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March 8, 2011

2 Excel 2003 Tutorials

Here are 2 Excel 2003 Tutorials, from by Hillsborough Community College, that will help you learn many of Excel’s basic features, along with how to enter and use formulas and charts. These tutorials include some nicely done screen shots that help in demonstrating the features presented.

Excel 2003 Training Tutorial I
(30 pages, 786kb, pdf)
Upon completion of this Excel training module, you will know and be able to:
1. Use the Menu bar, Standard and Formatting Toolbars;
2. Know the parts of an Excel worksheet;
3. Know how to open and save a workbook;
4. Use the Page Setup Dialog box;
5. Insert a row, column, or worksheet;
6. Format a cell;
7. Change the font type, style, size and color of a cell or range of cells;
8. Create a border around a range of cells;
9. Use basic Excel formulas;
10. Know how to use the Chart Wizard to create a chart

Excel 2003 Training Tutorial II
(17 pages, 241kb, pdf)
 - Overview
 - Setting up the Spreadsheet
 - Inputting Data
 - AutoSum
 - Average Formula
 - Multiplication Formula
 - Minimum Formula
 - Maximum Formula
 - Types of Charts
 - Creating a Chart

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February 19, 2011

Excel Functions and Formulas Help and Support

Here are 7 Excel resources that explain and show how to use Excel Functions, Formulas, and some Advances Techniques. One of Excel’s most useful features is that it allows users to create custom formulas to perform calculations on their data. Excel also contains built-in formulas called functions that make it easy to perform common calculations on data.

How to Create Custom User Defined Excel Functions
Excel allows you to create custom functions, called “User Defined Functions” (UDF’s) that can be used the same way you would use SUM() or some other built-in Excel function.

Excel Functions
Provides information and examples of Excel spreadsheet functions and topics such as graphs, testing and short cuts.
  - Functions and Calculations
- IF, conditions and selecting
- Formatting Cells and Values
- Dates and Times
- Sharing data with other programs
- Reference, Input and Navigation
- Auditing and other stuff

Excel Function Reference
Create your own worksheet functions
Go with the cash flow: Calculate NPV and IRR in Excel
List of worksheet functions (by category)
Using worksheet functions for quality control
Creating custom functions
Database Functions
Date and Time Functions
Engineering Functions
External Functions
Financial Functions
Information Functions
Logical Functions
Lookup Functions
Math Functions
Statistical Functions
Text and Data Functions
Basic Excel
Built-In Functions
Text Functions
Logical Functions
Information Functions
Date & Time Functions
Lookup & Reference Functions
Math Functions
Statistical Functions
Database Functions
Financial Functions
Engineering Functions
Excel Vlookup Tutorial
Pivot Table Tutorial
Excel Formulas
Array Formulas
Tips & Tricks
Common Excel Errors
Excel Templates
Excel Macros
Excel VBA Tutorial

Excel Formulas and Functions
Here you will find step by step tutorials, tips and shortcuts on how to use formulas and the common and less common functions available in Excel. Excel 2010 Functions (48)
IF Functions (14)
Count Functions (8)
Date Functions (15)
Logical Functions (4)
Math Functions (13)
Text Functions (10)
Rounding Number Functions (9)
Excel 2003 Functions (20)
Random Number Functions (3)
Trig Functions (5)
Lookup Functions (11)
Statistical Functions (14)
Information Functions (5)
Engineering Functions (1)
Financial Functions (2)
Basic Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Tutorial
This tutorial covers creating a basic spreadsheet in Excel 2007. The topics covered include how to enter data, using formulas and functions, and formatting the spreadsheet.

Excel Function Dictionary
This Excel Function Dictionary contains over 150 examples of functions.

Advanced excel tips, Excel tools, Excel reporting applications, and Excel add-ins.

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February 17, 2011

2 Excel 2003 eBooks

Here are 2 downloadable Excel ebooks, covering Excel 2003 features, tools, and functionality. These are in pdf format.

