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February 9, 2011

Graphics and Multimedia Tutorials

Here are several well done Graphics and Multimedia Tutorials, from the School of Information at the Unversity of Texas. These tutorials cover many applications and areas, such as Digitzing Video, Illustrator, Photoshop, SnagIt, Gimp, Digital imaging, iDVD, i Movie, and Windows Movie Maker.



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January 26, 2010

eBooks for Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver

Here are 6 freely available ebooks covering 5 Adobe applications as linked here. These are Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Adobe Application eBooks:

 - Photoshop Quick Reference ebook

 - Adobe Illustrator ebook

 - Fireworks ebook

 - Flash MX ebook

 - Flash ebook 2

 - Dreamweaver ebook

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January 14, 2010

InDesign, Fireworks, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver References and Shortcuts

These excellent InDesign, Fireworks, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver Quick References and Keyboard Shortcuts will provide you with a good understanding of the features and functionality available in these applications. These help and support documents cover Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver for both the PC and Mac platforms. All of these reference documents are in pdf format.

Fireworks CS3 Quick Reference Card( Mac)  364K 
This reference card explains the different tools and options available in Fireworks CS3 on the Mac platform.
Fireworks CS3 Quick Reference Card (PC)  502K 
This reference card explains the different tools and options available in Fireworks CS3 on the PC platform.
Illustrator CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)  65K 
Provides the various useful keyboard shortcuts used in Illustrator CS3 on the Mac platform.
Illustrator CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)  61K 
Provides the different useful keyboard shortcuts used in Illustrator CS3 on the PC platform.
InDesign CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)  64K 
Provides the various useful keyboard shortcuts used in InDesign CS3 on the Mac platform.
InDesign CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)  58K 
Provides the different useful keyboard shortcuts used in InDesign CS3 on the PC platform.

InDesign for the QuarkXPress User  337K 
Discusses the various keyboard shortcuts, selecting and moving objects, document layout in InDesign for QuarkExpress.

Dreamweaver CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)  62K 
Provides the different useful keyboard shortcuts used in Dreamweaver CS3 on the Mac platform.
Dreamweaver CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)  54K 
Provides the different useful keyboard shortcuts used in Dreamweaver CS3 on the PC platform.

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July 23, 2009

131 Illustrator Tutorials from around the Web

Here are 131 Illustrator Tutorials, located at InstantShift, providing a very comprehensive set of tutorials from around the web for this vector graphics editor. These Adobe Illustrator tutorials help you in a big way whether you are an Illustrator beginners you are seeking to learn more advanced features of this graphics tool. The tutorials are divided into sections so that you can directly go and look for the areas in which you want more expertise and to increase your skills. After finishing with these Illustrator tutorials, you will be able to expertly draw and edit your illustrations, design your own logos. and create special effects.

Illustrator Tutorials for the basics
This section of tutorials will be learning guide for you if you are comparatively new to Adobe Illustrator. The following tutorials give you excellent lessons on mastering Illustrator within thirty days, guiding you to use paintbrush and brush tools, selection tools, rotate tools, mesh tools and many other useful tools that you can use.

 - Learn Illustrator CS in Days
 - A Comprehensive Guide: Illustrator’s Paintbrush Tool and Brush Panel
 - Illustrator’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide
 - Utilizing the Magic Wand’s Tolerance Levels
 - Illustrator Live Trace
 - Adobe Illustrator CS Tutorial: Selection Tools
 - Spraying Symbols in Adobe Illustrator
 - Duplicate with rotate tool
 - An Intro to the Mesh Tool
 - Illustrator Make with Mesh
 - Tips for Working with the Gradient Mesh Tool In Illustrator
 - Spiral Tool Mysteries – Solved!
 - Using the Pathfinder and Align tool in Illustrator
 - How to Make a Custom Illustrator Brush
 - Get More-Natural Adjustments with Illustrator “Reshape” Tool
 - Fun with Illustrator’s Blend Tool
 - Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts
 - Create a Disco Environment with Twirl Tool, Crystalize , and Envelope Tool

Character Illustrator Tutorials
These tutorials focuses on topics related to characters. After going through this section you will be able to create different characters according to your creativity.

