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February 11, 2011

5 Quick References for Photoshop and Dreamweaver

Here are 3 Photoshop and 2 Dreamweaver Quick References, or Cheat Sheets, hosted by customguide. I found these on google, doing this search. These quick reference cards are in pdf format. Photoshop versions include 6, 7, and CS3 for Mac, and the Dreamweaver versions are 8 and CS3.

Photoshop 7 Quick Reference, Photoshop 7 Cheat Sheet
(3 pages, 905kb)

Photoshop 6 Quick Reference, Photoshop 6 Cheat Sheet
(3 pages, 905kb)

Photoshop CS3 for Mac Quick Reference
(2 pages, 1.01mb)

Dreamweaver CS3 Quick Reference, Dreamweaver CS3 Cheat Sheet
(3 pages, 990kb)

Dreamweaver 8 Quick Reference, Dreamweaver 8 Cheat Sheet
(2 pages, 1.10mb)

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February 9, 2011

Graphics and Multimedia Tutorials

Here are several well done Graphics and Multimedia Tutorials, from the School of Information at the Unversity of Texas. These tutorials cover many applications and areas, such as Digitzing Video, Illustrator, Photoshop, SnagIt, Gimp, Digital imaging, iDVD, i Movie, and Windows Movie Maker.



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January 30, 2011

Photoshop Tutorials from Photoshop Essentials

Photoshop Essentials offers many well written and illustrated Photoshop Tutorials, covering many of Photoshops features and tools needed for creating and editing images. Categories covered by these Photoshop tutorials include basics, photo effects, text effects, digital photo basics, photo editing, Photoshop brushes, and tips and tricks. The first 10 tutorials are listed and linked in each of these areas.

Photoshop Tutorials at

Latest Photoshop Basics Tutorials

 - Get Photos From Camera
 - Photoshop Free Transform Tutorial
 - Transforming Selections Tutorial
 - Quick Selection Tool Tutorial
 - Photoshop Magic Wand Tutorial
 - Photoshop Essential Color Settings
 - Photoshop CS5 Essential Preferences
 - Locate, Preview, Open Images with Mini Bridge In Photoshop CS5
 - Getting Photos From Your Camera With Adobe Bridge CS4
 - Photoshop Brush Dynamics Tutorials
 :: View All Photoshop Basics Tutorials

Latest Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

 - Color Grid Design Tutorial
 - Starry Night Sky Tutorial
 - Photoshop Cast Shadow Tutorial
 - Snowflakes Photo Border Tutorial
 - Holiday Greeting Card Photo Border
 - Dead Zone Blur Streaks Effect
 - Water Ripples Effect In Photoshop
 - Add A Realistic Rainbow To A Photo In Photoshop
 - Dancing In The Stars Tutorial
 - Add Bubbles With A Custom Photoshop Bubble Brush
 :: View All Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

Latest Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

 - Crop, Straighten Scanned Images
 - Photoshop Neutral Gray Tutorial
 - Straighten & Crop With Photoshop CS5
 - Reducing Wrinkles Tutorial
 - CS5 Content Aware Fill Tutorial
 - Photoshop CS5 New Features – Content-Aware Healing
 - Removing Skin Blemishes With The Spot Healing Brush
 - Reducing Noise In Images With Photoshop
 - Changing Eye Color In An Image
 - The Color Replacement Tool In Photoshop
 :: View All Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

Latest Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

 - Metal Text Effect Tutorial
 - Text Perspective Shadow Tutorial
 - Textured Text Effect Tutorial
 - Photoshop Fire Text Tutorial
 - Photoshop Images In Text Tutorial
 - How To Fake Text Wrap In Photoshop
 - Wrap Text Around An Object In 3D In Photoshop
 - Easy Plastic Text Effect With Layer Styles
 - Create A Worn And Torn Text Effect
 - Create A Fragmented Tiles Text Effect
 :: View All Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

Latest Photoshop Digital Photo Essentials Tutorials

 - JPEG Image Compression Tutorial
 - 16-Bit Image Editing Tutorial
 - Photoshop RGB Color Channels Tutorial
 - Resizing vs Resampling Tutorial
 - Understanding Image Pixels Tutorial
 - Image Quality: Image Resolution, Pixel Dimensions and Document Size
 - Photo Printing: How Image Resolution Affects Print Quality
 - Image Resizing: Resizing Images In Photoshop
 :: View All Digital Photo Essentials Tutorials

