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February 19, 2011

Excel Functions and Formulas Help and Support

Here are 7 Excel resources that explain and show how to use Excel Functions, Formulas, and some Advances Techniques. One of Excel’s most useful features is that it allows users to create custom formulas to perform calculations on their data. Excel also contains built-in formulas called functions that make it easy to perform common calculations on data.

How to Create Custom User Defined Excel Functions
Excel allows you to create custom functions, called “User Defined Functions” (UDF’s) that can be used the same way you would use SUM() or some other built-in Excel function.

Excel Functions
Provides information and examples of Excel spreadsheet functions and topics such as graphs, testing and short cuts.
  - Functions and Calculations
- IF, conditions and selecting
- Formatting Cells and Values
- Dates and Times
- Sharing data with other programs
- Reference, Input and Navigation
- Auditing and other stuff

Excel Function Reference
Create your own worksheet functions
Go with the cash flow: Calculate NPV and IRR in Excel
List of worksheet functions (by category)
Using worksheet functions for quality control
Creating custom functions
Database Functions
Date and Time Functions
Engineering Functions
External Functions
Financial Functions
Information Functions
Logical Functions
Lookup Functions
Math Functions
Statistical Functions
Text and Data Functions
Basic Excel
Built-In Functions
Text Functions
Logical Functions
Information Functions
Date & Time Functions
Lookup & Reference Functions
Math Functions
Statistical Functions
Database Functions
Financial Functions
Engineering Functions
Excel Vlookup Tutorial
Pivot Table Tutorial
Excel Formulas
Array Formulas
Tips & Tricks
Common Excel Errors
Excel Templates
Excel Macros
Excel VBA Tutorial

Excel Formulas and Functions
Here you will find step by step tutorials, tips and shortcuts on how to use formulas and the common and less common functions available in Excel. Excel 2010 Functions (48)
IF Functions (14)
Count Functions (8)
Date Functions (15)
Logical Functions (4)
Math Functions (13)
Text Functions (10)
Rounding Number Functions (9)
Excel 2003 Functions (20)
Random Number Functions (3)
Trig Functions (5)
Lookup Functions (11)
Statistical Functions (14)
Information Functions (5)
Engineering Functions (1)
Financial Functions (2)
Basic Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Tutorial
This tutorial covers creating a basic spreadsheet in Excel 2007. The topics covered include how to enter data, using formulas and functions, and formatting the spreadsheet.

Excel Function Dictionary
This Excel Function Dictionary contains over 150 examples of functions.

Advanced excel tips, Excel tools, Excel reporting applications, and Excel add-ins.

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February 12, 2011

Quick Reference Cards for Office 2007 Apps and more

Here are Quick Reference Cards for 7 Office 2007 Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Visio. Also incuded are quick references for Office 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP, IE 7 and IE8. These references, or cheat sheets, are hosted by customguide, and are available from this google search. They are in pdf format.

Office 2007 Quick Reference Card

Word 2007 Quick Reference Card

Excel 2007 Quick Referenc Card

PowerPoint 2007 Quick Reference Card

Outlook 2007 Quick Reference Card

Access 2007 Quick Reference Card

Publisher 2007 Quick Reference Card

Visio 2007 Quick Reference Card

Windows Quick Reference Card

Windows XP Quick Referenc Card

Internet Explorer 7 Quick Reference Card

Internet Explorer 8 Quick Reference Card

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January 30, 2011

2 Excel 2007 Quick Reference Cards

Here are 2 Excel 2007 Quick Reference Cards, covering many of the important features and functionality of Excel that you need to know to start using Excel like an expert or to refer to when you need a little Excel help.

Quick Reference card: Getting Started with Excel 2007

 - Working with Workbooks
 - Entering Data
 - Moving and Copying Cells
 - Entering Formulas
 - Entering Functions
 - Inserting Functions
 - Formatting Cells
 - Merging and Unmerging Cells
 - Inserting Columns or Rows
 - Deleting Columns or Rows
 - Creating Charts
 - Editing a Chart
 - Printing a Worksheet
 - Page Setup Features

Quick Reference card: Doing More with Excel 2007

 - Using AutoFill
 - Setting a Custom Auto-Fill Series
 - Using Paste Special
 - Selecting Non-contiguous Cells
 - Entering the same data in many cells at once
 - Absolute & Relative References
 - Customizing Toolbars
 - Freezing Panes
 - Setting Print Titles and Print Area
 - Controlling Page Breaks
 - Sorting Data
 - Filtering Data

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January 24, 2011

3 Excel 2007 Training Sessions

Here are 3 Excel 2007 Training Sessions, each providing a Tutorial and Workshop Manual, from Hillsborough Community College. These Excel training sessions provide free learning materials for many important Excel features and functionality. The tutorials and manuals have screen shots to demonstrate each feature taught. The first Excel training session shows how to open and save worksheets, print them, format cells, insert rows and columns, and use and work with formulas and charts. The second Excel training session teaches currency and percent formatting, inserting charts and graphics, using the IF statement, autoformatting a worksheet, conditional formatting of a worksheet, and sharing a worksheet. The third Excel training session demonstrates how to use and work with pivot tables and macros.