 - How to Create a Killer Chainsaw Bunny Character
 - Character Illustration
 - Create Your Own Vector Cartoon Character
 - Creating vector characters in Illustrator
 - Symmetrical Illustration: Thug Bunny
 - Wolf Drawing Tutorial
 - Twitterlove Bird, from sketch to vector in Photoshop and Illustrator
 - Create a Cute Vector Monster from a Pencil Sketch
 - Face, Hair, Clothing Illustrator Tutorial
 - Drawing a Character’s Face in Illustrator
 - Drawing Homer Simpson
 - Creating convincing characters
 - Create a Gang of Vector Ninjas

Page Layout Illustrator Tutorial
These tutorials explains features on page layout such as creating website layout, creating a sample of fairy tale story book and designing a business report cover.

 - Use Adobe Illustrator to Create a Clean Website Layout
 - Create the First Page of a Fairy Tale Story Book, with a Hint of Kitsch
 - Design a Business Report Cover

Illustreator Tutorials forLines, Shapes, Charts, and Graphs
This section of tutorials covers the topics on lines, shapes, charts and graphs. These tutorials illustrate these features with good amount of ample examples by giving screenshots wherever necessary.

 - Turn a Boring Bar Graph into a D Masterpiece
 - Trendy Geometric Lines Tutorial
 - Command Shape in Illustrator
 - A Time to Shine
 - Creating Road Maps in Adobe Illustrator
 - Use the power of Illustrator to create cool D infographics
 - Creating Omspace D cylinder graphic in Illustrator
 - D Charts in Adobe Illustrator CS  
 - D Graphs  
 - How to make retro/futuristic curves in   Steps
 - Create a Four-Leaf Clover
 - Spice up Pie Charts

Objects Related Illustrator Tutorials
These tutorials explains some of the advanced features of Illustrator like crafting a vector collegiate notebook design, creating rotatable globe, creating animated D poker chips, and creating vector home cinema design.

 - Craft a Vector Collegiate Notebook Design
 - How to Create an Open Book with Illustrator’s D Extrude & Bevel Tool
 - Create a Rotatable Globe in Adobe Illustrator
 - Create a D Push Pin and a Paper Note in Illustrator
 - Draw A Realistic Vector Guitar in Inkscape
 - Create an Animated D Poker Chip – PART I
 - Create an Animated D Poker Chip – PART II
 - Create a Sidekick LX Styled Vector Illustration
 - Illustrator Tutorial: Disco Ball
 - Create a Vector Home Cinema Design
 - D Objects and Transparencies to Make a Vector Cola Bottle Design
 - How to Make Realistic Skate Wheels in Illustrator
 - How to Draw Your Own Vector Wings
 - Chinese Bamboo

Sketch and Painting Illustrator Tutorials
These tutorials demonstrate sketch and painting related topics. Some of the topics covered here are creating a stunning undersea painting using vector packs, and master painting in Illustrator.

 - Create a Stunning Undersea Painting Using Vector Packs
 - A Pseudo-Sugar Skull: From Start to Finish
 - Master painting in Illustrator
 - How to Create a Classic Vector Painting with Watercolor Washes and Line Art
 - Woman and Cats How-To Advanced

Illustrator Tutorials covering Logos, Symbols, and Icons
This section of tutorials introduces you to the topics related to logo, symbol and icon. Some of the topics covered here are making a vector military cap icon, creating a vector light bulb icon, creating an envelope icon with a satin feel, pirate cartoon tutorial, and creating a vector RSS icon with illustrator.

 - How to Make a Vector Military Cap Icon
 - How to Create a Vector Light Bulb Icon with Inkscape  
 - Create a Spiral Ornament Symbol in Illustrator  
 - How to Create a Vector Safari Compass in Illustrator
 - Adobe Bridge Icon
 - iTune Icon
 - Create an envelope icon with a satin feel
 - How to Turn Glasses into a Great Geek Icon
 - Logo Design Project Step by Step Walkthrough
 - Creating a Crazy Cool Logo
 - Test Your Creativity  
 - Pirate cartoon tutorial
 - Create a Vector RSS Icon with Illustrator  
 - How to Design a Classic Heraldic Figure
 - BMX Illustration

Text Illustrator Tutorials
These tutorials teach you text related topics of Illustrator.

 - Let’s Make a Playful Yet Robust D Letter Design
 - Blueprint Style Text in Adobe Illustrator
 - D Text Tutorial
 - Creating an Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment
 - Tug and Twirl Text in Illustrator
 - Type on a Path Options
 - Make a Torn Vector Desktop Wallpaper with Angled Text
 - How to Create a Magnified Text Illustration  
 - ways to apply a line pattern effect on text in Illustrator

Patterns Texture Illustrator Tutorials
These tutorials cover patterns and texture related features of Illustrator.