Download Free Photoshop Brushes

 - Paint Blotches Photoshop Brushes
 - Rocks And Stones Textures Photoshop Brushes
 - Marks And Scratches Textures Photoshop Brushes
 - Wood Texture Photoshop Brushes
 - Large Butterfly Photoshop Brushes
 - Super Mario Photoshop Brushes
 - The Simpsons Photoshop Brushes
 - World Of Warcraft Brushes
 - Super Mario Photoshop Brushes
:: View All Free Photoshop Brushes

Latest Photoshop Tips and Tricks Tutorials

 - Saving And Reusing Text As A Custom Shape
 - Handy Tricks & Keyboard Shortcuts For Type
 - Make Colorizing An Image With Hue/Saturation Easier
 - Make Layer Styles And Masks Work Together

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January 19, 2011

Beginning Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

Here is an introductory Photoshop CS4 Tutorial, hosted by Hillsborough Community College. This Photoshop tutorial provides step-by-step details for getting started using Photoshop, how to use the interface, and how to modify images. Also available is this help sheet for the Basics of Photoshop Elements (1 page, 124bk, pdf) which shows how to open a file, resize an image, and save an image. Adobe Photoshop’s user interface and overall functionality is consistent with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe ImageReady, and other products in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial
  (29 pages, 128mb, pdf)

 - 1: Getting Started
 - 2: Interface Layout
 - 3: Palettes 
 - 4: Toolbox
 - 5: Selection Tools
 - 6: Alteration Tools
 - 7: Drawing and Selection Tools
 - 8: Assisting Tools
 - 9: Color Boxes and Modes
 - 10: Basic Image Editing
 - 11: Cropping
 - 12: Resizing
 - 13: Correcting
 - 14: Sharpening/Softening
 - 15: Saving

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January 14, 2011

63 Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 63 Photoshop Tutorials, from These tutorials cover the latest versions of Photoshop, along with some older versions near the bottom of the linked list below. Features and tools covered by these Photoshop tutorials include lighting effects, text effects, logo design, Photoshop and XHTML, designing WordPress themes, keyboard shortcuts, pen tool, brush tool, and scripting in Photoshop.

63 Photoshop Tutorials:

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Colorful Explosion Retro Inspired Design
Create a Cool Grunge Wallpaper with Photoshop
Create a Fresh Nature-Themed Wallpaper Using Photoshop
Lost in Space Typography in Photoshop
10 Cool Photoshop Gold Text Effects Tutorials
Easy Star Light in Photoshop
Glowing and Sparkling Intense Light 3D Logo
Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop
Page 3: 101 of the Most Amazing Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials
Page 2: 101 of the Most Amazing Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials
101 of the Most Amazing Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials
15 Awesome Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials
OSX Photoshop Alternative Round-Up
Quick Photoshop Lighting Tips for Photographers
Smart Objects and Filters for Smart Designs
The Fundamentals of Strong Logo Design
The 10 Biggest Brands in Design Blogs (Part 2)
The 10 Biggest Brands in Design Blogs (Part 1)
Grunge Tables with Photoshop and XHTML (Part 4)
Grunge Tables with Photoshop and XHTML (Part 3)
Grunge Tables with Photoshop and XHTML (Part 2)
Grunge Tables with Photoshop and XHTML (Part 1)
Eight Ways to Turn Photoshop Designs Into Web Pages
The Tutorial for all Tutorials
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 10)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 9)
Art Supplies for the Photoshop Guy
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 7)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 5)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 4)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 3)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 2)
Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme From Scratch (Part 1)
Five Point Form: Mastering Professionalism as a Freelance Designer
20 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop
Understanding Scripting in Photoshop
Color Proofing Photoshop
Creating Energy Spheres in Photoshop
Creating a Realistic Sun in Photoshop
5 Tips for Photoshop Efficiency
Photoshop “Inferno” Typography Tutorial
Photoshop Indiana Jones Poster Tutorial
Photoshop Plasma TV Design Tutorial
Designing a Black Zune 2 in Photoshop
Design a Cool Old Book with Photoshop
Making a Cool Anime Header in Photoshop
Making Your Own Watermark with Photoshop
Minimize, Colorize and Bodypaint a Supercar
Candy Coated Photoshop Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorial: Reflective Eye
Making a Seamless Granite Background From a Photo in Photoshop
Design a Print Ready Valentine’s Day Postcard
Making a Seamless Parchment Paper Background
Create a Sony Playstation 3 in Photoshop
Creating a Custom MP3 Player with Photoshop
Using Gaussian Blur to Add a Sense of Depth to Your Second Life Snapshots
Web 2.0 Style Button
Marquee Based Selection
Seamless Backgrounds with Photoshop
Digitally Coloring Hair with Photoshop
What is New in Photoshop CS2
Introduction to Photoshop
Drawing a Wavy Image using Pen Tool
Create Realistic Smoke in Photoshop
Creating your own Action and Droplets for Repeating Tasks
Installing Brush Sets in Photoshop
Create Surreal Images with Photoshop
Outline Text in Photoshop
Photoshop Rock Text Effect
Glow Text Effect in Photoshop
Flashy Text Effect
Extracting Objects in Photoshop
Psychedellic Brush in Photoshop
Creating a Star Brush in Photoshop
Creating a Vignette Effect in Photoshop
Creating Gel Text in Photoshop
Photoshop Extract Dialog Panel
Re-arranging Brushes in Photoshop

