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April 3, 2009

PHP Cheat Sheet

Here is a pretty good PHP Cheat Sheet at This PHP Cheat Sheet is a quick guide and reference to the functions used in PHP for file manipulation, regular expression handling and last but not the least, date handling and formatting. (pdf format)

Function List:

Lists PHP’s array functions, string functions, file system functions, regular expression functions and datetime functions. These functions are essential for every PHP developer for quick reference and usage.

fopen() Modes:

The fopen() modes are used for file manipulation. This section details out the different modes to create, read and write files and what modes these files should be opened with. File handling modes are of paramount importance while handling scripts in PHP.

Regular Expression Syntax:

Regular expressions are commonly used in most programming and scripting languages. The first step to learning them is to understand the regular expression syntax and their meaning in PHP. This section of the pdf is a quick reference to regular expressions.

PCRE Modifiers:

While on the topic of Regular Expressions, it is important to note that PHP uses Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, or PRCE functions to split and replace expressions. This section helps explain PRCE better, giving an insight into its intricacies.

Date Formatting:

All programming and scripting languages deal with date formatting at some point or the other. This section deals with a whole range of date formatting options in PHP.

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March 27, 2009

Web Programming and PHP Tutorials

Here are two recent Web Programming Tutorials posts that I’ve recently published at our other blog tutorial site,

51 Web Development Tutorials

Here are 51 Web Development Tutorials at The web development topics covered by these tutorials are vast and varied, and include HTML, DHTML, CSS, CGI, ASP, PHP, Perl, Java, Javascript and XML. Each of these topic has multiple, easy-to-understand tutorials, and they should get you up to speed in no time.

8 PHP Tutorials

Posted here are 8 good PHP Tutorials at PHP is a scripting language for designing and generating web pages and its freely available on most web servers. These PHP tutorials explain various concepts of PHP and how to get started with coding this scripting language.

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November 22, 2008

Practical PHP Programming Book

I have posted information about a great Free PHP Programming Book on our other free computer training blog at If you need or are looking for instruction with coding PHP on your web pages, here is Practical PHP Programming, a free online book covering how to program using PHP. The objective of this PHP book is to have fun while you learn how to program web pages and sites using PHP, even if you have not coded with PHP before. 

Table of Contents of Practical PHP Programming:

  1. Introducing PHP
  2. Simple variables and operators
  3. Functions
  4. Arrays
  5. Object-oriented programming
  6. HTML forms
  7. Working with files
  8. Databases
  9. Cookies and sessions
  10. Multimedia
  11. XML and XSLT
  12. Output buffering
  13. Java and COM
  14. Networks
  15. Miscellaneous topics
  16. Security concerns
  17. Performance
  18. Writing PHP
  19. Writing extensions
  20. Alternative PHP uses
  21. Practical PHP
  22. Bringing it to a close
  23. The future of PHP
  24. Choosing an ISP
  25. Glossary 

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May 26, 2008

PHP Essentials Online Book

Here is Techtopia’s well written online book, PHP Essentials. This comprehensive online PHP book will show and teach you all the aspects and topics of PHP that you need to know for developing compelling web pages and web sites. It will help both new PHP programmers get up-to-speed with PHP, and also those who need a refresher with any of the topics presented.

PHP Essentials gives a high level overview of how PHP works and why it is so useful to web developers. It then teaches each PHP topic in detail, from the basics of the scripting language through to object oriented programming, file and filesystem handling and MySQL and SQLite database access. Also, it provides chapters that show how to work with HTML based forms and maintain state using cookies and PHP sessions. All PHP topics are accompanied by real world examples that are intended to bring PHP theory to life.