 - Geometric Patterns in Illustrator
 - Create A Wood Grain Texture
 - Creating-Pattern
 - Create a Themed Repeating Pattern in Illustrator
 - Design your own pattern swatches

Effects related Illustator Tutorials
These tutorials describe and explain effects related features of Illustrator. Some of the special effects that are covered here are creating cool water effect, vectoring hair etc.

 - Creating a Cool Water Effect  
 - Vectoring Hair
 - Easily Make Shiny Realistic Vector Hair
 - Experimental text effects

Illustrator Tutorials forBackgrounds, Abstract Art, Poster or Label
These tutorials cover topics related to backgrounds, abstract art, poster and label.

 - How to Create Colorful Abstract Artwork in Illustrator
 - Create a Blissful Vector Scene
 - Super cool abstract vectors illustrator and photoshop
 - Create Abstract Backgrounds  
 - Swirl Mania in Illustrator and Photoshop  
 - Poster Illustration: Go Forth and Create  
 - Create an Milk Bottle with a Funny Cow Label
 - Design a Print-ready Ad in Adobe InDesign
 - Swingin ’ Retro Look in Adobe Illustrator
 - Crazy cool vectors illustrator and photoshop
 - Recolor Artwork Using Illustrator’s LiveColor

Advanced Illustrator Tutorials
Here are some advanced tutorials showing how to create and manage vector graphics in Illustrator such as an abstract phoenix, pattern maniac, and an abstract peacock.

 - Illustrator Vector Line Art of Cruise Ship
 - See-Through Car Illustration Tutorial
 - How to find Inspiration for illustration design   Finding Inspiration
 - Some Lovely Results of illustration   Abstract Peacock
 - Abstract Phoenix
 - Pattern Maniac
 - POGO Illustration

Illustrator Video Tutorials
These video tutorials explain topics like creating D pyramid, creating an iPod, drawing face, creating comic book style text, feynamn diagrams, creating background effects, and creating D shapes.

 - How I Do Stuff Tutorial
 - Create D Pyramid
 - Creating an iPod  
 - Drawing Face  
 - Create Swirling Rainbows with Ease
 - Vector Drawing – The Dog
 - Creating Seamless Pattern
 - Creating Comic Book Style Text
 - Roundtrip Logo from Illustrator to Photoshop  
 - Feynman Diagrams
 - Drawing a Nice Vector Golden Badge Award
 - Creating Vectorized Shining and Sparkling Heart Artwork and Icons  
 - Adding Texture
 - Creative Background Effects  
 - D Brochure
 - Creating D Shapes in Illustrator

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April 1, 2009

Adobe Illustrator CS2 Tutorial

Here is a one-page Adobe Illustrator CS2 Tutorial at Brown University. Illustrator is a comprehensive vector graphics drawing application. that works with lines and algorithms for various shapes, and is unlike PhotoShop, which works in pixels (raster images). This Illustrator tutorial explains the Illustrator environment, tool bar, palettes and status bar. The tutorial also offers details on saving files and explains the various formats we can save them in. It also teaches you the general concepts and some enhanced features of Illustrator CS2. Finally, it provides a hands-on project to evaluate your experience.

Features and Tools Taught by this Illustrator Tutorial:

Adobe Illustrator Environment:
 - Artwork Window
 - Toolbox
 - Palettes
 - Status Bar

General Concepts In Adobe Illustrator:
 - Selecting and Moving
 - Drawing Paths and Shapes
 - Pencil Tool
 - Pen Tool
 - Paintbrush Tool
 - Shape Tools
 - Symbol Sprayer Tool
 - Applying Color
 - Creating Type
 - Saving Files and File Types

Enhanced Features In Adobe Illustrator:
 - Gradients
 - Transparency
 - Filters

Adobe Illustrator Projects:
 - Creating a Flower and Using the Rotate and Transform Tools
 - Creating a Cow and Using the Pathfinder Toolbox
 - Tracing an Intricate Butterfly and Practicing with the Pen Tool

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February 24, 2009

125 Illustrator Tutorials at offers 125 free Adobe Illustrator Tutorials that will teach you how to use the many features and tools of this graphic and image editing application. The Illustrator tutorials linked here are their most recent ones covering Illustrator CS4 and CS3. Older versions of Illustrator are also included in this tutorial collection.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials at layersmagazine