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October 26, 2010

31 Photoshop CS3 Tutorials

Here are 31 Photoshop CS3 Tutorials, hosted by the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. These Photoshop tutorials provide a good background and step-by-step inststructions for several important Photoshop tools and features, including: the Photoshop Toolbox, working with text, adding borders, colors and color swatches, working with Layers, Image manipulation, Filters, Masks, Gradients, using the Pen Tools, preset Brushes, and working with Custom Brushes.



Image Manipulation

Photoshop Tools

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28 Photoshop CS2 Tutorials

Here are 28 Photoshop CS2 Tutorials, hosted by the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. These Photoshop tutorials provide a good background and step-by-step inststructions for several important Photoshop tools and features, including: the Photoshop Toolbox, working with text, adding borders, colors and color swatches, working with Layers, Image manipulation, Filters, Masks, Gradients, and the Pen Tools.



Image Manipulation

Photoshop Tools

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June 30, 2010

64 Video Photoshop CS2 Tutorials

Here are 64 free Video Photoshop CS2 Tutorials from Watch and Learn Photoshop and A new video Photoshop tutorial is released every week. These will teach and show you how to use many important Photoshop tools and features.

64 Photoshop Tutorials:

Bicubic Sharper
In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the way your image is resampled when you resize it in order to maintain the sharpness of the image.

3D Angled Text
Shows a 3D angle effect that will make your text standout.

Red, Black and White
Various methods of capturing that vibrant red or other color while desaturating the rest.

Clear Skies
Explores the wide potential in sky replacement and subsequent color adjustment.

Making a Photo Old
Shows the basic properties of old photo exposure, and how to achieve the same look in Photoshop. [High contrast, fuzziness, random shadow from flash; no true black; THEN add dust & scratches]

Photoshop CS2 – Designing with Photos” Preview
This video tutorial demonstrates several different ways to convert an image to black and white using Photoshop CS2.

Open Type Font Embellishments
Shows you how to add embellishments and alter the appearance of specific letter pairings for open type fonts.

Tricky Selections
This tutorial shows you one very effective way to use the highlights in an image to make a selection in order to alter an image.

Cucoloris (”Cookie”) Effect

Dotted Lines

Taming the Skies:

Warping Text with Smart Objects:

