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January 26, 2010

eBooks for Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver

Here are 6 freely available ebooks covering 5 Adobe applications as linked here. These are Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Adobe Application eBooks:

 - Photoshop Quick Reference ebook

 - Adobe Illustrator ebook

 - Fireworks ebook

 - Flash MX ebook

 - Flash ebook 2

 - Dreamweaver ebook

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January 14, 2010

InDesign, Fireworks, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver References and Shortcuts

These excellent InDesign, Fireworks, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver Quick References and Keyboard Shortcuts will provide you with a good understanding of the features and functionality available in these applications. These help and support documents cover Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver for both the PC and Mac platforms. All of these reference documents are in pdf format.

Fireworks CS3 Quick Reference Card( Mac)  364K 
This reference card explains the different tools and options available in Fireworks CS3 on the Mac platform.
Fireworks CS3 Quick Reference Card (PC)  502K 
This reference card explains the different tools and options available in Fireworks CS3 on the PC platform.
Illustrator CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)  65K 
Provides the various useful keyboard shortcuts used in Illustrator CS3 on the Mac platform.
Illustrator CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)  61K 
Provides the different useful keyboard shortcuts used in Illustrator CS3 on the PC platform.
InDesign CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)  64K 
Provides the various useful keyboard shortcuts used in InDesign CS3 on the Mac platform.
InDesign CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)  58K 
Provides the different useful keyboard shortcuts used in InDesign CS3 on the PC platform.

InDesign for the QuarkXPress User  337K 
Discusses the various keyboard shortcuts, selecting and moving objects, document layout in InDesign for QuarkExpress.

Dreamweaver CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)  62K 
Provides the different useful keyboard shortcuts used in Dreamweaver CS3 on the Mac platform.
Dreamweaver CS3 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)  54K 
Provides the different useful keyboard shortcuts used in Dreamweaver CS3 on the PC platform.

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June 23, 2009

Fireworks 8 Tutorial

Here is an Adobe Fireworks 8 Tutorial, hosted at the University of Florida, that explains in detail several features of this bitmap and vector graphics editor. This Fireworks tutorial describes Fireworks’ features through a tour with appropriate screen shots wherever necessary. The tutorial explains various features of the Fireworks, such as the interface, creating and saving an image, difference between a bitmap and a vector, various tools, menus and panels. (17 pages, 1.9 mb, doc format)

Fireworks 8 Tutorial Topics:

 - Fireworks Start Page
 - Fireworks Interface
 - Creating and Saving a New Image
 - Open an Existing File
 - Bitmap vs. Vector
 - Fireworks Tools
 - Menus
 - Panels

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May 12, 2009

33 Fireworks CS4 Tutorials

Here are 33 Fireworks CS4 Tutorials at SmartWebby discuss and teach Fireworks CS4 and its new features, which include effects such as blurring, image fade, line and drawing, rollover and text reflection. Effects for images are also explained; these effects include GIF animation, rainbow effect, artwork, and spiraling effects. Further effects shown are transparent text, metallic gold and silver, a cloud. Creating drop down menus with simple and advanced navigation are explained in detail. Also included in these Fireworks tutorials are quick tips and tricks for Fireworks, graphic design and web design ideas, and image exporting for websites.

33 Adobe Fireworks Tutorials:

 - Software Review: Adobe Fireworks CS4 Cool New Features
 - Photo Blur Effect
 - Photo Montage, Fade Image Effect
 - Extract Image Effect
 - Line Art, Pencil Drawing Effect
 - Blend Mode Effect
 - Paste Inside Effect
 - Rollover Images Effect
 - Swap Images Effect
 - Text Reflection Effect
 - Transparent Text Effect
 - Metallic Silver Effect
 - Metallic Gold Effect
 - Wooden Texture Effect
 - Glittering Text Effect
 - Text Path Effect
 - Convert to Paths Text Effect
 - 3D Ball Graphic
 - Cloud Effect
 - Animated GIF Graphic
 - Rainbow Effect
 - Sunflower Artwork
 - Spiral Effect Snail Graphic
 - Torus 3D Ring Graphic
 - Twist and Fade Technique
 - Simple Navigation Ideas
 - Advanced Navigation Ideas
 - Drop Down Menu Navigation
 - Best Web Design Software
 - Fireworks Tips
 - Graphic Design Ideas
 - Web Design Ideas
 - Export Images: Slicing and exporting website images

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April 20, 2009

22 Fireworks CS4 Tutorials

Here are 22 Fireworks CS4 Tutorials at that provide an overview of Fireworks and its various tools. Fireworks is a vector graphics editing application, which was originally developed by Macromedia and is now developed by Adobe. Fireworks is mainly used by web designers for vector image creation and manipulation.