Excel Animated Tutorial Excel 1

Unit 1: Navigating Excel 2007
Unit 2: Open, Save
Unit 3: Page Setup and Print
Unit 4: Format Cells
Unit 5: Insert Row, Column or Sheet
Unit 6: Formulas
Unit 7: Charts

Excel Workshop Manual 1
(35 pages, 1.3mb, pdf)

 - Overview
 - Ribbon (Toolbar)
     Home Tab
     Insert Tab
     Page Layout Tab
     Formulas Tab
     Data Tab
     Review Tab
     View Tab
 - Parts of a Worksheet
 - Open an Existing Workbook
 - Save a Workbook
 - Page Setup
 - Print Preview and Print
 - Insert a Row, Column or Worksheet
 - Format a Cell
     Merging Cells
     Text Orientation
     Change the Font
 - Formulas
 - Types of Charts
 - Create a Chart
 - Customize a Chart

Upon completion of Excel training 1, you will be able to:

  1. Use the Office Button and Ribbon tabs;
  2. Know the parts of an Excel worksheet;
  3. Know how to open and save a workbook;
  4. Use the Page Setup Dialog box;
  5. Insert a row, column, or worksheet;
  6. Format a cell;
  7. Change the font type, style, size and color of a cell or range of cells;
  8. Create a border around a range of cells;
  9. Use basic Excel formulas;
  10. Know how to create and customize a chart.

Excel Animated Tutorial 2

Unit 1:  Automatically Number Rows and Sort
Unit 2:  Formatting Cells – Currency & Percent
Unit 3:  Inserting Charts & Graphics
Unit 4:  Create IF Statement
Unit 5:  Insert a Comment
Unit 6:  AutoFormat a Worksheet
Unit 7:  Conditional Format a Worksheet
Unit 8:  Share a Workbook

Excel Workshop Manual 2
(22 pages, 570kb, pdf)

 - Automatically Number Rows
 - Sort the worksheet
 - Format Cells – Currency
 - Format Cells – Percent
 - Insert Tables or Charts into other Office docs
 - Insert Graphics
 - Create IF statement
 - Insert a Comment
 - AutoFormat a Worksheet
 - Conditionally Format a Worksheet
 - Format the Header and Footer
 - Share a Workbook

Upon completion of Excel training 2, you will be able to:
  1. Automatically number rows;
  2. Sort the worksheet;
  3. Format the cells to currency;
  4. Format the cells to percent;
  5. Insert a chart into another Microsoft Offi ce Document;
  6. Insert a graphic into a worksheet;
  7. Create IF Statements;
  8. Insert a comment into a worksheet;
  9. Use autoformat to format the body of a worksheet;
  10. Use conditional formatting to format the body of a worksheet;
  11. Format the header and footer of a worksheet;
  12. Set up a workbook to be shared simultaneously

Excel Animated Tutorial 3

Unit 1: Create a PivotTable
Unit 2: Populate PivotTable with Data
Unit 3: Create a PivotTable Chart
Unit 4: Record and Run a Macro
Unit 5: Create a Macro Shortcut
Unit 6: View Macro in the VB Script Editor 

Excel Workshop Manual 3
(25 pages, 1.0mb, pdf)

 - PivotTable
     Create a PivotTable
     PivotTable Layout Area
     PivotTable Tools Options Tab
     Populate PivotTable with Data
     Change Summary Calculation
     Add Data and Pivot a PivotTable
     Rename Data Headings
     Remove Data from PivotTable
     Report Filter
     Group and View Underlying Data
     Create a Chart
     Format a Report
 - Macros
     Security Setting
     Record and Run a Macro
     Create a Macro Shortcut
     Record a Macro to Alter Format
     View Macro in the VB Script Editor

Upon completion of Excel training 3, you will be able to:
  1. Understand the purpose of a PivotTable;
  2. Choose the correct data source for the PivotTable;
  3. Choose the information desired on the PivotTable;
  4. Modify Pivot Table layout;
  5. Group and view data within a PivotTable;
  6. Create a chart from a PivotTable;
  7. Format a report from a PivotTable;
  8. Understand the purpose of a macro;
  9. Plan and record a macro;
  10. Record a macro;
  11. Run a macro;
  12. Assign a macro to a button.

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October 21, 2010

60 Excel 2007 Tutorials

Here are 60 Excel 2007 Tutorials, hosted by the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. These will help you understand and learn how to use Excel’s spreadsheets, cells, rows, and columns, and also teach these Excel features: printing options and layouts, paste special, find and replace, hiding columns and rows, separating cell data, sorting data, tables and databases, navigating, calculations, charting, functions, and clip art. These tutorials are available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Working with Excel

Printing with Excel

Special Features

Working with Tables and Databases – Windows:

Working with Tables and Databases – Macintosh:

Managing Your Excel Worksheet

Charting with Excel

Favorite Excel Functions

Inserting Clip Art

Excel Gradebook
Using Microsoft Office Help

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July 2, 2010

55 Excel 2007 Training Tutorials

Here are 55 great Excel 2007 Training Tutorials, hosted by AgileConcepts. These include 11 Excel 2007 Video Training Modules. These free Excel training materials are in Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx), and Windows Media (wmv) file formats. Included are18 beginning, 24 intermediate, and 13 advanced tutorials, all of which provide an excellent overview and learning opportunity for mostl of Excel’s important features and tools, from the very beginning to more advanced topics, including charting, pivot tables, formulas, functions, sorting, and filtering. You can also use the search form to help you find what features and tasks you are looking to learn more about.

