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July 23, 2007

Beginning and Advanced Access Tutorials

Here are two Microsoft Access Tutorials and two Access Slide Presentations from The University of Utah. The two Access tutorials provide step-by-step instructions, along with screenshot graphics to demonstrate both beginning and advanced features of Access.

Access Basics Presentation  (11 Powerpoint slides 67kb)

  – Definitions
  - Data Integrity
  – Access vs. MS Excel
  - Examples
  – Access vs. MS Excel

2003 Access Basics Tutorial  (7 pages, pdf format, 594kb)

Contents of Microsoft Access Tutorial: The Basics:
Part 1: Starting MS Access and the Database Wizard
Part 2: Database Structure: Table Relationships, Fields, Primary Key,
Part 3: Viewing Your Data: Obljects, Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Assignment

Advanced Access Presentation  (21 Powerpoint slides, 121 kb)

  – Definitions
  - Basic Database Design Principles
  – Main Parts of Database Design
  – Sample Database Scenario
  - Database Mission Statement
  – Mission Statement >>Tables
  – Tables and Fields
  - Fields in the Table
  – Primary Key
  - Foreign Keys
  – What You Don’t Know Can Cause You Problems
  – Access and its Templates Can Help You

Advanced Access Tutorial  (9 pages, pdf format, 379kb)

Contents of Microsoft Access Tutorial: Advanced:
Part 1: Create Database
   A. Primary and Foreign Keys, Table Design
   B. Importing Data
Part 2: Implement Table Relationships
Part 3: Creating Forms and Modifying Queries and Reports
   A. Creating and Modifying Forms
        1. Creating Forms
        2. Modifying Forms
        3. Adding Records Using Forms
  B. Modifying Queries and Reports
       1. Modifying Queries
       2. Modifying Reports
  C. Setting Up Functions with Queries and Reports to Create a Count Query and Report
       1. Create the Function Column in a Query
       2. Run the Function in a Report
Part 4: Test Your Database
Part 5: Conclusion: Assignment – Design, create and modify MS Access forms, queries and reports and check to be sure that

The exercise files for this advanced Access tutorial are available:
  – Calls.xls
  - Contact.xls
  - Employees.xls

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