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July 21, 2009

After Effects Tutorials and Videos

Here are many After Effects Tutorials, at, that provide great free training videos on this application. Linked below are 12 After Effects CS4 tutorials at this site. After Effects is the latest version of the digital motion and compositing software from Adobe and is used primarily for film and video post production. These tutorials demonstrate how to use After Effects CS4, its features, and how to use it to work with and edit videos. All tutorials are comprehensively explained with examples within screen videos.

12 After Effects CS4 Tutorials:

Introducing After Effects CS4
This tutorial introduces After Effects to first time users giving a brief description of how it is widely used in the industry.

01 Overview of After Effects CS4
This tutorial provides an overview of After Effects and how it works in compositing in films.

02 Creating projects
This section explains how to create new projects, introduce elements in it and save the newly created projects.

03 Creating compositions
This video describes the creation on of compositing in films and how they are used for the full production of a film.

04 Working with the Timeline
Timelines are important in creating the workflow for the compositing elements in After Effects and this video explains this concept in depth.

05 Animation essentials
This video explains the essentials of creating and using animations effectively in After Effects.

06 Previewing Animations
This video explains how to preview newly created animations just before they are put into films.

08 Animating characters
This video provides an in depth explanation of animating characters in After Effects and how they can be effectively used to create animations.

10 Applying effects
Various effects are available in After Effects and this video describes how to use them effectively in film.

11 Correcting color with effects
Colors and other video elements may not exactly turn out to be what they look like. They can be corrected by adding effects and this is explained in this video.

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April 22, 2009

58 Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Here are 58 well done Adobe After Effects Tutorials at After Effects is a compositing software application from Adobe Systems that is widely used for video post-production. These Adobe After Effects Tutorials discuss various features in After Effects such as Guides, Lights and Shadows, 3D Effects and Transitions. Vector graphics and sequence animation is also explained in detail. The interoperability between After Effects and Flash and embedding Flash objects in After Effects sequences are explained in depth. Most of these After Effects Tutorials are in a video screencam format and use quick and easy-to-understand examples.

58 Adobe After Effects Tutorials:

 - Exporting XFL Format from After Effects to Flash
 - Popping Animation Effect in Adobe After Effects
 - Popping Animation Effect in Adobe After Effects
 - Animated Butterfly in After Effects, Part 2
 - Animated Butterfly in After Effects, Part 1
 - Flaming Chrome Text in After Effects
 - Animated Swirls in Adobe After Effects
 - Shattering Glass with Adobe After Effects
 - Animated Text Effect in After Effects
 - Chrome Logo in After Effects CS4
 - Flash to Video
 - Animated Handwriting in After Effects
 - Creating Rain in After Effects, Part 2
 - Creating Rain in After Effects
 - Snow Globe in After Effects CS4
 - After Effects: Designing a StaticBall, Part 1
 - After Effects: Designing a StaticBall, Part 2
 - After Effects CS4 Guides
 - After Effects CS4 Mocha
 - After Effects CS4 Light and Shadow
 - After Effects CS4 3D Effects
 - After Effects CS4 Cartoon Effects
 - Falling Snow in Flash CS3
 - After Effects CS4 Light and Shadow
 - After Effects CS4 3D Effects
 - After Effects CS4 Cartoon Effects
 - Falling Snow in Flash CS3
 - Smokey Type Effect in After Effects
 - Animate the Splash Using Photoshop and After Effects
 - Production Premium: Professional Color Correction
 - Animate Rain Shadows in After Effects
 - Creating Fire in After Effects CS3
 - Add Some Flash to After Effects
 - 2D/3D with Photoshop CS3 Extended and After Effects
 - Creating Silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator
 - ’Toon Your Video in Adobe CS3 Production Premium
 - Shape Layers in After Effects CS3
 - Creating a Fireball in Adobe After Effects
 - Opposites Attract: Title Sequence in After Effects
 - Create a Splash Animation with Adobe After Effects
 - Creating a Title Sequence with After Effects 7
 - Use a Video Monitor to Check Your Quality
 - Vector Graphics- 3D Depth with 2D Layers in After Effects
 - Time for your Close-Up with Adobe After Effects
 - Using Matte in Adobe After Effects
 - Create a Talking Head with Adobe After Effects
 - Flexible and Efficient Animation Projects in After Effects
 - Using Adobe After Effects to Create an Award Winning Website
 - Get Your Adobe Illustrator Files Moving in After Effects
 - Bridge into After Effects and Premier
 - Green Screen Techniques
 - “Growing” Clip Art
 - Teaching After Effects To Draw
 - Offset and Displace
 - 3D/2D Shadows
 - Picture In…Picture Out
 - Smokin’ Particle Animation!
 - Creating Transitions

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September 13, 2007

Freely Available eBooks for Adobe Software

Here are links to freely available ebooks covering Adobe Software and Applications from This site bills itselfs as “A 100% free resource to hundreds of free ebook downloads from all over the web.”

Freely Available eBooks for Adobe Software

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May 9, 2006

Tutorials for Flash 8, Flash MX 2004, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects offers these excellently written and presented tutorials for Flash 8, Flash MX 2004, Photoshop,  Illustrator, and After Effects. Have some fun with these while learning to do some interesting things using these applications.