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 – ebook.pdf


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February 11, 2011

7 Office 2003 Quick Reference Cards

Here are Quick Reference Cards for 7 Office 2003 Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Visio. These references, or cheat sheets, are hosted by customguide, and were found on google, doing this search. They are in pdf format.

Word 2003 Quick Reference, Word 2003 Cheat Sheet

Excel 2003 Quick Reference, Excel 2003 Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint 2003 Quick Reference, Cheat Sheet

Outlook 2003 Quick Reference, Outlook 2003 Cheat Sheet

Access 2003 Quick Reference, Access 2003 Cheat Sheet

Publisher 2003 Quick Reference, Publisher 2003 Cheat Sheet

Visio 2003 Quick Reference, Visio 2003 Cheat Sheet

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January 27, 2011

Excel 2003 Reference Guide

Here is a well written, detailed, and illustrated Excel 2003 Reference Guide. The important features taught by this reference tutorial are listed below. This document will show you how to perform Excel tasks that will help you work with and manage your data, perform math functions and formulas, and do some database functions. (26 pages, 1.1 mb, pdf file)

Contents of Excel 2003 Reference Guide:
 - Working with and Managing Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, and Cells
 - Saving Workbook
 - Changing Options
 - Display Toolbars
 - Entering and Editing Cell Data
 - Controlling Row Height
 - Inserting Cells, Rows. and Columns
 - Selecting with Shift and Control Keys
 - Moving Cells and Worksheets
 - Using other Sheets in the Workbook
 - Page Setup
 - Working with Headers and Footers
 - Excel Help
 - Printing from Excel
 - Templates
 - Autofill b y Example
 - Cell References
 - Excel Formulas
 - Auto Calculate
 - start with page 13, right side

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January 15, 2011

Office 2003 Tutorials – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher

Here are lots of Office 2003 tutorials for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, from the University of Wisconsin. The areas and features covered for each application for shown below.

Office 2003 Tutorials:

Word 2003 Tutorials
Word basics, Bullets & Numbers, Using Outlining, Organizing Information with Word Tables, Inserting Fields and Text, Using Word Styles, Working Collaboratively, AutoText and AutoCorrect, Automating Your Work, Labels and Envelopes, Mail Merge and Form Letters, Customizing Word, Working with Word Forms, Inserting Clip Art, and Miscellaneous Word Features

Excel 2003 Tutorials
Working with Excel, Printing with  Excel, Special Features, Working with the Database Feature, Managing Your Excel Worksheet, Charting with Excel, Favorite Excel Functions, Excel Gradebook, and Inserting Clip Art

PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials
PowerPoint Background Information, PowerPoint Basics, Working with Objects, Customizing PowerPoint, PowerPoint Diagrams, More PowerPoint Features, Viewing Online Presentations, and Inserting Clip Art

Publisher 2003 Tutorials
Getting Started with Publisher, Publisher Basics, Layout Solutions, Working with Graphics in Publisher, Automating Your Work, Inserting Clip Art, and Help with Publisher

Common Office 2003 Features
General Office Features, Customizing Office 2003, Clip Art, WordArt, and Drawing.

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January 8, 2011

7 Microsoft Office 2003 eBooks

Here are 7 Microsoft Office 2003 eBooks for the following applications: Excel (2), Word (1), PowerPoint (1),Outlook (1), and Access (2). These Office ebooks are available for download and are in CHM (Windows Help) and PDF formats. They’ll help you learn and use these Office 2003 applications.

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April 21, 2010

4 Excel eBooks, 6 Access eBooks, and 1 Visio eBook

This computer ebook site hosts 11 Office eBooks: 4 Excel ebooks, 6 Access ebooks, and 1 Visio ebook. To find these ebooks, simply do a Find command in your browser (Edit->Find on menu, or Ctl+F) and type in the keyword ‘Excel’, ‘Access’, or ‘Visio’.

