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January 28, 2011

3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, from Hillsborough College. These are nicely illustrated with screen shots and detailed explanations of the PowerPoint features and topics listed below for each tutorial. They will help you become a more productive PowerPoint 2003 user.

Powerpoint Tutorial 1
(27 pages, 486kb, pdf)

 - Opening PowerPoint
 - Saving a PowerPoint Presentation
 - Slide Set-up
 - Master Slides
 - Slide Design Template
 - Slide Layout Template
 - Views
 - New Slides
 - Text Boxes
 - Font Format
 - Font Alignment
 - Clip Art
 - Pictures
 - Sound from Clip Organizer
 - Sound from File
 - Movie from Clip Organizer
 - Movie from File
 - AutoShapes
 - WordArt

Upon completion of this PowerPoint tutorial, you will be able to:
1. Open and save PowerPoint files;
2. Use the page setup feature;
3. Design a master slide (title master and slide master);
4. Use the slide design templates;
5. Use the slide layout templates;
6. Select various views (normal, slide sorter, slide show);
7. Insert a new slide;
8. Insert a text box;
9. Format font (type, style, size, color, effects, alignment);
10. Insert graphics (clip art and pictures);
11. Insert sound files (from the clip organizer and custom sounds);
12. Insert movie files (from the clip organizer and custom movies);
13. Use autoshapes to create custom graphics;
14. Use WordArt to create custom text.

PowerPoint Tutorial 2
(21 pages, 395kb, pdf)

 - Background Standard and Custom Color
 - Insert Shadow Effects
 - Insert 3-D Effects
 - Insert Fills
 - Line Style
 - Rotate
 - Dash Style
 - Group
 - Order
 - Slide Transition
 - Custom Animation

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Apply a standard or custom color, style or picture to selected slides;
2. Apply a slide background color, style, or picture;
3. Apply a texture background to all or select slides;
4. Apply a pattern background to all or select slides;
5. Insert shadow effects to text, shapes, and WordArt;
6. Insert 3-D effects to text, shapes or WordArt;
7. Insert fi lls to text boxes, AutoShapes, WordArt, and Pictures;
8. Apply Line effects to text, shapes, and WordArt;
9. Rotate text, shapes, ClipArt and WordArt;
10. Apply a dash style to text, shapes, and WordArt;
11. Group objects as one piece;
12. Order objects;
13. Create slide transitions;
14. Create custom animations.

PowerPoint Tutorial 3
(13 pages, 314kb, pdf)

 - Action Buttons
 - Action Settings for AutoShapes and Graphics
 - Creating Hyperlinks
 - Print Options
 - Saving Note Files

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Insert and hyperlink Action buttons;
2. Create an Action setting where any AutoShape or graphic is “hyperlinked”;
3. Create hyperlinks for text or objects to a file or web page.
4. Print presentation handouts;
5. Print Outlines of a presentation;
6. Save a PowerPoint presentation as an rich text file (rtf).

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January 26, 2011

PowerPoint Seminars, Lessons, and Tips

Here are several seminars, lessons, and tips for using PowerPoint for your presentations and making them more effective on your audience. These are all from the the University of Nebraska. These will help you become a better and more productive PowerPoint user.

Seminars: Tips for Effective Presentations
Topics include: text and bullet use, proper color combinations, slide animations and transitions, charts and graphs, and more. These are in Real video format (you will need the free RealPlayer to view the video).

 - Part 1: Presenting your text information (17:56)
 - Part 2: Color and graphics tips (15:39)
 - Part 3: Explanation of digital images – picture resolution and size (11:59)
 - Seminar Handout (1 page, 27kb, pdf)

Graphic Tips for Presentations 
Covers basic guidelines on layout, text, and color as given in the seminar, plus provides guidelines for using Tables, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Graphs, Area Charts, and Diagrams and Tips for TV and Streaming Video

Tips for Using PowerPoint
Tips on creating a better slide show, using PowerPoint’s Master View, effectively running a slide show, and more.

Using Images: Select the correct file format and use the proper size
When working with images for PowerPoint, Web, or print use, there are three common graphics file formats to use: GIF, JPEG, and TIFF. Learn the definitions of these formats and guidelines for effective use of images. And a bonus – this tip includes sites that provide free photo images.

Use IrfanView for Simple & Quick Image Editing
IrfanView is a simple and free image editing program that you may want to try. This instructions page covers the basic image editing processes for Web and slide show use, including resizing an image and cropping an image. This page includes a link to the website for downloading the program.

Resolution of Digital Images (web slideshow)
More detailed explanation of resolution, bit depth, file size and color modes than provided in the seminar video. By gaining a better understanding of resolution, bit depth, file size and color modes, you will be able to use images correctly and efficiently in your slide show.

Creating Effective Presentations with PowerPoint
Provides instructions and lessons on effectively and efficiently using the basic and advanced features of PowerPoint.

