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April 12, 2010

Javascript Tutorial Reference

Here is my post on our intelligentedu blog for a nice Javascript tutorial reference guide that explains Javascript objects, properties, methods, events, objects and image rollovers, all in an easy to understand way.. This will help you with coding and using Javascript in your web sites and applications.

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January 14, 2010

54 JavaScript and Web Development Tutorials

Here are 54 JavaScript and Web Development Tutorials at Switch On The Code. These tutorials will teach and show you details about the scripting language of web, JavaScript which is used in millions of web pages to add functionality, validate forms, detect browsers, and much more. Wide ranging topics are covered in these JavaScript and Web Development tutorials, including jQuery snippets for different functionalities, using sIFR in WordPress, XML parsing using jQuery, inline sliding panels in JavaScript, PHP and JavaScript, Silverlight and JavaScript, securing authentication without SSL Using JavaScript and a many other web dev topics related to JavaScript.

54 JavaScript and Web Development Tutorials:

 - How to Build a jQuery Treeview
 - Building a Twitter Extension for Google Chrome
 - How to Build a Star Ratings jQuery Plugin
 - jQuery Snippet – The e.preventDefault() Function
 - jQuery Snippet – Useful Form Selectors
 - jQuery Snippet – Relative Mouse Position
 - jQuery Custom ToolTips
 - Using sIFR in WordPress
 - Javascript Snippet Tutorial – Dynamically Modifying Tables
 - jQuery – Creating a Slideshow
 - jQuery - Transmitting Data Using JSON
 - XML Parsing with jQuery
 - JQuery Tutorial – Getting Browser Information
 - JQuery Tutorial – Dynamic Sliding Panels
 - Using jQuery Slider to Scroll a Div
 - Drupal 6 Basic Javascript w/ jQuery
 - Javascript Tutorial – Inline Sliding Panels
 - Javascript Tutorial – Radial Menus Part 1
 - Javascript Tutorial – Getting User Input with Prompt and Confirm
 - Simple AJAX – PHP and Javascript
 - Javascript Tutorial – Draggable View In A Container
 - Javascript Tutorial – Generic Resizeable Container
 - Javascript Sliding Panels – Starting the Panels Up
 - Javascript Tutorial – Continuous Pagination
 - Javascript Tutorial – Simple Fade Animation
 - Javascript Tutorial – Variadic Functions
 - Javascript Controls – Resizeable Textbox, Part Tres
 - Spice Up WordPress with Resizable Comment Boxes
 - Javascript Controls – Resizeable Textbox
 - Javascript Tutorial – The Scroll Wheel
 - Javascript Controls – The Spin Control
 - Javascript Tutorial – Trackbar Component
 - Javascript And CSS Tutorial – Accordion Menus
 - Javascript Tutorial – Drag & Drop Lists
 - Javascript Tutorial – Resizeable Textboxes
 - HTML and Javascript – Putting it all Together
 - Javascript Tutorial – Generic Animation V2.0
 - Javascript Tutorial – Why The this Keyword Breaks
 - Javascript Tutorial – Fun Object Syntax
 - How To Embed Silverlight Into a Webpage
 - Javascript Tutorial – Using setInterval and setTimeout
 - Javascript - Interactive Color Picker
 - Communicate Between Flex and Silverlight using Javascript
 - Javascript - Draggable Elements
 - Silverlight and Javascript Interaction
 - Javascript - Working With Events
 - Javascript Sliding Panels using Generic Animation
 - Javascript Objects – A Useful Example
 - Javascript and CSS Tutorial – Generic Animation
 - Secure Authentication Without SSL Using Javascript
 - Flex & Javascript Tutorial – Simple Interaction
 - Javascript And CSS Tutorial – Dynamic Tabbed Panels
 - Javascript Tutorial – How to Auto Ellipse Text
 - Javascript and CSS Tutorial – How to make Sliding Panels

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October 21, 2008

JavaScript Tutorial, Reference, and Examples provides the following thorough and well written JavaScript Tutorial, JavaScript Reference, and JavaScript Code Examples. The material covered by these pages will assist you in learning how to code many JavaScript effects for your websites, including using DHTML with JavaScript. They will also take you through the basics, if you need to start from the beginning with this web scripting language.

