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February 12, 2011

Quick Reference Cards for Office 2007 Apps and more

Here are Quick Reference Cards for 7 Office 2007 Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Visio. Also incuded are quick references for Office 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP, IE 7 and IE8. These references, or cheat sheets, are hosted by customguide, and are available from this google search. They are in pdf format.

Office 2007 Quick Reference Card

Word 2007 Quick Reference Card

Excel 2007 Quick Referenc Card

PowerPoint 2007 Quick Reference Card

Outlook 2007 Quick Reference Card

Access 2007 Quick Reference Card

Publisher 2007 Quick Reference Card

Visio 2007 Quick Reference Card

Windows Quick Reference Card

Windows XP Quick Referenc Card

Internet Explorer 7 Quick Reference Card

Internet Explorer 8 Quick Reference Card

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January 18, 2011

2 Access 2007 Training Sessions

Here are 2 great Access 2007 Training Sessions with Tutorials and Workshop Manuals, from the Hillsborough Community College. This freely available Access training gives you step-by-step instructions and are illustrated with screen shots to show and guide you through the many features and topics of Access. The first two links make up the Access 1 training session as an animated Access tutorial and a workbook manual in pdf format. The second two comprise the Access 2 training and are in the same formats.

Access Animated Tutorial 1

 - Unit 1: Database structure and terminology
 - Unit 2: Create a new database and a table
 - Unit 3: Enter data
 - Unit 4: Data types
 - Unit 5: Insert and delete fields
 - Unit 6: Forms and Split Forms

Access Workshop Manual 1 (28 pages, 1.6mb, pdf)

 - Objectives
 - Database Structure
 - Database Terminology
 - Relationships
 - Create a New Database
 - Access 2007 Tour and Features
 - Create a Table in Datasheet View
 - Edit a Table in Design View
 - Save a Table
 - Enter Data
 - Data Types 
 - Use Input Mask Wizard
 - Data Type: Yes/No
 - Data Type: Lookup Wizard
 - Insert and Delete Fields
 - Set a Primary Key
 - Form Wizard
 - Split Form

Access Training 1 Tutorial and Manual Objectives:
At the end of Access 1 training, you should be able to:

  1. Create a new database;
  2. Create tables for data entry in datasheet view and design view;
  3. Enter data into a table;
  4. Use, understand, and set data types: text, memo, number, currency, date/time, autonumber, yes/no, lookup wizard;
  5. Insert and delete a row and a field;
  6. Create and delete a primary key;
  7. Create a form using the Wizard tool;
  8. Create a split form.

Access Animated Tutorial 2

 - Unit 1: Import and Export Data
 - Unit 2: Create a Query
 - Unit 3: Modify a Query
 - Unit 4: Text Data Criteria and Wildcards in a Query
 - Unit 5: Number Criteria and Comparisons
 - Unit 6: Aggregate Functions in a Query
 - Unit 7: Create a Report

Access Workshop Manual 2 (pages, 2.1mb, pdf)

 - Objectives
 - Import a Table from Excel
 - Export an Access Table to Excel
 - Create a Query
 - Query
      Text Data Criteria
      Field Not in Result
      Comparison And
      Comparison Or
 - Aggregate Functions
      Avg (Average)
 - Parameters and the Between Operator
 - Report Wizard
 - Modify a Report
 - Insert Images into a Form or Report
 - Resize Images in a Form or Report

Access Training 2 Tutorial and Manual Objectives:
At the end of Access 2 training, you should be able to:
  1. Import a table from Excel;
  2. Export an Access table to Excel;
  3. Create a query;
  4. Sort fields in a query;
  5. Show fields in a query;
  6. Run a query using wildcards;
  7. Run a query for fields not in result;
  8. Run a query for a number value;
  9. Run a query using the comparison criteria “And”;
  10. Run a query using the comparison criteria “Or”;
  11. Understand the purpose of Aggregate Functions;
  12. Create and run a query using count;
  13. Create and run a query using average;
  14. Create and run a query using the parameter between;
  15. Insert and resize a graphic/image;
  16. Create and Modify a Report.