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October 26, 2010

38 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials

Here are 38 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials, hosted by the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. These tutorials provide a good understanding of how to use PowerPoint’s features, including creating slide masters, the formatting palette, bullets and numbering, printing, the presentation outline, using color, inserting and working with images and animations, design themes, chartart, web presentations, clipart, and using images, sounds, and movies. These PowerPoint tutorials are available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

PowerPoint Background Information

PowerPoint Basics
  • Basic PowerPoint Tasks (Win | Mac)
  • Making Your Presentation (Win | Mac)
  • Working with a Slide Master (Win | Mac)
  • Working with Text (Win | Mac)
  • The Formatting Palette (Mac)
  • Working with Bullets and Numbering (Win | Mac)
  • Printing Your Presentation (Win | Mac)
  • Viewing Your Presentation Outline (Win | Mac)
  • Working with Handouts (Win | Mac)

Working with Objects

Customizing PowerPoint
  • Customizing Slide Elements (Win | Mac)
  • Using the Slide Sorter View (Win | Mac)
  • Customizing a Master Slide (Win | Mac)
  • Working with Design Themes (Win | Mac)
  • Capturing Images, Sounds, and Movies (Win | Mac)
  • Using Sounds and Video (Win | Mac)

PowerPoint Diagrams

More PowerPoint Features

Viewing Online Presentations

Inserting Clip Art

Update Jan 5, 2011: This 30 minute video PowerPoint tutorial takes you through several important features of Powerpoint 2007. It focuses on custom animation, inserting Excel charts and graph, SmartArt, and other features. (length: 30 minutes)

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July 26, 2010

33 PowerPoint 2007 Training Tutorials

Here are 33 well written PowerPoint 2007 Training Tutorials, hosted by AgileConcepts. These free PowerPoint training materials are in Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx), and Windows Media (wmv) file formats. They consist of 15 beginning and 18 intermediate tutorials, all of which will give you a great training opportunity for many important PowerPoint features. Some of these include using and working with: backgrounds, themes, importing slides, automatic formatting, templates, picutures, smartart graphics, tables, outlines, animation, presenation layouts, and music and sound. You can also use the search form to help you find what features and tasks you need to learn and use.

15 Beginning PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials:
(wmv) New Features in PowerPoint 2007
(pptx) What’s New in PowerPoint2007: the Ribbon and more
(pptx) Create your Presentation Slides
(docx) Adding Backgrounds to your Slide Presentation
(docx) Adjusting Indents or Tab Stops in Lists
(docx) Applying Themes in PowerPoint
(docx) Change Starting Slide Number in your Presentation
(docx) Importing and Adding Slides from other Presentations
(docx) Using Automatic Formatting as you type in PowerPoint.
(docx) Using Templates to Fomat your Presentations
(pptx) Insert, Crop, and Format Pictures into your Slide Show
(pptx) How to Apply Themes, Insert Pictures, and Arrance Slide Elements
(pptx) Proof, Print, and Prep your Slide Show
(pptx) Tips for Working in the new PowerPoint
(pptx) Working with the New File Format

18 Intermediate PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials:
(docx) Guide to Customizing and Changing the Look of PowerPoint Tables
(docx) How to Import Outlines into your Presentations from Word and other apps
(docx) Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Tables in PowerPoint Slides
(docx) Adding Tables to PowerPoint Slides
(docx) Moving and Resizing PowerPoint Tables
(docx) Using the Format Painter to Copy from one slide to another
(pptx) How to Style, Polish, and Update your Graphics
(docx) Saving and Reusing SmartArt Graphics
(docx) Use Pictures and SmartArt Graphics to your Presentation
(docx) Create and Use SmartArt Graphics
(pptx) Creating SmartArt Graphics: Edit Text and Shapes
(docx) When Should you Use SmartArt Graphics
(pptx) SmartArt Graphic Types
(wmv) Using Animation in your Slides to Gain Attention
(pptx) Build and Customomize your Presentation Layouts
(pptx) How Themes Word and How to Customize them
(pptx) Playing Music from a CD
(pptx) How to Insert and Play Sound Files

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May 11, 2010

PowerPoint 2007 Quick References, Flashcards, Practice Tests, and Learning Games

Here are 2 PowerPoint 2007 Quick References, along with PowerPoint 2007 Flashcards, Practice Tests with answers, and Learning Games. Each quick reference document lists PowerPoint tasks or features to be performed along with their corresponding commands or menu items using the Mouse, the Ribbon, the Shortcut Menu, and Keyboard Shortcuts. The first quick reference lists about 48 PowerPoint 2007 tasks, and the second one details out about 100 tasks.

 - PowerPoint 2007 Quick Reference 1  (4 pages, pdf format, 154kb)
 - PowerPoint 2007 Quick Reference 2  (7 pages, pdf format, 145kb)

Chapter 1:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 2:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 3:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 4:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 5:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 6:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

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March 19, 2010

25 Office Reference and Help Docs

Here are 25 Office Reference, Help and Support Documents, hosted by admi-lan, along with 7 Internet Explorer help documents. These include keyboard shortcuts, efficiency and security tips, and techniques for getting more out of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Office, Sharepoint, and IE.

Microsoft Office Reference and Support Documents:

10 obscure Word tricks that can expedite common chores
Word 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts
Cut your Word docs down to size with these OLE techniques
50 indispensable Microsoft Word tips
Word 2003 Document Privacy and Security Options

Excel Keyboad Shortcuts
85 Keyboard Shortcuts for moving faster in Microsoft Excel

How to Compact Outlook Powerpoint PST Files
Put a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on a CD
Creating Animated build Sildes in PowerPoint 2002

10 Things you can do to Become an Outlook Web Access (OWA) power user
80+ Keyboard Shortcuts to move faster in Microsoft Outlook
Accessing Exchange public folder data outside of Outlook
Create easy-to-use Outlook e-mail templates

6 Tips for Optimizing Exchange Server performance
Add a secondary domain to your organization
Discover Exchange 2003′s improved mailbox move feature  
Exchange 2000 planning – ADS and IM preparation

General Office:
10 Windows registry hacks for Microsoft Office
Expand Microsoft Office functionality with these 10 free add-ins
Corporate Error Reporting – A double-edged sword
10 things you should know about fighting spyware in Windows XP

10 Things you should know – Microsoft’s SharePoint Services
10 Ways to make SharePoint more Secure
Plan and design a successful SharePoint 2003 infrastructure

Internet Explorer:
10 things you should know about Internet Explorer 7 Security
10 things you should know about Internet Explorer 7.0 enhancements
Fine-tune IE’s behavior by utilizing it’s advanced settings
Investigate Internet Explorer add-ons in Windows XP
Keep IE secure by configuring the right settings
Make Internet Explorer as secure as possible with this step-by-step guide
Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

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March 3, 2010

7 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials

Here are 7 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials, at the University of the Incarnate Word’s tutorials page. These Powerpoint tutorials are excellent and well written and include the latest features of PowerPoint 2007. They can be used to enhance your presentation making skills by using features like images, audio and video. A comparison between PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 is also illustrated in these tutorials. The documents essential to complete the exercises for the tutorials can be downloaded (zip, 14mb).