Macromedia Flash 8 

Adobe Photoshop 

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe After Effects

Flash MX 2004 Tutorials

  Introduction to the v2 component architecture

Chafic Kazoun discusses the v2 component architecture new to Flash MX 2004 and introduces you to some hidden treasures of the framework.

  Flash MX 2004 Editorial

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Flash MX 2004*
* but didn’t know who to ask!

  Flash MX 2004 UI Components

Flash MX 2004 now sports 21 UI Components, some of which may be familiar to you from before and others that are new. In this massive tutorial, we will take you through each of these components and show you how to use them.

  Flash MX 2004 Actionscript 2.0

We’ll go through new language features, the new object-oriented programming model, and see examples of migrating ActionScript 1.0 (from Flash 5 and MX) to ActionScript 2.0.

  Flash MX 2004 Professional Video

Flash MX 2004 adds several video enhancements. In this tutorial you’ll learn about the improvements to your production workflow as well as the technical options now available when designing your Flash video application.

  Introducing Timeline Effects and Behaviors

In this article we are going to take you through a couple of the coolest Flash MX 2004 features: Timeline Effects and Behaviors. We’ll show you some simple examples to help you get started with these features quickly.

  Skinning Flash MX 2004 Components

This tutorial will run through the new Flash MX 2004 functionality allowing us to change component’s look & feel and explains the various options you have for skinning Flash MX 2004 components step by step.

  Developing Components in Flash MX 2004

Component development in Flash has come a long way. With Flash MX 2004, Macromedia further improved components. This article explains the various steps required to build a simple component for Flash MX 2004.

  Data Binding

Data Binding is an easy way to tie all your data together, without any hard work. Data Binding is a key feature of RAD (Rapid Application Development) and is a great tool for prototyping, and is explained to you by Peter Hall.


Developing a simple application using forms & MVC

This tutorial will guide you through developing a simple Rich Internet Application, an address book application by using forms & screens,
without a single line of code in the FLA.


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May 8, 2006

Multimedia Workshops Tutorials for Digital Video, Premiere, After Effects

Here are well written and illustrated Multimedia Workshops from the Univeristy of Washington’s Walk-In Workshops. These workshop tutorials you will learn how to create Video, DVD, and other multimedia presentations. By using modern computer hardware and software you can learn how to create sophisticated material, students will learn the skills to shoot and edit video, add special effects, and publish multimedia in many formats. These tutorials include materials teaching you how to use digital video software, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects.

Multimedia Workshops Tutorials for Digital Video, Premiere, and After Effects

Introduction to Digital Video

Digital video is a widely accessible technology for creating film but can be a bit daunting compared to your dad’s VHS camcorder. In this introduction of the digital video pipeline, you will learn how to plan and execute your digital video project. Other topics include: planning your digital film, transferring video to a computer, and methods of archival once your edited film is finished. Take this knowledge and create an impressive video presentation, an entertaining home movie or the next award-winning independent film.

  Creating Digital Video
  Bullet The Process
  Bullet Plan the Project
  Bullet Shoot & Gather Material
  Bullet Capture & Import
  Bullet Edit & Composite
  Bullet Archive, Encode & Distribute

  Bullet The Tools
  Bullet The Digital Video Format
  Bullet Benefits of Digital Video
  Bullet Firewire

  Bullet Easier Software
  Bullet Advanced Software

  Digital Video Decks
  Bullet Apple iMovie
  Bullet Apple Final Cut Pro
  Bullet Adobe Premiere
  Bullet Dubbing VHS to miniDV

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is the quintessential video-editing tool for the PC user working toward a professional product. Its simplicity makes the software easy to learn but applicable in many different situations. In this full-spectrum workshop you will learn how to make professional looking videos. You will also learn to apply the features of this application in creative ways. Other topics include: key-framing video attributes and effects, creating and applying more customizable transitions and titling, and the taking advantage of a fully non-linear editing application. Use all you learn from this to edit your first impressive student film production.

  The Basics
  Bullet Concepts
  Bullet Non-Destructive Editing
  Bullet Non-Linear Editing
  Bullet 3-Point Editing
  Bullet The Interface
  Bullet The Tools
  Bullet Inserting Media

  Acquiring Media
  Bullet Introduction
  Bullet Logging Clips
  Bullet Importing Other Media

  Compositing & Effects
  Bullet Concepts
  Bullet Effects & Transitions

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April 3, 2006

Free Ebooks for Adobe Applications

Here is a Google Groups post that contains several links to freely available ebooks covering most of the Adobe software applications, which are listed below. After clicking on the link for the ebook you want, to access the download link, click on the Free button at the bottom of the page, wait about 30 seconds, then enter the 3 character code and click on the download button. (You will need to wait 1 hour between large downloads.). To uncompress .rar files you can use 7-Zip, available here: Google Groups post with Free Ebooks for Adobe Applications: Here are the applications covered by these ebooks: - Adobe Acrobat - Adobe After Effects - Adobe Creative Suite - Adobe FrameMaker - Adobe GoLive CS2 - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe InDesign - Adobe LiveMotion - Adobe PageMaker - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Premiere - Learn Programming with Flash - Microsoft Office VBA

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