 - Cool Logo Effects in Adobe Illustrator
 - Blend Tool Backgrounds
 - Banner Ad Templates from Illustrator to Photoshop
 - Patterns and Shapes in Adobe Illustrator
 - Animate a Flying Bird using Illustrator and Flash, Part 1
 - Animate a Flying Bird using Illustrator and Flash, Part 2
 - Background Experiments with Photoshop and Illustrator
 - Adobe Illustrator in 3D
 - Illustrator to Flash
 - Simple Silhouettes in Illustrator CS4
 - Roundtrip Logo From Illustrator to Photoshop
 - Mapping Photos to 3D Objects in Illustrator
 - Illustrator CS4 Artboards
 - Illustrator CS4 Multi Artboards
 - Illustrator CS4 Blob Brush
 - Illustrator CS4 Gradients
 - Illustrator CS4 Appearance Panel
 - Background Designs
 - Blend Tool Revisited
 - Illustrator Brush Patterns Into Photoshop
 - Blueprint-Style Text in Adobe Illustrator
 - 3D Graph Effects
 - Blending Gradients in Illustrator
 - Using Illustrator’s Mesh Tool as Nature Intended
 - Leather Stylin’ in Illustrator
 - Creating 3D Shapes in Illustrator
 - Smart Border Effects
 - Fun Film Design Using Illustrator
 - Vector Art Goes Hollywood
 - Wedding Album: Illustrator and Photoshop Warping
 - Swingin’ Retro Look in Adobe Illustrator
 - Crazy 3D Shapes in Illustrator
 - Designing Ultra SceneXCore Apparel in Photoshop and Illustrator
 - Night Lights: Creating a Glowing Neon Effect in Illustrator
 - Creating Silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator
 - Brushed Metal Effect in Adobe Illustrator
 - Creative Masking Techniques in Illustrator
 - Grunge Borders in Adobe Illustrator CS3
 - Circle of Stars in Adobe Illustrator
 - Using Public Domain Images for Art in Adobe Illustrator
 - Adobe Illustrator’s Transform Again Command
 - Creating Reflecting Web Icons in Illustrator
 - Using Kuler with Illustrator
 - Live Color in Illustrator CS3
 - Adobe Illustrator: Creating an I-Pod
 - Product Boxes Made Easy in Adobe Illustrator
 - Illustrator: Large Brushes for Abstract Backgrounds
 - Graffiti-Like Website Layout Using Adobe Illustrator
 - Adobe Illustrator: CS3 Templates
 - Spacing Boxes in Adobe Illustrator
 - Dashed Lines in Illustrator
 - Create a Pyramid in Adobe Illustrator CS3
 - Masking in Illustrator CS3
 - Creating a Halftone Background in Adobe Illustrator
 - Exporting from Adobe Illustrator to Flash
 - Editing Gradients Inside Adobe Illustrator
 - Decorate with Ribbons in Illustrator
 - Creating Custom Brushes with the Transform Each Command in Illustrator
 - Illustrator CS3 Interface
 - Illustrator CS3 Document Profiles
 - Adobe Illustrator CS3 Anchors
 - Halftone Dots in Adobe Illustrator
 - Adobe Illustrator: the Pathfinder Palette
 - The Pen and Paths in Adobe Illustrator
 - Illustrator: Golden Section
 - Startup File in Adobe Illustrator
 - Adobe Illustrator: Sliding Graphs
 - Adobe Illustrator: Intro to the Gradient Mesh Tool
 - Photoshop and Illustrator: Preparing Your Art to Pop

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September 10, 2008

57 Illustrator CS2 Video Tutorials

Here are 57 Illustrator CS2 Video Tutorials from These Illustrator tutorials will teach you how to create and work with the following using Illustrator: vector graphics and shapes, the Pen and Brush Tools, text and fonts, slice and layers, blending colors, web icons, print design, 3-D maps, custom effects, custom libraries, and keyboard shortcuts. The graphics and artwork you’ll create using these tutorials can afterwards be exported and used in Flash. These free tutorials are aimed at all types of Illustrator users, from those just starting out to more advanced users. 