PowerPoint 2007
You will be learning the basics of PowerPoint 2007 in this Powerpoint tutorial, which is as a PowerPoint presentation.

Everything PowerPoint 2007
In this tutorial, you will learn about all the fundamental features and functionality that you need to know about PowerPoint 2007.

PowerPoint Not PowerPointless 2007
Here you will learn about the 12 points that you need to know for making effective PowerPoint presentations.

Video Sound Animation Game
An illustration on playing with video and sound animation is given in this tutorial.

Add Images, Audio, and Video
You will learn more on how to add images, audio and video in a PowerPoint presentation.

Creating Posters
The concept of creating posters in a PowerPoint presentation is explained here.

PowerPoint 2003 & 2007
This tutorial describes the differences between PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 by comparing the menus and toolbars in PowerPoint 2003 with the MS Office button and ribbon in 2007.

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2 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 2 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, at University of the Incarnate Word, that explain various tips and techniques for creating and delivering effective PowerPoint presentations. The first Powerpoint tutorials demonstrates some basics tasks that will provide useful to a beginner and the next tutorial discusses various games and animation features of PowerPoint 2003. These are in pdf format.

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial 3.20 Mb, 80 Pages
Basic features like toolbars and task panes, importing and exporting fonts, image editing, inserting video and audio clips, linking presentations are explained in this section on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

 - Toolbars and Task Panes
 - Importing and Exporting Fonts
 - More Image Editing
 - Importing WebTemplates
 - Inserting Video & Audio Clips
 - Linking Presentations
 - Animation (A PowerPointoon! )
 - Options for Saving PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2003 Games & Animation 1.22 Mb, 23 Pages
PowerPoint games are a great opportunity to prepare students for upcoming tests, or review difficult concepts. The purpose of this lesson is to show you how the process works.

 - PowerPoint Games
 - Linking Slides for Games
 - Animation
 - Options for Saving and Playback

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January 19, 2010

10 PowerPoint Tutorials

Here are 10 PowerPoint Tutorials, hosted at Switch On The Code. These are excellent tutorials covering many of PowerPoint’s features and functionality. They begin right from the basics and go on to more intermediate and advanced topics. Various features that are covered include: adding and editing content, working with design, working with graphics, working with animation, adding sound and video, and printing and presenting slides. These PowerPoint tutorials are designed to help you with PowerPoint and provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform many of its most popular features.

PowerPoint Basics
This PowerPoint tutorial explains the very basic PowerPoint operations like opening a new document, inserting slides etc. The topic is explained with plenty of screen shots.

 - Opening PowerPoint
 - Understanding the screen
 - Inserting slides

Adding and editing content
This tutorial teaches you about the PowerPoint operations for editing content.

 - Inserting text
 - Inserting notes, headers and footers
 - Formatting text and lists

Working with design
Topics like customizing background, applying and creating templates and design tips are demonstrated by these.

 - Customizing background
 - Applying and creating templates
 - Design tips

Working with graphics
This PowerPoint tutorial shows how to work with graphics in PowerPoint.

 - Downloading, inserting and editing images
 - Image Resources for Health & Life Sciences
 - Drawing and editing objects

Working with animation
Some of the animation related topics are explained here in this tutorial.

 - Animating text and images
 - Slide transitions

Adding sound and video
The features handled here are related to sound, music and video, all which will enhance your presentation and the experience on its users.

 - Sounds, narration and music
 - Video requirements

Graphs and tables
Here you will learn about working with graphs and tables in Microsoft PowerPoint.

 - Working with graphs
 - Importing and linking data from Excel to PowerPoint

PowerPoint online
This tutorial explains about the navigational features that can be included  in your presentations.

 - Hyperlinks and action buttons
 - Putting up a presentation on the web

Printing and Presenting
These show how to print and present a slide presentation.

 - Printing options
 - Running a slide show

Links to PowerPoint References
Here are some of other excellent references that you can use to enhance your skills in PowerPoint.

 - PowerPoint DO’s and DON’T's
 - Other PowerPoint websites
 - Workshop evaluation (for on-site workshop participants only)

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January 14, 2010

4 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials

Here are 4 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials, located at Orbit Computer Solutions. These Powerpoint tutorials will teach you how to create attractive slideshow presentations using PowerPoint. With the help of these Powerpoint tutorials, you will learn how to use this application to create well thought-out presentations.

