Addendum 815 Kb
 - Presentation Ideas 1.33 Mb     
 - Presentation Template 2.85 Mb  
 - Powerpoint 2003 Animations 834 Kb
 - Presenting  Report  Information  MA 927 Kb
 - Sample Poster 947 Kb
 - Templates Presentation 1.4 Mb  
 - Webify Addendum 117 Kb  
 - Webify Format Comparison 26.5 Kb  
 - Webify 1.18 Mb

 - PowerPoint 2007_Charts and Graphs  875 kb  
 - PowerPoint 2007 Making Templates 3.2 MB
 - 2007_PowerPoint-Animation-Handout 637 Kb
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Charts and Graphs 1.2 Mb  
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Images 2 Mb  
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Images 2.3 Mb
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Images 4.1 Mb
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Images_DRAFT 5.8 Mb
 - 2007_PowerPoint  Basics  (doc) 5.7  Mb  
 - 2007_PowerPoint  Basics (pdf) 1.6 Mb
 - PowerPoint 2007 2.7 Mb
 - PowerPoint Basics 2007 3.3 Mb
 - PowerPoint Basics 2007 956 Kb

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June 2, 2009

4 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 4 Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials from the University at Albany that teach and describe some of PowerPoint’s basic and advanced features, which include Views, Outlines, Templates, Special Effects and custom slides. These PowerPoint tutorials will enhance and make your presentation more effective. (Tutorials are in .doc format.)

4 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials:

PowerPoint 2003 I: Views, Outlines, and Basic Templates
This tutorial explains PowerPoint features such as views, outline and presentation templates an how to effectively use them.

PowerPoint 2003 II: Special Effects, Timing and Interactivity
This tutorial teaches special transitions and effects such as fade out, motion and user interaction. Also discussed are hyperlinks and how they are used in your slides.

PowerPoint 2003 III: Objects, Sounds, Videos and Files
This tutorial explains how into insert sound, video and pictures into your slide presentations to make them more interactive.

PowerPoint 2003 IV: Creating Custom Slides and Templates
This PowerPoint tutorial demonstrates how to create custom designs and templates, insert animations and pictures, insert menus and bullets, and edit fonts in your presentations.

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May 21, 2008

Free PowerPoint 2003 Training Manual

Here is’s freely available PowerPoint 2003 Training Manual. This excellent PowerPoint training guide is 195 pages in length and is downloadable in zip format (ZIP file is 2.1mb, resulting DOC file is 5.6mb after unzip). This training manual teaches you all of the features of PowerPoint that you need to know so you can make and present great slide presentations. Features and tasks covered range from wizards to help you with the content and look and feel of your presentation to animation tools to create moving images. The free PowerPoint training manual is divided into sections, as described below. For step-by-step instructions for each PowerPoint command, look for the hand icon. The Toolbar Appendices list the toolbars discussed within the manual along with a breakdown of their functions and shortcut keys.

Contents of PowerPoint 2003 Training Manual:

Section 1:
The Basics
What is PowerPoint?
Launching PowerPoint
The PowerPoint Screen
Using Help

Section 2:
Creating a Presentation
Creating presentations
Adding New Slides
Changing the Slide Layout
Adding Free Form Text
Saving a Presentation

Section 3:
Formatting a Presentation
Selecting Placeholders and Text
Formatting Text
Formatting Backgrounds
Formatting Numbered and Bulleted Lists
Master Slides
The Format Painter
Changing Case
Smart Tags

Section 4:
PowerPoint Views
Different ways to view slides
The Normal (Tri Pane) View
Slide Sorter View
Slide Show View
View in Black and White
Print Preview

Section 5:
Working with Outline View
Using Outline View to enter Text
The Outline Tab
Creating slides in Outline View
The Outlining Toolbar
Expand or collapse text
Importing text stored in other formats
Creating a Summary Slide

