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April 9, 2007

Outlook 2003 Video Tutorials from

Here are several easy to follow Outlook 2003 Video Training Tutorials from Ball State University. These Outlook 2003 video tutorials cover most of the important features and functionality that you need to know when using this email application. Some of the features demonstrated are: Enable Spam Filtering, Block a Sender, Customize Junk Mail Settings, Your Email Quota, Recall Messages, Create an Archive,Uundelete an Email, Add a Signature, Out of Office Assistant, Global Address List, Add a Contact, Add an Appointment, Schedule a Meeting, Print Your Calendar, Export Calendar Items, Add a Delegate, Public Folders, Outlook Notes, and Follow-up Flags.

Getting Started

Dealing with Junk Mail and SPAM

Manage Your Account
Customize Outlook  
Using the Address Book and Contacts
  • Using the Global Address List
    The global address list provides a list of e-mail addresses for all BSU e-mail accounts.  It makes it easy to find an e-mail address or schedule a meeting.

  • Add a Contact from a E-mail
    Add the sender from an e-mail you received to your contacts list.

  • Create an Outlook Contact
    Create an Outlook Contact to save information about someone such as their e-mail address and other contact information.

  • New E-mail Addresses Listing
    It can take up to 48 hours for new e-mail addresses to be listed in the global address book in your Outlook account. Learn how to request an update to get these new addresses sooner.

Working with the Calendar
Sharing Access to Outlook

Accessing Public Folders
  • Public Folders
    Access e-mail messages that are posted in the many BSU public folders, including allbsu.

Outlook Notes
  • Notes Can Help You Stay Organized
    Outlook notes are the electronic equivalent of a post-it note.  Use notes to store bits of information that you will need later.

  • Change the Color of a Note
    Stay organized by customizing the color of the notes you have in Outlook.

  • Delete a Note
    Remove a note that you have previously added to Outlook.  Deleted notes are moved to the Deleted Items folder, just like email messages that you delete.

Other Useful Tools

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