JavaScript Tutorial

1.  Language Basics
2.  Operators
3.  Statement
4.  Development
5.  Number Data Type
6.  String
7.  Function
8.  Global
9.  Math
10.  Form
11.  Array
12.  Date
13.  Dialogs
14.  Document
15.  Event
16.  Location
17.  Navigator
18.  Screen
19.  Window
20.  History
21.  HTML Tags
22.  Style
23.  DOM Node
24.  Drag Drop
25.  Object Oriented
26.  Regular Expressions
27.  XML
28.  GUI Components
29.  Animation
30.  MS JScript

JavaScript Reference

1.  Event Handlers Reference
2.  Javascript Collections
3.  Javascript Methods
4.  Javascript Objects
5.  Javascript Properties

JavaScript DHTML Code and Examples

  1.  Ajax Layer
  2.  Data Type
  3.  Date Time
  4.  Development
  5.  Document
  6.  Event
  7.  Event onMethod
  8.  Form Control
  9.  GUI Components
 10.  HTML
 11.  Javascript Collections
 12.  Javascript Objects
 13.  Language Basics
 14.  Node Operation
 15.  Object Oriented
 16.  Page Components
 17.  Security
 18.  Style Layout
 19.  Table
 20.  Utilities
 21.  Window Browser

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May 24, 2008

JavaScript Essentials Online Book

Here is an excellent online book called JavaScript Essentials, hosted by This comprehensive online book provides web developers with everything they need to know to create rich, interactive and dynamic web pages using JavaScript.

The purpose of this JavaScript book is to get you going with coding JavaScript in your web pages quickly and effectively. It provides detailed and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of JavaScript from language basics through to advanced topics. Using this online JavaScript book, you will learn how to develop powerful, dynamic web pages using JavaScript. It provides you with everything you need to use and code JavaScript. Also take a look at this site’s JavaScript FAQ, which provides many Javascript related answers to frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents of JavaScript Essentials:

