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August 7, 2006

11 Free Ebooks for Maya, 3DS Max, and Lightwave

Here are 11 freely available ebooks covering Maya, 3DS Max, and Lightwave. These are in either pdf or chm (help) formats.

Maya is is a high-end 3D computer graphics and 3D modelling software package, originally by Alias Systems Corporation but now owned by Autodesk under its Media and Entertainment division. Maya is often used in the film and TV industry, as well as for computer and video games.

3DS Max is a 3D modeler developed by Autodesk Media & Entertainment. 3ds Max is one of the most widely-used off the shelf 3D animation programs. It has strong modeling capabilities, a ubiquitous plugin architecture and a long heritage on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is mostly used by video game developers but can also be used for pre-rendered productions such as movies, special effects and architectural presentations.

Lightwave is (or, more properly, LightWave 3D) is a computer graphics program for 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. Lightwave has long been known for its excellent rendering abilities and unusual user interface. Like many other 3D packages Lightwave is composed of two parts, an object modelling environment where 3d models or meshes are created and an animation environment where models are arranged and animated for render.

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