The overview of Fireworks is divided into several simple and easy-to-understand tutorials that cover import and export of various image formats in Fireworks, including the Adobe PDF format, slicing and linking images. These Fireworks Tutorials also discuss the color management, symbols and the layout tools in Fireworks. The AIR package command and the integration with Photoshop is explained in depth.

22 Fireworks Tutorials:

 - Photoshop Image to Web using Fireworks CS4
 - Fireworks 101
 - Creating Rain in After Effects
 - Fireworks CS4 Symbols
 - Fireworks CS4 CSS Export
 - Fireworks CS4 AIR Demo
 - Fireworks CS4 Color Management
 - Fireworks CS4 Photoshop Integration
 - Fireworks CS4 Flex Skinning
 - Fireworks CS4 Layout Tools
 - Fireworks CS4 Styles Management
 - Fireworks CS4 Exporting to PDF
 - Fireworks CS4 Beta for Web Design
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 10 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 9 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 8 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 7 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 6 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 5 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 4 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 3 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 2 of 10
 - Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 1 of 10

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April 3, 2009

Fireworks Tutorial

This is a Fireworks Tutorial, from Brown University, for those just learning how to use this application. Adobe Fireworks, originally developed by Macromedia and currently by Adobe, is a vector graphics editing application. It can be easily integrated with Dreamweaver and Flash. This Fireworks tutorial covers how to create simple graphics that include a logo banner. Images can be optimized for use on the Internet and in other applications, and a section here demonstrates image optimization. Also explained is GIF animation in Fireworks. This Fireworks tutorial is short and simple and each section provides an example to complement it.

Features Taught by this Fireworks Tutorial:

Creating a Logo Banner In Fireworks:
This section explains how to create a logo banner with example.

Fireworks Photo Image Optimization:
This example is to create simple photo image button.

Creating An Animated GIF Using Fireworks:
This example shows how to create an animated GIF banner using Fireworks.

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October 15, 2008

44-page Fireworks MX Training Manual

Fireworks MX is an application for designing graphics to use on website and web applications. By using Fireworks’ tools and features, you are able to create and manipulate both vector and bitmap graphics within a single file. Computer graphics fall into two main categories: bitmap and vector. You can work with both types of graphics in Fireworks. Understanding the difference between the two helps as you create, edit, and import artwork. Bitmap images use a grid of colors known as pixels to represent images. Each pixel is assigned a specific location and color value. Vector graphics are made up of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors. Vectors describe an image according to its geometric characteristics. Fireworks makes it easy to optimize and prepare your graphic files for your web site. With Fireworks, for example, you can shrink the size of web graphic files without losing quality, so they download faster.

This is a 44-page Fireworks MX Training Manual, hosted by Purdue University. It will help you become proficient at using many of the important tools and features that Fireworks offers. By using this training manual, you’ll learn Fireworks concepts such as opening, importing, and saving files, finding your way around the Fireworks environment, and working within a file. You’ll also learn how to add Live Effects, use Filters, work with Layers, create Slices, and optimize and export your graphic and image files. (1.59mb, pdf format)

Table of Contents of Fireworks Training Manual:

Getting Started
System requirements
About Fireworks MX

Understanding Computer Graphics
Image size and resolution
Bit depth
The importance of file size in web design
Web image file formats
   GIF format
   JPEG format

The Fireworks Work Environment
Stage Area
Tool Box Panel
Properties Inspector
Tool Panels
Creating a new document

Editing Digital Photos or Previously Created Graphics
Editing Photos/Bitmaps
Adding Live Effects
Live Effects Tools and How to Apply Them
   Applying beveled edges
   Applying Embossing
   Applying Shadows and Glows
   Creating Custom Live Effects
Using Filters
   Adjusting Color
Creative Effects

Using Layers
Activating a Layer
Adding and Removing Layers
Viewing Layers
Organizing Layers
Protecting Layers and Objects
Merging Objects in the Layers Panel
Sharing Layers

