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January 15, 2011

15 Flash Tutorials

Here are 15 Flash Tutorials at that show you how to create better and more compelling Flash animations and also how to optimize Flash pages for SEO.

15 Flash Tutorials:

SEO: How to optimize Flash pages (Part II)
SEO: How to optimize Flash pages (Part I)
Flash Momentum Tutorial
Flash Race Car Tutorial
Customized Cursor in Flash
How to Change the Movie Visibility Using Action Script
Changing Colors for the Flash Movie
Using Symbols in Flash
Customized Right Click Menu in Flash
Creating a Professional Looking Animated Preloader
Flash 5 Tutorial
Flash MX 2004 Layers and Animation Explained
Building Easy Text or Images Scrolling with Flash MX 2004
Using the Flash Toolbar

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April 13, 2010

104 Excellent Flash Tutorials

Here are 104 excellent Flash Tutorials from These are all free and include 18 Flash video tutorials. They begin by introducing the Flash interface and demonstrating the most important Flash fundamentals, and then move to more advanced features and Flash topics. Many of these Flash tutorials use game development of their subject. All of the topics are detailed and explained thoroughly so they’re easy to understand, even those covering advanced features.

18 Flash Video Tutorials

 - Interface
 - The Timeline / Layers
 - The Toolbox
 - The Align Panel
 - The Library Panel
 - Motion Tweening
 - Shape Tweening
 - Blurring
 - Publish Settings
 - Setting Document Class
 - The Stop Action
 - Gradient Fills
 - Easing and Rotation
 - Motion Guides
 - Masking
 - Buttons
 - Button Coding
 - Interface (CS4)

Basic Flash Tutorials
These tutorials will teach you how to tween, animate, and much more. They contain no Actionscript code.

 - Intro to Flash / Download
 - The Interface
 - The Timeline
 - The Toolbox
 - The Align and Library Panels
 - Motion Tweening
 - Shape Tweening
 - Easing, Rotation and Motion Guides
 - Movie Clips
 - Buttons
 - Masking
 - How to link library symbols
 - Angles and Lengths
 - Reverse Angles
 - Blur filter tween
 - Shape Hints
 - SWF protection
 - Bitmap to vector
 - Backwards compatibility

ActionScript 3 Tutorials

ActionScript 3 is more recent than ActionScript 2 and is availabe with CS3 or later.

 - Setting up a project for later
 - Must Read Basics
 - Function/Method Declaration.
 - Drawing a circle
 - enterFrame Event
 - More and altering events
 - Using an image from the library
 - Understanding Depth
 - String Functions
 - Drawing by Mouse
 - Simple HitTest
 - Move to Mouse
 - Setting Depth
 - Pong (1) – Handling the Keyboard
 - Pong (2) – Fast paced action
 - Pong (3) – Creating our rally
 - A Friendly guide to the Timer class
 - Packages
 - Pong (4) – Scoring our game
 - More Useful String Functions
 - Avoider (1) – Setting up
 - Avoider (2) – The Player
 - Avoider (3) – Targets, scoring
 - Avoider (4) – Finishing up: Enemies
 - Debugging
 - Compiler Errors
 - Runtime Errors
 - Dragging & Dropping
 - Basic Sound In AS3
 - Custom Cursors
 - Rotation in AS3
 - Command Line
 - Digital Clock
 - URL-Loading Button
 - Analog Clock
 - Classes (and farms!)
 - Point-and-Click Game
 - Gravity and bounce

ActionScript 2 Tutorials

Use these tutorials if you have Adobe Flash 8 or earlier.

 - The STOP Action
 - URL Direction Button
 - Arrow-Key Movement
 - Number Matching Game
 - Duplication
 - Custom Cursors
 - How to refer to symbols in ActionScript
 - Simple Hittest
 - Functions
 - Removing Movie Clips
 - Arcade Game
 - Arcade Game Bullets
 - Swish timings
 - Drawing by mouse
 - Rotation in Flash
 - Gravity and Bounce
 - Sound Manipulation
 - Hiding the right-click menu
 - Turret game (1) – The turret
 - Turret game (2) – A slight detour
 - XML in Flash

ActionScript Concepts

These tutorials demonstrate the proamming language constructs of ActionScript: if, else, try, for, while, var, etc.