4 Excel eBooks:
Excel – All Features
Excel – Macros and VBA

6 Microsoft Access eBooks:
Access – All Features
Access – with SQL Server
Access – Database Design
Access – Programming
Access – with VB .NET

1 Visio eBook:
Visio – All Features

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April 13, 2010

Excel 2003 Reference Guide

Here is a very useful Excel 2003 Reference Guide, at Ohio University, that deals with and demonstrates many features of Excel which will help you organize your data into rows and columns, worksheets, and help you work with and manage that data. It also helps you create formulas, perform data analysis, and do mathematical calculations quickly. Topics that are explained in this Excel tutorial reference include: working with workbooks, worksheets and cells, displaying toolbars, deleting a row or column, merging and moving cells, pasting linked data, page setup options, templates, autofill, creating a formula, inserting graphics, working with functions, and creating charts and graphs.

Microsoft Excel 2003 Reference Guide 26 Pages, 1.08 Mb
 - What is Excel 2003?
 - Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, and Cells
 - Displaying Toolbars
 - Changing Options
 - Changing Screen Magnification
 - Controlling Column Width
 - Controlling Row Height
 - Inserting Cells
 - Deleting Cells
 - Inserting a Column
 - Inserting a Row
 - Deleting a Column
 - Deleting a Row
 - Selecting with the SHIFT key
 - Selecting with the CTRL key
 - Selecting a Range Of Cells
 - Merge and Center Cells
 - Moving Cells through Cutting
 - Moving Cells Drag and Drop
 - Moving Cells using Copy and Paste
 - The Office Clipboard
 - Pasting Linked Data
 - Use another Sheet in the Workbook
 - Rename a Worksheet
 - Moving a Worksheet
 - Page Setup Options
 - Print Preview
 - Use Help
 - Templates
 - AutoFill
 - AutoSum
 - Auto Calculate
 - Creating a Formula
 - Function
 - Hiding Columns and Rows
 - Defining Styles
 - Chart Wizard
 - Insert a Picture from a File
 - Data Analysis

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March 15, 2010

3 Excel 2003 Tutorials

Here are 3 Excel 2003 Tutorials, at the University of the Incarnate Word, which outline and teach important features of Microsoft Excel 2003. These Excel tutorials are divided into three sections for better understanding of this popular spreadsheet tool. The documents are in pdf format.

Excel 2003 Basics Tutorial  (802 Kb, 22 pages)
You will be learning some of the basic features of Excel 2003 in this section. The topics that are covered here are managing and formatting spreadsheets, formulas and charts, and Excel options.

 - Toolbars and Taskbars
 - Managing Spreadsheets
 - Formatting Spreadsheets
 - Formulas
 - Charts
 - Excel Options

Excel 2003 Advanced Tutorial  (4.58 Mb, 90 pages)
Some of the advanced features in Excel 2003 that are demonstrated in this section include: formatting spreadsheets, creating more advanced formulas, working with charts, sharing and protecting workbooks, and linking spreadsheets.

 - Toolbars and Taskbars
 - Managing Spreadsheets
 - Formatting Spreadsheets
 - Formulas
 - Page Setup, Headers & Footers
 - Charts
 - Database
 - Sharing and Protecting Workbooks
 - Tracking Changes
 - Linking Spreadsheets
 - Excel Options

Excel Database Tutorial  (963 Kb, 15 pages)
The Excel concepts of creating, filtering, and sorting a database using Excel 2003 is illustrated in this section of the tutorial.

 - Database
 - Adding Data
 - Sort Using Single Field
 - Sort Using Multiple Fields
 - Sort by Auto Filter Sorting with more than one filter

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January 21, 2010

eBooks on Office, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and Project

Update: Here are 7 more Microsoft Office eBooks, covering Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Project. The first 3 are in Windows Help format (chm) and the last for are in pdf format.