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January 8, 2011

The 20 Minute Guide to Using MS Access 2007

Here is a 19-page quick tutorial on getting up to speed using Access, titled, The 20 Minute Guide to Using MS Access 2007, hosted by This Access tutorial will show you how to start creating a database and entering records for it. You will also learn how to create Forms, Queries, and a Report using your database. (19 pages, 936kb, pdf)

Contents of this Access tutorial:
 - What is a database
 - Access 2007
 - Create a brand new database
 - The Navigation Pane
 - Create a Form
 - Create a Query
 - Create a Report
 - Summary

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May 13, 2010

Access 2007 Flashcards, Practice Tests, and Learning Games

Here are 2 Access 2007 Quick References, along with Access 2007 Flashcards, Practice Tests with answers, and Learning Games. Each quick reference document lists Access tasks or features to be performed along with their corresponding commands or menu items using the Mouse, the Ribbon, the Shortcut Menu, and Keyboard Shortcuts. The first quick reference provides 70 Access 2007 tasks, and the second one contains 124 tasks.

 - Access 2007 Quick Reference 1  (4 pages, pdf format, 155kb)
 - Access 2007 Quick Reference 2  (8 pages, pdf format, 185kb)

Chapter 1
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 2
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 3
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 4
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 5
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 6
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 7
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 8
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Chapter 9
Practice Test
Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2?
Wheel of Terms
Crossword Puzzle Challenge

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20 Office 2007 eBooks

Here are 20 downloadable MS Office eBooks, mostly for the Office 2007 version, including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and Project. These are in PDF an CHM (Windows Help) format.

Microsoft Office eBooks:
 - Outlook 2007
 - Word 2007
 - Access 2007
 - Excel 2007
 - Project 2007
 - Access 2007
 - Microsoft Office 2007
 - Excel 2007 VBA
 - Programming Excel
 - Excel Data Analysis with SQL
 - Excel VBA and dotNet
 - Access VBA
 - Access 2007 VBA

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March 18, 2010

99-slide Access 2007 Tutorial

Here is a Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorial in a 99-slide presentation format (ppt, 2.2mb), at the University of the Incarnate Word. This Access tutorial gives you insight and understanding on all of the important features of Access 2007, and demonstrates topics such as defining tables, queries, reports, and forms. This Access tutorial also teaches database planning; and developing tables from table templates, from manual entry,from external data, and in the Design view. The documents essential to complete the exercises for this tutorial can be downloaded from here.

Access 2007 Tutorial
 - Definitions
 - Planning a Database
 - Creating a Table
 - Relationships
 - Queries
 - Forms
 - Reports

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October 26, 2009

Microsoft Access Tutorial

Here is a Microsoft Access Tutorial, at Orbit Computer Solutions, that teaches you how to use Access, Microsoft Office’s database application. This Access database tutorial covers creating new databases, and creating and managing tables. The topics include how-to screenshots that help explain what is being described.

Getting Started With Access 2007
Here you will get a quick introductory tour through the world of Microsoft Access 2007.

 - The Microsoft Office Button
 - The Ribbon
 - Quick Access Bar

How To Create A New AccessDatabase
In this section of the tutorial, you will be able to learn how to create a new database in MS Access 2007. You will also learn about new database terms like query, recordset, forms and reports.

 - Database Terms
 - Query
 - Record Set
 - Forms
 - Report
 - How To Create A New Database
 - How To Create A New Database Using Templates

How To Create an Access Table
In this section of the tutorial, we are explaining about creating a table inside the Access database. Adding new fields to the tables. editing and formatting data types are also explained.

 - Table View
 - Design And Datasheet View
 - How To Add New Fields
 - How To Add New Fields In Design View
 - How To Edit Data Types In Fields
 - How To Format Data Types In Design View

Managing Tables
In this final section you will learn how to manage the tables which you created in MS Access.

 - How To Rename A Table
 - How To Add A Description In A Table

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October 14, 2009

13 Access 2007 Tutorials

These 13 Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorials, hosted by the University of Florida, will help demonstrate the features and functionality of Access. Access 2007, the latest version of Access from Microsoft, is a relational database management system that combines a database engine with a graphical user interface. The Access tutorials, in the format of handouts and notes, will help increase your skills using its features such as Forms, Forms, Reports, Relationships, Select Queries, and Tables. These Access 2007 tutorials are in .doc format and can be downloaded and saved for later reference.