 - Traces and Comments
 - Variables: Info Stores
 - For Loops
 - Arrays
 - If, Else and Else If
 - While loops
 - Array Functions
 - Try, Catch and Finally
 - Constructor function

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January 26, 2010

eBooks for Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver

Here are 6 freely available ebooks covering 5 Adobe applications as linked here. These are Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Adobe Application eBooks:

 - Photoshop Quick Reference ebook

 - Adobe Illustrator ebook

 - Fireworks ebook

 - Flash MX ebook

 - Flash ebook 2

 - Dreamweaver ebook

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October 26, 2009

Flash and ActionScript References and Cheat Sheets

Here are some excellent Flash and ActionScript References and Cheat Sheets at appletree’s quick reference cards. Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform for adding animation and interactivity to web pages. Flash is commonly used to integrate video and sound into web pages to create animation and compelling multimedia presentations. These ActionScript and Flash reference materials will help you work more efficiently and effectively with Flash. These are in pdf and jpg format.

Adobe Flash Platform Rich Internet Application Development 2.1M 
This document provides an insight of the Adobe Flash platform for creating rich internet applications.

Flash CS4 OSX Shortcuts 275K
This document discusses the keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Flash on the OSX platform.

Flash CS3 Quick Reference 347K 
This is a quick reference that details the fundamentals, tools and keyboard shortcuts of Flash CS3.

Flash ActionScript quick reference 200K
This document is a quick reference to the operators, program flow control, global functions, constants and compiler directives in ActionScript.

Actionscript 3.0 Flash Display 217K  
This document discusses the display functions used in ActionScript for displaying various objects.

Actionscript 3.0 Migration 90K 
This is a migration document for converting ActionScript 2.0 code to ActionScript 3.0.

Actionscript 3.0 Packages 24K 
This document provides a list of ActionScript 3.0 packages.

Actionscript 3.0 Top Level 50K 
This document provides a brief look at the top level functions of ActionScript 3.0.

Actionscript 3.0 Migration Cheatsheet 90K 
This document acts as a cheatsheet for migration to ActionScript 3.0.

AcitionScript 3.0 Cheatsheet Migration 90K
This document is a quick preference that provides migration information on migrating applications to ActionScript 3.0.

AcitionScript 3.0 Cheatsheet Top Level 50K
This document provides a top level look at the functions, constants, classes and arguments used in ActionScript 3.0.

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October 17, 2009

7 Flash ActionScript eBooks

I just wrote a post on for 7 Flash ActionScript 3.0 eBooks that  you may want to take a look at if you’re seeking more information and to learn about Flash ActionScript. Here is the direct link to these ebooks.

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September 24, 2009

18 Flash Tutorials

These 18 excellent Flash Tutorials, at, provide users with a lot of information on the basic and advanced features of Flash and how to go about working with it. Flash, from Adobe, is a very popular method for adding animation and enhanced user interaction to web pages. Flash files are generally created and imported into web pages. The Flash tutorials below demonstrate how to create effects in Flash such as glowing lights, flowing water and drawing on paper along with animations such as shine, a writing pen, and scratchy film animation. All these Flash tutorials are explained in a simple and easy to understand format with quick tips and tricks to help quicken the workflow.

18 Flash Tutorials:

 - Scratchy Film Animation
 - Create an Animated Shine
 - Learn How to Dress Jessica Rabbit
 - Customize Your Cursor in 3 Easy Steps
 - Animate a Writing Pen
 - Glowing Christmas Lights
 - Create a ‘Drawing’ Effect in Flash
 - Make an Object Move Along a Path
 - How to Make a Character Walk
 - Water Effect
 - Mouse Cursor Appearance
 - Scratchy Film Animation
 - Create an Animated Shine
 - Animate a Writing Pen
 - Glowing Christmas Lights
 - Create a ‘Drawing’ Effect in Flash
 - Make an Object Move Along a Path
 - How to Make a Character Walk

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August 27, 2009

12 Excellent Flash Tutorials

Here are 12 excellent Flash Tutorials at Adobe Design Center Dialogbox. Using these Flash tutorials, we look at how to make things move around and bring interactivity to Flash movies. In addition to animations, Flash can be used to create complex multimedia content with interactivity, sound, drop down or scrolling menus, animated buttons, custom animated cursors and even games. These Flash tutorials contain a variety of intermediate and advanced techniques and features of this popular interactive web multimedia application.

12 Flash Tutorials:

 - Adobe - Flash: Encoding Flash Video
 - Achieve amazing easing effects in Flash (pdf, 482 kb 10 pages)
 - Adobe - tutorial: Comping your next design in Flash
 - Adobe Design Center – Animator’s toolkit
 - Adobe - Flash CS3 tutorial : Preparing and building microsites
 - Creating Flash Video from Premiere
 - Adobe - Flash: Encoding Flash Video
 - Adobe Design Center – Creating a talking-head Flash video
 - Adobe Design Center – Achieve amazing easing effects in Flash
 - How Interactivity and Storytelling Sell a Movie (pdf, 1018 Kb, 3 pages)
 - Adobe Design Center – Motion and Digital Media
 - Adobe Design Center – Video on the web: Getting started

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July 30, 2009

4 Flash Tutorials

Here are 4 excellent Flash Tutorials at California Polytechnic State University. These Flash MX 2004 tutorials will teach you how to use Flash in your applications to create interactive and animated Web sites. They start off with an introduction to various Flash interfaces and tools. Then the tutorials cover many animation and navigation tools that are available in Flash for your use. After finishing this course of four Flash tutorials you will be able to create some great applications using this application. These Flash tutorials are in pdf format.