 - Excel ebook

 - Word ebook

 - Microsoft Access ebook

 - Powerpoint 2003 ebook

 - Microsoft Project 2003 ebook

 - Microsoft Office 2003 ebook

 - Microsoft Office 2007 ebook

Here are 10 eBooks covering Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, and Project.

 - Excel 2003 ebook 1
 - Excel 2003 ebook 2
 - Excel 2003 Programming ebook 1
 - Excel Programming ebook 2

 - Microsoft Office 2003 ebook 1
 - Microsoft Office 2003 ebook 2

 - Microsoft Access 2003 ebook 1
 - Microsoft Access 2003 ebook 2
 - Microsoft Access 2003 ebook 3

 - Microsoft Project 2003 ebook

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November 13, 2009

Word, Excel, and Office Tutorials

Here are some very good tutorials on Word, Excel, and MS Office, hosted by University of Florida. These Word, Excel, and Office tutorials discuss and demonstrate the important features of Microsoft Word, Excel and Office that combine together to provide users with a powerful word editing application and a spreadsheet program. These Office tutorials can be downloaded (doc and ppt formats) and saved for later reference.

Microsoft Office: Word and Excel 531 Kb, 22 pages)
This Word and Excel tutorial discusses features such as tables, toolbars, cell addresses, splitting cells and complex cell manipulation.

 - Word Tables
 - Word Tables and Borders Toolbar
 - Math in Word Tables
 - Math in Excel
 - Order of Operations
 - Cell Addresses
 - Splitting Cells in Microsoft Word
 - Dealing with Complex Cells in Microsoft Word
 - Splitting Cells in Microsoft Excel (Text to Columns)
 - Dealing with Complex Cells in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office 2003: Word and Excel  (538 Kb, 23 pages)
This Word and Excel tutorial explains features in Microsoft Office 2003, including math functions in Word and Excel, splitting cells, complex cell manipulation and the creation of tables.

 - Creating Tables
 - Tables and Borders Toolbar
 - Math in Word Tables
 - Math in Excel
 - Functions
 - Splitting Cells in Microsoft Word
 - Dealing with Complex Cells in Microsoft Word
 - Splitting Cells in Microsoft Excel (Text to Columns)
 - Dealing with Complex Cells in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office: Drawing Toolbar  (372 Kb, 15 pages)
This tutorial discusses the drawing toolbar in Microsoft Office with its autoshapes, the draw menu, wrapping text around objects and tips and tricks for drawing objects.

 - Drawing Toolbar
 - AutoShapes
 - The Draw Menu
 - Wrapping Text Around Objects in Word 97
 - Wrapping Text Around Objects in Word 2000
 - Tips and Tricks for Graphics and Drawing Objects

Microsoft Office Overview  (719 Kb, 23 slides)
This PowerPoint presentation is a handout of the features of Microsoft Office and its applications.

Microsoft Office Overview  (2.7 Mb, 23 slides)
This PowerPoint presentation provides an in-depth overview of Microsoft Office and its applications.

 - Word
 - Excel
 - PowerPoint
 - Access

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October 16, 2009

14 Excel 2003 Tutorials

Here are 14 excellent Excel Tutorials, hostsed by the University of Florida. These tutorial handouts and notes discuss and teach many important features of Excel 2003, including calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, printing, sorting and filters, and macros. These Excel 2003 tutorials are in .doc format, and can be downloaded and saved for later reference.

14 Microsoft Excel 2003 Tutorials:

 - Charts Handout 339 Kb, 14 Pages
 - Forms Handout 120 Kb, 7 pages
 - Macros Handout 145 Kb, 10 Pages
 - Macros Notes 35 Kb, 3 Pages
 - Math & Fun Handout 170 Kb, 11 Pages
 - Math & Fun Notes 73 Kb, 10 Pages
 - Mult Handout 177 Kb, 10 Pages
 - Mult Notes 29 Kb, 2 Pages
 - Navigation & Forms Handout 289 Kb, 17 Pages
 - Navigation & Forms Notes 57 Kb, 7 Pages
 - Pivot Tables Handout 377 Kb, 13 Pages
 - Print Handout 292 Kb, 14 Pages
 - Print Notes 39 Kb, 4 Pages
 - Sorting & Filters Handout 179 Kb, 8 Pages