18 Beginning Excel 2007 Tutorials:
(docx) Display or Hide Chart Gridlines
(docx) Change a Chart Type
(docx) Changing the font face and size in Excel
(wmv) Creating Charts- visualize raw data in an attractive format
(docx) Creating or deleting Formulas
(docx) Define Worksheet Print Area
(docx) Designing effective Cell Styles in Excel 2007
(pptx) Editing Data, Remove Formatting, and Revise Worksheets
(pptx) Entering Text, Number and Date data into Cells
(wmv) Hiding and Unhiding Rows
(pptx) Introduction to Excel, Create a Worksheet and Workbook
(docx) Print and Adjust Gridlines in aWorksheet
(docx) Set Worksheet Page Margins
(docx) Using Automatic Formatting to format text as you type.
(docx) Using Chart Templates
(pptx) What’s new in Excel 2007: Ribbon, New Commands, and other New Features
(docx) Working with Gridlines
(pptx) Worksheet basics: Format data, Create Columns and Footers, and Printing

24 Intermediate Excel 2007 Tutorials:
(pptx) Calculate Dates using Formulas
(docx) Changing Cell Styles in Excel
(docx) Converting Numbers Stored as Text into Actual Numbers.
(docx) Copying Excel Data to PowerPoint
(docx) Copying Excel Data to Word
(docx) Create a Chart in Excel
(docx) Create conditional formulas
(docx) How to Create and Customize Charts
(pptx) Creating Charts – customize charts and use charting tools
(pptx) Customizing Charts – formatting titles and columns
(docx) Filter data in a range or table
(wmv) Freezing and unfreezing Panes of Rows and Columns
(docx) Guidelines and examples for Sorting and Filtering Data by Color and Icons
(pptx) How Excel Handles and Stores Dates
(pptx) Introduction to Excel Formulas, totaling values
(docx) Insert and Modify Page Breaks in Worksheets
(docx) Reapply a Filter and Sort
(pptx) Simplify Formulas by using Functions
(docx) Sort Data in a Range or Table
(docx) Ten Ways to Clean Up Your Data
(pptx) The new Excel file format
(pptx) How to Use Cell References in Formulas
(docx) Using Chart Template to create publication-ready Charts
(docx) Using the Format Painter to copy formatting from one section of worksheet to another

13 Advanced Excel 2007 Tutorials:
(pptx) Calculations in Excel Services
(docx) Combining Text and Numbers in Excel
(docx) Conditional Formatting in Excel
(docx) Excel 2007 Worksheet Functions, by category
(pptx) Excel Services control content that users can see
(pptx) Exporting to a SharePoint site
(docx) Filter by using  Criteria
(pptx) How to create PivotTables, how they work and why they are needed
(docx) Summary of PivotTable Functions
(docx) Summing up ways to Sum up Data in Excel
(wmv) Using Conditional Formatting in reports
(wmv) Using Pivot Tables for analyzing complicated worksheets
(docx) Guide to Using Excel Shortcut and Function Keys

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May 13, 2010

20 Office 2007 eBooks

Here are 20 downloadable MS Office eBooks, mostly for the Office 2007 version, including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and Project. These are in PDF an CHM (Windows Help) format.

Microsoft Office eBooks:
 - Outlook 2007
 - Word 2007
 - Access 2007
 - Excel 2007
 - Project 2007
 - Access 2007
 - Microsoft Office 2007
 - Excel 2007 VBA
 - Programming Excel
 - Excel Data Analysis with SQL
 - Excel VBA and dotNet
 - Access VBA
 - Access 2007 VBA

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May 3, 2010

2 Excel 2007 Quick References and 45 Flashcards

Here are  2 Excel 2007 Quick References, and also 45 Excel 2007 Flashcards with answers. Each quick reference document lists Excel tasks or features to be performed along with their corresponding commands or menu items using the Mouse, the Ribbon, the Shortcut Menu, and Keyboard Shortcuts. The first quick reference lists about 85 Excel 2007 tasks, and the second one details out about 140 tasks.

 - Excel 2007 Quick Reference 1  (5 pages, pdf format, 175kb)

 - Excel 2007 Quick Reference 2  (8 pages, pdf format, 167kb)

Update 5/11/2010: This MS Office training site also provides the following free Excel 2007 Flashcards, Practice Tests with answers, and Learning Games:

Chapter 1:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 2:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 3:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 4:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 5:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 6:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 7:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 8:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 9:
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

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January 26, 2010

8 Excel 2007 Tutorials

Here 8 Excel 2007 Tutorials, hosted by the University of the Incarnate Word. These Excel tutorials introduce and demonstrate many of the most important Excel features, including how to create charts, using vertical lookups, page setup, creating formulas, and using database functions. These Excel tutorials are well illustrated with screen shots, and include exercises that will help you remember what you are learning. The necessary documents for the exercises can be downloaded from here.

Excel 2007  3.37 MB, 69 pages
This presentation introduces Excel 2007′s new features, such as Quick Access Toolbar, MS Office Button, Mini Toolbar & Ribbon.

Excel 2003 & 2007 Comparison
This document explains the differences between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 by comparing the Menus and toolbars in Excel 2003 with the Excel 2007 Button and Ribbon.

Formatting Excel Worksheets  1.26 Mb, 22 pages
This Excel tutorial teaches how to Format Excel Cells, Columns, Rows, Worksheets, and Workbooks.