28 Basic Illustrator Video Tutorials:

 - Create & Outline Fonts
 - Pattern Swatch
 - Swatches
 - Spray Can Shapes
 - Spray Can Images
 - Shape Morf
 - Scale & Skew
 - Rotate & Reflect
 - Importing & Placing Images
 - Pathfinder Subtract
 - Pathfinder MinusBack
 - Pathfinder Connect
 - Smooth with Pencil
 - PMS Colors
 - Pen & Brush Tool
 - Outlines Around Shapes
 - Custom Brush Shapes
 - Line Segment Tool
 - Font with Gradient
 - Text in a Circle
 - Adding Blocks of Text
 - Outlines Around Text
 - Apply Text to a Path
 - Picture Clipping
 - Slice for Web
 - Using Layers
 - Blend Color Tool
 - Print-ready Postcard

29 Intermediate and Advanced Illustrator Video Tutorials:

 - Making Glossy Buttons
 - Making Glossy Web Icons
 - Creating Business Cards
 - Creating a Letterhead
 - Brushes in Illustrator
 - Recording Actions
 - Illustrator Templates
 - Automating Illustrator I
 - Automating Illustrator II
 - Spot Proofing Colors
 - Illustrator Screen Printing I
 - Illustrator Screen Printing II
 - Illustrator and Flash
 - Illustrator and Broadcast
 - SVG Export
 - Gradient Mesh Tool
 - Using Transparency
 - Productivity tools
 - Pseudo 3-D
 - 3-D surface maps
 - Changing Photos to Paths
 - Painting with Text
 - Making Custom Libraries
 - Creating Swoosh Effects
 - Complex Highlights
 - Create Glass Effect
 - Gel Effects
 - Make a Business Card
 - Making the video-tutes text

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August 9, 2008

25-page Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Here is an excellent Illustrator Tutorial, Adobe Illustrator CS2 Essentials, from the Institute of Advanced Studies. This tutorial will teach you about both designing and illustrating multimedia artwork using Illustrator CS2, which is a graphics editing application used for printing, multimedia, and online graphics. This Illustrator tutorial gives you the steps and tasks needed for using Illustrator’s many tools to produce quality and professional looking graphics. Its 15 sections are listed below, 25 pages in length and 9.45mb in size (pdf format).

Contents of Illustrator Essentials Tutorial

 - Getting Started
 - The Illustrator Workspace
 - The Toolbox
 - Tool Descriptions
 - Placing Files
 - Making Selections
 - Creating Basic Shapes
 - Inserting and Formating Text
 - Arranging
 - Grouping
 - Locking
 - Applying Styles and Effects
 - Working with Symbols
 - Saving and Exporting
 - Getting Help

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June 16, 2008

30 Illustrator CS2 Video Tutorials

Here are 30 Illustrator CS2 Video Tutorials, from Using Illustrator CS2, you can easily create sophisticated vector artwork for many areas, such as the web and print. You can learn how to use Illustrator’s tools quickly and easily, as you use its features to work with images, text, and color variations. You can also share files between Illustrator and other Adobe apps as you manage and manipulate designs for print, web, interactive and mobile applications. 

Illustrator CS 2 Course Video Tutorials:

01. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Create & Outline Fonts

02. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Pattern Swatch

03. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Swatches

04. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Spray Can Shapes

05. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Spray Can Images

06. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Shape Morf

07. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Scale & Skew

08. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Rotate & Reflect

09. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Importing & Placing Images

11. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Pathfinder MinusBack

12. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Pathfinder Connect

13. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Smooth with Pencil

14. Illustrator Video Tutorial – PMS Colours

15. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Pen & Brush Tool

16. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Outlines Around Shapes

17. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Custom Brush Shapes

18. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Line Segment Tool

19. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Font with Gradient

20. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Text in a Circle

21. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Adding Blocks of Text

22. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Apply Text to a Path

23. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Outlines Around Text

24. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Picture Clipping

25. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Slice for Web

26. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Using Layers

27. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Blend Colour Tool

28. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Print-ready Postcard

29. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Making Glossy Buttons

30. Illustrator Video Tutorial – Making Glossy Web Icons

Make Business Cards in Adobe Illustrator

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March 26, 2008

171 Illustrator Tutorials

Here are 171 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials from around the web, linked from Adobe Illustrator is vector-based graphics editor that you can use to create and design artwork such as logos. It is powerful and feature-filled tool that you can use in the creation of print media and web graphics.

