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February 15, 2007

MySQL Basics Tutorials

This is a a sneak preview of the new MySQL Basics training section at the In Pictures web site. It is specifically aimed at non-programmers and addresses the need for basic training tutorials covering the popular open-source MySQL database and its use in web site development and programming. It was edited by non-programmers and anything that they did not understand was removed or reworded in a clear fashion. These MySQL tutorials can also be used as a reference on how to do specific tasks using MySQL. Two more tutorials on Perl and PHP, the most widely-used Web programming languages, will be released by In Pictures in the next few weeks. The site editors hope they’ll give non-programmers a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts upon which Web server programs are based.

MySQL Basics Tutorials

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January 29, 2007

Developing Web Applications with MySQL and PHP

This learning session, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, shows how to use the MySQL database and PHP web scripting to quickly and cheaply program and build a content management system, URL reference database, and web-based information portal for a real-world library application. This training session covers working modules, provides development resources and gives you a practical understanding of web development with these tools.

Developing Web Applications with MySQL and PHP

Speech and Presentation – View/Open
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Power Point Presentation – View/Open
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