Vertical Lookup in Excel  223 Kb, 4 pages
This tutorial presents the vertical look up feature available in Excel 2007.

Creating Excel Charts  535 Kb, 11 pages
This Excel Chart tutorial teaches how to create an attractive and useful chart in Excel 2007.

Page Setup and Other Functions  1.04 Mb, 16 pages
Learn how to setup Excel pages using the page break, margins, headers and footers.

Excel Database Functions  339 Kb, 7 pages
This Excel tutorial explains the database functions such as sort and auto filter.

Excel Formulas   794 Kb, 17 pages
Describes the a variety of tools available in the formula tab and how to use the formulas effectively in Excel worksheets.

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January 12, 2010

4 Excel 2007 Tutorials

Here are 4 Excel 2007 Tutorials, located at Orbit Computer Solutions. These Excel tutorials explain and cover several Excel features, including: creating a workbook, editing data in a spreadsheet, and modifying a worksheet. Each feature and scenario demonstrated is described with screenshots to help you understand how to do it yourself.

Getting Stated With Excel 2007
This Excel tutorial will give you an introduction to the world of Excel 2007.
 - The Microsoft Office Button  
 - The Ribbon  
 - Quick Access Bar

How To Create A Workbook
Here you will learn how to work with Workbooks in Excel 2007. Various functionalities like creating, saving, opening and entering data on a spreadsheet are explained here.
 - Working With A Workbook  
 - How To Create Workbook Using Template  
 - How To Save A Workbook  
 - How To Open An Existing Workbook  
 - How To Enter Data On A Spreadsheet

How To Edit Data In an Excel Spreadsheet
In this Excel tutorial you will learn how to edit data in a Spreadsheet.
 - Selecting Data, Cell, Columns  
 - How To Copy And Paste  
 - How To Cut And Paste  
 - How To Edit Cell Content  
 - How To Undo And Redo Changes  
 - How To Use Auto fill

Modifying A Worksheet
In this Excel tutorial, we are explaining how to modify data in a worksheet by inserting cells, rows and columns, using spell check and find replace tools.
 - How To Insert Cells, Rows, And Columns  
 - How To Use Find And Replace  
 - How To Use Spell Check

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October 17, 2009

11 Excel 2007 Tutorials

Here are 11 excellent Excel 2007 Tutorials, at the University of Florida, that discuss and present many of Excel’s important features. These Excel turorials, as handouts and notes, cover calculations, navigation, graphing and charting, pivot tables, printing, and sorting and filters. They are in pdf format, and can be downloaded and saved for later reference.

Charts Handout  (918 Kb, 15 pages)
This is a handout that discusses how and why charts are created and used for communicating and presenting things.

Charts Notes  (31 Kb, 3 pages)
This Word document contains important notes on Excel charts and how they are used to represent important details.

Math & Fun Handout  (194 Kb, 11 pages)
This handout discusses math functions used in Excel to carry out calculations from raw data.

Mult Handout  (348 Kb, 11 pages)
This handout demonstrates to users how to use multiple spreadsheets and worksheets.

Mult Notes  (28 Kb, 3 pages)
This Word document provides users with notes and tips on how to use multiple worksheets in Excel.

Nav & Form Handout  (446 Kb, 21 pages)
This handout discusses the navigation and formatting, including moving between cells and editing data.

Nav & Form Notes  (58 Kb, 7 pages)
This Word document provides important notes for users regarding navigation and formatting in Excel 2003.

Pivot Tables Handout  (324 Kb, 14 pages)
This handout explains to users what Pivot tables, how to create them and how they work.

Print Handout  (603 Kb, 16 pages)
This handout explains to users how the Print function works in Excel 2003 and how printing can be customized to suit ones needs.

Print Notes  (44 Kb, 5 pages)
These notes on printing in Excel 2003 offer users quick tips and trick that can be used to suit their printing styles.

Sorting & Filters  (203 Kb, 9 pages)
This tutorial imparts knowledge on how sorting is done in Excel 2003 and how filters can be applied on raw data to get the desired results.

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August 31, 2009

Excel 2007 Course Tutorials

Here are some excellent Excel Course Tutorials, at the University of Minnesota, that provide information on the new features of Excel 2007, its uses, its advantages over the existing versions of Excel, working with Excel charts in Word or PowerPoint, the different formulae used in Excel cells and how to effectively manage and analyze data. The first three tutorials below are in pdf format.

Excel New Features Tutorial  (761 Kb, 7 pages)
This document discusses the new features of Excel 2007 such as formatting itemized lists, creation of charts, using conditional formats and creating pivot tables.

Excel Treasure Hunt  (240.54 Kb, 2 pages)
This 2 page pdf document allows users to guess the features that users have learned so far and this is done using a clue for each feature of Excel.

Pasting Excel Charts in Word or PowerPoint  (117.20 Kb, 2 pages)
This Excel tutorial explains how to use and embed Excel charts and worksheet data in Word and PowerPoint.

Class Files (.zip)
This section contains downloadable zip files that contain spreadsheet that will help you learn spreadsheet basics, and how to manage and analyze data using Excel.

 - Excel 2007: Managing and Analyzing Data
 - Excel 2007: Spreadsheet Basics

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July 30, 2009

4 Excel 2007 Tutorials

Here are four Excel 2007 Tutorials, hosted by the University of South Dakota. These Excel tutorials introduce you to this powerful analytic, organization, and data logging application. They are organized in a series of pdf documents that take you through and demonstrate various features, tools, and tips of Excel. The purpose of these Excel 2007 tutorials is to provide instructions on performing both basic and advanced Excel tasks and functions.