13 Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorials:

 - Access 2007  (1.08 Mb, 30 slides)
 - Basics Handout  (372 Kb, 11 pages)
 - Basics Notes  (4.43 Mb, 23 pages)
 - Forms & Macros Handout  (340 Kb, 11 pages)
 - Forms Handout  (639 Kb, 14 pages)
 - Intro Forms & Reports Handout  (1.25 Mb, 20 pages)
 - Intro Forms & Reports Notes  (37 Kb, 3 pages)
 - Queries II Handouts  (756 Kb, 24 pages)
 - Relationships Handout  (263 Kb, 13 pages)
 - Reports Handout  (206 Kb, 10 pages)
 - Select Queries Handout  (902 Kb, 16 pages)
 - Tables Handout  (756 Kb, 26 pages)
 - Tables Notes  (29 Kb, 3 pages)

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August 29, 2009

2 Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorials

Here are two Microsoft Access Tutorials, at the University of Minnesota, which describe and demonstrate the basics of Access, the new features of Access 2007, building effective databases, and how to manage them. These Access tutorials also teach advanced database features and development techniques, for both beginning and advanced users. They will help you understand the nuances of Access and assist you with working more efficiently with it.

Access 2007 Course Tutorial: Database Development  (4.19 Mb, 170 pages)
This course tutorial introduces users to skills necessary for creating and editing databases and demonstrates some of the features of Relational Database Design.


Relational Database Design Tutorial  (111.59 Kb, 18 pages)
This course tutorial introduces users how to create and maintain Relational Databases. This tutorial compares the tradition flat file databases with relational databases and also teaches how to design and normalize relational databases.

 - Relational Database Design
    - Flat File Databases vs. Relational Databases
    - Term Definitions
 - Designing a Relational Database System
    - Normalizing a Database
 - Take Home Practice

Class Files (.zip)
Here is a downloadable zip file containing the required resources to complete this Access database development course.
 - Access 2007: Basic Database Development

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July 30, 2009

2 Access 2007 Tutorials

Here are two Access 2007 Tutorials, at the University of South Dakota, which you can use to increase your MS Access skills. The first Access tutorial introduces you to the world of the database management systems through using Access. The second Access tutorial handles some of the advanced topics in like queries, forms and reports. These tutorials are in pdf format.

Access Tutorial Part 1  (765 Kb, 24 pages)
This section of the MS Access tutorials gives you a helping hand in getting started with the database management system. The section explains basic features of Access like templates, adding table to your database, creating forms and reports etc.

 - Getting Started
 - The New File Extension
 - Access Templates
 - Add a Table to your Database
 - Create a Form
 - Create a Report
 - A Few Terms
 - Database design basics
 - Some database terms to know
 - What is good database design?
 - Specifying primary keys
 - Naming Conventions
 - Create a new table
 - Add fields to a table in Datasheet view
 - Add a field from the Field List pane
 - Set a field’s data type in Datasheet view
 - Set the primary key

Access Tutorial II: Queries, Forms, and Reports  (532 Kb, 15 pages)
This section of the MS Access tutorials introduces you to features like queries, creating forms, understanding controls, editing forms, subforms and reports.

 - Introduction to Queries
 - Creating Forms
 - Understand controls
 - Editing Forms
 - Subforms
 - Reports

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July 14, 2009

Access 2007 Interactive Guide

Here is the Access 2007 Interactive Guide at Microsoft Office Online. This Access 2007 interactive guide can also download from here. This Access 2007 tutorial helps you to understand MS Access 2007 by leading you through an interactive guide where you can experience the new features of the DBMS real time. The Access 2007 interactive guide demonstrates with ample examples for every feature. The interactive guide can be downloaded and installed in your desktop so that you can have a feel of MS Access even if you are offline. The list of command equivalents are also listed neatly in an xlt document linked along with this post. To effectively use the workbook sufficient tips are given in one of the worksheets. For a complete searchable list of command equivalents, download the Access ribbon mapping workbook.

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June 22, 2009

9 Access 2007 Tutorials

These 9 Access 2007 Tutorials at Microsoft Office Online demonstrate the various features of Access 2007. Access is Microsoft’s traditional database tool and is widely used to interface with and create many database applications. These tutorials are in the form of webcasts, video tips and podcasts with each of them explaining report creation and sorting and filtering features in Access. The video tips show how to carry out simple tasks in Access such as using SharePoint, quick tips and data collection.

Tracking Your Information Is Easier Than You Think with Access 2007
This webcast is recorded directly from Microsoft Office experts and explains how to start out from scratch in Access 2007.

Video tips:
These video tips have experts discuss a host of Access features and are shot directly from the presenter’s desk.

