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April 9, 2007

Outlook Web Access Video Tutorials from

Here are several excellent Outlook Web Access Video Training Tutorials from Ball State University. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is sometimes referred to as webmail, and it provides a nice method to access your e-mail account from the Internet. These Outlook Web Access video tutorials teach how to use some of the important features of this Internet email application, such as: Mark Messages as Read, Restore Deleted Items, Change the Background Color, Add a Signature, Use the Out of Office Assistant, Manage Junk Mail, Block a Sender, and Print Your Calendar.

Manage Your Account

  • Empty Your Deleted Items Folder Using OWA
    Keeping your e-mail account cleaned up is important. Watch this TechClip to learn how to empty your Delete Items folder via Outlook Web Access.

  • Mark a Message as Unread
    Once you read an email, you can go to the inbox and mark it as unread. This is a great way to remind yourself that you need to go back to it later.

  • Change your OWA Time Zone
    Quickly check the OWA (webmail) time zone and learn how to change it. All OWA users should change their time zone to Eastern.

  • Restore Deleted Items
    There are two easy ways to move items from the Deleted Items folder back to the folder that they were deleted from.

Customize OWA
  • Change the Color of Your OWA Screen
    You can customize the look and feel of Outlook Web Access (OWA) by changing the default color of the screen.

  • Add a Signature to Your E-mails
    Adding a signature to OWA (webmail) will allow you to specify information that you want at the end of each e-mail to automatically be generated when you start a new e-mail.

  • Using the Out of Office Assistant
    Use the “Out of Office Assistant” to let people know when you are away. They will get an automatic reply when they e-mail you.

Dealing with Junk Mail and SPAM
  • Enable Junk Mail Filter From WebMail
    The first step to eliminating junk e-mail from displaying in your Webmail account is to enable junk e-mail filtering. 

  • Block Senders
    OWA provides two ways of blocking a sender so that any mail they send you goes automatically to your Junk Mail folder.

  • Tools to Help Manage Junk Mail
    Mange your junk e-mail using the Block Sender and Safe Sender features of Outlook Web Access (OWA).  Also learn how to empty your Junk Mail folder.

Using the Calendar from OWA

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