  1. The History of JavaScript
  2. A Simple JavaScript Example
  3. Embedding JavaScript into Web pages
    • The <script> element
    • Where to place JavaScript in a Web Page
  4. Introducing JavaScript Variables
    • Variable Declaration and the Assignment Operator
    • JavaScript Variable Naming Conventions
  5. JavaScript Variable Types
    • The JavaScript typeof Operator
  6. JavaScript Operators
    • Assignment Operators
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Unary Operators – Incrementing and Decrementing Variable Values
    • Comparison Operators
    • String Operators
    • Conditional Operators
    • Logical Operators
  7. Comments in JavaScript
    • Single Line Comments
    • Multi-line Comments
  8. JavaScript Flow Control and Looping
    • JavaScript Conditional Statements
    • The JavaScript if Statement
    • The JavaScript if … else Statements
    • JavaScript Looping Statements
    • JavaScript for loops
    • JavaScript while loops
    • JavaScript do … while loops
    • JavaScript switch Statements
    • Breaking a Loop
    • label Statements
    • Skipping Statements in Current Loop Iteration
  9. Understanding JavaScript Functions
    • Declaring and Calling a JavaScript Function
    • Passing Arguments to a Function
    • Returning a Value from a Function
    • Where to Place Function Declarations
  10. JavaScript Object Basics
    • Creating a Custom JavaScript Object
    • Creating and Using Object Instances
    • Extending JavaScript Objects
  11. JavaScript String Object
    • Creating a JavaScript String Object
    • JavaScript String Object Methods
    • JavaScript String Object Properties
    • JavaScript String Object Examples
    • Getting the length of a String Object
    • Setting String Object text Effects
    • Performing Conversions on String Objects
    • Manipulating Strings with the String Object
  12. JavaScript Date Object
    • Understanding System Time
    • Creating a JavaScript Date Object
    • Setting the Time and Date of the JavaScript Date Object
    • Reading the Date and Time from a JavaScript Date Object
    • UTC Time
    • Finding the Time Zone Offset and Getting Local Time
  13. JavaScript Math Object
    • JavaScript Math Object Methods
    • JavaScript Math Object Properties
    • Using JavaScript Math Object and Properties
    • Rounding and Truncating Numbers with the the Math Object
  14. JavaScript Window Object
    • Referencing the JavaScript window Object
    • JavaScript window Object Properties
    • Opening Browser Windows using JavaScript
    • Closing Browser Windows using JavaScript
    • Moving and Resizing Windows
    • Changing Window Focus
    • Displaying Message Box Dialogs
  15. JavaScript Document Object
    • What is the JavaScript Document Object?
    • JavaScript Document Object Methods and Properties
    • Using the JavaScript Document Object
    • Writing text to a document
    • Writing Text to a document in a different Window
    • Changing the Document Title
    • Changing the Document Colors
    • Getting a List of Objects in a Document
  16. JavaScript Location Object
    • Loading a New URL into the Current Window
    • Reading the URL of the Current Window
    • Extracting Parts of the URL
    • JavaScript Location Object Methods
  17. JavaScript History Object
  18. JavaScript Arrays
    • What is a JavaScript Array
    • How to Create a JavaScript Array
    • Initializing the Elements of an Array
    • Accessing the Elements of a JavaScript Array
    • JavaScript Array Object Methods and Properties
    • JavaScript Array Sorting
  19. JavaScript Timeouts
    • Setting up a JavaScript Timeout
    • Cancelling a JavaScript Timeout
    • Setting up JavaScript Timeout to Repeat
  20. Building Forms with JavaScript
    • The JavaScript Form Object
    • Accessing Objects in a Form
    • The JavaScript Text Object
    • JavaScript TextArea Object
    • The JavaScript Button Object
    • JavaScript Check Boxes
    • JavaScript Radio Buttons
    • JavaScript Drop-down / Select Object
    • Obtaining the Current Selection from the JavaScript Select Object
    • JavaScript Password Object
  21. Understanding JavaScript Cookies
    • What is a JavaScript Cookie?
    • The Structure of a Cookie
    • Cookie Name / Value Pair
    • Cookie Expiration Setting
    • Cookie path Setting
    • Cookie domain Setting
    • Creating a Cookie
    • Reading a Cookie
    • Removing a Cookie
  22. Understanding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • What are Cascading Style Sheets for?
    • Embedding CSS Styles into a Web Page
    • Importing an External Style Sheet into a Web Page
    • Creating CSS Rules
    • Setting Styles for Individual Elements
    • Setting Styles using the id Attribute of an HTML Element
    • Using Classes with CSS Rules
  23. JavaScript and CSS – Dynamic Styles and Layers
    • Making Basic Dynamic Style Changes
    • Hiding and Showing Content Using JavaScript
    • Using Overlaying Layers
    • Making Layers Move

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January 12, 2008

JavaScript Practice How Tos

Here are several JavaScript Practice How Tos, from, that show you How to code with JavaScript by looking at the examples provided. You can use the text editor here to practice coding your own JavaScript. Using these JavaScripts examples and tutorials, you will learn the following: what JavaScript is, what can be done with JavaScript, how to embed JavaScript within your web pages, how to link to an external JavaScript file and how to work with JavaScript variables..

An Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is used to make web pages interactive, validate forms, detect web browsers, create cookies and more.  Before you begin learning JavaScript, you should should already have at least a basic understanding of HTML/XHTML.

JavaScript is a scripting language that was designed to add interactivity to web pages. JavaScript consists of lines of executable code that can be emedded directly into HTML web pages and is also an interpreted language, which means that scripts are executed without preliminary compilation. JavaScript is free for everyone to use.

How to embed JavaScript into an HTML file
This tutorial teaches you how to JavaScript into an HTML file.

How to write text with JavaScript
This tutorial shows you how to write text with JavaScript using the “document.write” command.

How to add HTML tags to JavaScript
This tutorial demontrates how to add HTML tags to JavaScript.

How to add comments to JavaScript code
This tutorial shows you how to add comments that will not be displayed on web browsers in JavaScript.

How to link to an external JavaScript file
This tutorial shows you how to link to an external JavaScript file.