Lighting Adjustments

Sharpening Techniques

Digital Color Photo Enhancement

Using Levels and Unsharp Mask

Using Actions

Gradient Background and Drop Shadow


Vanishing Point

Using Paths to Crop a Background

How to Size a Photo for the Web

Water Drops



Planet Eclipse

Map Burn



Custom Watermark

Wind Filter

Lens Correct

Gradient Mask Blur

Blur Filters

Creating Realistic Ice

Creating a Carpet Texture

Bicubic Sharper

3D Angled Text

Red, Black and White

Clear Skies

Making a Photo Old

“Photoshop CS2 – Designing with Photos” Preview

Non-Destructive Dodging and Burning  

Painted Frames

Colorizing Black and White Photos

Steel Text Effect

Perspective Cropping

Levels Adjustment

Series Preview – Creating a New Document

Casting Shadows

Smoothing Skin

Polaroid Pictures

Grunge Borders

Creating a Grid with a Custom Pattern

Using Clipping Masks

Making Changes Across Multiple Photos

Linking Effect

Turning Pictures into Statues

Posterizing Images

Adding Smoke to an Image

Saving Color Swatches

Using Layer Masks

Making a Panorama with Photoshop

3D Reflection Effect

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May 12, 2010

Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

Here are many excellent Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials, courtesy of These Photoshop tutorials cover and teach many important features and tools of Photoshop that you will need to use when editing photographs and graphics. They are designed to help you make better, more informed choices in your editing. This site also offers many Photography tutorials that will help you become a better photographer.

Photoshop Tutorial Topics:

- Scaling your files.

 - Balancing those pixels.

 - Dealing with color casts.

 - A video Photoshop tutorial showing how to use the levels adjustment to control contrast.

 - A video Photoshop tutorial showing how to use the curves adjustment to control contrast.

Processing RAW Files
 - An introduction to Adobe Camera Raw.

Processing RAW Files using HSL
 - Advanced use of ACR.

 - Using the unsharp mask.

Using the Quick Mask
 - Masking parts of your picture to edit certain areas.

Adjustment Layer Masks
 - How to build accurate layer masks.

Straightening Horizons
 - A must for landscape and building photographers.

Replacing Boring Skies
 - Using layers in Photoshop.

Videos on Compositing
 - Video tutorials on using layers.
    – Choosing Images and Masking
    – Working with Layers
    – Tidying Up the Mask

Using the Channel Mixer
 - How to make a better job of changing images from colour to black & white.

Using Curves on Adjustment Layers
 - laying with contrast and tones to give a more dramatic effect.

High Dynamic Range
 - How to shoot and process HDR pictures with Photomatix Pro software.

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April 28, 2010

Photoshop Tutorials at PhotoshopGuides has searched the web for quality Photoshop Tutorials and Guides that teach and demonstrate how to use Photoshops many tools and features. These include text effects, photo manipulation, website and interface design, web buttons, textures and tiles, drawing and painting, color, and the basics. Many tutorials are provided for all of these topics.

Photoshop Tutorial Topics at PhotoshopGuides:

 - Animation Tutorials
 - Basic Tutorials
 - Button Tutorials
 - Design Tutorials
 - Drawing Tutorials
 - Effects Tutorials
 - Interface Tutorials
 - Photo Tutorials
 - Text Tutorials
 - Texture Tutorials

 - Newest Tutorials
 - Most Popular Tutorials
 - Most Popular in April

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April 21, 2010

81 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 81 excellent Photoshop Tutorials, located at Some of these are also hosted by These tutorials will teach and show you how to use many of the features and tools in Photoshop. They include intermediate and advanced techniques.