Getting Started With PowerPoint 2007
In this section you will be introduced to the world of MS PowerPoint 2007.
 - PowerPoint Overview  
 - The Ribbon  
 - Microsoft Office Button  
 - Navigation

How To Create A New Presentation
This section of the tutorial explains how to create a new presentation in PowerPoint. Also topics like saving a presentation, adding slides to the presentation, creating duplicate slides, working with themes are covered here.
 - How To Create A New Presentation From A Template  
 - How To Create A New Presentation From Existing Presentation  
 - How To Create A New Presentation From A Word Outline  
 - How To Save A Presentation  
 - How To Add Slides  
 - How To Create A Duplicate Slide  
 - How To Create A New Slide From Existing Presentation  
 - Working With Themes  
 - How To Apply Colors To Themes  
 - How To Change Theme Background

Working With Content In A Presentation  
This section deals with how to work with content in a PowerPoint presentation. The topics covered include entering text, adding textboxes, selecting text and using the spell check tool.

 - How To Enter Text In A Presentation  
 - How To Add A Textbox  
 - How To Highlight Or Select Text  
 - How To Copy And Paste  
 - How To Cut And Paste  
 - How To Undo And Redo Changes  
 - How To Use Spell Check

Formatting Text  
Here you will be learning how to format text in MS PowerPoint.

 - How To Change Font Typeface And Size  
 - How To Change Font Size  
 - How To Use Bold, Italics And Underline  
 - How To Change Text Color  
 - How To Insert Word Art Into A Presentation  
 - How To Modify Styles In Word Arts  
 - Paragraph Alignment  
 - How To Change Your Paragraph Alignment  
 - How To Indent Your Paragraph  
 - How To Change Text Direction

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November 3, 2009

Excellent PowerPoint Tutorials

These excellent PowerPoint Tutorials and Handouts at Health Science Center Training, University of Florida, discuss and teach many of the important features of PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007. Microsoft PowerPoint is a very popular presentation program for the Mac and Windows. These PowerPoint tutorials explain the basics of PowerPoint, followed by PowerPoint formats, animation, and charts and graphs. They can be downloaded and saved for later reference.

PowerPoint 2003 Basics 1.75 Mb
This tutorial provides an in-depth coverage of the basics of PowerPoint 2003 with screenshots.
PowerPoint 2003  Formats  59 Kb
This tutorial discusses the various formats that PowerPoint uses when saving presentation documents.
PowerPoint 2003_Animation  818 Kb
This tutorial imparts knowledge about the various animation effects that are available to users in PowerPoint
PowerPoint 2003_Charts and graphs 842.5 Kb
This tutorial explains how charts and graphs are used with related data for creating an effective presentation.

 - PowerPoint 2003 Animation-Handout  242 Kb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Animations_Exercise  2. 5 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_ChartsnGraphs 1.36 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Images 1.93 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Images 5.12 Mb      
 - PowerPoint 2003_Webify 1.18 Mb
 - PowerPoint 2003_Webify_Comparison 61.5 Kb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Preliminary Findings 3.67 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Preliminary Findings_done 3.8 Mb    
 - Animation 903 Kb  
 - More Animations 1.6 Mb  
 - Cheltenham Tables & Charts 240 Kb  
 - Creating a Poster  Using PowerPoint 2007 2.9 Mb  
 - Custom Animations.ppt 69.5 Kb
 - Inserting Clip Art into PowerPoint 253 Kb  
 - Creating a Logo 7 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003 2.6 Mb  
 - Posters Presentation 5.1 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003 Basics Addendum 447 Kb    
 - PowerPoint Basics 879 Kb
 - PowerPoint Basics Old 802 Kb  
 - PowerPoint Posters 487 Kb  
 - PowerPoint-Charts-and-Graphs 202 Kb  
 - PowerPoint-Level-2 846 Kb  
 - PowerPoint-Webify 1.2 Mb  
 - PowerPoint 2003_Charts and Graphs 470 kb   
 - PowerPoint_2003 1003 Kb  
 - PowerPoint 2003 Basics 1.8 Mb
 - PowerPoint Outline 34 Kb  
 - Powerpoint Basics Addendum 815 Kb
 - Presentation Ideas 1.33 Mb     
 - Presentation Template 2.85 Mb  
 - Powerpoint 2003 Animations 834 Kb
 - Presenting  Report  Information  MA 927 Kb
 - Sample Poster 947 Kb
 - Templates Presentation 1.4 Mb  
 - Webify Addendum 117 Kb  
 - Webify Format Comparison 26.5 Kb  
 - Webify 1.18 Mb

 - PowerPoint 2007_Charts and Graphs  875 kb  
 - PowerPoint 2007 Making Templates 3.2 MB
 - 2007_PowerPoint-Animation-Handout 637 Kb
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Charts and Graphs 1.2 Mb  
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Images 2 Mb  
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Images 2.3 Mb
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Images 4.1 Mb
 - 2007_PowerPoint_Images_DRAFT 5.8 Mb
 - 2007_PowerPoint  Basics  (doc) 5.7  Mb  
 - 2007_PowerPoint  Basics (pdf) 1.6 Mb
 - PowerPoint 2007 2.7 Mb
 - PowerPoint Basics 2007 3.3 Mb
 - PowerPoint Basics 2007 956 Kb

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August 15, 2009

6 Powerpoint Tutorials

Here are 6 excellent Powerpoint Tutorials,  at California Polytechnic State University, which discuss, among other things, embedding multimedia components in presentations, converting your slides to PDF handouts, and optimizing images for the Web. It includes some tutorials for using PowerPoint for Macs. PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation creation application and is bundled with Microsoft’s Office suite of applications. These Powerpoint tutorials are fairly simple to understand and follow, and they can be downloaded for later reference.

6 Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorials:

PowerPoint 2003 (PC) & 2004 (Mac): Using Video and Music  (149 Kb, 7 pages)
This PowerPoint tutorial explains how to work with both video and music in presentations on a PC and a Mac computer.