Section 6:
Working with Slide Sorter View
Using Slide Sorter view
Moving & Copying slides within the same presentation
Moving and Copying Between Presentations

Section 7:
Selecting Objects
Formatting objects using the menu
Formatting objects using the toolbar
Resizing, Moving, and Copying Objects
Working with Guides and the Visible Grid
Aligning and Distributing Objects
Rotating/ Flipping Objects
Ordering (Stacking) objects
Grouping Objects
Inserting text within an object
Formatting Object Text

Section 8:
Working with Clip Art
Resizing and Moving Objects
Moving Clip Art
Re-Colouring Clip Art
The Picture Toolbar
Ungrouping Clip Art
Cropping Clip Art
Using Image Settings

Section 9:
Working with Tables
Adding New Columns and Rows
Resizing columns and rows
Resizing the entire table
Deleting Columns and Rows
Formatting Tables

Section 10:
Inserting a Chart
Editing a Chart
Editing the Datasheet
Adding Chart Items
Changing Chart Type
Formatting chart elements

Section 11:
Organization Charts
Inserting an Organization Chart
Formatting the Organization Chart
Formatting Boxes and Lines
Changing Organization Chart Layout

Section 12:
Slide Masters and Templates
Master Slides
The Title Master
Slide Colour Scheme
Slide Background
Headers and Footers

Section 13:
Transition and Animation Effects
Animation Effects
Slide Transitions
Animating Text
Preset Animation Schemes
Animating Objects

Section 14:
Organising and Delivering Presentations
Running A Slide Show
Slide Timings
Custom Shows
Summary Slides

Toolbars Appendix:
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Drawing Toolbar
Picture Toolbar

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April 20, 2008

31 PowerPoint 2003 QuickSkill Tutorials

Here are 31 free PowerPoint 2003 QuickSkill Tutorials from These PowerPoint Tutorials use screen cam videos to teach you how to perform many everyday PowerPoint tasks that you can use to make your presentations more attractive.  (This sites charges a fee for accessing more of these tutorials.)

Basic QuickSkills

The PowerPoint Environment
Using the vertical scroll bar
Set zoom I (toolbar)
How to show the Outline/Slide panel

PowerPoint Views
How to show rulers

Using The Slide Pane
Selecting multiplespecific slides
Drag and drop text in outline view

Using The Slide Sorter
Switching to slide sorter view
Adding presentation notes in the slide

Working With Text I
Set text color
Align text center
Using spell check
Automatically creating a hyperlink
Creating an unordered list

Insert clipart III (main menu)
Editing clipart element resize

Intermediate QuickSkills

Formatting Your Presentation
Adding a slide footer
Slide numbering

Working With Tables I
Using the insert table button
Resizing rows
Deleting columns II
Splitting cells II

Insert wordart III (main menu)
Changing outline color & style II
Wordart two color gradint fill

Advanced QuickSkills

Charts & Graphs
Inserting a chart III (main menu)
Change the chart type to Pie
Set series color II
Set scale to currencey units
Set legend text size
Set gridline color
Set pie slice angle

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March 26, 2008

Illustrated PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial

This 22-page Illustrated PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial, from Lake Land College, teaches you the fundamentals of using PowerPoint’s interface and how to design your slide presentation using clipart, photos, sounds, custom animation and transitions. Also covered are how to print and save presentations. (16 pages, 699kb, pdf format)

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March 22, 2008

2 Office 2003 Tutorials

Here are two Office 2003 Tutorials, one covering Foundations and the other teaching Drawing Tools, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. These two Office tutorials are contained in one pdf file: 28 pages in length and 831kb in size. Also, check out these other Office tutorials from this university’s site…I have been told that these may be removed soon from their website: PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, Access Tutorials, Excel 2003 Tutorials, and Word 2003 Tutorials (the web pages are already removed, but the tutorials, in pdf format, are currently available).