Using Slicing in Fireworks MX
Creating and Editing Slices
Creating HTML Slices
Creating Non-Rectangular Slices
Defining How to Export HTML Tables

Optimizing and Exporting Images
What is Optimizing?
The Export Wizard
Optimizing GIFs, PNGs, TIFFs, BMPs, and PICTs
Choosing a Color Palette
Making areas transparent

Exporting from Fireworks MX
Exporting a Single Image
Exporting a Sliced Image
Exporting Selected Slices
Exporting HTML

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June 12, 2008

28 Fireworks Video Tutorials

Fireworks is a popular bitmap and vector graphics editing application from Adobe. It is designed to integrate easily with other former Macromedia products, such as the popular Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. Here are 28 Fireworks Video Tutorials, from, making up their free Fireworks Video Course. These will show and teach you how to perform many tasks using Fireworks, including: Select and Lasso, Paintbrush, Vector Pen Tool, Vector Brush Tool, Image Masks, Recording Actions, Slicing, Animating, Gradients, Clone Tool, Custom Textures, and various Text Effects.

28 Fireworks Video Tutorials:

01. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Select and Lasso

02. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Paintbrush

04. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Blur Dodge Sharpen

05. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Rubber Stamp

06. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Color replace

07. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Removing Redeye

08. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Vector Pen Tool

09. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Vector Brush Tool

10. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Smart shapes

11. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Image Masks

12. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Free-form Tools

13. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Recording Actions

14. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Batch File Edit

16. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Slicing I

17. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Slicing II

18. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Selective Compression

19. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Animated Gifs

20. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Using Type

21. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Animating

22. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Exporting Transparency

23. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Working with Gradients

24. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Custom Texture

25. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Combine Path Objects

26. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Making a Pop up Menu

27. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Clone Tool

29. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Perspective Shadows

34. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Text on a Path

35. Fireworks 8 Video Tutorial – Bevelled Text

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April 24, 2008

14 Free Fireworks 8 QuickSkill Tutorials

Here are 14 Free Fireworks 8 Video QuickSkill Tutorials from These Fireworks tutorials show you step-by-step via screen videos how to perform these everyday tasks in Fireworks.  (This sites charges a fee for accessing more of these tutorials.) (This sites charges a fee for accessing more of these tutorials.)

Basic Fireworks QuickSkills

New Files
Creating a new file II

Grab Objects
Using the grab tool

Edit Points
Move the end points of a line

Scale Image
Numerically scale an image

Crop Images
Crop an image III

Intermediate Fireworks QuickSkills

Image Hotspot
Using the oval hotspot tool

Web 2.0 Button
Create a web 2.0 style button

Text Outline
Creatre a thick text outline

Banner Background
Creating a background for a web banner

Advanced Fireworks QuickSkills

Rubber Stamp
Using the rubber stamp tool

Sepia Tones
Convert an image to sepia II

Image Rollover
Creating a 2 frame image swap

Animating an object

Onion Skin
Onion skinning frames

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March 25, 2008

166 Adobe Fireworks Tutorials

Here are 166 Adobe Fireworks Tutorials, linked from Adobe Fireworks is a design and graphics editing application that you can use to create compelling Web graphics. These Fireworks tutorials will show you how to: use bitmap tools to edit an image, create logos for your company or site, design Web pages for your site, add rollover buttons, export your pages as HTML file, and much more.

Firework Tutorial Topics:

 - Animation
 - Buttons, Menus and Interfaces
 - Drawing
 - Getting Started
 - Picture Editing
 - Special Effects
 - Text Effects
 - Tips and Tricks

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December 28, 2007

16 eBooks and Books for Photoshop and more

Here are 16 ebooks and books available from covering Photoshop, Fireworks, Acrobat, Gimp, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, and Dreamweaver. You can use 7-Zip to uncompress the .rar files.