Illustrator Tutorial Categories:

 - 3D Effects
 - Drawing
 - Getting Started
 - Text Effects
 - Web Graphics

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December 28, 2007

16 eBooks and Books for Photoshop and more

Here are 16 ebooks and books available from covering Photoshop, Fireworks, Acrobat, Gimp, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, and Dreamweaver. You can use 7-Zip to uncompress the .rar files.

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Classroom In A Book (rar)
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 User Guide (pdf)
Adobe Photoshop Actions Catalog (pdf)
Adobe Photoshop Advanced Training (Html And pdf) (rar)
Photoshop ebook (Html) (rar)
Photoshop Handbook (Html) (rar)


Fireworks 4 ebook (pdf)


Acrobat 5 PDF ebook (2001) (pdf)
Adobe Acrobat 6 pdf ebook (2003) (pdf)

The Gimp User Manual (pdf)

Illustrator 7 ebook (pdf)

3D Studio Max
3D Studio Max 2 Tutorials (pdf)
3D Studio Max Platinum Tutorials (html) (rar)

Dreamweaver 3 ebook (pdf) (rar)
Dreamweaver 4 ebook (pdf)
Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 (pdf) (rar)

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December 4, 2007

Illustrator CS2 Tutorial

Here is an excellent Adobe Illustrator CS2 Tutorial for Illustrator beginners, from the Univeristy of Texas.  

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based imaging program. Unlike PhotoShop, which deals in pixels (raster images), Illustrator works with lines and algorithms to create various shapes. It functions by generating curved paths connected by modifiable anchor points. These anchors, with their handles, are editable. You can move, resize, or change the color of the tire without losing the quality of the graphic. A vector graphic is resolution-independent — that is, it can be scaled to any size and printed on any output device at any resolution without losing its detail or clarity. As a result, vector graphics are the best choice for type (especially small type) and bold graphics that must retain crisp lines when scaled to various sizes — for example, logos.

Illustrator Tutorial Contents:

   Interface Overview

   Understanding Paths and Anchor Points

   Creating Curved Paths

   Making Text Around the Picture

   Additional Resources

   Evaluate this tutorial

   PDF Handout

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September 10, 2007

Two Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Here are two easy to follow Adobe Illustrator Tutorials from One teaches you how to use the trim tool and the free transform tool. The other shows you how to create a stylized logo using Illustrator.

Creating a Swoosh

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to use the trim tool, and the free transform tool. This tutorial is targeted to those who are in the beginning stages of learning how to use Illustrator.

Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, learn how to create a stylized logo using Adobe Illustrator.

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July 2, 2007

Free Training for Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash

Sessions Online School of Design provides fee-based courses in Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, and Digital Art. However, they offer 18 well produced Free Course Video Modules in The Art & Design Video Tutorial Library. These will help you develop your skills and techniques in digital arts and design using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Graphic Design, Painting, and Drawing. Free registration is required.

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August 9, 2006

Free Books for Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, and Premier

Here are 4 freely available ebooks, two covering Adobe Acrobat, and one each for Illustrator and Premier. These Acrobat, Illustrator and Premier ebooks will give you many details and instructions on how to use the features and functions of these Adobe applications.

Adobe Acrobat 6 Bible (pdf) 

Adobe Acrobat 6 0 Getting Professional Results from Your PDFs
chm, 14327 kb

Adobe Illustrator CS for Dummies (chm) 

Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere 6 5 in 24 hours (chm)  

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June 5, 2006

Free Live Online and Recorded Seminars from Adobe

Adobe offers many free Live Online Seminars and Recorded Seminars on its website for many of their and Macromedia’s software applications. Free registration is required to access these online seminars.

Popular Recorded Adobe eSeminars

A Closer Look at the Best Practices of CSS
Take a closer look at the best practices for layout and styling of web page content with cascading style sheets. Learn how to work with cascading style sheets more efficiently within Dreamweaver 8 using the new CSS layout visualization tools, the unified CSS panel, and support for CSS media types.

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional
Find out about advanced print features, including Output Preview, transparency flattening, and enhanced preflighting capabilities. See the powerful comment and review features, PDF correction tools, and support for PDF/X and the Job Definition Format (JDF) standards.

Adobe Illustrator CS2
Learn more about transparency, the Illustrator text engine, powerful new user interface features (Control palette and Workspaces), enhanced integration with Adobe Photoshop and improved spot color support.

Adobe InDesign CS2
Find out about new Adobe Adobe InDesign CS2 features such as: powerful new text formatting, enhanced interoperability with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe PDF files, object styles, and backwards compatibility with Adobe InDesign CS.