The Office Foundation workshop tutorial shows you how to use you several important fundamental Office features, and helps you gain a working knowledge of the tools and features common throughout all Office applications.

Contents of Office 2003 Foundations Tutorial:

Module 1:  Task Pane and Smart Tags
     Task Pane
     Smart Tags
Module 2:  Customization
     Application Options
     Creating shortcuts to the applications
Module 3:  File Management
     Working with Multiple Documents
     Tips for File Management

The Office Drawing Tools workshop tutorial teaches you how to use the drawing tools within the Microsoft Office applications, allowing you to create drawings, labels, diagrams, and other graphical objects.

Contents of Office 2003 Drawing Tools Tutorial:

Module 1:  The Word Environment
    Viewing the Toolbar
    Touring the Toolbars
    The Drawing Canvas
Module 2:  Uusing The Drawing Tools
    Basic Tools
    Insert a Diagram
    Inserting pictures and Clipart
Module 3:  Formatting
    Moving, Resizing, and Deleting Drawn Objects
    Formatting Options on the Toolbar
    The Format Object Box
Module 4:  The Draw Menu
    Draw Menu Tools
    Pull­Out Menu

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February 21, 2008

3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials from Kansas University

Here are 3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, from Kansas University, which includes a 2-page quick tutorial sheet for Powerpoint presentation features. The introductory PowerPoint tutorial explains the basics of using this presentation application, including editing slides, applying slide design, rearranging slides, working with the slide master, working with images and graphics, and saving and printing a slide presentation. The intermediate PowerPoint tutorial teaches the following PointPoint tasks and features: making an icon button; inserting a graphic, table or chart; animating text and graphics; creating slide transitions; and putting your presentation on the web.

PowerPoint Introduction Tutorial
This introductory PowerPoint tutorial gets you up and running with using basic PowerPoint tasks, such as creating new PowerPoint presentations, applying design templates and auto-layouts, using master pages, creating simple graphic objects, and inserting images from files and clip art. (20 pages, 464kb, pdf format)

After using this introduction to PowerPoint tutorial, you will be able to:
 - Create a simple presentation
 - Edit slides from the normal view, slide view and outline view
 - Apply a slide design
 - Rearrange a slide show
 - Manipulate the slide master
 - Insert and manipulate graphics
 - Save a presentation
 - Print a presentation
 - Pack and Go
 - Display a slide show

Contents of PowerPoint Introduction Tutorial:
Related Training Available from Instructional Services
Getting Started in PowerPoint
Creating a Presentation
   Choosing and Applying a Template
   Slide Layouts
   Adding a Slide
   Deleting a Slide
   Adding Text to a Slide
   Editing a Text Box
   Adding Pictures
Views in PowerPoint
   Working in Slide Sorter View
   Working in the Outline
Using the Slide Master
   Formatting Text
   Adding date, page numbers, and footers to slides
Saving Your Presentation
   Special save: “Pack and Go”
   Printing Options
   Viewing the Slide Show
   Navigating Keys
For More Information
Getting Additional Help

Intermediate PowerPoint Tutorial
This intermediate PowerPoint tutorial shows you how to perform more advanced PowerPoint tasks, such as creating hyperlinks to other slides, presentations, files, and Web sites; inserting action buttons and charts into presentations, animating text and graphic objects; and adding slide transitions. (20 pages, 414kb, pdf format)

After using this intermediate PowerPoint tutorial, you will be able to:
 - Create an action button.
 - Insert a graphic, table and chart.
 - Animate text and graphics.
 - Prepare slide transitions and timings.
 - Prepare a presentation for the Web.