Table of Contents of PHP Essentials:

  1. About PHP Essentials
    • Intended Audience
  2. The History of PHP
    • The Creation of PHP
    • PHP 3 Hits the Big Time
    • PHP 4 – Optimization, Scalabilty and More
    • PHP 5 – Object Orientation, Error Handling and XML
    • How Popular is PHP?
  3. An Overview of PHP
    • What Exactly is PHP?
    • How Does PHP Work?
    • Why is PHP so Useful?
    • Summary
  4. Creating a Simple PHP Script
    • The PHP Code Delimiters
    • Testing the PHP Installation
    • Emdedding PHP into an HTML File
    • Embedding HTML into a PHP Script
    • Summary
  5. Commenting PHP Code
    • PHP Single Line Comments
    • PHP Multi-line Comments
    • Summary
  6. An Introduction to PHP Variables
    • Naming and Creating a Variable in PHP
    • Assigning a Value to a PHP Variable
    • Accessing PHP Variable Values
    • Changing the Type of a PHP Variable
    • Checking Whether a Variable is Set
  7. Understanding PHP Variable Types
    • The PHP Integer Variable Type
    • The PHP Float Variable Type
    • The PHP Boolean Variable Type
    • The PHP String Variable
    • Extracting and Writing String Fragments
    • Creating PHP heredoc Strings
  8. PHP Constants
    • Defining a PHP Constant
    • Checking if a PHP Constant is Defined
    • Using a Variable as a Constant Name
    • Predefined PHP Constants
    • PHP Script and Environment Related Constants
    • PHP Mathematical Constants
  9. PHP Operators
    • PHP Assignment Operators
    • PHP Arithmetic Operators
    • PHP Comparison Operators
    • PHP Logical Operators
    • PHP Increment and Decrement Operators
    • PHP String Concatenation Operator
    • Concatenation of Numbers and Strings in PHP
    • PHP Execution Operator – Executing Server Side Commands
  10. PHP Flow Control and Looping
    • PHP Conditional Statements
    • The PHP if Statement
    • The PHP if … else Statements
    • PHP Looping Statements
    • PHP for loops
    • PHP while loops
    • PHP do … while loops
    • PHP switch Statements
    • Breaking a Loop
    • Breaking Out of Nested Loops
    • Skipping Statements in Current Loop Iteration
  11. PHP Functions
    • What is a PHP Function?
    • How to Write a PHP Function
    • Returning a Value from a PHP Function
    • Passing Parameters to a PHP Function
    • Calling PHP Functions
    • Passing Parameters By Reference
    • Returning Values By Reference
    • Functions and Variable Scope
  12. PHP Arrays
    • How to Create a PHP Array
    • Accessing Elements in a PHP Array
    • Creating an Associative Array
    • Accessing Elements of an Associative Array
    • Accessing Elements in a Multidimensional PHP Array
    • Using PHP Array Pointers
    • Changing, Adding and Removing PHP Array Elements
    • Looping through PHP Array Elements
    • Replacing Sections of an Array
    • Sorting a PHP Array
    • Sorting Associative Arrays
    • Getting Information About PHP Arrays & other Array Functions
    • Summary
  13. Working with Strings and Text in PHP
    • Changing the Case of a PHP String
    • Converting to and from ASCII Values
    • Printing Formatted Strings in PHP
    • PHP printf formatting specifiers
    • Finding the Length of a PHP String
    • Converting a String into a PHP Array
    • Removing Leading and Trailing Whitespace from a PHP String
    • Comparing Strings in PHP
    • String Comparison Functions Return Value
    • Accessing and Modifiying Characters in String
    • Searching for Characters and Substrings in a PHP String
    • Extracting and Replacing Substrings in PHP
    • Replacing All Instances of a Word in a PHP String
  14. PHP, Filesystems and File I/O
    • Opening and Creating Files in PHP
    • Closing Files in PHP
    • Writing to a File using PHP
    • Reading From a File using PHP
    • Checking Whether a File Exists
    • Moving, Copying and Deleting Files with PHP
    • Accessing File Attributes
    • PHP Output Buffering
  15. Working with Directories in PHP
    • Creating Directories in PHP
    • Deleting a Directory
    • Finding and Changing the Current Working Directory
    • Listing Files in a Directory
  16. An Overview of HTML Forms
    • Creating HTML Forms
    • HTML Text Object
    • HTML TextArea Object
    • The HTML Button Object
    • HTML Check Boxes
    • HTML Radio Buttons
    • HTML Drop-down / Select Object
    • HTML Password Object
    • Summary
  17. PHP and HTML Forms
    • Creating the Form
    • Processing Form Data Using PHP
    • Processing Multiple Selections with PHP
  18. PHP and Cookies – Creating, Reading and Writing
    • The Difference Between Cookies and PHP Sessions
    • The Structure of a Cookie
    • Cookie Name / Value Pair
    • Cookie Expiration Setting
    • Cookie path Setting
    • Cookie domain Setting
    • Cookie Security Setting
    • Creating a Cookie in PHP
    • Reading a Cookie in PHP
    • Deleting a Cookie
  19. Understanding PHP Sessions
    • What is a PHP Session?
    • Creating a PHP Session
    • Creating and Reading PHP Session Variables
    • Writing PHP Session Data to a File
    • Reading a Saved PHP Session
  20. PHP Object Oriented Programming
    • What is an Object?
    • What is a Class?
    • How is an Object Created from a Class?
    • What is sub-classing?
    • Defining a PHP Class
    • PHP Class Constructors and Destructors
    • Creating Members in a PHP Class
    • Defining and Calling Methods
    • Subclassing in PHP
    • PHP Object Serialization
    • Getting Information about a PHP Object
  21. Using PHP with MySQL
    • Creating a MySQL User Account
    • Creating and Select MySQL Database
    • Creating a MySQL Database Table
    • Inserting Data into a MySQL Database Table
    • Connecting with PHP to a MySQL Server
    • Selecting Records from a MySQL Database Using PHP
    • Adding Records to MySQL Database using PHP
    • Modifying and Deleting MySQL Records using PHP
    • Using PHP to get Information about a MySQL Database
    • Summary
  22. PHP and SQLite
    • Creating an SQLite Database with PHP
    • Using PHP to Add Records to an SQLite Database
    • Using PHP to Select Records from an SQLite Database