4 Flash Tutorials:

Flash MX 2004 Interface / Tools Introduction (667 Kb, 18 pages)
This section gives you a basic introduction to the world of Flash development. Various Flash MX interfaces and tools are explained here in this section.

 - Working with the Timeline
 - Moving the playhead
 - Frames and keyframes
 - Working with layers
 - About the Property inspector
 - About the Library panel
 - Components in the Library panel
 - Working with common libraries
 - Draw vector art
 - Drawing curved paths with the Pen tool
 - Adjusting anchor points on paths
 - Reshaping using the Selection tool
 - Optimizing curves
 - About overlapping shapes in Flash
 - Erasing
 - Transforming objects freely
 - Scaling objects
 - Add text
 - Creating scrolling text
 - Aligning objects
 - Tweened animation
 - Frame-by-frame animation
 - Layers in animation
 - Creating keyframes
 - Representations of animations in the Timeline
 - Examples

Flash MX 2004 Introduction Lesson (644 Kb, 7 pages)
This section explains some of the introductory topics on Flash. Basic procedures like creating a new document, opening a new document, defining document properties, creating movie clips, drawing rectangle are illustrated here.

 - Creating a new document
 - Open a new document
 - Define document properties
 - Adding media content
 - Add text
 - Create a movie clip
 - Add text
 - Resize with Free Transform tool
 - Drawing a rectangle
 - Copy / Paste Text
 - Common Library

Flash MX 2004 Animation Lesson (182 Kb, 7 pages)
Here in this third section teaches lessons on animation. The subjects which are covered in this section are playing with frames, motion between animation, onion skinning, drawing with pencil tool, creating a motion tween etc.

 - Opening a document
 - Opening the library
 - Grouping objects
 - Frames and keyframes
 - Onion skinning
 - Creating frame-by-frame animations
 - Copying and pasting frames
 - Frames and keyframes
 - Motion between animation
 - Test the application
 - Copy / Paste Text
 - Drawing ovals
 - Create a movie clip
 - Grouping objects
 - Onion skinning
 - Creating frame-by-frame animations
 - Copy / Paste Text
 - Drawing with the Pencil tool
 - Create a movie clip
 - Tweening shapes
 - Creating a motion tween

Flash MX Navigation Lesson (27 Kb, 4 pages)
This section helps you to create the over all design (user interface) and setup home page navigation.

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May 19, 2009

Flash Tutorials and Free Flash Templates

These 15 Flash Tutorials and Free Flash Templates at Metamorphosis Design will help you get started on and improve your skills with web designing in Flash. These Flash tutorials explain web site creation in Flash MX 2004, which include animation, text effects, and customized mouse click actions. Also discussed are movie creation and other little widgets that can be easily incorporated into Flash based web sites. The Flash templates section provides you with free templates that can be downloaded and used on your web sites.

15 Flash Tutorials:
These Flash tutorials explain basic workflows in Flash MX 2004 to create and control animation, creating professional preloaders, and transparency control. The creation of simple Flash widgets such as a clock and a calculator are also explained.

 - Flash MX 2004 Layers and Animation Explained
 - Creating basic buttons in Flash MX 2004
 - Creating Animated Professional Looking Preloader Step-by-step in Flash MX 2004
 - Adding and Controlling Music in a Flash Movie.
 - Dropdown Menu in Flash MX 2004
 - Customized Right Click Menu in Flash MX 2004
 - Customized Cursor in Flash MX 2004
 - Building Easy Text or Images Scrolling with Flash MX 2004
 - Changing Colors for the Flash Movie in Flash MX 2004
 - How to Change the Movie Visibility Using Action Script in Flash MX 2004
 - Drag-and-drop objects using mouse in Flash MX 2004
 - Moving shapes or objects using keyboard in Flash MX 2004
 - Creating Mask Effect in Flash MX 2004
 - Put Flash Clock on Your Website
 - Simple Flash Calculator in Flash 8

Free Flash Templates:
These free Flash templates provide templates that users can work with. The linked tutorials here teach simple Flash activities while working with the templates, such as opening a Flash file, publishing the Flash movie, changing text in Flash, and uploading files to a server.