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June 10, 2009

5 Excel 2003 Tutorials

These 5 Microsoft Excel 2003 Tutorials from the University at Albany explain the power of Excel by discussing its important features such as data manipulation, formulas and efficiency, formatting, page setup and print options. These features, along with filtering, sorting and presentation have made Excel the de-facto spread sheet application to work with. (these tutorials are in .doc format)

5 Excel Tutorials:

Excel 2003 I : Introduction, Menus, Toolbars & Selections
This tutorial teaches Excel’s menus, toolbars and selections along with rows, columns, cells, and formulas.

Excel 2003 II : Data, Formulas & Efficiency
This Excel tutorial explains spreadsheet components, their purposes and properties which include formulas, functions, problem solving and workbooks.

Excel 2003 III : Multi Sheet Workbook Creation
This Excel tutorial describes workbook creation, design, maintenance and usability. Workbooks are primarily used as an analysis tool to decide performance, growth, sales etc.

Excel 2003 IV : Design and Formatting
This tutorial teaches the design and formatting of the spreadsheet which includes colors, borders, shading, alignment and fonts.

Excel 2003 V : Page Set Up, Print Area, Options & Security, Filtering and Sorting, and Presentation Charts
This Excel tutorial demonstrates printing options, the page layout, filtering and sorting of the spreadsheet data.

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May 4, 2009

Tutorials for Excel 2003 and 2007

Here are several Excel Tutorials at covers and teaches various features of Excel, versions 2003 and 2007. Some of the topics covered by these Excel tutorials are: getting started with Excel, steps to create a basic spreadsheet, formulas, charting, and converting an Excel spreadsheet to an Access database. Also at this site are How to Use Excel Tutorials and Excel Formula Tutorials.

 - Basic Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Tutorial
 - Adding data to a spreadsheet
 - Widening Columns in Excel
 - Adding the Date and a Range Name
 - Adding formulas
 - Applying styles
 - Changing data alignment in cells
 - Number formatting – percent and currency
 - Changing font color

Getting Started with Excel:
These tutorials are a beginner’s tour on Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. It deals with simple stuff like entering data in Excel.

 - Beginner’s Guide to Excel 2003
 - Beginners Guide to Excel 2007
 - Entering Data in Excel

Excel 2007 Chart Tutorials:
These tutorials walk you through creating and formatting pie charts, column charts and line graphs using many of the common features available in Excel 2007.

 - Excel 2007 Pie Chart Tutorial
 - Excel 2007 Column Chart Tutorial
 - Excel 2007 Line Graph Tutorial

How to Use Excel:
These tutorials covers how to create and use a basic formula in Excel 2007 by step by step examples. It also details out creating spreadsheets in MS Excel 2003 and MS Excel 2007.

 - Excel 2007 Formulas Step by Step Tutorial
 - Basic Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Tutorial
 - Basic Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Tutorial

Related Articles:
This section deals with several related articles on MS Excel. The topics include converting an Excel spreadsheet to an MS Access 2007 database, Excel SUM and auto SUM functions

 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access 2007 Database
 - Excel Tutorials – Free Excel Tutorials
 - Excel SUM – Excel Auto SUM Function – Free Excel Tutorials
 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Database
 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Database

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September 9, 2008

382-page Excel 2003 Training Manual

Here is a well written, illustrated 382-page Excel 2003 Training Manual, hosted by Purdue University. This Excel training document shows you how to use all of the basics features of Excel, along with most of the intermediate and advanced topics as well. Its divided into 12 chapters, each having detailed lessons demonstrating Excel tasks using step-by-step instructions and exercises for applying what you’ve learned. A review is included at the end of each chapter to help you remember the topics presented. It also offers a quiz and a homework assignment where you can put your new skills into practice. This Excel training manual is 13.2mb in size and is in pdf format. Purdue also provides this illustrated Excel 2003 Quick Reference document (2 pages, 155kb, pdf format).