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April 18, 2008

3 PHP Tutorials and an XML Tutorial

Here are 3 PHP Scripting Tutorials, from, along with an XML Tutorial. These tutorials will show and teach you how to get started with scripting PHP into your web pages to give them user friendly features and interactivity.

You can use PHP in your web sites to give them interactivity such as the following: 
 - Sending feedback from your website directly to your mailbox
 - Sending email with attachments
 - Uploading files to a web page
 - Watermarking images
 - Generating thumbnails from larger images
 - Displaying and updating information dynamically
 - Using a database to display and store information
 - Making websites searchable

What is PHP and Why Should I Care?

This introductory tutorial informs you about what PHP is and what it can do for your web pages.

 - Embracing the Power of Code
 - How Hard is PHP to Use and Learn?
 - How Safe is PHP?

Basics of Object Oriented Programming

This Object Oriented Programming (OOP) tutorial provides an overview of what OOP is with a view toward using PHP effectively. It goes over three concepts of object orientation in these tutorials: class, access modifiers, and inheritance.

 - Class
 - Objects Need Access Modifiers
 - Object Reuse and Inheritance

Object Oriented Features New to PHP 5

In this PHP tutorial, learn how to use the new Object Oriented features in PHP 5. Support for objects has been add into PHP, so you can choose to use objects or simply use procedural programming. That PHP is a hybrid language should be viewed as something positive, not as a disadvantage.

 - Access Modifiers
 - Built in Classes
 - Backward Compatibility
 - Where to Go from Here

Introduction to XML and Web Services

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, platform-independent standard for describing data within a structured format. It allows data to be tagged using descriptive names so both humans and computer applications can understand the meaning of different pieces of data.