81 Great Photoshop Tutorials:

 - High dynamic range, HDR WOW
 - High Dynamic Range Photography 
 - Russian Paintings
 - Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac 
 - Record an action in Photoshop
 - Photoshop for Fingerprinting
 - Photoshop YouTube Background Tutorial
 - Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 2
 - Photoshop Actions Madness
 - Photoshop Holiday Tutorials
 - Creating Contrast in Photoshop
 - Photoshop: Matching Color Schemes
 - Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 1
 - Adjustment Layers for Shadow Balancing
 - Photoshop Madness
 - 5 Useful Photoshop Effects
 - Elements Plus – plugins
 - Image Framer
 - Photo + Graphics Bundle for Mac
 - Elements: Color Correction for Photographers
 - Tutorial: Brushed Silver Text Effect
 - Beyond Digital Photography
 - Elements Plus filters, masks and more
 - Remove red-eye with ease
 - ArtOptimizer for Illustrator
 - HDR Photography for Mac OS
 - Geocoding for iPhoto
 - Photography effects for iPhone
 - Add Depth of Field to perk up those dull photos
 - Depth Photo of Field or Focus Fall-Off
 - Photoshop Extract Filter to improve color, add depth of field
 - PhotoFreebies plug-ins for Photoshop
 - Color Efex Pro for Lightroom
 - Field Trip: Alien Skin Case Studies library
 - Scanning Negatives and Slides
 - Layered Screen Captures
 - Hydra HDR Imaging
 - Photographic Multishot Techniques
 - George reviews Photoshop CS4
 - Deke McClelland goes One-on-One with InDesign CS4
 - Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers
 - Adobe Photoshop CS4 New Features
 - ImageFramer custom image framing
 - 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes
 - 7 Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3
 - Depth of Field or Focus Fall-Off Photoshop Tutorial
 - Easy Photo Fixes with Photoshop
 - Genuine Fractals – Blow up those JPGs
 - Balancing the light in Night Scenes with a single-step lighting adjustment
 - Photoshop and the Motion Blur
 - How to make Photoshop Mirror Reflections
 - Clipping from one, and adding to the other!
 - Creating your own Custom Drop Shadows
 - Creating Black & White from Color
 - How to Save Dark, Underexposed Photos
 - Degrading Color for Hand Tint Look: Gradient Map
 - Photoshop’s “Match Color”
 - Painter: Photo to Woodcut
 - One Photo to Many: Collage Mosaic
 - Using Photoshop with Painter
 - Photoshop Madness: Type & Lettering Tutorial Hell
 - Outlining Type: What’s Right or Wrong
 - Photoshop’s Photo Filter Adjustment Layer
 - Spot Adjustments using a Mask
 - Pop an image out of the border
 - Harrys Filters: collection of 11 freeware plugins with various effect
 - Learning: Separations for Screen Printing
 - Removing Backgrounds and Selecting hair and fine details in Photoshop
 - QuickFix & Color Corrections using Photoshop Elements
 - Photoshop Blending Photos to Sketches
 - Photoshop’s Artistic Watercolor Filter
 - Photoshop: Carved in Wood
 - Photoshop: Changing Colors to show the client the finished lettering job
 - Photoshop: Clipping Path makes a Hole in the Doughnut
 - Photoshop: Saving an old, faded photo
 - Removing Backgrounds 2: Save Shadows
 - Layer Mask: Merging Photos and Making Masks
 - Setting a HEX color for GIF format graphics
 - Photoshop question of the year: Removing White Backgrounds
 - Photoshop: Text Mask to Embossed Watermark for Photos
 - Photoshop: Place an Image into Text

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March 22, 2010

3 Photoshop Reference Guides

Here are 3 Photoshop Reference Guides, hosted by Ohio University, that delve into the intricacies of working with Photoshop and working with it at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, depending on user experience. Each guide explains and details various Photoshop features, tools and workflows and are designed in such a way to help you easily understand and use them immediately. Each of these Photoshop references is in pdf format.

Photoshop Introduction Reference Guide 19 pages, 994 Kb
This Photoshop tutorial guide starts by introducing Photoshop and its interface, acquainting users with a file’s EXIF information, the File Browser and working with selections

 - Introduction
 - Starting Photoshop
 - Examining Photoshop
 - The File Browser
 - EXIF Information
 - Using Tools
 - Transforming Selections

Intermediate Photoshop Reference Guide 13 pages, 1.04 Mb
This Photoshop tutorial guide is a primer for intermediate users. This guide explains how to create a new image, working with layers, adding text and drawing in Photoshop

 - Building With Layers
 - Creating a New Image
 - Adding Text
 - Drawing with Photoshop
 - The Color Replacement Tool

Advanced Photoshop Reference Guide 14 pages, 975.25 Kb
This Photoshop tutorial guide details some advanced Photoshop features, namely working with masks, channels and resolution.

 - Using Masks
 - Channel Basics
 - Scanning Resolution

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January 26, 2010

eBooks for Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver

Here are 6 freely available ebooks covering 5 Adobe applications as linked here. These are Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Adobe Application eBooks:

 - Photoshop Quick Reference ebook

 - Adobe Illustrator ebook

 - Fireworks ebook

 - Flash MX ebook

 - Flash ebook 2

 - Dreamweaver ebook

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January 20, 2010

3 Photoshop eBooks

Here are 3 Photoshop eBooks, one for Photoshop CS and two covering Photoshop CS2. These will teach you many of Photoshop’s features and tools and how to use them. The CS ebook deals mainly with photographs, the CS2 ebooks cover editing graphics and photos, and using many of the editing tools available in the application. These Photoshop ebooks are in pdf format.