Excel Tutorial Part 1: Getting the Basics  (877 Kb, 22 pages)
This first Excel tutorial focuses on the basic features of Excel like the ribbon, adding headers and footers, navigation, entering data in worksheet, and merging and splitting of cells. The Excel 2007 file used in the tutorial can be downloaded from here.

 - First look into Excel
 - Components of Excel
 - The Ribbon
 - Key Tips
 - Using a Previous Version of Excel
 - Inserting Columns
 - Formatting Cells
 - AutoSum
 - Add Headers and Footers
 - The New Workbook Window
 - Navigation in Excel
 - Modifying Cells
 - Entering Data into a Worksheet
 - Merge or Split cells
 - Combine the contents of multiple cells into one cell
 - How do I work with people who don’t have Excel 2007 yet?

Excel Tutorial Part 2: Charts and Graphs  (346 Kb, 11 pages)
This Excel tutorial teaches you charts and graphs in Excel. The tutorial explains various chart and graph features like formatting chart titles, individual columns, moving and resizing tips, modifying the properties of your charts, and changing the axis scale. The Excel 2007 file used in the tutorial can be downloaded from here.

 - Creating Charts in Excel
 - Change the Chart
 - Add Chart
 - Change how your Chart
 - Format Chart Titles
 - Format Individual Columns
 - Add your Chart to a PowerPoint Presentation
 - Choosing a chart type
 - Resize and move an embedded chart
 - Moving and resizing tips
 - Data of the Chart is Linked to the Chart
 - Modify the properties of your charts
 - Add a graphic to a chart
 - Change the axis scale
 - Freeze rows and columns in a List

Excel Tutorial Part 3: Conditional Formatting  (614 Kb, 21 pages)
This tutorial introduces you to conditional formatting in Excel. The topics covered include creating conditional formula that results in a logical value, an overview of formulas, using array formulas and array constants. The three Excel 2007 files used in this tutorial can be downloaded from here: Grade SheetLoan Worksheet, and Tutorial Worksheet.

 - Conditional Formatting in Excel
 - Create conditional formulas
 - Create a conditional formula that results in a logical value (TRUE or FALSE)
 - Create a conditional formula using IF, AND, and OR
 - Functions: A Quick Refresher
 - Overview of formulas
 - Using functions and nested functions in formulas
 - The difference between absolute, relative and mixed references
 - Using names in formulas
 - Using array formulas and array constants

Excel Tutorial Part 4: Pivot Tables  (535 Kb, 15 pages)
This tutorial handles the introduction of Excel pivot tables to your skill set. All the basic features that are related to pivot tables in Excel are covered here. Features that are explained include: inserting pivot tables, adding a report filter, filter the data, and using a custom calculation. The two Excel 2007 files used in the tutorial can be downloaded from here: PivotTable_II and PivotTable_III.

 - Get your Data Ready
 - Insert a Pivot Table
 - Add a Report Filter
 - Group the Dates
 - Pivot the Report
 - Filter the Data
 - Filter by using Comparisons
 - Filter by Date
 - Change how Subtotals are Displayed
 - Use a custom calculation
 - The GETPIVOTDATA Function
 - Change the Format of a PivotTable Report

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July 13, 2009

Excel 2007 Interactive Guide

Here is the Excel 2007 Interactive Guide at Microsoft Office Online. This Excel 2007 tutorial is for learning and self practicing all the basics of Excel. This is specially designed towards intermediate and advanced users. The tutorial takes users through the highest level of spreadsheet capabilities. The interactive guide can be downloaded and installed in your desktop so that you can have a real feel of MS Excel even if you are offline. The list of command equivalents are also listed neatly in an xls document linked along with this post. For a complete searchable list of command equivalents, download the Excel ribbon mapping workbook in Excel format. This Excel 2007 interactive guide can also download from here.

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June 25, 2009

23 Excel 2007 Tutorials

Here are 23 excellent Excel 2007 Tutorials at Microsoft Office Online that teach and explain important features of Excel with the help of webcasts. These detailed training webcasts presented by various MVPs demonstrate Excel Formulas, Excel Tips, Effective Data Management and creating charts and graphics. Also provided are video tips and mini-webcasts that show how to create and customize pivot tables, highlight and remove duplicate values, use data in Excel sheets effectively, and perform data analysis.

Excel Webcasts:
These Microsoft Excel webcasts teaches users to create attractive charts and graphics and analyzing data dynamically. Advanced tip teach users to access xml format documents in Office.

 - Summarizing Data Effectively Using New Excel 2007 Formulas and Functions
 - Top 10 Tips for Excel 2007 (Level 100)
 - Tips and Tricks to Manage Data Effectively by Using Excel Tables (Level 200)
 - Creating Attractive Charts & Graphics Using Excel 2007 (Level 200)
 - Creating Effective Conditional Formats Using Excel 2007 (Level 300)
 - Advanced Tips and Tricks: Breaking Into Your Office Open XML Format Documents (Level 300)
 - Advanced Tips and Tricks: Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Every Day Is Easier Than You Think (Level 300)
 - Advanced Tips and Tricks: What You Can Really Do with Your Documents Across the 2007 Office Release (Level 300)
 - Analyzing Data Dynamically Using Excel 2007 PivotTables

Excel Video tips:
These video tips imparts knowledge on the new and improved features of Microsoft Excel, how to format and apply conditions to data in tables.