Optimizing Images for the Web and PowerPoint  (102 Kb, 3 pages)
This tutorial discusses how to optimize images for the internet and PowerPoint. These optimizing techniques include chopping, cropping and reducing the resolution.

PowerPoint Conversion to PDF Handouts (Mac OS X)  (283 Kb, 2 pages)
This tutorial discusses the conversion of PowerPoint presentations into simple handouts in PDF format on a Mac computer.

PowerPoint Conversion to PDF Handouts (PC)  ( 287 Kb, 2 pages)
This tutorial teaches the conversion of PowerPoint presentations into simple handouts in PDF format on a PC.

Powerpoint 2004 for Mac  (2652 Kb, 31 pages)
This tutorial provides an exhaustive coverage of PowerPoint 2004 for the Mac computer. This tutorial covers a host of topics and can get a user up and running when working with PowerPoint.

Powerpoint 2003 for PC  (1761 Kb, 32 pages)
This tutorial explains how to work with PowerPoint, its features and its tools in a PC environment.

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June 2, 2009

4 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 4 Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials from the University at Albany that teach and describe some of PowerPoint’s basic and advanced features, which include Views, Outlines, Templates, Special Effects and custom slides. These PowerPoint tutorials will enhance and make your presentation more effective. (Tutorials are in .doc format.)

4 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials:

PowerPoint 2003 I: Views, Outlines, and Basic Templates
This tutorial explains PowerPoint features such as views, outline and presentation templates an how to effectively use them.

PowerPoint 2003 II: Special Effects, Timing and Interactivity
This tutorial teaches special transitions and effects such as fade out, motion and user interaction. Also discussed are hyperlinks and how they are used in your slides.

PowerPoint 2003 III: Objects, Sounds, Videos and Files
This tutorial explains how into insert sound, video and pictures into your slide presentations to make them more interactive.

PowerPoint 2003 IV: Creating Custom Slides and Templates
This PowerPoint tutorial demonstrates how to create custom designs and templates, insert animations and pictures, insert menus and bullets, and edit fonts in your presentations.

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May 12, 2009

9 PowerPoint Tutorials

Here are 9 good PowerPoint Tutorials from that discuss various PowerPoint features and how you can use them to make effective presentations. PowerPoint is a presentation creation application and is part of Microsoft’s Office suite of applications. These PowerPoint tutorials teach many PowerPoint’s features, from the basics to more advanced topics such as working with text, colors, and graphics, printing, and solving PowerPoint issues. The first tutorial shows you some of the new features of PowerPoint 2007, but the remainder can also be used for the older versions.

Introducing PowerPoint 2007
This tutorial introduces PowerPoint with a quick tour of its interface and other features.
 - Introducing PowerPoint 2007
 - A Whirlwind Tour of PowerPoint

Getting Started with PowerPoint
This Powerpoint tutorial contains a more detailed introduction to PowerPoint and its interface, giving a detailed description of the files, the presentations and shortcut commands one should know.

 - Starting PowerPoint
 - Creating a New Presentation
 - Swapping one Template for Another
 - Saving Your Presentation Files
 - Opening and Closing Presentations
 - Entering the Document Properties
 - Understanding the New PowerPoint XML Format
 - Shortcut Commands Worth Knowing

Additional New Features in PowerPoint
This Powerpoint tutorial explains the new features in PowerPoint such as custom layouts, diagrams ad new text effects. It also discusses how a presentation can be packaged for CD distribution.
 - Creating and Saving Custom Layouts
 - Converting Lists to Diagrams in Two Clicks
 - Creating and Saving New Text Effects
 - Packaging for CD

Creating a Basic Presentation
This Powerpoint tutorial explains the components that make up a presentation and how various slides constitute to making a presentation. It also discusses the addition of notes and the creation of handouts.

 - Beginning a New Presentation
 - Creating a Presentation from an Existing Template, Theme, or Presentation
 - Form an Existing Built in Theme
 - Choosing a Theme for your Presentation
 - Adding Text
 - Adding More Slide
 - Moving Around Inside a Presentation
 - Adding Speaker Notes
 - Creating and Printing Handouts
 - Saving and Closing a Presentation
 - PowerPoint 2007 File Types
 - Running a Presentation

How to Edit PowerPoint Slides
This Powerpoint tutorial discusses the editing of various components of a slide, such as text, fonts, spelling and even the addition of special characters.

 - Editing Text
 - Reversing an Action (Undo)
 - Finding and Replacing Text Automatically
 - Replacing Fonts
 - Checking Spelling
 - Adding Special Characters

Adding Color and Pictures to a Presentation
The application of a theme, a graphic or a new background, sounds and video clips are discussed in detail here.

 - Applying Theme
 - Adding Graphics to a Slide
 - Changing the Background
 - Adding Sound to a Slide
 - Adding Movies to a Slide

Working with Text
The use of a text box, finding and replacing words, using notes on slides, headers and footers, using the spell checker and translating foreign language text are discussed in detail here.

 - Adding a Text Box to a Slide
 - Finding and Replacing Words or Phrases
 - Writing on Slides During Presentation
 - Creating and Saving Customized Theme Fonts
 - Adding Punch to Your Bulleted Lists
 - Using Headers and Footers
 - Formatting with WordArt
 - Correcting Your Spelling Errors
 - Fine Tuning the Spell Checker
 - Working with Text Written in Foreign Language
 - Translating Foreign Language Text
 - Key Points

Entering the Text in PowerPoint Slides
This tutorial discuss text entry, controlling how text fits in text frames, creating numbered or bulleted lists and putting footers on slides.