 - Photoshop CS eBook

 - Photoshop CS2 eBook 1

 - Photoshop CS2 eBook 2

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January 11, 2010

3 Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 3 Photoshop Tutorials, hosted at the University of Pennylvania Library. Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program and is the current market leader in image manipulation software. These Photoshop tutorials discuss the basics of Photoshop, and also several intermediate features, such as Layers and the Crop Tool in Photoshop.

Photoshop Basics
This tutorial discusses the bare basics for Photoshop, such as what Photoshop is, where to get it, different file formats, image resolution and selection tools. This tutorial can be downloaded for later reference. The course explains the below features of Photoshop.

 - What Photoshop is and where to get it
 - The basics of image resolution and file formats
 - How to use the Photoshop interface
 - How to paint and erase
 - How to use the selection tools
 - Basic techniques for retouching your photos and improving image quality

Photoshop, Beyond the Basics: Intro to Layers
This tutorial discusses Layers in Photoshop and how it is used effectively in images. Layers are used to add opacity, masks and styles. This section also explains the different types of layers, such as normal, background, type and adjustment layers. The workshop hand outs can be downloaded here. This workshop explains the below topics.

 - What layers are and why they are useful
 - How to use the Layers palette
 - How to create, move, reorder, and align/distribute layers
 - About layer opacity
 - About different types of layers, such as the background, normal layers, and type layers, and adjustment layers.
 -  About layer masks
 - How to add layer styles

Using the Crop Tool in Photoshop
This tutorial imparts knowledge on the Crop tool and how it is effectively used to crop sections of an image. This tutorial can be downloaded for later use.

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November 18, 2009

11 Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 11 Photoshop Tutorials, located at handson. These Photoshop tutorials discuss and demonstrate various Photoshop features and tools, such as effects, transparency, backgrounds, colors, masks, and texture wrapping. All of these tutorials can be downloaded and saved for later use.

11 Photoshop Tutorials:

Glass effects
This tutorial imparts knowledge to users on the glass effect and how it can be created in Photoshop.

Drop shadows
This tutorial shows users how to effectively use shadows on images and how shadows can have many variations.

Lighting effects
The lighting effects discussed here show users how to work with the various lighting effects available in Photoshop.

Transparency is used by designers between layers and this tutorials show how to use them well.

Dealing with High contrast backgrounds
This tutorials show how to work with high contrast backgrounds and how to use them in Photoshop.

Tiled backgrounds
This tutorial explains how to use tiled backgrounds when working with Photoshop.

216 colors
This tutorial shows how to work with 216 colors when working with GIFs in Photoshop.

Nifty little insert bars
Working with insert bars in Photoshop is discussed in detail in this tutorial.

Lighting effects – Button mask
The tutorial explains working with button masks with a lighting effect in Photoshop.

Lighting effects – more on masks
This tutorial discusses other masks and effects available on masks in Photoshop.

Texture wrapping
This tutorial explains how textures can be wrapped around an object or a shape.

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November 13, 2009

9 Photoshop Tutorials

Here are nine Photoshop Tutorials at These Photoshop tutorials explain some of the important techniques and features used in the most popular graphics editing program, Adobe Photoshop. I think you will find these tutorials useful and helpful.

Creating Duotone Images in Photoshop
This Photoshop tutorial covers taking an image and making it duotone. Duotone simply means two colors.

Do you suck at Photoshop?
This is a series of tutorials created by Donnie Hoyle. This section covers the volumes from 1 through 4.

You Suck At Photoshop – Volume 5
This video tutorial will introduce you to Photoshop’s color select tool.

You Suck at Photoshop – Volumes 6 and 7
The volumes 6 and 7 are covered here. If you don’t like the player, the videos can also be found on YouTube.

White Balance Your Images with Photoshop
With the help of Photoshop, we can fix some of the color problems with a simple click of the mouse. This section covers that.

An Extensive Guide to Photoshop Layer Styles
This tutorial will go through every layer style found in a default installation of Adobe Photoshop CS3, show what it does to your image, and describe some available options.

Photoshop Tutorial – How to Make a Color Picker Gradient
This section will go through all the steps required to create the gradient image using Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial – Actions
This section of the tutorial is going to provide a step-by-step guide on how to use Photoshop Actions. Actions are an easy way to apply the same thing (cropping, rotating, filters, etc.) to a large collection of images.

Photoshop Tutorial – Create a Seamless Texture from a Photo
This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a seamless texture from almost any photo.