 - Installing Fonts
 - Opening an FLA file
 - Changing text in Flash
 - Edit text in Flash templates
 - Assigning links in Flash
 - Publishing Your Flash Movie
 - How to upload files to a server

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May 11, 2009

28 Flash Tutorials

Here are 28 Flash Tutorials at SmartWebby that show you how to do animations and code Actionscript in Flash, both of which go hand in hand. Animation is an important aspect of working in Flash as it is used to make rich interactive content for websites. ActionScript is usually intertwined with almost all animation in Flash as the control lies in ActionScript code. It is important to note that some basic animation can be carried out without using ActionScript, and that ActionScript allows greater control and flexibility to the animations. These Flash tutorials also cover advanced topics like outline effects, shape hints, text effects, and advanced buttons, and using Flash with ASP and VBScript.

Flash Animation Tutorials:
These Flash tutorials teach the basics of animation, the symbols allowed and the effects that Flash allows on a symbol.

 - Flash Symbols
 - Basics of Flash Animations
 - Creating Attractive Graphics in Flash
 - Advanced Flash Buttons
 - Using Sound in Flash Buttons
 - Cool & Simple Flash Effects
 - Basics of Using Text in Flash

Flash Actionscript Tutorials:
These Actionscript tutorials demonstrate how to use ActionScript to carry out simple animation such as controlling a movie clip, creating a preloader and adding sounds to the animation.

 - Creating a Custom Cursor in Flash.
 - Starting & Stopping Movieclips in Flash
 - Displaying HTML Text in Flash
 - Displaying Time in Flash
 - Sound On/Off Buttons in Flash
 - Creating Text Scrollbars in Flash
 - Simple Flash Preloader
 - Bringing External Data into Flash

Advanced Flash Tutorials:
These Flash tutorials teach advanced aspects of animation and how to optimize them, along with creating advanced text and background effects.

 - Advanced Buttons
 - How to optimize animations
 - Outline Effect
 - Shape Hints
 - Sinewave Background Effect
 - Text Effects

SmartWebby’s Guide to Flash ‘n’ ASP:
This is a quick must read section of Flash that cover a host of topics such as integrating Flash with ASP, preparing the stage for animation, database interaction and field validation.

 -  Introduction
 -  Basics of Flash and ASP
 -  Preparing the Stage
 -  Sending Data from your Flash form to the database
 -  Getting Data from the database into your Flash form
 -  Flash preloader that waits for the data to load
 -  Validation of fields in Flash forms using JScript and VBScript

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April 9, 2009

Quick Flash Tutorial

Here is a quick Flash Tutorial at Brown University. This Flash tutorial discusses the use of the timeline in Flash programming. The tutorial also explains how to create symbols and animate objects, and another section describes object rotation and tweened animation, which causes objects on the screen to change shape and size. Embedding of audio and music in Flash movies is also demonstrated. A most important use of the Flash movie is to embed it in an HTML file and this aspect is also discussed in detail in this Flash tutorial.

Flash Features Taught by this tutorial:

Tools and Timeline In Flash:
 - Timeline
 - Creating Symbols
 - Tweened Animation
 - Motion Guides
 - Shape Tween
 - Object Rotation

Buttons In Flash:
This section has a step by step explanation of creating a button to replay the animation.

Sound/Music In Flash:
Do you want to add sound/music to you animation? This section describes how to do that.

Saving Flash Files:
This section explains how to save a flash file..

Embedding Flash into an HTML File:
If you want to embed Flash into an HTML file, this section helps you do that.

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April 4, 2009

12 Flash Tutorials

Here are 12 Flash Tutorials, from, that cover Flash basics, inserting rich media and the aesthetics of designing in Flash. These Flash tutorials also demonstrate gaming and game creation in Flash using ActionScript, Layers and Positioning. Flash has set about various trends in design and layout and this aspect is explored in depth here. A small section on Flash MX is provided which details authoring in Flash MX and Flash 6. These Flash tutorials also explain platform and browser limitations with regards to Flash, and areas of improvement such as Tab Order, Document Structure, Voicing Strategy and ‘Skip to Content’ links.

12 Flash Tutorials:

 - Semantic Flash: Slippery When Wet
 - Flash Embedding Cage Match
 - Bye Bye Embed
 - Flash Satay: Embedding Flash While Supporting Standards
 - Flash MX: Moving Toward Accessible Rich Media
 - Flash MX: Clarifying the Concept
 - The Flash Aesthetic
 - Game Design in Flash 5, Part II: Heroes & Villains
 - Flash’s Got a Brand New Bag
 - The Declination of Independence
 - Flash Access: Unclear on the Concept
 - Sympathy for the Plug-in

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March 30, 2009

59 Flash Tutorials

Here are 59 well-written Flash Tutorials from that cover Flash fundamentals and an introduction to the latest version of Flash’s native object-oriented programming language, ActionScript 3, with various coding examples. Most of the animation explained in these Flash Tutorials is done programmatically to better explain ActionScript, its variables and how to build the script. These Flash Tutorials also deal with XML, menu creation, loading multiple images and mouse-based image animation.

