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June 3, 2008

Over 600 Photoshop and ImageReady Tutorials

Here are over 600 Photoshop and ImageReady Tutorials from These cover several versions of Photoshop, from the latest CS version to 7.0, 6.0, Element, and 5.5. Many Photoshop features and tools are taught by these Photoshop tutorials, from the very basics to advanced topics, such as Curves, Levels, Extract, Actions, Adjustment Layers, and ImageReady Animation and Slicing. Also available at this site is a Free Photoshop Course by Email.

500 Online Photoshop Tutorials:

 - Photoshop’s Native Filters (20)
 - Photoshop Basics & Tools (73)
 - Creating Art & Effects (126)
 - Actions & Batch Processing (17)
 - Layers & Blend Modes (20)
 - Working with Type (14)
 - Layer Style Effects Tips (14)
 - Creating Text Effects (44)
 - Masks and Selections (18)
 - Creative Photo Effects (84)
 - Web Graphics / ImageReady (62)
 - Fix, Correct, Repair Photos (79)
 - Photoshop Color Management

More Advanced Photoshop Tutorials at

 - Unsharp Mask
 - Curves
 - Levels
 - Extract Command
 - Paths and the Pen Tool
 - Using Actions
 - Batch Processing
 - Adjustment Layers
 - Animation, Rollovers, Slicing in ImageReady

Photoshop Tutorials by John Woods at

 - Photoshop CS
 - Photoshop 7.0
 - Photoshop Elements / 6.0
 - Photoshop 6.0
 - Photoshop 6.0 / 5.5
 - Free Photoshop Layer Styles
 - Free Photoshop Pattern Sets

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March 25, 2008

61 ImageReady Tutorials

Here are 61 Adobe ImageReady Tutorials from around the web, courtesy of Adobe Imageready is a bitmap graphics editor that comes with Photoshop. It consists of several graphics tools that you can use to edit and manipulate graphics and photos for the Web. These tutorials will teach you all of Imageready’s features that you need to know to effectively use this tool.

ImageReady Tutorial Topics:

 - Animation
 - Banners
 - Buttons
 - Getting Started
 - Slicing
 - Text Effects
 - Web Graphics

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March 17, 2008

9 Photoshop and ImageReady Tutorials

Here are 9 Photoshop and ImageReady Tutorials, from, that will teach you how to use Photoshop and Image Ready to prepare and manipulate images that will be used on the web.

Create New File for Web
Learn how to set Image Dimensions, Resolution, Color Mode, Bit Depth, Background Content and Color Profile for a new file in Photoshop.

Create a Navigation Bar in Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady
In this tutorial you’ll learn a variety of techniques for creating visually exciting graphics that support and enhance navigation. 

Slice and Optimize Web Images in Adobe Photoshop
Slice a navigation bar and optimize each slice as a separate GIF or JPEG. You can slice and optimize in either Photoshop or ImageReady. This tutorial uses Photoshop.

Slice Options in Adobe ImageReady
Learn how the contents of a selected slice appear in a Web browser. 

JPEG Optimization Settings
Optimizing reduces the size of an image so it will load faster in a Web browser. JPEG, is the best format for optimizing photographs.

GIF Optimization Settings
GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is the ideal format for optimizing areas of solid color and lines, like illustrations, logos, cartoons, line art, and text.

Learn very useful retouching techniques

Create a javascript rollover
Rollover animations are graphics that change as you pass the mouse over a specific spot onscreen

How to Use Red-Eye Tool
Red eye happens when the light from the camera flash reflects off the subject’s retina. It can make for a disturbingly demonic image .

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February 8, 2008

Web Graphics ImageReady Tutorial

Here is a Web Graphics ImageReady Tutorial that will show you how to optimize your images for the web, along with a slide presentation that informs you about the image creation and editing process. Both of these are from Kansas University.

ImageReady Web Graphics Tutorial

This ImageReady tutorial shows you how to do tasks associated with creating, formatting, and manipulating web-based images. It demonstrates using ImageReady to do tasks such as optimizing, slicing, creating rollovers, and GIF animation. (407kb, 14 pages, pdf format)

After completing this Photoshop tutorial, will be able to do the following:
 - Optimize your image file type and file size.
 - Use slicing tools to decrease image/Web page load times.
 - Create interactive navigation buttons using image rollovers.
 - Animate GIF images to use on a Web page.

Contents of ImageReady Web Graphics Tutorial:
Web Graphic File Types
   GIF Image File Format
   JPEG Image File Format
   PNG Image File Format
   Optimizing Web Graphics
Using Graphical Slices
   Viewing Slices
   Image Rollovers
   Preview in Browser
Web Animations
   To Insert a Second Frame
   Tween Frames
Getting Additional Help

Graphics Foundation

To create the best possible images you need to make informed choices about various image properties. This slide presentation will help you understand the image production process, from acquisition/creation, through manipulation and editing, saving, and deployment. It covers digital image terminology, such as resolution, color depth, and file formats. (1.9mb, 31 pages, pdf format)

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