Building Strong and Flexible InDesign Documents
Learn how to use Adobe InDesign to efficiently set up proper page layouts and enhance your workflow capabilities. See tips and tricks for master pages and paragraph, character, and object styles that are guaranteed to open your eyes and improve your productivity.

Designing Smarter with CS2
Learn how to use the integrated tools of Adobe Creative Suite 2. This eseminar shows you how to leverage the most exciting pieces of the Suite to create a handsome newsletter. You’’ll learn the 3D effects and image mapping capabilities of Adobe Illustrator, along with techniques for getting the most of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.

Welcome to Adobe Creative Suite 2
Get to know the integrated tools of the Adobe Creative Suite 2: Adobe InDesign CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional, and Adobe Photoshop CS2, as well as the innovative Adobe Bridge, Version Cue CS2 file management and Adobe Stock Photos.

Popular Live Online Adobe eSeminars

Breeze Capabilities and Benefits Online Live Seminar Series
Learn how Macromedia Breeze enables you to quickly combine existing learning assets with real-time interactivity for collaborative communication, teaching and learning experiences.

Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 live eSeminar Series
Free online live eSeminars on FrameMaker 7.2

Studio 8 eSeminar Series
In these seminars, you will receive an overview on how to achieve maximum efficiency across Studio 8 products Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Fireworks and more.

Adding 3D Data to Your PDF Documents with Acrobat 3D
A free online live eSeminar on enhancing communication and securely sharing 3D designs for CAD and project data.

Mobile and Devices eSeminar Series
A free Flash Lite eSeminar for Mobile and Devices. Learn from Industry experts about this latest technology.

Dreamweaver Expert Series
Join these live, one-hour online seminars to hear from Adobe/Macromedia’s Dreamweaver experts.

Flash Expert Series
Join these live, one-hour online seminars to hear from our Adobe/Macromedia’s Flash experts.

Adobe Flex 2 live eSeminar Series
In this free online live eSeminar learn what’s new in our next generation of the Flex product line.

Captivate eSeminar Series
Learn how Captivate (formerly RoboDemo) can easily create interactive simulations and software demonstrations.

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May 9, 2006

Tutorials for Flash 8, Flash MX 2004, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects offers these excellently written and presented tutorials for Flash 8, Flash MX 2004, Photoshop,  Illustrator, and After Effects. Have some fun with these while learning to do some interesting things using these applications.

Macromedia Flash 8 

Adobe Photoshop 

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe After Effects

Flash MX 2004 Tutorials

  Introduction to the v2 component architecture

Chafic Kazoun discusses the v2 component architecture new to Flash MX 2004 and introduces you to some hidden treasures of the framework.

  Flash MX 2004 Editorial

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Flash MX 2004*
* but didn’t know who to ask!

  Flash MX 2004 UI Components

Flash MX 2004 now sports 21 UI Components, some of which may be familiar to you from before and others that are new. In this massive tutorial, we will take you through each of these components and show you how to use them.

  Flash MX 2004 Actionscript 2.0

We’ll go through new language features, the new object-oriented programming model, and see examples of migrating ActionScript 1.0 (from Flash 5 and MX) to ActionScript 2.0.

  Flash MX 2004 Professional Video

Flash MX 2004 adds several video enhancements. In this tutorial you’ll learn about the improvements to your production workflow as well as the technical options now available when designing your Flash video application.

  Introducing Timeline Effects and Behaviors

In this article we are going to take you through a couple of the coolest Flash MX 2004 features: Timeline Effects and Behaviors. We’ll show you some simple examples to help you get started with these features quickly.

  Skinning Flash MX 2004 Components

This tutorial will run through the new Flash MX 2004 functionality allowing us to change component’s look & feel and explains the various options you have for skinning Flash MX 2004 components step by step.

  Developing Components in Flash MX 2004

Component development in Flash has come a long way. With Flash MX 2004, Macromedia further improved components. This article explains the various steps required to build a simple component for Flash MX 2004.

  Data Binding

Data Binding is an easy way to tie all your data together, without any hard work. Data Binding is a key feature of RAD (Rapid Application Development) and is a great tool for prototyping, and is explained to you by Peter Hall.


Developing a simple application using forms & MVC

This tutorial will guide you through developing a simple Rich Internet Application, an address book application by using forms & screens,
without a single line of code in the FLA.