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Classroom In A Book (rar)
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 User Guide (pdf)
Adobe Photoshop Actions Catalog (pdf)
Adobe Photoshop Advanced Training (Html And pdf) (rar)
Photoshop ebook (Html) (rar)
Photoshop Handbook (Html) (rar)


Fireworks 4 ebook (pdf)


Acrobat 5 PDF ebook (2001) (pdf)
Adobe Acrobat 6 pdf ebook (2003) (pdf)

The Gimp User Manual (pdf)

Illustrator 7 ebook (pdf)

3D Studio Max
3D Studio Max 2 Tutorials (pdf)
3D Studio Max Platinum Tutorials (html) (rar)

Dreamweaver 3 ebook (pdf) (rar)
Dreamweaver 4 ebook (pdf)
Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 (pdf) (rar)

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December 6, 2007

Fireworks MX Tutorial

The San Antonio Independent School District provides this well written Fireworks MX Tutorial that covers and teaches many features of Fireworks that will help you become better with using this graphics editor application. This tutorial is a part of this site’s Macromedia MX Tutorials. Their website hosts many web-based software tutorials and resources. 

Fireworks MX Tutorial
(36 pages, 5.6 mb, pdf format)

Fireworks Tutorial Contents:

Parts of the Fireworks Window
Tools Panel icons
Creating Graphics (for Desktop Publishing)
       Opening a graphic
       Steps to creating your business logo
       How to make:
       Pizza Lid
       The Coupons
       The Business Cards
       The Letterhead
       The Envelope
       A Master template in MS Power Point
       An Advertisement
Text modification
       Curve text
       Text as Mask
Vector modification – combining paths
       Join, Union
       Intersect, Punch, and Crop
Adding color to a black/white photograph
Creating Graphics (for Web-based Publishing)
       Designing your website
       Creating Wallpaper:
       Single layer
       Overlaying Images
Creating Navigation Buttons (Web pages)

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October 26, 2007

Tutorials on Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver

I just wrote a post on our Web Development Tutorial blog covering nine screen-shot illustrated Web Page Design Tutorials, from the San Antonio Independent School District. Web design and development topics and software presented by these tutorials include the following: Web Design Theory, Images, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, CSS, and Templates.

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February 5, 2007

Fireworks 8 Tutorials from In Pictures

In Pictures has just posted new online tutorials covering many features of Adobe Fireworks 8. These free Fireworks tutorials will teach  you the how to develop and create Web graphics and art work using Fireworks. These tutorials are based on screen shots and are constucted in a way that makes it easier to understand and practice the software functions being taught.

Creating Graphics

Enhancing Graphics

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October 16, 2006

Fireworks Animated Lessons

The Instructional Technology Group at the University of Nebraska Lincoln provides the following animated Macromedia Fireworks Tutorials. Each Fireworks tutorial lesson is flash-based, and contains text captions explaining the functionality being demonstrated with the mouse and keyboard.

Macromedia Fireworks Animated Lessons

What is Fireworks?

Working with Photos

Bitmap and Vector Images

The Toolbar

Working with the Canvas

The Property Inspector Panel

Working with Text, Objects & Styles

Text Styles Part 2

Creating an Image Map

Creating a Button Bar

Using Fireworks Files in Dreamweaver

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September 12, 2006

29 Fireworks Tutorials

Here are a total of 29 cool Free Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 Tutorials, from Here you will learn some cool Fireworks effects to create attractive web images and designs. By learning these useful Fireworks tips & tricks you’ll have a more compelling website and create more appealling graphics. These are easy to understand as the tasks are described in simple language along with step-by-step instructions. Also included below is a link to their Free Dreamweaver Templates and Fireworks Layouts. (In a blog post in Aug. 2005, I provided links to the main pages on this site, this post links to all of the Photoshop tutorials directly, including the new ones.)