 - Exploring History of XML
 - Using XML in the Real World
 - Introducing Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services
 - Defining Common Terms and Acronyms

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March 18, 2008

18 PHP and MySQL Tutorials

Here are 18 PHP and MySQL Tutorials, from These will teach you how use PHP and MySQL, along with showing you how to use both of these web development technologies together.

Database Applications and the Web
With the growth of the Web over the past decade, there has been a similar growth in services that are accessible over the Web. Many new services are…

PHP is similar to high-level languages such as C, Perl, Pascal, FORTRAN, and Java, and programmers who have experience with…

In this tutorial, we introduce the MySQL database management system (DBMS) and the SQL database query language for defining and…

Querying Web Databases
This tutorial is the first of six that introduce practical web database application development. In this tutorial, we introduce the basics of connecting to the MySQL DBMS with PHP…

User-Driven Querying
We focus here on user-driven querying, in which the user provides data that controls the query process…

Writing to Web Databases
Writing data in web database applications requires different techniques than reading data. Issues of transactions and concurrency become important, and we introduce these issues and the principles of dealing with them in this tutorial…

Validation on the Server and Client
Validation is essential to web database applications. Ensuring that data meets user and system requirements is important, but ensuring that the…

In this tutorial we will discuss how sessions are managed, Introduce cookies, configure PHP session management library, PHP session management…

Authentication and Security
There are many database applications in which restrictions need to be applied to control user access. Some applications deal with sensitive …

Winestore Customer Management
This tutorial is the first of four that outline the case study winestore application. It contains an overview of the complete application, as well…

Shopping Cart
In this tutorial, we introduce the shopping cart developed for the online winestore. The shopping cart is typical of those used in online stores: the user can add items to the cart and manage the quantities of the different items. The solution we outline is scalable and practical.

Ordering and Shipping at the Winestore
We complete our description of the shopping components of the winestore by outlining the ordering and shipping modules in this tutorial…

Related Topics
This tutorial completes our outline of the online winestore. We present here the completed searching and browsing module, and two related topics in web database applications

Installation Guide
This tutorial is a guide to installing the software used. The first section presents the steps to install and configure MySQL, Apache…

Internet and Web Protocols
In this tutorial, we introduce the networking protocols and standards of the Internet. The first part give a brief overview of the networking protocol TCP/IP and its basic principles. The second, larger part of this appendix is a discussion of HTTP…

Modeling and Designing Relational Databases
Relational database management systems, or RDBMSs, maintain, enforce, and use relationships between data.

Object Oriented Programming in PHP
One of the key features of object-oriented programming (OOP) is the ability to create new data types in which the data and the implementation of operations are bound together…

Regular Expressions
Regular expressions enables to find and extract more complicated pieces of information in a strings and do this in a multiple-byte character set environment …

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October 2, 2007

Many PHP Tutorials

Clever Tutorials offers the following large selection of PHP Tutorials gathered from several of the better web development tutorial sites on the web.  These cover several areas of PHP scripting and web development, including passwords, logins, content management, cookies, database integration, dates, email, file manipulation, forms, image handling, security, and user statistics.

PHP Tutorials:


PHP Weather
Create a weather widget and show your current weather.

How to execute PHP using CRON
This will allow you to set up a schedule to execute PHP scripts. Works with most shared hosting plans as well.

PHP - The Ultimate Basics
This tutorial will teach everything you need to get you on your way to learning PHP. You can learn exactly how it works, how data is sent, as well as a detailed explanation of some of the most commonly used functions.

Generating random passwords
The tutorial will teach us how to generate a random password every time the function is called.

“Header Already Sent” Error
Learn how to avoid “Header already sent” error and some other common use of Header() function.

Learn how to use the include() function using the power of PHP.

Introduction to PHP
An Introduction to the basics of PHP for a beginnner.

PHP Simple Login Script
Learn to create a simple login system with php & mysql script, this tutorial easy to follow, teach you step by step.

