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August 14, 2006

Free Course on AJAX Programming

Check out my post on‘s free training blog for this excellent free, instructor-led online course for AJAX programming. This AJAX course is offered as a free online course on regular basis 2 or 3 times a year and you can register for it any time, and also take it as many times as you want in the future. Of course, if you’d like you can study the AJAX lessons, slides, and materials on your own at any time, without registering.

Free Course on AJAX Programming

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July 19, 2006

Top 20 AJAX Tutorials for Beginners

AJAX uses a combination of Javascript and XML to allow web pages to be updated with new data from the server, without forcing the user to wait for a page refresh. Web applications can do a page update without refresh using Javascript, PHP and XML’s XMLHTTPRequest object (also known as ‘remote scripting’). As a deveoper, using AJAX allows you to build web applications having user interfaces like those of desktop applications, thus offering the user better experiences.

I have researched the web for the 20 best tutorials to help those new to AJAX get started in this important web development technology. These will hopefully help you to start coding web applications using AJAX and get you up to speed quickly. Some of these will also be helpful for more advanced AJAX developers. I have posted this on my blog at the link below.

 Top 20 AJAX Tutorials for Beginners

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April 14, 2006

Free Ebooks on Web Development, AJAX, ASP.NET, and XSLT

Below is a Google Groups post with links to several free ebooks for Web Development and Programming, AJAX, ASP.NET, C++ Programming, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual C Sharp (C#), and XSLT. To access the download link for the ebooks on, click on the Free button at the bottom of the rapidshare page, wait about 30 seconds, then enter the 3 character code and click on the download button. (You will need to wait 1 hour between large downloads.). To uncompress .rar files you can use 7-Zip, available here: Free Ebooks on Web Development, AJAX, ASP.NET, and XSLT:

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