 -  Customizing Conditional Formatting in Excel 2007 256k | 750k
 -  Customizing PivotTable Reports to Create Adjustable Charts and Graphs 256k | 750k
 -  Formatting with Conditional Filtering to Organize Data 256k | 750k
 -  Getting Started with PivotTable Reports 256k | 750k
 -  Highlighting and Removing Duplicate Table Values in Excel 256k | 750k
 -  New and Improved Features 256k | 750k
 -  Organizing and Grouping with PivotTable Reports 256k | 750k

The podcasts here demonstrate some important tips when using Excel and improving data analysis when using Excel 2007.

 - Summarizing Data Effectively Using New Excel 2007 Formulas and Functions
 - Top 10 Tips for Microsoft Office Excel 2007
 - Improving Data Analysis with Excel 2007 PivotTables and PivotCharts
 - Top Tips for Excel 2007

These mini-webcasts introduce quick tips on what’s new and different and how to get the most out of Excel 2007.

 - 5-Minute Excel Webcast
 - Excel Side By Side: What’s New & Different
 - Quick Tips for Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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May 14, 2009

11 Excel Tutorials

Here are 11 Excel Tutorials at that cover several Excel features, including Excel 2007 and Excel XP templates, working with spreasheet files, protecting data, and creating charts. These Excel tutorials also show how to print and manage workbooks in Excel 2007; navigating, searching, and formatting spreadsheets; the top new features in Excel 2007; shortcut keys for Excel; and tips for using Excel 2007.  Most of these tutorials are for Excel 2007.

What are Templates in Excel 2007
These Excel tutorials teach you templates in Excel 2007. Some of the topics covered here are workbook tem;plates, custom Excel templates, working with default templates, print setting using template, creating custom templates, creating and using a chart template.

 - What are Templates
 - Exploring Excel Files
 - Working with Workbook Templates
 - Understanding Custom Excel Templates
 - Working with Default Templates
 - Print Setting Using Template
 - Creating Custom Templates
 - Ideas for Creating Templates
 - Sharing Templates with Others
 - Controlling Styles with Templates
 - Locking Formula Cells in Template File
 - Creating and Using a Chart Template

What are Templates in Excel XP
These tutorials cover topics such as creating templates, workbook templates, creating default workbook template, creating custom templates, locking formula cells etc.

 - What are Templates
 - How to Create Templates
 - Working with Workbook Templates
 - Understanding Custom Excel Templates
 - Creating a Default Workbook Template
 - Changing Default Print Setting Using a Template
 - Creating Custom Templates
 - Learn About Style
 - Locking Formula Cells in Template File

Working with Excel 2007 Files
These tutorials on Excel explain working with Excel 2007 files. The various topics covered here are select commands with keyboard, quick access toolbar button, saving a workbook, using auto recover, specifying workbook properties and password, renaming a file etc.

 - Working with Excel Files
 - Open and Explore Excel
 - Select Commands with Keyboard
 - Quick Access Toolbar Button
 - Change Status Bar Indicators
 - Create New Excel File
 - Save a Workbook
 - Using AutoRecover
 - Open an Existing Excel File
 - Opening Workbooks Automatically
 - Rename a File
 - Specify Workbook Properties
 - Specify a Password
 - Safeguarding your Work

Protecting Excel 2007 Data
The below Excel tutorials discuss protecting Excel 2007 data. The topics covered here are quickly hiding an opened workbook, making a file read-only, hide and unhide columns and rows, unlocking cells, using digital signatures etc.

 - Protecting Excel Data
 - Quickly Hide an Open Workbook
 - Make a File Read-Only
 - Mark a Workbook as Final
 - Inspecting a Workbooks
 - Hide and Unhide Columns and Rows
 - Unlock Cells
 - Protect Worksheets
 - Restrict User Data Entry
 - Assign a File Password
 - Hide Cell Formulus
 - Protecting a Workbook’s Structure
 - Using a Digital Signature
 - Signing a Workbook

Creating Charts in Excel 2007
These tutorials deal with creating charts in Excel 2007. The various topics which are covered here are creating basic charts, formatting chart elements, inserting charts, chart styles, adjusting chart locations, adding text links, enhancing a 3-D chart, creating and using chart template etc.

 - Creating Charts in Excel 2007
 - What is Chart?
 - Creating Basic Charts
 - Formatting a Chart Elements
 - Insert Chart
 - Chart Styles
 - Change the Chart Type
 - Adjust Chart Location
 - Display Chart Title
 - Customize Chart Legend
 - Displaying Data Table in Chart
 - Select Chart Color Style
 - Change Axis Options
 - Adding Text Links
 - Enhance a 3-D Chart
 - Place a Picture in Data Series
 - Adjust Chart Data
 - Handling Missing Data or Charting Hidden Data
 - Selecting a Chart Elements
 - Creating and Using Chart Template
 - Working with Charts
 - Tips

Printing Workbooks in Excel 2007
These tutorials show how to manage printing workbooks in Excel 2007. The topics covered here are spell checking, preview before printing, adding a manual page break, setting a specific area to print, setting page margins, adding a standard header or footer, printing worksheets and charts, inserting watermarks, emailing a workbook etc.