29 Fireworks Tutorials

Fireworks Tips
Cool tips and tricks on Macromedia Fireworks.
Swap Images
Learn just how easy it is to create swap images in Fireworks.
Animated Gifs
Learn How To Create Simple Animated Gifs.
Motion Trail Effect
This tutorial helps you to create a Motion Trail effect to an image.
Chocolate Text
Follow these easy steps to give a chocolate look to a text.
Cool Photo Frames
Try out these classy edge effects on your photos. It gives a cool look!
Patterned Text
Follow these simple steps to give a pattern to a text.
Crayon Effect
Wish to change a graphic into a child’s crayon work? Click here.
3D Zoom Effect
This tutorial will teach you how to give a 3D Zoom effect.
Photo-Negative Effect
Learn to give a photo-negative effect to an image.
Night-Vision Effect
Follow these steps to give a night-vision effect to your image
Fade an Image
Give different fading effects to an image.
Paste Inside
Learn how to create pictures in the shape of objects you create.
Website Screenshots/Thumbnails
Creating website screenshots & thumbnails in Fireworks.
Patterns in Fireworks
Learn how to apply patterns and add custom patterns in fireworks.
Fireworks Web Design
Learn how to design a website in Fireworks.
Drop-Down Menus
Creating Vertical and Horizontal Drop Down Menus in Fireworks MX 2004.
Rollover Images
Learn how to create rollover buttons in Dreamweaver and Fireworks
Change Image Color
Learn how to change the color of a particular area of an image.
Create Borders/Frames
Learn how to create beautiful borders/frames for pages or images.
Horizontal Line Effect
This tutorial guides you to create a horizontal line effect to an image.
Transparent Text
You can create a transparent text and place it on any image. Try this.
Twist & Fade Effect
Liven up your graphics with this wonderful effect!
Textured Text
Learn to give a texture to your text.   
Color to Grayscale
Convert your color images to grayscale.
Old-Photographic Style
Wish to convert your image to an old photograph? Click here.
Image to Pencil Drawing
Learn how to convert an image to a pencil drawing!
Image Editing using Feathering in Fireworks
Free Web page Backgrounds!
Check out these attractive, free backgrounds for your webpages!

Free Dreamweaver Templates and Fireworks Layouts

Download free Dreamweaver templates from! All the free Dreamweaver template downloads include the Dreamweaver template, Fireworks source file, css styles, fonts and a help guide that will give you step-by-step instructions on customizing the templates. These website templates can easily be customized with your company name, navigation links and footer information. Download these simple, smart, attractive, beautiful, fast-loading website templates and get your own website up and running within a day with our simple help guide.

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July 17, 2006

Beginners Dreamweaver and Fireworks Tutorials hosts a series of tutorials excerpted from two Dreamweaver and Fireworks books which will get you started using Dreamweaer and Fireworks.. These include 2 tutorials on integrating Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

Beginners Dreamweaver and Fireworks Tutorials

Dreamweaver Tutorials

Tutorial #1 Planning your first web site
Covers the fundamental questions that everyone must consider when developing their first web site. Includes a handy planning guide for focusing on how your site should be structured to reach your intended audience. This is the essential first step that everyone should use before they begin building any web site.

Tutorial #2 Creating a site structure
This tutorial, excerpted from Module 2, explores how an initial site plan is translated into a rock-solid site structure using Dreamweaver’s Site window. Important tips about the steps you’ll need to use before you ever build your first web page are covered in this informative lesson.

Tutorial #3 The Printed Word—Working with Text
From Module 5, this tutorial leads you through the process of inserting and formatting text in an HTML document. Considerations you need to keep in mind when working with text, why HTML limits the types of fonts you can use, and how text can be formatted for an improved viewer experience are just a few of the topics covered in this informative lesson.

Tutorial #4 Designing with Dreamweaver Templates
Excerpted from Module 9, this quick tutorial steps you through the process of designing a template and defining editable regions—allowing you to create a consistent look for your site that can be repeated over and over again.

Tutorial #5 Applying a Simple Swap Image Behavior
Ever want to pull off one of those neat little tricks that allow a link to display an image in another part of a page? It’ s easy with Dreamweaver behaviors as this quick tutorial will show.

Fireworks Tutorials

Tutorial #1 Creating a new Fireworks document
In this introductory tutorial to the Fireworks interface you’ll learn how to create a new document, set canvas size and color, and open existing documents. A quick overview of many of the fundamentals you’ll need to know to begin working with Fireworks.

Tutorial #2 Using bitmap selection tools

Tutorial #3 Beginner’s Guide to Fireworks Animations
In addition to the many ways that Fireworks can be used for editing and optimizing graphics for the web, it is also the premier tool for creating animated GIFs. Learn the basics of how animations are created using frame-by-frame techniques as well as some of the ways that creating animations can be automated.

Tutorial #4 Creating a Transparency Mask
One of the most requested techniques at the Fireworks newsgroup. Masking allows you to to create an effect that fades an image from opaque to transparent. Easy and fun!

Tutorial # 5 Disjoint Rollovers
With the tools provided by Fireworks you can create some fabulous effects through the magic of disjoint rollovers. Learn how to create an effect where rolling over one object on the page causes another object to appear.