Contents of Intermediate PowerPoint  Tutorial:
Action Settings
   Create a hyperlink
   Action buttons
   Create an Action button
   Editing the hyperlink and buttons
Insert a table
Insert a chart or an external document/file
   Importing data for a chart
   Inserting existing documents 
   Animate Entire Slides and Presentations
   Animate a single object on a slide
   Change the display order of animated objects
Slide Show Enhancements
   Custom Shows
Save as Web page
   Web Page Preview
   View the Saved Web Version
For More Information
Getting Additional Help

PowerPoint Power Hour Quick Tutorial
This quick tutorial handout describes several PowerPoint time and labor saving tools. It explains three ways to create presentations quickly, using the Autocontent Wizard, the Outline tab, and the Photo Album features. It also provides the steps for creating and updating your design template using the Slide Master. (2 pages, 59kb, pdf format)

PowerPoint Power Hour Quick Tutorial Contents:
 - Creating a Photo Album Presentation
 - Creating a Presentation from a Text Outline in Word
 - Creating a Presentation Using the AutoContent Wizard
 - To Change the Design Template
 - Giving Your Presentation
 - Printing Your Presentation
 - Downloading Design Templates from the Web

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December 12, 2007

5 Free Office Quick Reference Guides

Here are 5 Free Office Quick Reference Guides for these Microsoft Office 2003 applications: Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003, PowerPoint 2003, and Access 2003. These pdf format reference cards are each 2 pages in length and cover the most important features of each of these Office applications.

Microsoft Office Quick Reference Guides:

Word 2003 Quick Reference Guide
The Word 2003 Screen
Shortcuts: General, Navigation, Editing, Formatting
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Tables and Borders Toolbar
Drawing Toolbar
Mail Merge

Excel 2003 Quick Reference Guide
The Excel 2003 Screen
Keyboard Shortcuts: General, Navigation, Editing
Standard Toolbar
Formulas and Functions
Formatting Toolbar
Workbook Management

Outlook 2003 Quick Reference Guide
The Outlook 2003 Screen
Keyboard Shortcuts: General, E-Mail, Create New
Messages: Basic Tasks
Standard Toolbar
Messages: Other Tasks
General Outlook Functions

PowerPoint 2003 Quick Reference Guide
The PowerPoint 2003 Screen
Keyboard Shortcuts: General, Navigation, Slide Show Delivery, Editing
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Delivery, Transitions, and Animation
Outline and Slide Tabs
Drawing and Graphics

Access 2003 Quick Reference Guide
Standard Toolbar
Database Objects
Keyboard Shortcuts: General, Navigation, Editing
The Datasheet Toolbar
The Navigation Bar
Forand Reports
Creating and Designing Tables
Data Types
Queries: The Query Design Window

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October 5, 2007

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial from the University of Texas

Here is a well written PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial, from the University of Texas, that will help you get up to speed with using many features of PowerPoint. You will also learn what these PowerPoint terms mean and how to use them: Presentation, Slides, Layout, View, Design Template, Slide Show, Placeholder, and Sizing handles. Most of the topics demonstrated in this Excel tutorial can also be used in earlier versions of Excel.

This PowerPoint tutorial teaches the following:

  • Start PowerPoint
  • Work with layouts, text, and slides
  • Work with templates and images
  • Work with drawing tools
  • Use different views and printing options
  • Put your presentation on the World Wide Web
  • Identify and employ elements of a good presentation

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial Contents:

  – Starting PowerPoint

  - Layouts, Text and Slides

  - Design Templates and Images

  – Drawing Tools

  - Views and Printing

  - Displaying your Presentation on the WWW

  – Elements of a Good Presentation

  – Tips and Additional Resources

  – Evaluate this tutorial

  - PDF Handout

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July 31, 2007

PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint XP Tutorials

Here are several PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint XP Tutorials  hosted by the University of Utah’s Office Handouts and Tutorials site. These PowerPoint tutorials teach and demonstrate with screenshots and step-by-step instructions many basic and advanced PowerPoint features. 