 -  Easily Design Custom Reports in Access  256k | 750k
 -  Easily Sort and Filter Complex Tables with Access 2007 256k | 750k
 -  E-mail Data Collection with Outlook 2007 and Access 2007 256k | 750k
 -  Getting to Know Access 2007 256k | 750k
 -  Quick Tips for Access 2007 256k | 750k
 -  Save a File as a PDF or XPS in Access 2007 256k | 750k
 -  Using SharePoint Server 2007 with Access 2007 256k | 750k

Tracking Your Information Is Easier Than You Think with Access 2007
This podcast contains the audio of the earlier presented webcast and is also available for download.

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March 6, 2008

Office 2007 Training Handouts and Slides

Here are Office 2007 Training Handouts and Slides for helping you make the switch to Office 2007, from Kansas University. These Office 2007 tutorials and slides cover Office 2007 in general, along with Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word. These will show you how to use the Ribbon, which is a new user interface feature that takes some practice using to get used to. These documents are in pdf format.

Office 2007: Making the Switch
This introductory session offers an overview to the main features in Office 2007

Office 2007: Making the Switch Handout
An excellent introduction to Microsoft Office 2007 and Vista

Access 2007: Making the Switch
Access 2007: Making the Switch is designed for experienced Microsoft Access users who have worked with earlier versions of Microsoft Access and who have upgraded to Microsoft Access 2007.

Excel 2007: Making the Switch
Excel 2007 has a new design that makes your work easier, faster, and more efficient. The new Ribbon puts the commands you use most often in plain sight on your work surface instead of hidden in menus or dialog boxes. Ready-made cell styles let you quickly format your worksheet to make it easier to read and interpret. The new Page Layout view shows how your printed worksheet will look as you’re creating it. Get familiar with the new design, and to see for yourself that you won’t have to learn Excel all over again.

Outlook 2007: Making the Switch
Find commands on the Ribbon and do the things you do every day: read and send e-mail, work with appointments and meetings, and use your contacts.

Word 2007: Making the Switch
Word 2007 has been redesigned to make your work easier, faster, and more efficient. It introduces a new feature, the Ribbon, which brings the most popular commands to the forefront. See how this new workspace will enable you to create and edit documents quickly and smoothly. Get familiar with what’s new and see for yourself that you won’t have to learn Word all over again.

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September 4, 2007

Free Training for Access 2007

Here are Three Free Training Resources for Learning Access 2007. The first one is an online course that will get you up to speed with using the Ribbon, finding familiar features, and understanding and using the new XML file format. The second one is a reference tutorial for the locations of Access 2003 commands in Access 2007. The third document is a spreadsheet that maps all Access 2003 menu and toobar items to Access 2007′s ribbon interface.

1) Free Access 2007 Online Course: Up to Speed with Access 2007

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Download a database from the new Getting Started page.
  • Create database objects by using the new Ribbon.
  • Save and share your data in appropriate formats.
This course includes:
  • Three self-paced lessons and three practice sessions for hands-on experience. Practices require Access 2007.
  • A short test at the end of each lesson; tests are not scored.
  • A Quick Reference Card you can take away from the course.

Access 2007 Course Contents:


A new beginning
OK, back to work
Save your files in the format that works best

Quick Reference Card

2) Reference: Locations of Access 2003 commands in Access 2007

This tutorial describes the items of the new Microsoft Office Fluent user interface that are in Microsoft Access 2007. It also lists commands which you may already know how to use in Access 2003, and explains how to perform the same tasks using Access 2007.

3) Access Ribbon Mapping Workbook

This spreadsheet (.xls) maps all of the menu and toolbar features and options in Access 2003 to the equivalent in Access 2007.
  • Database menu
  • File menu
  • Edit menu
  • View menu
  • Relationships menu
  • Insert menu
  • Query menu
  • Diagram menu
  • Format menu
  • Records menu
  • PivotTable menu
  • PivotChart menu
  • Filter menu
  • Run menu
  • Tools menu
  • Window menu
  • Help menu
  • Formatting toolbar
  • Page View toolbar
  • Alignment and Sizing toolbar
  • Page Design toolbar
  • Web toolbar
  • Macro Design toolbar
  • Toolbox toolbar
  • Print Preview toolbar
  • Report Design toolbar
  • Filter or Sort toolbar
  • Form View toolbar
  • Form Design toolbar
  • Table Datasheet toolbar
  • Table Design toolbar
  • Source Code Control toolbar
  • View Design toolbar
  • Diagram Design toolbar
  • Stored Procedure Design toolbar
  • Trigger Design toolbar
  • Function Design toolbar
  • Font Fill Line toolbar
  • Special Effect toolbar
  • Databsheet Special Effect toolbar
  • Gridlines toolbar
  • Appearance toolbar

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