59 Flash Tutorials:

 - Basic Concepts of Flash
 - Animating with Flash
 - Vertical 3D Carousel with ActionScript 3
 - Flash Bubbles with ActionScript 3
 - Multiple 3D Carousels with ActionScript 3
 - Flash 3D Carousel with XML and ActionScript 3
 - 3D Tunnel with ActionScript 3
 - Flipping Image Pieces with ActionScript 3
 - Modern Preloader with ActionScript 3
 - Glowing Text Effect with ActionScript 3
 - Cool Menu with ActionScript 3
 - Random Boxes Text Effect with ActionScript 3
 - Advanced XML Menu with ActionScript 3
 - Cool MovieClip Scroller
 - Creating a Menu via XML
 - XML Pages with ActionScript 3
 - ActionScript 3 TransitionManager
 - ActionScript 3 Trail Effect
 - ActionScript 3 Spiral
 - ActionScript 3 Snowfall Effect
 - Shooting Masks via ActionScript 3
 - ActionScript 3 Shake Effect
 - ActionScript 3 Custom Scrollbar
 - Rotating Mouse Trail with ActionScript 3
 - Rotating Menu via ActionScript 3
 - Revealing an Image with ActionScript 3
 - ActionScript 3 Random Lines
 - ActionScript 3 Random Circles on Image
 - ActionScript 3 Web Portfolio
 - ActionScript 3 Physics
 - Mouse Over Image Animation
 - Cool Mask Animation with ActionScript 3
 - Loading Multiple Images
 - ActionScript 3 Image Mask Animation
 - Image Fill with ActionScript 3
 - ActionScript 3 Growing Lines
 - ActionScript 3 Magnifying Glass Effect

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March 27, 2009

21 Flash Tutorials

Here are 21 Flash Tutorials at that deal with creating animation and effects for web pages. Flash, earlier developed by Macromedia and currently by Adobe, is a popular application for integrating animation, audio and video in web pages to create rich Internet applications. These Adobe Flash Tutorials demonstrate Flash-based concepts such as masks, transitions, sound, and programming using Flash, not to mention animation tools such as Adobe Flex. To get you up and running in Flash, they show you how to download and install Flash players for browsers and using drag-and-drop components to develop a top-of-the-line user interface. These text and video-based Adobe Flash tutorials deal with the intricacies of creating simple and easy-to-use Flash movies and also integrating them in web pages. These Flash tutorials also provide a few simple games that can be quickly developed in Flash.

21 Adobe Flash Tutorials:

 - How to Play Kanye West Flashing Lights – Piano Tutorial
 - How to Add Flash SWF Files to a Page in Dreamweaver CS4
 - How to use Masks in Flash
 - Animation using a motion guide in Flash – Tutorial
 - Fashion style logo animation in Flash – Tutorial
 - Animation using clipping mask in Flash – Tutorial
 - black and white mask animation in Flash – Tutorial
 - Glowing object animation in Flash – Tutorial
 - Drag and drop object in Flash – Tutorial
 - Cool Image Presentation with nice transitions in Flash - Tutorial
 - Changing the pivot point position in Flash – Tutorial
 - Introducing the Flash Player – Adobe Flex 2
 - How to Download and Install the Adobe Flash Player Plug-in
 - How to Test Adobe Flash, Shockwave, Acrobat and Java Plug-ins/Readers
 - How to use Audio in Flash Animation
 - How kids Can learn and have fun with Flash games
 - Away3D Programming Tutorial – Effects
 - Pandemic II: The Free Flash Game That Gives Users a Chance to Create a Super Virus, Bacteria, or Parasite
 - Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial – Creating a Papervision Component
 - Away3D Programming Tutorials – Getting Started
 - Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial – Enhanced Fog

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February 20, 2009

51 Flash Tutorials from

Here are 51 great Flash Tutorials from They cover and teach many Flash features, tasks, and activities in Flash CS4, Flash CS3, and Flash 8 using screen cam videos and step-by-step illustrated instructions. These Flash tutorials are linked below, with the most recent at the top.