Table of Contents of Excel Training Manual:

Chapter One: The Fundamentals 
 - Menus, Toolbars and Creating a New Workbook
 - Worksheets: Navigation, Entering Labels and Values
 - Calculating Value Totals with AutoSum
 - AutoSum, AutoFill, and Entering Formulas 
 - Previewing and Printing a Worksheet
 - Getting Excel Help 

Chapter Two: Editing a Worksheet
 - Entering Dates and using AutoComplete 
 - Editing, Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Cells 
 - Absolute and Relative Cell References 
 - Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
 - Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat
 - Spell Check and Find / Replace Data
 - Inserting Cell Comments 
 - Recovering Workbooks

Chapter Three: Formatting a Worksheet
 - Formatting Fonts and Values
 - Adjusting Row Height and Column Width
 - Cell Alignment, Borders, Colors and Patterns
 - Using AutoFormat and Creating a Custom Number Format
 - Creating, Applying, and Modifying a Style
 - Formatting Cells with Conditional Formatting
 - Merging Cells, Rotating Text, and using AutoFit

Chapter Four: Creating and Working with Charts
 - Creating, Moving and Resizing Chart s
 - Formatting and Editing Objects in a Chart
 - Changing a Chart’s Source Data and Type
 - Adding Titles, Gridlines, and a Data Table
 - Formatting a Data Series and Chart Axis
 - Using Custom and 3-D Charts
 - Chart Fill Effects

Chapter Five: Managing Your Workbooks
 - Switching, Inserting and Deleting Worksheets
 - Renaming and Moving Worksheets
 - Splitting and Freezing a Window
 - Referencing External Data
 - Creating Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
 - Specifying a Print Area and Controlling Page Breaks
 - Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation
 - Protecting a Worksheet and Hiding Columns, Rows and Sheets
 - Working with Templates
 - Consolidating Worksheets

Chapter Six: More Functions and Formulas
 - Formulas with Several Operators and Cell Ranges
 - Insert Function Feature
 - Using the IF Function to Create Conditional Formulas
 - Displaying and Printing Formulas
 - Fixing Formula Errors
 - Mathematical, Financial, Date and Time, Statistical, and Database Functions

Chapter Seven: Working with Lists
 - Working with Lists and Adding Records
 - Finding, Deleting, and Sorting Records in a List
 - Filtering and Creating a Custom AutoFilter
 - Using an Advanced Filter
 - Copying Filtered Records
 - Data Validation

Chapter Eight: Automating Tasks with Macros
 - Recording and Playing Macros
 - Adding a Macro to a Toolbar
 - Editing a Macro’s Visual Basic Code
 - Prompting for User Input
 - Using the If…Then…Else Statement

Chapter Nine: Working with Other Programs
 - Inserting an Excel Worksheet into a Word Document
 - Modifying an Inserted Excel Worksheet
 - Inserting a Linked Excel Chart in a Word Document
 - Inserting a Graphic into a Worksheet

Chapter Ten: Using Excel with the Internet
 - Adding and Working with Hyperlinks
 - Workbook as a Non-Interactive or an Interactive Web Page
 - Import an External Data Source
 - Refresh a Data Source and Set Data Source Properties
 - Create a New Web Query

Chapter Eleven: Data Analysis and PivotTables
 - Creating a PivotTable
 - Specifying the Data a PivotTable Analyzes
 - Updating PivotTable’s Calculation and Display
 - Formatting and Charting a PivotTable
 - Subtotals for PivotTables
 - Using Database and Lookup Functions

Chapter Twelve: Advanced Topics
 - Hiding, Displaying, and Moving Toolbars
 - Customizing Excel’s Toolbars
 - Password Protecting a Workbook
 - Sharing a Workbook and Tracking Changes
 - Merging and Revising a Shared Workbook
 - Using Detect and Repair