 - Printing Workbooks
 - Spell Check
 - Preview Before Printing
 - Add a Manual Page Break
 - Changing your Page View
 - Set a Specific Area to Print
 - Adjust the Paper Orientation and Size
 - Make Worksheet Fit Better on a Page
 - Set Page Margin
 - Specify Repeating Rows and Columns
 - Printing Gridlines and Rows and Columns Headings
 - Add a Standard Header or Footer
 - Creating Custom Header or Footer
 - View Other Header and Footer Options
 - Print Worksheets and Charts
 - Inserting Watermark
 - Changing Default Print Setting Using a Template
 - Email a Workbook
 - Letting Your Formulus All Hang Out

Managing Workbooks in Excel 2007
These tutorials cover managing workbooks in Excel 2007. The topics covered here are creating an empty workbook, inserting additional worksheets, saving files, using workspace files, inserting hyperlinks, arranging windows automatically, opening nonstandard files, working with workbook templates etc.

 - Managing Workbooks
 - Creating an Empty Workbook
 - Insert Additional Worksheets
 - Protecting and Unprotecting a Workbook
 - Saving Files
 - Switching Among Open Workbooks
 - Using a Workspace File
 - Work with Worksheets
 - Insert a Hyperlink
 - Arranging Windows Automatically
 - Changing the Default File Location
 - Closing a Workbook
 - Comparing Two Workbooks Side by Side
 - Creating Multiple Windows Views for a Workbook
 - Opening Nonstandard Files
 - Opening a Workbook
 - Working with Workbook Templates

The Basics of Spreadsheets: Numbers, Labels, and Formulas
These tutorials teach the basics of Excel spreadsheets. The topics covered here are storing data in spreadsheet, formatting numbers and labels, navigating a spreadsheet, editing a spreadsheet etc.

 - Understanding Spreadsheets
 - Storing Stuff in Spreadsheet
 - Formatting Numbers and Labels
 - Navigating a Spreadsheet
 - Searching a Spreadsheet
 - Editing a Spreadsheet
 - Clearing Data

Top New Features in Excel 2007
This tutorial shows the new features in Excel 2007. This tutorial teaches you style galleries, ribbon, page layout, zoom slider and other new features.

Some Basics in Excel 2007
This tutorial deals with some of the basic features in Excel 2007 which teach you all the fundamental skills required to use Excel 2007.

Excel Shortcut Keys
This document lists Excel’s shortcut keys which will come handy for the frequent users.

Moving Through a Worksheet (Shortcut Keys)
 - Moving within a Range Selection (Shortcut Keys)
 - Other Shortcut Keys

Tips for Using Excel 2007
These tutorials provide various tips with using Excel 2007. The tips covered here are: organizing spreadsheet data in different worksheet, generating new workbooks from templates, using range names, preventing data entry errors with data validation, controlling display of data in tables through outlines etc.

 - Organizing Spreadsheet Data on Different Worksheet
 - Generating New Workbooks from Templates
 - Freezing Column and Row Headings
 - Creating Data Series with Autofil
 - Using Range Names
 - Preventing Data Entry Errors with Data Validation
 - Saving Memory by Using Array Formulas
 - Trapping Error Values in their Original Formulas
 - Controlling Display of Data in Tables Through Outlines
 - Using View Side by Side to Work with Two Workbooks

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May 4, 2009

Tutorials for Excel 2003 and 2007

Here are several Excel Tutorials at covers and teaches various features of Excel, versions 2003 and 2007. Some of the topics covered by these Excel tutorials are: getting started with Excel, steps to create a basic spreadsheet, formulas, charting, and converting an Excel spreadsheet to an Access database. Also at this site are How to Use Excel Tutorials and Excel Formula Tutorials.

 - Basic Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Tutorial
 - Adding data to a spreadsheet
 - Widening Columns in Excel
 - Adding the Date and a Range Name
 - Adding formulas
 - Applying styles
 - Changing data alignment in cells
 - Number formatting – percent and currency
 - Changing font color

Getting Started with Excel:
These tutorials are a beginner’s tour on Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. It deals with simple stuff like entering data in Excel.

 - Beginner’s Guide to Excel 2003
 - Beginners Guide to Excel 2007
 - Entering Data in Excel

Excel 2007 Chart Tutorials:
These tutorials walk you through creating and formatting pie charts, column charts and line graphs using many of the common features available in Excel 2007.

 - Excel 2007 Pie Chart Tutorial
 - Excel 2007 Column Chart Tutorial
 - Excel 2007 Line Graph Tutorial

How to Use Excel:
These tutorials covers how to create and use a basic formula in Excel 2007 by step by step examples. It also details out creating spreadsheets in MS Excel 2003 and MS Excel 2007.

 - Excel 2007 Formulas Step by Step Tutorial
 - Basic Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Tutorial
 - Basic Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Tutorial

Related Articles:
This section deals with several related articles on MS Excel. The topics include converting an Excel spreadsheet to an MS Access 2007 database, Excel SUM and auto SUM functions

 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access 2007 Database
 - Excel Tutorials – Free Excel Tutorials
 - Excel SUM – Excel Auto SUM Function – Free Excel Tutorials
 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Database
 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Database

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April 21, 2009

Excel 2007 Tutorial

This excellent Excel 2007 Tutorial at Brown University discusses and teaches Excel 2007 in detail. Excel is a spreadsheet application from Microsoft’s Office Suite and is the most widely used spreadsheet application in the world. This Excel tutorial explains the new features of Microsoft Office 2007, and how it compares with its predecessors. The various definitions used in Excel, cell navigation and data manipulation which include editing, moving, copying and the Autofill feature in Excel is discussed in detail. For more advanced Excel users, Excel formulas, Natural Language Labels, Pivot table and Excel sheet printing is explained. As a footnote, a section on troubleshooting in Excel is also presented.

