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August 28, 2006

Excel Tutorials and Access VBA Functions provides the following well documented help and tutorials for Microsoft Excel and Access. This site will help you to learn and use many features of Excel and shows you how to code visual basic functions for Access, keeping you productive with these two office applications. A detailed Excel help index is also available.

Excel Help and Tutorials

Here are many helpful Excel tutorials containing information on many features and functions of Excel, including functions and calculations, IF conditions and selecting, formatting cells and values, dates and times, sharing data with other programs, reference, navigation, graphs, and short cuts.

Functions and Calculations

IF, conditions and selecting

Formatting Cells and Values

Dates and Times

Sharing data with other programs

Reference, Input and Navigation

Auditing and other stuff

Access Visual Basic Modules

The following are examples of various visual basic functions and procedures that can be used in Access databases. Some of these are linked to particular event properties on forms and reports. Most can be copied and pasted into modules and then called as needed. Be sure to always thoroughly test all of the code in your databases.

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