JavaScript Variable How To Tutorials
These tutorials show you How to name and declare JavaScript variables, assign values to variables, How to convert between different data types and more.

The rules for naming JavaScript variables are:
  – JavaScript variables are case-senstitive, for example, the variable name “MySite” and “mysite” are different
  – they can include letters of the alphabet, both upper-case and lower-case
  – they can include the digits 0-9
  – they can include the underscore (_) character
  – they cannot include spaces or any other punctuation characters
  – the first character of the variable name must be either a letter or an underscore character
  – there is no standard limit on how many characters a variable name can have, but it must fit within one line

This JavaScript tutorial shows you How to do the following with variables:
  – How to assign a value to a variable
  - How to declare JavaScript variables
  – How to change the value of a variable

You can use the text editor here to practice coding your own JavaScript.

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December 11, 2007

Free eBook for HTML, XML and JavaScript

This is an excellent free web development ebook that teaches you how to use and work with HTML XML, and JavaScript within your web pages and web sites. This ebook was written by Professors Dr. habil. Willi-Hans Steeb and Yorick Hardy.

Free eBook: ”HTML, XML and JavaScript
(241kb, 109 pages, pdf format)

Table of Contents:
  1.1 Introduction
  1.2 HTML Tags
  1.3 Main Commands
  1.4 Linking to other Documents
  1.5 Forms and CGI Programming
  1.6 Images
  1.7 HTML Sound Tags
  1.8 Tables
  1.9 Examples
  1.10 Applets
2 XML25
  2.1 Introduction
  2.2 Schema
  2.3 Document Type Definition
  2.4 Displaying XML usin Data Binding
  2.5 Displaying XML Using XSL
  2.6 Using org.w3c.dom.*
3 JavaScript
  3.1 Introduction
  3.2 Document Object
  3.3 Window Object
  3.4 Data Types
  3.5 Special Characters
  3.6 Arithmetic Operations
  3.7 Comparison Operators
  3.8 Bitwise Operators
  3.9 Program Flow
  3.10 Recursion
  3.11 Other JavaScript Constructs
  3.12 Functions
  3.13 Creating New Objects
  3.14 Predefined Core Objects
  3.15 Object object
  3.16 Date Object
  3.17 Regular Expression
  3.18 Prompts
  3.19 Events
  3.20 Java Applets and JavaScript
  3.21 JavaScript and XML
  3.22 Loading a js-file
4 Resources and Web Sites

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December 6, 2007

Javascript Tutorials and How Tos hosts these well written Javascript Tutorials and How Tos for learning how to code web pages with Javascript. Many Javascript features and topics here are demonstrated. These tutorials show you Javascript programming examples and techniques for each topic below.

Javascript Tutorials and How Tos

Javascript General Questions

Javascript Navigation Enhancement JavaScript Numbers Javascript Strings Javascript Dialogs JavaScript Windows Javascript Frames Javascript Forms Javascript Layers Javascript Images Javascript Mouse Events Javascript Colors Javascript File Access Javascript Dates and Time Javascript Cookies Javascript Client Information Javascript Bookmarklets Javascript Sound Javascript Error Handling

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May 12, 2007

JavaScript Tutorials

Here is a post I wrote on my other blog at covering a good set of JavaScript Tutorials. These Tutorials show and demonstrate many JavaScript features and coding techniques that you can use on your web pages. JavaScript topics presented by these tutorials include: Objects, Events, and Functions, DOM, DHTML, Animation, Multimedia, Cookies, Menus, Forms, Strings, Debugging, Regular Expressions, and User-defined Objects.