Introduction to using classes
This tutorial will teach you what classes are and how to use them effectively in your web application.

Content Management

Link Exchange System
This tutorial will take you through all steps in developing your own link exchange system using Dreamweaver CS3, PHP, MySQL and CSS.

Comment Board
Learn how to make a comment/discussion board.

Directory List
Learn how to make a directory list in PHP.

Topsite Script
Create your very own topsite website with this tutorial

Affiliates System
Learn to create a complete Affiliate Management system in PHP.

News CMS With Admin Panel
Learn to create a news system, which you can add to it using the comments system script as well to round it out.


Understand PHP Sessions
Learn what sessions are and how to use them.

Cookies a Quick Glance
A short tutorials on what cookies are and how to use them.

Setting Cookies
You may need to set cookies to remember certain information…

Database Integration

Creating a Simple Database Abstraction Layer
If you ever intend to create an open source PHP script that utilizes a database, you will likely at one time or another be faced with the question “How do I interface with more than one type of database system?” The answer is simple: a database abstraction layer. We’ll show you how to create a simple database abstraction layer that works with MySQL, MsSQL, and PostgreSQL in this example.

Writing your own MySql class
In this tutorial we cover how to make a MySql class file which will control all database activity.

PHP and MySQL RSS Feed
Create a dynamic XML RSS document with PHP.

Get MySQL database layout in XML format
Learn how to fetch MySQL database layout in a XML format.

Simple chatbox in PHP/MYSQL
Learn how to make a easy chatroom with php and mysql.

Banner System
A simple banner system to randomly rotate images in a MySQL database.

PHP and MySQL Search Engine
Make a search engine in PHP that searches MySQL

Updating Database
Update multiple rows in MySQL with this detailed tutorial.

MySQL Search Engine
Learn how to do a simple search engine using MySQL database.

Date and Time

PHP date function explained
With PHP’s date function you format timestamps, so they are more human readable. The following tutorial will teach you how to display the current time, formating PHP’s timestamp, and show you all the various date arguments for reference purposes.

Calendar in PHP
Create Calendar in PHP using a CSS layout system.


Creating a simple mail sender class with PHP
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple mail sender class in PHP. Sending emails with PHP is a lot easier than you would think, however you need to care about some settings to avoid moving your emails into a spam folder.

Verifying email address
When users sign up to join your website you may want to verify their email address by sending confirmation link to their email address. You’ll learn how to do this in this tutorial.

Mail Form with PHP and HTML
Learn how to create a basic Mail Form using PHP and HTML.

Email Validation
Add email validation to forms using regular expressions and domain check.

Form Mail
Learn how to make a Form Mail using the power of PHP.

File Manipulation

Multiple files upload
You can upload multiple files with one time submission. Array is a big role in this tutorial, let’s see the scripts.

File System Operations
A list of handy file system commands for PHP developers.

Compressing and Decompressing a File in PHP
Learn the basics of Compressing and Decompressing a file using bzcompress() function.

File Creator/Editor
Create a form that makes and/or adds data to files on your server.

PHP Multiple Upload files
Create a script for uploading multiple files to your site.


Contact Form
Create a safe contact form using Xajax and PHPmailer.

Tell A Friend Script
Learn to create a tell a friend script – Quick way to email friends about your site.

Anti Spam Bots Form Trick
Protect your forms from spam bots.

A guide to some simple form validating.

Send this page to a Friend
A php tutorial to create a send this page to a friend script and form.

Making Sticky Forms
Learn how to create and use sticky forms, which saves data that has been entered into a form.

Link Verifier
Create a link verifier that checks to see if a link is working or not.


phpBB login
Integrate a login form on your index for your forum

Forum System
Learn to create a full forum system yourself.

Image Handling

How to make custom avatars with php
Learn how to use php to make a customizable avatar. A great and unique feature for any website!

