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July 27, 2009

OneNote 2007 Tutorials

Here are some excellent OneNote 2007 Tutorials at Microsoft Office Online that are in the form of Webcasts, Podcasts and video tips. OneNote is a software package for information gathering, and multi-user collaboration from Microsoft and is primarily used for taking notes. This app is well suited for use on pen-enabled Tablet PCs, in environments where pen, audio or video notes are more appropriate than an intensive use of keyboards. These tutorials demonstrate personal usage and collaboration of notes, introduction to OneNote’s basic features, finding text in OneNote 2007 and using tags to organize notes.


OneNote 2007 Tips and Tricks: Personal Usage and Collaboration
These webcasts are recorded as live events by Microsoft Office experts and they discuss their tips and tricks in OneNote for personal usage and collaboration of notes. They serve as a detailed reference to the work flow of OneNote.

Video tips:
These video tips provide a neat and easy workflow into a specific task in OneNote such as finding text, using hyperlinks to easily link documents and organizing notes.

- How to Easily Find Text in OneNote 2007 256k | 750k
- Introduction to the Basic Features of OneNote 2007 256k | 750k
- Quick Tips for OneNote 2007 256k | 750k
- Use Hyperlinks to Easily Link Documents in OneNote 2007 256k | 750k
- Use Tags to Organize Your Notes and Auto-Create To-Do Lists in OneNote 2007 256k | 750k
- Using SharePoint Server 2007 with OneNote 2007 256k | 750k

OneNote 2007 Tips and Tricks: Personal Usage and Collaboration
This podcast is the audio-only version of previously recorded webcasts and discuss tips and tricks, in OneNote for personal usage and collaboration of notes.

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July 26, 2006

Free Training for OneNote 2003 and Visio Standard 2003

Here are free training courses for Microsoft OneNote 2003 and Visio 2003 offered by the Instruction Technology Group at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as part of their Microsoft eLearning Library. These interactive Office application training modules and tutorials were created by Microsoft. Note that to view the main training tutorials, you must be using Windows and Internet Explorer, however, you can use any platform/browser to view the Tutorial How-to Steps for each Lesson.

Free Training for OneNote 2003 and Visio Standard 2003

Core Training for Microsoft OneNote 2003

  • Training Modules for Microsoft OneNote 2003:
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Getting Acquainted with OneNote
    • Taking and Formatting Notes
    • Revising and Reorganizing Notes
    • Flagging and Finding Notes
    • Making Information Stand Out
    • Sharing Notes
    • Post Assessment
    • Quick Reference
    • Glossary

Core Training for Microsoft Visio 2003

  • Training Modules for Microsoft Visio 2003:
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Getting Started with Visio
    • Working with Shapes and Diagrams
    • Formatting Diagrams
    • Connecting Shapes
    • Creating Project Schedules
    • Creating Organization Charts
    • Laying Out Office Spaces
    • Creating Network Diagrams
    • Using Visio with the Microsoft® Office System
    • Creating and Customizing Shapes, Stencils, and Templates
    • Post Assessment
    • Quick Reference
    • Glossary

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April 7, 2006

Free Microsoft Office Templates

Microsoft offers many free templates for their Office suite of applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, InfoPath, Project, Publisher, Visio, and FrontPage. Here are links to all of the templates for these applications. These will help you create useful and attractive documents using Microsoft Office applications.

Free Microsoft Office Templates


Agendas and Minutes
| Binder covers, spines, and dividers | Books and Pamphlets | More…

Business | Calendars | Education | More…

Awards and Certificates | Calendars | Charts and Diagrams | More…

Business | Education | Finance and Accounting | More…

Stationery by Community Members | Borders and Backgrounds | Business | More…

Business | Finance and Accounting


Brochures and Booklets | Business Cards | Calendars | More…

Calendars | Diagrams | Flowcharts | More…


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