 - Entering Text
 - Fun with Text Boxes and Text Box Shapes
 - Controlling How Text Fits in Text Frames and Text Boxes
 - Positioning Text in Frames and Text Boxes
 - Handling Bulleted and Numbered Lists
 - Putting Footers (and Headers) or Slides

Some Solutions to PowerPoint Problems
This tutorial discuss some of the very common problems in PowerPoint, namely how does a newer version of PowerPoint work with an older version, printing in PowerPoint and some of the solutions to these problems.

 - Where is PowerPoint?
 - Coexisting with Older PowerPoint Versions
 - Heading Off Linking Problems
 - Prepress Printing and PowerPoint
 - Section 508 and PowerPoint
 - Common PowerPoint Problems and Solutions

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April 3, 2009

2 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials

Here are 2 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials at Brown University. The first PowerPoint tutorial teaches the basics of opening, creation and addition of new slides. The second PowerPoint tutorial focuses on background, colors, fonts and layout modifications.

PowerPoint 2007 Basics Tutorial
This PowerPoint tutorial teaches the basics of PowerPoint 2007 that include opening, creation and addition of new slides in a presentation, adding themes and styles to an existing presentation and then viewing them. It also teaches the user to add a text box, insert a clipart or an image and add animation to the presentation.

New in Office 2007:
Shows the new Ribbon, which is a series of buttons with text labels that exposes the important functions of Office

Create/Open a Presentation and Add Slides In PowerPoint 2007:
 - Open PowerPoint
 - Add slides

Design Tab, Applying Themes:
 - Themes
 - Design Tab

Viewing Slides In PowerPoint 2007:
This section explains how you can view slides in PowerPoint.

Added Attractions In PowerPoint 2007:
 - Text Boxes
 - Images and Clip Art

Changing the Slide Master In PowerPoint:
How to change the slide master, which controls the text color, alignment and font face, bullet choices, background colors and graphics.

Adding Animation In PowerPoint:
Selecting the elements on your slide that you want to animate, and then choose an effect, or make a custom animation.

Printing Your Presentation:
Details on printing your slides, including ‘Print range’ and ‘Print what’.

PowerPoint 2007 Intermediate Tutorial
- Creating Design Templates with the Slide Master

The focus then shifts to this tutorial for intermediate users of PowerPoint 2007 providing instructions to make changes across all slides (making global changes) that include background, colors, fonts and layout modifications. Users can create and save their own theme to be used at a later stage or for another presentation and a small section explains this in detail.

Introduction to the Slide Master:
This sections shows how we can make the layouts more precise.

Accessing the Slide Master:
Learn more about the Slide Master and Layout Slides and what the difference is between these.

Making Global Changes:
 - Changing the Background Color/Graphic
 - Changing the Fonts
 - Adding an Image
 - Choosing a Color Theme

Making Changes to Layouts:
 - Layout Slide Text
 - Adding Placeholders

Saving Your Theme:
How to save your .thmx presentation theme file.

Saving Your Theme:
 - Exiting the Slide Master
 - Adding Slides to Your Presentation

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April 2, 2009

2 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 2 nicely illustrated PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials at Brown University. The first tutorial teaches the basics of PowerPoint 2003 and the second tutorial covers PowerPoint tips and tricks.

Powerpoint 2003 Tutorial
This tutorial covers PowerPoint features such as design templates and using them in the presentation, adding slides and how to effectively use the Format Menu for slides. Addition of animation is discussed for both PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2004 and also how to save the presentations.

Create/Open a Presentation and Add Slides In PowerPoint:
 - Open PowerPoint
 - Add slides

Format Menu, Applying a Design In PowerPoint:
 - Design Templates
 - Format Menu

Viewing Slides In PowerPoint:
This section explains how you can view slides in PowerPoint.

Added Attractions In PowerPoint:
 - Text Boxes
 - Clip Art

Changing the Slide Master In PowerPoint:
Learn how to update the slide master, which is where text color, alignment and font face, bullet choices, background colors and graphics are all specified.

Adding Animation In PowerPoint:
 - PowerPoint 2003
 - PowerPoint 2004

Saving Your Presentation to the Web In PowerPoint:
This section explains how to save the files in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Intermediate – Tips and Tricks for Better Presentations
Intermediate users can learn how to better use PowerPoint by going through the quick tips and tricks section. This section also includes precision layouts, adding animation throughout the presentation. It also introduces slide transitions and how to insert charts in the PowerPoint slides.

Precision Layouts In PowerPoint:
This sections talks about how we can make the layouts more precise.

Masters In PowerPoint:
 - Presentation-Wide Animations
 - Adding Some Branding

Transitions In PowerPoint:
Transitions add professionalism to a presentation, this section talks about that.

Inserting Charts In PowerPoint:
This section explains about the PowerPoint’s ability to incorporate charts.

Saving Options In PowerPoint:
 - Saving to the Web
 - PowerPoint Show

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March 25, 2009

PowerPoint Tutorials and Tips, Part 2

Here is my second post of the PowerPoint Tutorials and Tips at, describing how to harness Powerpoint power to make compelling and memorable presentations. It is the ease of use and sophistication of Powerpoint that has made it a popular visual aid to help better explain ideas and concepts of almost any topic. (Here is the first part of the Powerpoint material from this site.)