Very simple gallery
Learn how you can create your own gallery.

Cropped Thubnails
Create cropped thumbnails with GD Library.

GD Library Bar Chart
Create a dynamic bar chart with PHP and GD Library.

Drop Shadows with GD Library
Learn how to create drop shadows easily with GD Library and Photoshop.

Random Images
Ever wanted to make links, or banners appear on your site in a random order? Well here’s a simple script that will do just that.

How to quickly watermark your images in PHP.

Image Databasing
This tutorial teaches you how to upload images into a mysql database using PHP.

Image Uploading

Creating thumbnail
Learn to Resize an image with PHP

Creating a simple photo gallery
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple photo gallery. The script creates thumbnail images if needed and displays all images in the given directory.


Creating an IRC bot in PHP
Combined Minds presents you the biggest and best PHP -> IRC bot tutorial on the web! This tutorial learns you how to create a very good working IRC bot from scratch!

PHP Caching
Learn effective data caching techniques with PHP

Creating a domain checker
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a PHP script to check whether the actual domain name is available or not.

URL Check
Learn a simple way of verifying if a URL still works using PHP

Basic Shoutbox
Learn how to make an easy shoutbox for your site.

Browser-Dependent Stylesheets
Learn how to make a Browser-Dependent Stylesheets.

AOL IM Check User Online
Learn to see if a screenname is currently online on AOL Instant Messenger.

Mini-Chat Tutorial
Create your very own chat script.

Custom Error Messages
Replace the usual error messages with your own.

Polling Script
Creating a simple file based polling script.

Simple Word Filter
Stop Bad Words on your sites.

Website Localizations and Multi-language Support
Some techniques of using custom language packs and language markers in database to provide automatic different translations of the website.

Menu System
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple menu system with 2 levels. You can easy integrate it into your site to get a nice and easy editable site navigation system.

Using phpBB’s Template Class
Have you ever wanted a sturdy and secure template system on your website? Can’t make it yourself, or just don’t want to spend hours writing and testing? phpBB Forums have one of the best template systems around and because of the free GNU license attached to the code, you can use it for your own website.

Page Numbers
Paginating large text and stories with PHP

Smarty templates for beginners
Tutorial on how to use Smarty templates.

DB Driven Menu
Create a fully database driven flexible menu.

Easy PHP Pagination
Full video tutorial explaining basic page numbering.

Template System
Learn how to write a Template System in PHP

PHP Navigation
Create those ?id=page links and learn how to insert content into your site.


How to safely clean user data
Using regular expressions to clean data can ensure that you will not get any sort of MySQL injections.

Full IP Banning System – With Admin Panels
Ever wanted to ban pesky users? Now you can with this IP Banning system.

PHP User System Script Tips
Secure your user system scripts using this tutorial.

Making a CAPTCHA
Stop robots and scripts from submitting forms using PHP

Banning IP Addresses
Learn how to ban a single IP or multiple IP addresses from accessing your website.

PHP Port Scanner
Create a Simple PHP Port Scanner - All it takes is a simple FOR loop

Prevent Image Hotlinking
Learn how to prevent others from hotlinking to your images.

IP Banning with Admin Panel
Create a MySQL based IP Banning script with an Admin Panel

Login script
Create secure areas for your website using sessions

Ban Users IP
Learn how to ban specific IP addresses.

Basic PHP Security
Basic PHP script security covers issues like prevention of SQL injections, XSS and CSRF attacks, variable tampering, etc.

CSS File Protection
See how you can hide your CSS files from rippers using php and .htaccess

User Info and Stats

Tracking Search Engine Traffic
Keep track of the traffic driven by search engines and which keywords are used to reach your site

Alexa Ranking
Show the alexa ranking of any site using PHP

User online
This tutorial show you php script that count how many users are active on your site.

File based logging script
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a small and simple PHP script to log your visitors activity into a file.

Learn how to make a simple text counter in PHP.