Flash Tutorials at layersmagazine:

 - Flash Audio, Part 1
 - Flash Audio, Part 2
 - Video Filters and Blend Effects in Flash
 - Adobe Sound Documents
 - Creating Motion in Flash with Bones Tool
 - Flash CS4 Deco Tool
 - Flash to Video
 - Adobe Soundbooth Audio Files with Flash Video
 - Animate a Flying Bird using Illustrator and Flash, Part 1
 - Animate a Flying Bird using Illustrator and Flash, Part 2
 - Creating Rain in After Effects, Part 2
 - Creating Smoke in Adobe Flash
 - Illustrator to Flash
 - Dreamweaver XML Flash Slideshow Extension
 - Trace Bitmap in Flash CS4
 - Flash Video the Easy Way
 - Flash Video the Easy Way, Pt. 2
 - Flash Video the Easy Way, Pt. 3
 - Flash CS4 Motion Easing
 - Flash CS4 Animating Puppets
 - Flash CS4 Motion Tweening
 - Flash CS4 Motion Editor
 - Flash CS4 Folded Book
 - Flash CS4 SprayBrush
 - Flash CS4 Media Encoder
 - Basic Coding For Flash Video
 - Falling Snow in Flash CS3
 - HD Video in Flash Professional CS3
 - Code-Free Flash Video
 - Flash CS3: Made-To-Order Text
 - Flash Buttons with Action Script 3
 - Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts
 - Closed-Captioned Video in Flash CS3
 - Moving Illustrator Art in Flash CS3
 - Handlin’ Photoshop and Illustrator Content in Flash
 - Animated Zoom Blur in Flash CS3
 - In a Flash
 - Importing Photoshop Files Into Flash
 - Controlling the Timeline with ActionScript 3
 - Converting Video Files into Flash Format
 - Turning Animation into Code in Flash CS3
 - 9 Slice Scaling in Flash
 - Passing Variables Using Flash and Dreamweaver
 - Creating a Simple Calculator Using Adobe Flash
 - Complex Button Animation in Adobe Flash
 - Flash Slideshow Image Gallery
 - Animating a Match in Adobe Flash
 - Custom Video Player in Adobe Flash
 - Creating an Interactive Story in Adobe Flash
 - Creating an Interactive Story – Part 2
 - E-card Announcement using Adobe Flash
 - Animating Shadows in Adobe Flash
 - Animating Your Adobe Photoshop Files in Flash 8
 - Attaching Movie Clips in Flash Using ActionScript
 - Motion Blur in Flash
 - Tweening with Ease: Using Easing Controls
 - Blending and Filtering in Flash 8 Professional
 - Using Illustrator Symbols in Flash
 - Integrating Video in a Flash Movie
 - Photoshop Layers into Flash
 - Water Ripples

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January 19, 2009

Flash Animation Tutorials from

Here are lots and lots of Flash Animation Tutorials, from These Flash tutorials and guides provide step-by-step lessons for both Flash fundamentals and advanced topics. Use these tutorials to increase your skills in using the many features and tools of Flash. Also, learn how to create and design compelling Flash animations for your web site.

Categories of Flash Animation Tutorials, Guides, and Lessons:

 - ActionScripting Basics (28)

 - Flash Traditional Animation (11)

 - ActionScripting Challenges (17)

 - Holiday Themes (24)

 - Do-It-Yourself (1)

 - Kids’ Corner (3)

 - Flash Basics: Tweening (14)

 - Masking (4)

 - Flash for Artwork (4)

 - Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks (35)

 - Flash for Games & Fun Stuff (17)

 - Simple Applications (31)

 - Flash MX Effects (5)

 - Symbols & Related (15)

 - Flash Program Tools (64)

 - Web-Related Flash Lessons (26)

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January 13, 2009

16 Flash Tutorials from John Nack

John Nack writes a great blog at His Flash Category Archives is an excellent resource for Flash application and web developers. Here are 16 Flash tutorials that he expertly introduces and links to. John’s insight and understanding of Flash will help you become a better Flash user and developer.

Tutorial: Creating Flash panels for Photoshop
Matthew Keefe has posted a brief tutorial on how to create your first Flash panel for Photoshop CS4. To load any SWF in Photoshop as a panel…

Flash + AE video tutorial
The newly launched Motion Design Center features a video tutorial on using AE to animate text, then import it into Flash.

Next-gen Web galleries: XSLT, Flash, & CSS for all
Lightroom actually supports two kinds of templates: Flash templates, and HTML templates. In this article, I’m going to focus on HTML templates.

Color between Photoshop and Flash: What’s the
Sweet man, just ran into this issue with a client, and that tutorial helped. Had no idea Flash was so color-blind.

Use AE+Flash to create interactive video
I think this is just the beginning of what AE & Flash will be able to do in tandem. For more tutorial content on AE, Premiere Pro, Flash…

PatchPanel: Flash panels for multiple CS applications
Follow along with this tutorial for using a framework that embraces running our Flash plug-in in multiple Creative Suite applications (Photoshop and Illustrator). When we are done, our Flash plug-in will work in all three CS applications using code that is appropriate for each host application

PatchPanels: Integrating your ExtendScript
Follow along with this tutorial to create a simple Flash plug-in that gets the RGB, CMYK and HSB values of the foreground color in Photoshop CS4.