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October 16, 2009

Photoshop References and Cheat Sheets

Here are some excellent Photoshop References and Cheat Sheets at The following Photoshop references and cheat sheets explain and list many techniques and shortcuts used in this popular graphics editing application. By using these documents you’ll be able to perform Photoshop’s graphics editing tasks easier and faster. These quick reference guides are available for both PC and Mac platforms, and are in pdf format.

   Adobe PenTool Cheatsheet  506K  
   Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Quick Reference Card for Mac OS  328K   
   Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Quick Reference Card for Windows  271K  
   Adobe Photoshop CS2 Keyboard Shortcuts  51K  
   Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 Quick Reference Card for Mac OS  165K   
   Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw Shortcuts Mac   98K  
   Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw Shortcuts Win 97K  
   Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts Mac  42K  
   Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts PC  43K  
   Adobe PhotoShop CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts Mac  45K  
   Adobe PhotoShop CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts PC  45K  
   Photoshop Brush Cheatsheet  466K   
   Photoshop Lasso Cheatsheet  444K   
   Photoshop CS3 Quick Reference Card Mac  307K  
   Photoshop CS3 Quick Reference Card Windows  525K  
   adobe lightroom cheat  1.5M  
   adobe photoshop elements 5 quick reference card  343K  
   photoshop bw cheatsheet.psd  5.1M 

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October 12, 2009

43 Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 43 Photoshop Tutorials, hosted at Tutorials Portal, that will help you quickly customize and learn Photoshop’s interface and workflows. Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program and is the market leader for image manipulation software. These Photoshop tutorials describe various text and color effects and how they can be applied to vector images. Some of these effects include bubble text, glowing text, adding a reflection, paint effect, carved text and animated loaders. Also discussed are colorizing an image, rain effects, and an old photo effect. All Photoshop tutorials provided here are easy to understand and follow, whether you’re a novice or expert user.

43 Photoshop Tutorials:

 - Smarter Than The Average Bears
 - The Creation of Lava Woman
 - The Making of a Humanoid
 - How to make a “Text on Fire”!
 - How to make a Black & White picture
 - 3D Cover For Software Box
 - Video Tutorial – Adding a new sky and reflection in an image
 - Bubble Text
 - Love Heart Picture
 - Gold Text Effect
 - Glamour Effect
 - Electric Glow Text
 - Focus Zoom
 - Watercolor Image
 - Zombie Face
 - Ice Text Effect
 - Add Advertisement to a Taxi Cab
 - Rain Effects
 - Shadow Image
 - Carved Text
 - Paint Effect
 - Starburst
 - Redwood Texture
 - Effective Airbrushing
 - Color Overlay
 - Barcode Tutorials
 - Loading Firefox
 - Website Badge
 - 3D Callout Icon
 - Image Clone
 - Tech Border
 - [GIMP]Quick Sig Tutorial
 - Cartoon Background
 - Reflection with Water Reflect Effect
 - Simple Old Photo Effect
 - Again, Simple Sig Tutorial
 - Brighter Your Image
 - Glowing Text Effect
 - Colorize Your Image
 - Another Tech Border
 - Animated Matrix Effect
 - Grunge Edge
 - Simple Sig

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August 30, 2009

17 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 17 excellent Photoshop Tutorials at Adobe Design Center Dialogbox explaining some of the advanced techniques used in this popular graphics editing program. These Photoshop tutorials demonstrate advanced techniques that will increase your technical knowledge of Photoshop, as you learn more about the concepts of design, layout, balance, color theory, and more. I hope you’ll find these techniques inspiring and helpful.

17 Photoshop Tutorials:

 - Optimum Strategies for Using Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Scientific and … 4.72 Mb, 18 Pages
 - Adobe - Photoshop CS3 tutorial : 20 years of Photoshop history
 - Adobe - tutorial : Understanding Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 4
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Why shoot raw?
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Non-destructive imaging: An …
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Nature’s Lightroom 
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Creative spark
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Zig zag
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Awakening the Web
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Wonders of the digital …
 - Adobe - Photoshop : The incredible, shrinking …
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Shades of Green
 - Adobe - Photoshop CS4 tutorial : Playing with print
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Rendering the print: The …
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Making user-generated …
 - Adobe - 20 years of Photoshop history
 - Adobe Design Center – Video on the web: My favorite designers

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