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June 12, 2008

Free Advanced Excel 2003 Training Manual

Here is an excellent Free Advanced Excel 2003 Training Manual, from This training document is 155 pages in length, the zipped download size is 1.1mb, and the resulting doc file size is 9.8mb. Advanced Excel features and functionality covered by this Excel training manual include: Conditional & Logical Functions, Lookup Functions, Goal Seeking And Solving, Views and Scenarios, Reports, Manage Lists, Advanced Filtering, Pivot Tables, Charting, Templates, Auditing, Validation Circles, Precendents And Dependants, and Comments. For step-by-step instructions for each Excel command demonstrated, look for the hand icon.

Table Of Contents of Advanced Excel 2003 Training Manual:

How To Use This Guide

Section 1
Using Advanced Worksheet Functions
Using Names
Conditional & Logical Functions
If Statementsh
And, Or, Not
Lookup Functions
Vector Lookup
Nested Lookups
Goal Seeking And Solving

Section 2
Views, Scenarios & Reports
Views & Scenarios
Custom Views
Scenario Manager
Print Reports

Section 3
Using Excel To Manage Lists
Excel Lists
Sorting Data
Adding Subtotals To A List
Filtering A List
Data Form
Advanced Filtering
Copying Filtered Data
Database Functions
Pivot Tables
Modifying A Pivot Table
Grouping Pivot Table Items

Section 4
Excel Charts
Moving And Resizing Embedded Charts
Chart Types
Formatting Charts
Format Chart Elements
Manipulating Chart Data
Chart, Edit Series
Swapping The X And Y Axes
Using Charts To Change Data

Section 5
Custom Templates
Opening And Editing Templates
Template Properties

Section 6
Validation Circles
Go To Special
Precendents And Dependants

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June 11, 2008

Free Excel 2003 Essentials Training Manual

Excel allows you to create and manage tables (worksheets) of data that are cross-referenced by rows, columns and other worksheets, and include calculations and graphs on that data. The data can be set up with various levels complexity, from containing simple formulas to complex functions and mathematical models.

Here is an excellent Free Excel 2003 Essentials Training Manual, from This training document is 216 pages in length, the zipped download size is 2.3mb doc file, and the resulting doc file size is 5.8mb. Essential Excel features and functionality covered by this Excel training manual include: Excel Screen Layout, Toolbars, Editing and Referencing Cells, Formulas, Functions, Moving And Copying Data, Formatting Data and Cells, Names, Working With Multiple Sheets, Printing, Manipulating Large Worksheets, Sorting & Subtotalling Data, and Customizing Excel. The Appendix shows all of the Excel toolbars with their functions referred to in the manual, along with tables of shortcut keys and an Excel glossary. For step-by-step instructions for each Excel command taught, look for the hand icon.

Table Of Contents of Excel 2003 Essentials Training Manual:

How To Use This Guide

Section 1
The Basics
Windows Concepts
Excel Basics
The Spreadsheet Concept
The Excel Screen Layout
Use Toolbars
Use Menus
Getting Help

Section 2
Move Around And Enter Information
Data Entry
Pick From List
Select Information
Select Cells The Mouse
Select Cells With The Keyboard
Clear Cells
The Fill Handle
Select Cells To Limit Data Entry
Select Cells For Multiple Entry

Section 3
Formulas And Functions
Entering Formulas By Pointing
Errors In Formulas
Filling Formulas
Function Box
Type Functions
Function Argument Tool Tips
Cell References
Absolute And Relative References

Section 4
File Operations
Save Files
Close Files
Open Files
New Files
Create Workspace Files

Section 5
Moving And Copying Data
Moving and Copying Items
Drag And Drop
Shortcut Menus
Moving And Copying Between Files
Moving And Copying Between Worksheets
Paste Special