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April 25, 2007

Free Book – Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours

Here is a free online JavaScript book, Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours. This book will teach you how to effectively use and code JavaScript in your web pages. Using JavaScript is a relatively easy method to give your website more user interactivity and make it easier and more friendly to use. Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours provides many step-by-step lessons that you can use to learn both scripting basics and the details of the JavaScript scripting language

Table of Contents of Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours

  » About the Author
  » Acknowledgments
  » We Want to Hear from You!
  » Reader Services
  » Introduction

  » Part I: Getting Started
  » Hour 1. Understanding JavaScript
  » Hour 2. Creating a Simple Script
  » Hour 3. How JavaScript Programs Work

  » Part II: Learning JavaScript Basics
  » Hour 4. Using Functions and Variables
  » Hour 5. Using Strings and Arrays
  » Hour 6. Testing and Comparing Values
  » Hour 7. Repeating Yourself: Using Loops
  » Hour 8. Using Math and Date Functions

  » Part III: The Document Object Model (DOM)
  » Hour 9. Working with the Document Object Model
  » Hour 10. Responding to Events
  » Hour 11. Using Windows and Frames
  » Hour 12. Getting Data with Forms
  » Hour 13. Using Graphics and Animation

  » Part IV: Moving on to Advanced JavaScript Features
  » Hour 14. Creating Cross-Browser Scripts
  » Hour 15. Creating Custom Objects
  » Hour 16. Working with Sounds and Plug-Ins
  » Hour 17. Debugging JavaScript Applications

  » Part V: Working with Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
  » Hour 18. Working with Style Sheets
  » Hour 19. Using Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
  » Hour 20. Using Advanced DOM Features

  » Part VI: Putting It All Together
  » Hour 21. Improving a Web Page with JavaScript
  » Hour 22. Creating a JavaScript Game
  » Hour 23. Creating DHTML Applications
  » Hour 24. JavaScript Tips and Tricks

  » Part VII: Appendices
  » Appendix A. Other JavaScript Resources
  » Appendix B. Tools for JavaScript Developers
  » Appendix C. Glossary
  » Appendix D. JavaScript Quick Reference
  » Appendix E. DOM Quick Reference

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January 8, 2007

Replacing outdated DHTML with DOM Scripting in your JavaScript

This JavaScript Tutorial is aimed at beginners to help them understand how old and outdated JavaScript techniques can cause issues on a web page. The tutorials proceeds by analyzing the source code of a web page that was written several years ago using concepts that were ok good to use then, but in the current Web will render inaccessible or broken pages in a browser.

Three dynamic elements using JavaScript are reviewed and explained from the point of view when they were originally developed, and then a more current method of re-writing them is demonstrated making them more hardened and less error-prone in regards to DOM scripting. The tutorial starts with providing some understanding about what DHTML and the DOM are. The example web site containing the JavaScript code examples are available for download as a zip file.

From DHTML to DOM Scripting – How to replace outdated javascript techniques

Download PDF version (202KB)

Table of Contents

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July 18, 2006

35 JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language and adds interactivity and user involvement to web pages. JavaScript enables browsers to take decisions and process information. JavaScript is based on Object Oriented Programming and its syntax is quite similar to C, C++ and Java. However, it is much easier to learn and implement. These 35 online Javascript tutorial lessons, from, were written for those having no programming experience. The Javascript tutorials start with JavaScript methods and event handlers and then take you through variables, loops, functions etc. In the following tutoral lessons, you will learn how to detect browsers, print current date and time on a web page, change images on mouse-over, display statements in the browser Status Bar and several other nifty things.

35 JavaScript Tutorials

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April 27, 2006

Javascript and CSS Tutorials

Here are‘s Javascript tutorial pages and their Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) tutorial, along with links to their web design tutorial and their beginner’s guide to the Internet. The CSS tutorial is very well done and will engage you with its content interactively.

Dave’s JavaScript Guide
Looking to learn how easy it is to program JavaScript? This Java Script tutorial is for you!

CSS: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
Learn Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) interactively by example in this Interactive Tutorial for Beginners. With the help of this hands-on CSS tutorial, you can learn virtually every aspect of CSS1, by example, according to the official W3C specifications.
  1. Introduction to CSS
  2. Basics of CSS
  3. All About Selectors
  4. CSS Background and CSS Color
  5. CSS Fonts and Text
  6. CSS Links
  7. CSS Lists
  8. CSS Margin
  9. CSS Padding
  10. CSS Border
  11. Good CSS Design
  12. Resources

Dave’s Web Site Design Tutorial

Dave’s Beginners Guide to the Internet

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