Logging Server Messages
Create a PHP Include File to create logging of server messages to a central logfile.

Displaying Load Times
Display the time taken to load every page.

Adsense Stats from PHP
Use PHP to generate your Adsense stats.

Full Statistics Suite
Create a Full Statistics Suite With Administration for your website.

Download Counter
Create A Nice Download Counter In PHP.

Browser Detection with PHP
Create a simple browser detection script.

Simple PHP Hit Counter Script
Learn how to create a Simple PHP Hit Counter using a text file.

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April 16, 2007

204 PHP Tips and Tutorials with Scripts

Here is a blog post I wrote at that links to 204 PHP Tips and Tutorials with Scripts at The PHP example scripts and techniques demonstrated here will assist you as a beginner or as an experienced PHP web developer. They also include many excellent PHP tutorial exercises.

PHP Tutorial Topics:

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January 29, 2007

Developing Web Applications with MySQL and PHP

This learning session, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, shows how to use the MySQL database and PHP web scripting to quickly and cheaply program and build a content management system, URL reference database, and web-based information portal for a real-world library application. This training session covers working modules, provides development resources and gives you a practical understanding of web development with these tools.

Developing Web Applications with MySQL and PHP

Speech and Presentation – View/Open
32347Kb, AVI format

Handout – View/Open
72Kb, pdf format

Discussion – View/Open
101Kb, pdf format

Power Point Presentation – View/Open
2308Kb, Powerpoint format

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December 8, 2006

Great PHP Tutorials

If you need to get training on how to code your web pages and sites with PHP, then take a look at my post on Home and Learn’s Beginners PHP Tutorials. After going through these PHP tutorials you will be able to start coding with PHP immediately. The following PHP topics are taught here: Conditional Logic, HTML Forms,Loops, Arrays, String Manipulation, Functions, Security, Working with Files, Date and Time, PHP and MySQL, and User Authentication. The last 2 tutorial sections teach you how to code your own web Survey and web Forum using PHP.

PHP Topics to Learn:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Conditional Logic
  4. HTML Forms
  5. PHP Loops
  6. Arrays and PHP
  7. String Manipulation
  8. Create your own Functions
  9. Security Issues
  10. Working with Files
  11. Date and Time
  12. PHP and MySQL
  13. User Authentication
  14. Build your own Survey
  15. Build your own Forum

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July 14, 2006

HTML, CSS, PHP, and Perl Tutorials from DevelopingWebs.Net

DevelopingWebs.Net is a great place for learning about for web site development. Here aspiring web developers and those needing to brush up their skills can spend some time learning web programming, specifically HTML, CSS, PHP, and Perl. This site is also a web developers’ community where webmasters communicate, tutor and get help.

Basic and Advanced HTML Tutorials and Lessons

HTML Lessons:
  1. Basic page
  2. Font, Size, Breaks and Alignment
  3. Bold, Italics, Underline
  4. Inserting Images and Backgrounds
  5. Image Attributes
  6. Hypertext, Linking and Hyperlinks
  7. Embedding Sound on your page
  8. Ordered and unordered Lists: (Bullets and numbered lists)
  9. Internal Targets or Bookmarks
  10. Horizontal Rules and Email Links
Basic HTML TutorialsAdvanced HTML Tutorials

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Tutorials

Using External files:
Inline and page styles:

PHP Tutorials

Perl Tutorials

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July 5, 2006

67 PHP Tutorials

PHP is an open-source, reflective programming language. Originally designed as a high-level tool for producing dynamic web content, PHP is used mainly in server-side applications. PHP 5 is the latest version and includes new features such as PHP Data Objects and more performance enhancements. PHP generally runs on a web server, using PHP code as its input and creating Web pages as output.

This link is to a blog post of mine on that provides a wide selection of 67 well written PHP tutorials, covering PHP training from Beginner to Advanced to Object Oriented.

67 Beginning anb Advanced PHP Tutorials

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