New In Office 2007:
This section talks about the new features added in the Office 2007.

Definitions In Excel 2007:
This section list out and define the different words used in Excel 2007.

Navigating Cells In Excel 2007:
This section talks about the different ways of navigations used in cell.

Data In Excel 2007:
 - Editing, Moving, and Copying Data
 - Inserting, Deleting, and Clearing Data
 - Using Autofill
 - Using Autofill with a text series
 - Using Autofill with a numeric series
 - Controlling Your View of the Data
 - Sorting and Filtering Data

Excel 2007 Formulas:
 - Autofill with Formulas
 - Cell References
 - AutoSum
 - Functions
 - The Function Wizard
 - AutoCalculate

Using Natural Language Labels In Excel 2007:
This section talks about the labelling feature in Excel.

3-D References In Excel 2007:
This section explains how we can access the formulas from one sheet to another.

The Chart Wizard In Excel 2007:
This section explains the way to create different charts using the Chart Wizard in Excel.

Pivot Table In Excel 2007:
 - Arranging data on the table.

Printing In Excel 2007:
 - What if you want to print only part of the spreadsheet?
 - Not able to highlight the region you wanted to print?

Troubleshooting In Excel 2007:
This section details the common sources of the errors occurred in Excel.

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March 21, 2009

Excel 2007 Data Analysis Tutorials

Here are several well written Excel 2007 Data Analysis Tutorials that will assist you in analyzing economic data. These tutorials help explain Excel’s power and give you insight into Excel’s analysis tool set. Advanced Excel topics covered include data inspection, and statistical inference  for univariate, bivariate and multivariate expressions. Each of these Excel tutorials is complemented with visual examples to better explain the concepts presented. As a quick crash course, also included is a ‘Getting Started’ tutorial as well. These Excel tutorials are hosted by the University of California at Davis.

Excel 2007 Getting-Started Tutorial:
 - Excel: Tutorial (covers first half of below)

Excel 2007 Basics:
 - Excel 2007: Access and Activating the Data Analysis Add-in
 - Excel 2007: The Windows 2007 Fluent Interface
 - Excel 2007: Workbooks and Worksheets
 - Excel 2007: Data Types and Data Input
 - Excel 2007: Data Manipulation
 - Excel 2007: Formatting, Saving, Printing and Copying Results
 - Excel 2007: Sample text data set (carsdata.txt)
 - Excel 2007: Sample comma-separated values text data set (carsdata.csv)
 - Excel 2007: Sample Excel worksheet (carsdata.xls)

Excel 2007 Univariate: Visual Data Inspection:
 - Excel 2007: Histogram
 - Excel 2007: Charts (column, pie, line)

Excel 2007 Univariate: Data Summary and Statistical Inference:
 - Excel 2007: Descriptive Statistics
 - Excel 2007: Statistical Inference for univariate data

Excel 2007 Bivariate: Visual Data Presentation:
 - Excel 2007: Two-way Plots
 - Excel 2007: Two-plots with nonlinear trend (logarithmic, exponential, power, polynomial)

Excel 2007 Bivariate: Data Summary and Statistical Inference:
 - Excel 2007: Correlation and covariance
 - Excel 2007: Two-Variable Regression using Data Analysis Add-in
 - Excel 2007: Statistical Inference for Two-Variable Regression
 - Excel 2007: Two-Variable Regression using Excel function LINEST

Excel 2007 Multivariate: Data Summary and Statistical Inference:
 - Excel 2007: Multiple Regression

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February 10, 2009

6 Free Excel 2007 Classes

Here 6 Free Excel 2007 Classes, courtesy of HP’s Learning Center. These online Excel courses cover several important features of this spreadsheet application, such as filtering data, linking data between workbooks, learning the interface, making PivotTables, creating web queries, and creating macros and VBA scripts. These Excel classes are found in this site’s section offering 28 Free Software Classes. Free registration is required.

Microsoft Excel 2007: Extreme
Learn how to push the limits of Microsoft Excel 2007 by learning essential VBA programming, ActiveX controls and web queries.

Microsoft Excel 2007: Filter Data
This animated demonstration shows you how to filter data in Microsoft Excel 2007.

Microsoft Excel 2007: Link and Unlink Content between two Workbooks
This animated demonstration shows you how to link and unlink information between Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Microsoft Excel 2007: Record a Simple Macro and Edit It in VBA
This animated demonstration shows you how to record a simple macro in Excel and edit it in VBA.

Microsoft Excel 2007: Take a Tour of the Interface and Learn Basic Skills
This animated demonstration introduces you to the new Microsoft Excel 2007 interface, which is very different from earlier versions.

Microsoft Excel 2007: Create a PivotTable
This step-by-step demonstration shows you how to summarize a large amount of data to glean some meaning from it using PivotTables in Microsoft Excel 2007.

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