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

PowerPoint 2003: Basics Tutorial
 - PowerPoint 2003; Basics slides

Powerpoint 2003: Advanced Techniques Tutorial
 - PowerPoint 2003; Advanced slides

Powerpoint 2003: Icons 

Tips for Creating Effective and Interesting PowerPoint Presentations

Powerpoint 2003: Posters 
 - PowerPoint Posters: Tips & Guidelines – Medical Graphics and Photography
 - PowerPoint Poster Template: 36″ by 56″ – Medical Graphics and Photography

Create Your Own Powerpoint Jeopardy Game

Powerpoint XP (2002) Tutorials

PowerPoint XP: Basics Tutorial

 - PowerPoint XP; Basics slides

PowerPoint XP: Advanced Techniques Tutorial
 - PowerPoint XP; Advanced slides

PowerPoint XP: Icons

Tips for Creating Effective and Interesting PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint XP: Poster Tutorial

 - Medical Graphics and Photography Helps
 - Medical Graphics and Photography Helps
 - Riding the Wave to Powerful Poster Presentations
 - Sample poster: Portable classroom
 - Sample poster: Walking for Fun and Fitness
 - Eccles Library leaf image
 - Joan tossing plastic image
 - Joan tossing plastic image
 - Recycle logo image

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April 19, 2007

Free Book – Teach Yourself Office 2003 in 24 Hours

Here is an excellent free Office training book, titled Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours. This book will teach you great keyboard shortcuts and efficient methods to perform many of the common tasks in Office. It covers many important topics and features of all of the Office applications. These include the following: Word Formatting, Customizing Word, Advanced Word, Editing and Formatting Excel Worksheets, Excel Charting, Editing and Arranging Powerpoint Presentations, Advanced PowerPoint Features, Animating Your Presentations, Planning and Scheduling with Outlook, Displaying and Retrieving Data in Access, Reporting with Access, Using Office with the Internet, Creating Web Content with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint, and Inserting Art with Publisher Art, and Publishing with Publisher. It also includes chapters covering Web Page Design and Creation using FrontPage, and managing your web site with FrontPage.

Table of Contents for Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours

  » Introduction
  » Who Should Read This Book?
  » What This Book Does for You
  » Can This Book Really Teach Office 2003 in 24 Hours?
  » Conventions Used in This Book

  » Part I. Working with Office 2003
  » Hour 1. Getting Acquainted with Office 2003

  » Part II. Processing with Word 2003
  » Hour 2. Welcome to Word 2003
  » Hour 3. Formatting with Word 2003
  » Hour 4. Managing Documents and Customizing Word 2003
  » Hour 5. Advanced Word 2003

  » Part III. Computing with Excel 2003
  » Hour 6. Understanding Excel 2003 Workbooks
  » Hour 7. Restructuring and Editing Excel 2003 Worksheets
  » Hour 8. Using Excel 2003
  » Hour 9. Formatting Worksheets to Look Great
  » Hour 10. Charting with Excel 2003

  » Part IV. Presenting with Flair
  » Hour 11. PowerPoint 2003 Presentations
  » Hour 12. Editing and Arranging Your Presentations
  » Hour 13. PowerPoint 2003 Advanced Features
  » Hour 14. Animating Your Presentations

  » Part V. Organizing with Outlook 2003
  » Hour 15. Communicating with Outlook 2003
  » Hour 16. Planning and Scheduling with Outlook 2003

  » Part VI. Tracking with Access 2003
  » Hour 17. Access 2003 Basics
  » Hour 18. Entering and Displaying Access 2003 Data
  » Hour 19. Retrieving Your Data
  » Hour 20. Reporting with Access 2003

  » Part VII. Combining Office 2003 and the Internet
  » Hour 21. Office 2003 and the Internet
  » Hour 22. Creating Web Content with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

  » Part VIII. Publishing Eye-Catching Documents
  » Hour 23. Publishing with Flair Using Publisher 2003
  » Hour 24. Adding Art to Your Publications

  » Part IX. Appendixes
  » Appendix B. Business Contact Manager and Office Extras

  » Part X. Bonus Hours
  » Hour 25. Using FrontPage 2003 for Web Page Design and Creation
  » Hour 26. Managing Your Web with FrontPage

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April 11, 2007

PowerPoint 2003 Video Tutorials from

Here are some great PowerPoint 2003 Video Training Tutorials provided free by Ball State University. These will help you become a better PowerPoint user, increasing your skills with creating and presenting slide presentations. Features taught by these PowerPoint Tutorials include: choosing a design template, creating a title slide, adding sound, changing the layout, formatting text, inserting clip art, adding a hyperlink, rearranging slides, and printing your presentation.