PowerPoint Design Principles:
As with any application that helps creating visuals, it is important to follow design principles while creating them. And these tutorials help implement design principles in Powerpoint.
 - Beyond Words
 - Design guidelines for web conferences
 - Simplicity and understatement
 - The importance of design
 - Try design variations
 - Best practices for PowerPoint presentations in Second Life
 - Tell ‘n’ show slide design
 - Put one point on a slide

Craft Memorable Content: Writing & Organizing:
Simplicity has its virtues. Using clear language helps people understand concepts better when presenting them. And this makes it effective as people tend to remember it longer. The tutorials given below will explain how to go about making your presentation more attractive and memorable.
 - Using hyperlinks
 - Expanding one slide into two
 - Organizing content
 - Complete set of PowerPoint tutorials
 - Using a Summary Slide for questions & answers
 - Designing a Web-style presentation
 - Mind Mapping to organize your presentation
 - Repurpose presentations for a kiosk or the Web
 - 3 Components of an effective presentation
 - Create slides from audience input
 - Beyond words
 - Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullet Points
 - Create a quiz in PowerPoint
 - Is PowerPoint evil?
 - Link to other presentations and return to the original presentation
 - Choose titles for a summary slide
 - Base content on your audience
 - Quickly get rid of bullets
 - Tell a story, or where’s the point in all this?
 - Hyperlink to a specific slide in another presentation, or specific location in another file
 - Protect slide content
 - Import text from Word or Notepad
 - Choose words for your audience
 - Add relevance with layers of meaning
 - Add notes during a presentation
 - Understand the types of speeches
 - PowerPoint principles for education
 - A good introduction/opener
 - Export all presentation text
 - Create a visual menu
 - Add flexibility with custom shows
 - Use an audience-centered structure
 - How many bullets should I put on a slide?
 - Create a drop-down menu
 - Create a looping introduction
 - Create section markers
 - Do the research!
 - Create a WebQuest in PowerPoint
 - Stay focused with pecha kucha
 - Create a fast-moving presentation
 - Put one point on a slide
 - Use copywriting principles for your presentations
 - Support your statements

Deliver with Confidence:
The key to carry out a good PowerPoint presentation is to rehearse it beforehand. Essentially, telling the audience about the agenda and crafting your presentation to look more like a story does a better job than having to read out content from the slide. These tutorials below help you deal with presenting to a range of audiences, young and old, and how to keep them engrossed throughout.
 - Rehearsing with narration
 - PowerPoint and the Future of Education
 - Making great handouts
 - Creating a slide list
 - Creating a compact list of notes
 - Going to the previous slide when you have text animation (builds)
 - Export the text in a presentation
 - Reduce the size of your presentation files
 - 12 steps to becoming a charismatic speaker
 - Print in black & white or grayscale
 - Play sound or music by passing mouse over an icon (without clicking)
 - Presentation styles
 - Black out the screen and other delivery tips
 - Create a background for printed handouts
 - Manage the process from conception to rehearsal to handouts
 - Keys to being a unique and memorable presenter
 - Start a presentation at a specified time
 - Don’t look at the screen!
 - Create notes as you deliver in PowerPoint 2003
 - Presenting to young audiences
 - Add taped narration to a presentation
 - Public speaking is the number 1 fear — How to beat it
 - Use feedback to complete the communication cycle
 - Life after death by PowerPoint
 - Have a conversation with your audience
 - A good introduction/opener
 - Undim bulleted text
 - Add flexibility with custom shows
 - Put a presentation on a CD that runs automatically
 - Turn off pop-ups when presenting
 - Best practices for PowerPoint presentations in Second Life
 - Importing a PowerPoint presentation into Flash
 - Collect information or feedback
 - Create a game quiz (similar to Jeopardy)
 - Create a timer
 - Display a quarter-size slide show view
 - Guest Expert: Dana Bristol-Smith on “It’s All About Presentation: Eight Lessons from Japan”
 - Guest Expert Suzanne Bates: How to Be Yourself in Front of an Audience
 - Successfully print presentations
 - Ask the audience questions
 - Create a timeline/agenda in PresentationZen style

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PowerPoint Tutorials and Tips, Part 1

Here is my first post of the PowerPoint Tutorials and Tips at, explaining many of Powerpoint’s potent features and how they can be used in your presentation. The difference between a good presentation and a great presentation is how effectively you use Powerpoint’s capabilities in your presentation. Powerpoint is the presentation program from Microsoft’s Office suite of applications (Here is the second part of the Powerpoint material from this site.)

PowerPoint AutoShapes (Shapes) & Text Boxes:
Powerpoint users can extend their creativity using auto shapes to create custom shapes to be used in their presentations. The tutorials below explain working with auto shapes and text boxes.
 - Creating soft edges
 - Changing the default for new objects
 - Create multi-color gradients
 - Turn AutoShapes into pictures
 - 3D effects with radial gradients
 - Cycle through overlapping objects to select them
 - Layer two fill effects
 - Rotation tips
 - Use transparency gradients
 - Attach objects exactly
 - Create Bezier curves
 - Create cutouts
 - Use materials and lighting for interesting fills
 - Create text reflections
 - Create soft shadows

PowerPoint Backgrounds & Color:
Keeping in line with creating simple and effective presentations, it is essential to maintain a single color and texture. The background can also be divided into specify sections on the presentation. A Color Scheme is usually a standard that is used in the design of the slide. The links below explain how a background can be set and how to use color schemes.
 - Backgrounds: Using mid-range colors
 - Using Web page backgrounds in PowerPoint
 - Copying colors from a Web site
 - Create multi-color gradients
 - Create an instant background from a photo
 - Choose fonts and colors for legibility
 - Create a simple border
 - Choose colors based on desired results

PowerPoint Charts, Tables & Diagrams:
To further augment the visual appeal of Powerpoint, we can use charts and tables to explain, say the growth of a company or the increase in sales. The tutorials given below show how you can create and use charts and tables.
 - Designing chart titles
 - Formatting bar charts
 - Animate a chart or table
 - Push PowerPoint charting options to the limit
 - Create effective graphs/charts
 - Create a timeline/agenda in PresentationZen style NEW