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May 1, 2006

Desktop Publishing Workshop Tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Here are four well written and illustrated Desktop Publishing Workshops from the Univeristy of Washington’s Walk-In Workshops. This Adobe Design workshop tutorial collection provides two Photoshop turoials, and one tutorial each for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. These tutorial workshops offer professional quality publishing results via dynamic, yet simple tools. You will learn to produce attention-grabbing vector graphics, vividly enhanced photographs, top notch text documents and how to incorporate the three together.

Desktop Publishing Workshops Tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing. This robust program will help you enhance your photographs and images and give your work that professional edge. Here you will learn how to modify digital photographs, move, duplicate, and resize images, use painting tools to manipulate images, and perform adjustments to contrast and color balance. You will also learn how to correct red-eye, take advantage of layer transparency, and create simple-but-cool text graphics using filters.

  Intro to Photoshop
  Bullet What is Photoshop?
  Bullet The Workspace
  Bullet Preferences

  The Basics
  Bullet Creating New Images
  Bullet Type
  Bullet Drawing
  Bullet Painting

  Image Editing
  Bullet Working With Layers
  Bullet Selections
  Bullet Image Sizing
  Bullet Image Adjust
  Bullet Filters

Advanced Adobe Photoshop

In this advanced Photoshop class, you will learn some advanced features including saving for the Web, proper use of filters, how to use actions and automate processes, layer properties, and what Image Ready is. You are encouraged to bring your own digital images to work with in this class.

  Altering Images
  Bullet Crop Tool
  Bullet Clone Tool
  Bullet Heal Tool
  Bullet Patch Tool
  Bullet Extract Filter

  Advanced Layers
  Bullet Layer Masks
  Bullet Layer Styles
  Bullet Adjustment Layers

  Bullet Actions
  Bullet Batches
  Bullet Droplets

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design and drawing program. This powerful program will help you create images that will give your work an artistic touch. This class will cover some new features of Adobe Illustrator 10 as well as some advanced functions including navigating the toolbar, creating vector-based graphics, and using drawing tools. Other topics include: specific stroking effects, color features, and layering techniques. Use these skills to create graphic artwork for posters, t-shirts, or even card designs.

  Bullet Vector Graphics
  Bullet Tools

  The Basics
  Bullet Creating Objects
  Bullet Altering Objects
  Bullet The Pathfinder
  Bullet Gradients

  The Pen Tool
  Bullet Introduction
  Bullet Editing Lines

  Type Tools
  Bullet Simple Text
  Bullet Path/Area Text

  Bullet Creating a Bat Logo
  Bullet Creating a Key
  Bullet Biohazard

Adobe InDesign

InDesign, Adobe’s replacement for Pagemaker, is a new and comprehensive desktop publisher. This program enables you to design and develop your own publications. In this introductory workshop you will learn to use dynamic tools such as text wrap, precise image manipulation and placement, story editor, paragraph styles, and color handling. Other topics include: guidelines for templates and simple image creation to compliment your texts. This knowledge will allow you to make posters for class projects that look store bought.

  Intro to InDesign
  Bullet What is InDesign?
  Bullet The Workspace
  Bullet The Toolbox
  Bullet The Palettes

  The Basics
  Bullet Creating New Documents
  Bullet Guides
  Bullet Margins and Columns

  Type Tools
  Bullet Introduction
  Bullet Type Basics
  Bullet Paragraph Formatting
  Bullet Threading
  Bullet Story Editor

  Graphic Tools
  Bullet Introduction
  Bullet Grouping & Stacking
  Bullet Placing Graphics
  Bullet Rotating & Skewing

  Bullet Exporting to PDF
  Bullet Exporting Postscript

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April 3, 2006

Free Ebooks for Adobe Applications

Here is a Google Groups post that contains several links to freely available ebooks covering most of the Adobe software applications, which are listed below. After clicking on the link for the ebook you want, to access the download link, click on the Free button at the bottom of the page, wait about 30 seconds, then enter the 3 character code and click on the download button. (You will need to wait 1 hour between large downloads.). To uncompress .rar files you can use 7-Zip, available here: Google Groups post with Free Ebooks for Adobe Applications: Here are the applications covered by these ebooks: - Adobe Acrobat - Adobe After Effects - Adobe Creative Suite - Adobe FrameMaker - Adobe GoLive CS2 - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe InDesign - Adobe LiveMotion - Adobe PageMaker - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Premiere - Learn Programming with Flash - Microsoft Office VBA

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