Section 6
Background Fill Colour
Merge Cells
Number Formats
Advanced Formats
Format Cells Dialog
Custom Number Formats
Formatting Columns And Rows
Hide Columns And Rows
Insert and Delete Cells
Shortcut Keys For Formatting
Conditional Formatting

Section 7
Rules When Naming Cells
Define and Create Name
Selecting Names
Names In Formulas
Apply and Delete Names
Intersecting Names

Section 8
Working With Multiple Sheets
Moving Between The Workbook Sheets
Move And Copy Worksheets
Insert And Delete Worksheets
Group Adjacent Sheets
Group Non-Adjacent Sheets
Fill Data Across Worksheets
3-D Formulas
External References
Protect Worksheet Data
View Worksheets Side By Side
Watch Window

Section 9
Print Preview
Page Setup
Page and Margine Tab
Header and Footer Tab
Sheet Tab
Page Breaks
Printing Large Spreadsheets

Section 10
Manipulating Large Worksheets
Split Screen
Freeze Panes

Section 11
Sorting & Subtotalling Data
Sorting List Data
Summarising A Subtotalled List
Show And Hide By Level
Sort List Data With Sort Tools

Section 12
Customizing Excel
Customize Toolbars
Set Options
General Tab
View and Edit Tabs
Edit Tab
Transition Tab

Standard Toolbar
Auditing Toolbar
Movement Keys
Mouse Selection Methods
Selection Keys
Keyboard Shortcuts For Formatting

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April 24, 2008

26 Free Excel 2003 QuickSkill Tutorials

Here are 26 Free Excel 2003 Video QuickSkill Tutorials from These Excel tutorials teach you the features below using screen videos that show you step-by-step how to perform these everyday Excel tasks.  (This sites charges a fee for accessing more of these tutorials.)

Basic Excel QuickSkills

The Excel Environment
Closing multiple workbooks
Zooming in a spreadsheet
Using the horizontal scroll bar

Manipulation of Cell Contents
Copy and Paste I
Autofill identical data

Basic Functions
Using The Autosum button
The SQRT() function

Intro to Charts
Changing the axis color
Changing the legend text font
Changing the line weight
Changing the point style

Intermediate Excel QuickSkills

Formatting Data II
Formatting Decimals II

Formatting to Currency II

Intermediate Functions
The LOG() function
The ROMAN() function
The PRODUCT() function

Logical Functions
The TRUE function
The NOT function

Formatting Tables
Creating cell borders II
Set table color fills

Advanced Excel QuickSkills

Cell Formatting II
Apply conditional formatting

How to use the format painter

Advanced Math Functions

The MMULT() function
The MINVERSE() function

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April 15, 2008

Excel 2003 Tutorials

Here are several Excel 2003 and Excel XPTutorials, from, that will help you get up to speed with learning the basics tasks needed for effectively using Excel, along with tutorials teaching you Excel templates and shortcut keys.

The Basics of Spreadsheets: Numbers, Labels, and Formulas
Everyone needs to perform simple math. Businesses need to keep track of sales and profits, and individuals need to keep track of budgets.

Understanding Spreadsheets
Storing Stuff in Spreadsheet
Formatting Numbers and Labels
Navigating a Spreadsheet
Searching a Spreadsheet
Editing a Spreadsheet
Clearing Data

What are Templates in Excel XP
Templates are predesigned and formatted spreadsheets, the provide consistency of layout’s structure and save time and repetition of work.

What are Templates
How to Create Templates
Working with Workbook Templates
Understanding Custom Excel Templates
Creating a Default Workbook Template
Changing Default Print Setting Using a Template
Creating Custom Templates
Learn About Style
Locking Formula Cells in Template File

Excel Shortcut Keys
Learn how to use you keyboard in Excel and perhaps become more efficient than using your mouse. The following lists the most useful shortcut keys available in Excel. The shortcuts are arranged by context.

Moving Through a Worksheet (Shortcut Keys)
Moving within a Range Selection (Shortcut Keys)
Other Shortcut Keys

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