Extending Photoshop via SWF Panels: Tutorials
Follow along with this tutorial to create a Hello World Flash panel for Photoshop. In this exercise, you will create a Flash plug-in within

Smokin’ AE particles, complex Flash masks
Smokin’ AE particles, complex Flash masks, more in Design Center Blur by Jeff Foster (video tutorial); Create a complex mask in Flash 8

Pixel Bender + Your Photos
PB is a way of running fast filter code in Flash Player.

SiteGrinder 2 turns PSDs into HTML/CSS
MediaLab, makers of the popular PSD2FLA Photoshop-to-Flash conversion plug-in, …. I’ve made the tutorial which explains how to convert a psd file to a CSS.

“Star Wars, nothing but Staaar Waaars…”
Now that Flash CS4 offers “postcards in space”-style 3D On Jeremy Schultz has posted a tutorial on creating a Star Wars-style text crawl using the new app.

Tips on Lightroom Flash galleries
If you’re interested in wringing the most out of Lightroom’s Flash-based Web galleries…

Putting Flash video inside the Photoshop UI
Flash inside a PS window is fine if Adobe want to sell services but there’s ….. The video tutorial in Photoshop is just a commonly understandable exemple

Sleek Photoshop-Flash integration sneak at Flashforward
At today’s Flashforward keynote speech, Flash PM Mike Downey gave a sneak peek of the integration with Photoshop that’s planned for Flash 9.

Get better color online through Flash Player 10
Let’s not mince words: Presenting your images through Flash is now the best way to preserve the fidelity of their color online.

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October 9, 2008

70-page Flash MX Training Manual

Flash videos and movies consist of multi-media graphics, text, and animations that are designed for web applications and sites. Flash contents is made up of vector graphics, and also imported video, bitmap graphics, and sounds. As a web designer and developer, you can add user interactivity to your Flash movies to make it more attractive and compelling for your visitors. You can also use Flash to create navigation controls, animated logos, and animations with synchronized sound. Flash development files are .fla type files and contain all the data necessary for developing and testing the content. The Flash movies that a visitor or user sees are produced from a published .fla file and end with the .swf extension.

Here is a 70-page Flash MX Training Manual, from Purdue University, that will show and teach you many of the features of Flash and how to create and present Flash presentations and movies. The Flash topics covered by this training document are listed below in the table of contents. (607kb, pdf format)

Table of Contents of Flash MX Training Manual:

Getting Started
  System requiements
  Installing Flash

About Flash MX and General Overview
General Flash settings and features
  Stage & work area of Flash MX
  Using the grid
  Using guides
  Using rulers
  Creating a new document/template
  Using Scenes & Scene Panel
  Using the timeline
  Changing the location of the playhead
  Using frames & keyframes
  Working with Frames and Keyframes in timeline
  Creating frame labels & comments in the timeline
  Using layers
  Creating layers and layer folders
  Viewing layers and layer folders
  Organizing layers & layer folders
  Using Guide Layers

Drawing in Flash MX
Vector Vs Bitmap
  Vector graphics
  Bitmap graphics
Flash drawing & painting tools
  Drawing with the Pencil tool
  Drawing with the Pen tool
  Painting using the brush tool
  To paint with the Brush tool:
  Reshaping graphics using the Arrow tool

Using Colors in Flash MX
Using stroke and fill colors
Working with solid colors/gradients using the color mixer
Locking a gradient or bitmap to fill the stage

Importing Artwork, Video, & Audio
Formats you can import
Working with Artwork
  Using the property inspector to work with bitmaps
  Applying a bitmap fill
  Breaking apart a bitmap
  Converting Bitmaps to Vector Graphics
Working with Video
  How to Import Video
  To update an embedded video clip editing in an external editor
  To replace an embedded video clip with another video clip
Working with Audio
  To import audio
  To add a sound to a movie
  Add sounds to buttons
  Using the sound-editing control panel
  To edit a sound file:
  To stop and start a sound at an Ending Keyframe

Transforming Shapes & Graphics
Transforming objects freely
Modifying shapes using the Envelope modifier
Scaling objects
Rotating objects
Skewing objects

Symbols, Instances, & Library assets

Types of symbol behavior
Creating Symbols
  To convert selected elements to a symbol:
  To create a new empty symbol:
Duplicating Symbols
  To duplicate a symbol using the Library panel:
  To duplicate a symbol by selecting an instance:
Creating Instances
  To create a new instance of a symbol:
  To apply a custom name to an instance:
Creating buttons

