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July 20, 2007

2 Excel Tutorials from the University of Utah

The University of Utah offers several Office Handouts and Tutorials that are nicely illustrated with screenshots. Here are their two Excel Tutorials taking you step-by-step through several beginning and advanced features of this spreadsheet application.

Excel Tutorial Part 1: The Basics of Creating a Spreadsheet  
(6 pages, 377kb, pdf format)

Tutorial Contents:
  – How to Run Excel
Entering Data
  – How to Enter Information
  – Copying Series Content with AutoFill
  - Form Controls
  – Editing Cell Content
Formatting Worksheets
  – Cell Format
  – Row and Column Format
  – Conditional Format
  - Macros
Formulas and Functions
  - Calculating Data with Formulas
  – Entering Formulas
  - Relative and Absolute Cell References
  - Calculating Data with Functions
Saving and Printing Worksheets
  - Saving
  – Printing

Excel Tutorial Part 2: Displaying, Importing and Analyzing Data
(4 pages, 302kb, pdf format)

Tutorial Contents:
Displaying Data
  – Sort
  – Auto Filter and Advanced Filter
  – Form
  - Subtotal
  – Freeze and Split
Importing and Exporting Data
  – Import Text Files
  - Import From or Export To Other Microsoft Applications (Access)
  - Import HTML File
Charting and Analyzing Data
  - Charts and Graphs
  – Editing a Chart
  - Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

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