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January 1, 2008

Blender 3-D Modeling and Animation Course

This is an open content course from Tufts University that introduces and covers computer generated 3-D modeling and animation using Blender, an open source 3D software application. It provides tutorials and video training modules that teach the skills and techniques employed by 3-D designers in a wide range of applications. Using these online materials, you will explore basic mesh and NURB modeling, and apply textures and materials to 3-D objects, lighting, animation and rendering. This course also will give you a good basis to apply these 3D graphic concepts to further study in architectural, engineering and theatrical modeling and game design. Here is the complete list of pdf formatted Blender Tutorials, and here is the course’s Blender Hot Keys Cheat Sheet [pdf].

Three-Dimensional Modeling, Animation and Rendering Using Blender 3D Software

Blender Learning Units

Session Title
1 General Video and PDF Instructions
2 Unit 1: Basic Blender Navigation
3 Unit 2: Blender Transforms
4 Unit 3: Blender File System
5 Unit 4: Blender Object Functions
6 Unit 5: Edit Mode Tools
7 Unit 6: More Editing Tools
8 Unit 7: Blender Curve Tools
9 Unit 8: Blender Materials and Textures
10 Unit 9: Blender Lighting
11 Unit 10: Animation
12 Unit 11: Appending – Deformations – Camera
13 Unit 12: Blender Particle System

Complete List of Blender Video Tutorials
(Realplayer required)

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