Getting Started

  • Selecting a Design Template
    PowerPoint comes with many design templates that you can choose from.  Learn how to select one for use with your presentation.

  • Create a Title Slide
    The title slide is typically the first slide in a presentation.  You can use the blank presentation template to create a title slide.

  • Save Your Presentation
    Learn how to use the “Save” and “Save As” functions of PowerPoint.

Enhancing Slides

Modifying a Presentation
Printing a Presentation
  • Printing a Presentation
    Learn to use the different printing options such as printing slides or handouts.  Also learn how to choose to print in black and white, color, or grayscale.

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March 22, 2007

Office Quick Reference Guides

Here are eight excellent 2-page Office Quick Reference Guides for Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003 and 2002, PowerPoint 2003, Project 2002, and Visio Professional 2003 and 2002. These will come in handy when you need to find out how to do a task and perform a feature quickly in these Office applications.

Word 2003

Excel 2003

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2002

PowerPoint 2003

Project 2002

Visio 2003 Professional

Visio 2002 Professional

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January 15, 2007

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials using Pictures

This new software tutorial web site, In Pictures, hosts and offers free online Microsoft Office Tutorials. This blog post details and links to their free PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials. These PowerPoint tutorials will help you learn how to use  Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. The tutorials on this site are based on pictures, or illustrations and screen shots demonstrating the tasks and features being taught. These software tutorials were developed as part of a research study performed for the U.S. Department of Education. Every user who completed  these illustrated PowerPoint tutorials reported that they were able to learn and understand PowerPoint more quickly and easily compared to using traditional software training methods.

These PowerPoint tutorials are based on the following learning and training techniques:

  • The simpler, the better. Multimedia animations may look like cutting edge, but they can be hard to follow. That’s why these tutorials use static screenshots that show exactly where to click
  • Black-and-white is better than color. Color screenshots can create an effect that makes it difficult to focus, while black-and-white screenshots do not.
  • Tasks are more important than features. Most people care about tasks - the things they want to do. That’s why these tutorials focus on common tasks.
  • Projects aid understanding. When people do mini-projects, they see how things fit together, and learn new things based on what they’ve learned before.

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials using Pictures

Creating a Presentation

Customizing Presentations

Working with Animation

Preparing Live Presentations

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August 10, 2006

11 Freely available Ebooks on Microsoft Office 2003

Here are 11 freely available ebooks on Microsoft Office 2003. Access is the database application for the Microsoft Office application suite. These MS Office ebooks provide many details and instructions on how to use the features and functions of the applications in this office suite, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and FrontPage.

Microsoft Office 2003 in 10 Simple Steps or Less (zip) 

Teach Yourself Office 2003 in 24 Hours 
(chm, 7mb)

Microsoft Office 2003 Super Bible
(pdf, 34mb)

Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003
(chm, 22mb)

How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office 2003
(pdf, 11499 kb)

Office 2003 Timesaving Techniques for Dummies
(pdf, 18152 kb)

Office 2003 Application Development All-in-One Desk Reference
(pdf, 10400 kb)

Using Microsoft Office 2003 Student Teacher Edition
(chm, 25024 kb)

Degunking Microsoft Office
(pdf, 73740 kb)

Illustrated Office 2003
(pdf, 338673 kb)

Office 2003 XML
(chm, 6360 kb)

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