Creating Animations

Motion and Shape tweening overview
Frame by Frame animation overview
Creating Keyframes
Representation of animations in the timeline
Motion Tweening Instances and Groups
Shape Tweening

Action Scripts

Using the Actions Panel
  To display the Actions panel, do one of the following:
  To activate the Actions panel:
  To navigate through the Actions toolbox, do the following:
Actions Panel in the normal mode
  To display the actions panel in normal mode
  To view a description of an action, do one of the following:
  To add an action to the script panel, do one of the following
  To delete an action
  To relocate a statement in the action script window
  To work with parameters
  To search for text in a script, do one of the following
  To navigate between scripts
  To resize the actions toolbox or script panel
  To view line numbers in the script panel
  To print actions
Assign Actions to frames and buttons
  To assign an action to a frame in the timeline
  To test a movie and actions
  To Assign actions to buttons
  To assign an action to a button:

Flash MX and Accessibility

Publishing the Flash movie

  To set general publish settings for a Flash document

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August 23, 2008

Flash Tutorials in Many Categories

For many Flash Tutorials in lots of areas, check out These tutorials will teach you how to use Flash, from the basics on up to producing Flash websites complete with multi-media presentations and animations. The categories of these Flash tutorials are linked below, and you can also use this search form to find the Flash topics you are looking for. This site also lets you upload your Flash tutorials, tips, and tricks so you can share them with others.

Search Flash Tutorials at Flash Perfection:

Flash Tutorial Categories at Flash Perfection:

 - 3D Flash Tutorials

 - Flash Actionscripting Tutorials

 - Flash Animation Tutorials

 - Flash Audio Tutorials

 - Flash Backend Tutorials

 - Flash Dynamic Content Tutorials

 - Flash Games Tutorials

 - Flash Basics Tutorials

 - Flash Interactivity Tutorials

 - Flash Math Physics Tutorials

 - Flash Optimization Tutorials

 - Flash Projector Tutorials

 - Flash Special Effects Tutorials

 - Flash Text Effects Tutorials

 - Flash Tips & Techniques

 - Flash Utilities

 - Flash Video

 - Flash Articles

 - Flash Web Design

 - SWiSH Tutorials

 - FlashDesigner Tutorials

 - Expression Blend Tutorials

 - 3rd Party Flash Tutorials

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August 19, 2008

4 Free Online Flash Books

Here are four Free Online Flash Books to help you master this web development application. Adobe Flash is rapidly becoming the Web’s most widely used platform for creating rich media with animation and motion graphics, but mastering Flash isn’t easy. These books will help you increase your Flash skills in many areas and features of Flash, including color effects, drawing and masking, animation, 3D, text, audio, video, user interface, printing, XML, and Actionscript. ActionScript is Flash’s programming language that allows you to produce compelling multimedia web sites and more.

Flash Book
 - Visual Effects
 - Color Effects
 - Drawing and Masking
 - Animation
 - 3D and Physics
 - Text
 - Sound
 - User Interface Elements
 - Performance and Optimization
 - ActionScript
 - Browser Integration

Flash and XML: A Developer’s Guide
 - Flash Basics
 - Flash ActionScript
 - More ActionScript
 - XML
 - Recursive
 - Database
 - SQL
 - Serving
 - Two-Way
 - Cookies
 - Flash to
 - Multiplexed
 - End Note

Flash 8: Projects for Learning Animation and Interactivity
 - Getting Started, Right Out of the Box
 - Creating Quickly: Customizing Your Workspace
 - Your First Animation
 - Buttons and Interactivity
 - Working with Graphics
 - Movie Clips and Interactivity
 - More Animation Techniques
 - Using Sound
 - Using Video
 - Compositing and Bitmap Effects
 - Working with Text
 - Loading Assets on the Fly
 - e-Learning with Flash
 - Flash for CD-ROM and Handhelds
 - Think Outside the Box

Flash ActionScript: Training from the Source
 - Lesson1: Introduction to ActionScript 2.0
 - Lesson2: Functions
 - Lesson3: Conditional Logic
 - Lesson4: Arrays and Loops
 - Lesson5: Built-in Classes
 - Lesson6: Custom Classes
 - Lesson7: Events, Listeners, and Callbacks
 - Lesson8: Dynamically Creating Assets
 - Lesson9: Bitmap Features
 - Lesson10: UI Components
 - Lesson11: Advanced Object-Oriented Design
 - Lesson12: Data Validation
 - Lesson13: External Data Connections
 - Lesson14: XML and Flash
 - Lesson15: External Interface
 - Lesson16: Sound and Video
 - Lesson17: Printing and Context Menus
 - Lesson18: Maximum-Strength SWF Files

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