Web browsers have a front and back button. Similarly, Powerpoint uses hyperlinks to move front and back between slides to allow users review them. The links below explain how to implement hyperlinks in your Powerpoint presentation.
 - Create hyperlinks in a timed presentation
 - Create invisible buttons

Images in PowerPoint:
In these tutorials, we further explain the manipulations that can be carried out on images in a Powerpoint presentation.
 - Managing graphics to reduce size
 - Importing art into the Clip Gallery
 - Resizing your presentation
 - Colorizing a photo for a background
 - Turn AutoShapes into pictures
 - Recolor bitmap images
 - Find free photos
 - Where and how to insert an image
 - Inside secrets to making your visuals look professional
 - Crop around an image
 - Emphasize a section of text or an image
 - The Magic of False Backgrounds
 - Recolor graphics in PowerPoint 2007
 - Cool contour shadows
 - 3D and reflection technique
 - Magnify an image
 - Change a picture in PowerPoint 2007

Music, Sound, & Video in PowerPoint:
Apart from using pictures and custom shapes, we can also use audio and video content in a slide to make it more interactive. These tutorials explain how to use audio and video in a Powerpoint slide.
 - Playing music continuously in a Web-based presentation
 - Play music or narration throughout a presentation
 - Control movies with buttons
 - Synchronize animation with music

PowerPoint Slide Layout:
To help with slide layout, we can use Guides that are easily available in Powerpoint. We can also use a pre-defined master Guide for the rest of the slides in a presentation. The links below deal with slide layout and its intricacies.
 - Creating a grid for perfect layout
 - Nudging objects slightly
 - Reapply the slide layout
 - Beyond Words
 - Create a custom layout
 - Put objects exactly on top of each other
 - Align objects perfectly

PowerPoint Slide Masters & Templates:
At some point during the presentation, you may want to follow a design throughout your slides. This can be done using Templates and the tutorials below explain how do go about working with them.
 - Creating multiple slide “Masters” in PowerPoint 2000
 - Create your own template
 - Get rid of a template

Text & Fonts:
Fonts and text on a slide must be readable and should have the right color. They should also have a constant size and weight. The tutorials below give you an in-depth coverage on the kind of text and fonts you can use in a slide.
 - Choosing the most readable font
 - Controlling text shadows
 - Animating text on top of text
 - Fitting more text in a Placeholder or AutoShape
 - Text animation techniques
 - Choose fonts and colors for legibility
 - Set vertical alignment of text
 - Emphasize a section of text or an image
 - Highlight important words
 - Quickly change text color line by line

Animation & Transitions in PowerPoint:
Powerpoint’s animation feature is used to create slide-by-slide animations for use in presentations. The tutorials below help you create and use various animations and effects with objects on the screen.
 - Putting Flash animation in PowerPoint
 - Animating text on top of text
 - Animate a chart or table
 - Motion path animation effects
 - Create the effect of a line drawing itself
 - Use triggers to create interactive charts
 - Synchronize animation with music
 - Text animation techniques
 - Multimedia animation techniques
 - Create a pop-up window
 - Animate a revolving earth
 - Cascading animation
 - Dissolve one image into another
 - Create a slide show that really slides!
 - Highlight important words
 - Use advanced animation to show growth & motion
 - Make an object disappear behind another object
 - Magnify an image
 - Animate a table in 2007
 - Quickly change text color line by line
 - Match the end of a motion path animation to the beginning of another
 - Animate a bouncing ball
 - Circle an object
 - Tutorial on animation and best practices
 - Duplicate animation
 - Animation for entertainment

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February 23, 2009

15-Lesson PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial

Here is a 15-Lesson PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial, from Wesleyan University. This PowerPoint tutorial covers many important features of this presentation application, such as Design Templates, Slide Layouts, Hyperlinks, Charts and Graphs, Images, Colors and Backgrounds, Packaging your Slide Presentation, making your Presentation available on the Web, Printing, and running a Slide Show.

Contents of PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial:

Getting Started
Starting PowerPoint
Selecting a Design Template
Choosing a Slide Layout
Creating Your First Slide
Working with Multiple Slides

Adding and Editing Content:
Web Links
Charts, Tables, Graphs
Images and Graphics
Slide Colors and Backgrounds
Slide Effects

Presenting Your Show:
“Package for CD”
Put Your Presentation on the Web
Printing Handouts
Running Your Slide Show

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February 20, 2009

2 Video PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials

Here are 2 Video Tutorials for PowerPoint 2007, from HP’s Learning Center. The first one shows you how to create a slide master and the second one teaches you how to customize PowerPoint’s user interface.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: Create a New Slide Master

Learn how to create master slides in PowerPoint to add or change design elements and formatting in presentations. (2:43) Video

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 gives you the option of creating your own master slides, which allow you to add or change design elements and formatting within presentations. A slide master is a single, controlling slide behind the scenes that specifies how slides appear all the way through your presentation. When you make changes to a slide master, they’re applied universally to the presentation. A slide master is part of a template — it stores information by using placeholders. We’ll also demonstrate how to add a new placeholder to a master slide. You can use multiple slide masters within a presentation or simply use a single slide master that contains multiple layouts.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: Customize the PowerPoint Interface

This video tutorial will show and teach you how to change options and customize the interface to find the toolbars and functions you need most.   (4:44) Video

PowerPoint is a powerful, customizable tool for creating presentations. Before you create a PowerPoint presentation, you might want to customize the interface to make it easier for you to find the toolbars and functions you need most. In this demonstration you’ll learn how to change options and customize the interface.

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