Integrating Dreamweaver and Fireworks

Beginner’s Guide to Pop-Up Menus
Pop-up menus are all the rage, and a great new feature found in Fireworks 4. But if they’re so wonderful, why do so many people have problems with them? Learn the essential steps you need to take to insure that your pop-ups work every time—from properly structuring your site to creating, exporting, and employing these great site navigation objects.

Creating Seamless Backgrounds
Page and table backgrounds are a great way to add visual interest to a web page, but how to create the background so that it tiles seamlessly? This tutorial leads you through the process of creating seamless backgrounds for a horizontal graphic in Fireworks and demostrates how the background can be employed in Dreamweaver.

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June 6, 2006

Quick Reference Guides for Photoshop, Flash, Firework, Dreamweaver, HTML

Rhodes State College offers the following free Quick Reference Guides for Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and HTML (in pdf format). These are excellent for learning the details and features of these important web development software applications.

Quick Reference Guides for Photoshop, Flash, Firework, Dreamweaver, and HTML

Flash: | 5 | MX |

Fireworks: | 4 | MX |

Dreamweaver: | 4 | MX |

Photoshop: | 6 | 7 |

HTML: | 4 |

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May 26, 2006

Web Development Tutorials and Articles from

Here are several excellent tutorials and articles using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and in some cases, free Dreamweaver and Fireworks customizations, to make some very interesting web site usability and graphics features.

Web Development Tutorials and Articles from

  • Pop Menu Magic and Accessibility: If you build an accessible web page, Pop Menu Magic will work within your vision to provide engaging navigation within the scope of your own accessibiliy conformance needs. It will work with you, never against you.
  • Hiding a Skip Link over a textured background
    A little ingenuity and CSS can accomplish the task of hiding a skip link, while keeping it accessible, on a page that has an intricate patterned background.
CSS Lab Images Navigation
  • Using Root-Level Images in Pop Menu Magic
    Learn how to use CSS to manage images for root-level menu items in PMM.
  • Simple VII Popup Menus: Use PVII free extensions to make an engaging and efficient popup menu.
  • CSS Uberlinks List Menus: Learn how to make pure text navigation bars that look and behave like swap image-based menus (cross-referenced from the CSS Labs section).
  • Positioned Popup Menus : Learn how to position a Simple VII popup menu so that it aligns with trigger images in a centered table.
  • SwapClass CSS Tree Menu: PVII SwapClass is a powerful and versatile extension. Learn to build an expanding and collapsing tree-style menu with true toggling capabilities.

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April 28, 2006

Fireworks MX Illustrated and Movie Tutorials offers the following excellent illustrated and movie tutorials for Fireworks that will help you learn how to use this Macromedia graphics application. You will need Quicktime for the movie tutorials.

Fireworks MX Illustrated and Movie Tutorials

All Fireworks Tutorials at

Paste Inside

Fireworks MX 2004: Paste Inside Masking Tutorial

In this Fireworks tutorial you’ll learn how to place one image inside of another image using vector masking

View Tutorial


Fireworks MX 2004: Cloning an Area of One Image to a Specified Area of Another Image

Learn how to combine the Bitmap Selection tools with the Rubber Stamp tool to copy an area from one image into a constrained area of another image

View Tutorial

Custom Color Swatches

Fireworks MX 2004: Custom Color Palettes

Learn how to create your own custom color palettes in Fireworks MX 2004 without being an expert on color

View Tutorial

Isolating Changing Color of an Object

Isolating and Changing the Color of an Object by Combining Selection Tools

Fireworks MX tutorial designed to help you learn to combine your selection tools to isolate difficult objects

QuickTime | HTML


Using Masking to Replace One Object with Another

In this tutorial you’ll learn to replace one object with another using masking.

QuickTime | HTML

Removing a solid colored background color

Removing an Image From a Solid Colored Background and Placing it Over A New Background

Learn how to remove an object or image from its current background and place it over a new background

QuickTime | HTML

Fireworks MX Color Change

Selected Color Change

Using the selection tools in Fireworks 4 you can isolate and modify selected areas of an image. In this lesson, you’ll learn to change the color of a selected area of an image.

View Tutorial

Fireworks MX Perspective Shadow Effect

Perspective Shadow-MX

Create realistic perspective shadows for your objects and images

Flash Video Lesson | HTML Lesson

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