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March 8, 2011

2 Excel 2003 Tutorials

Here are 2 Excel 2003 Tutorials, from by Hillsborough Community College, that will help you learn many of Excel’s basic features, along with how to enter and use formulas and charts. These tutorials include some nicely done screen shots that help in demonstrating the features presented.

Excel 2003 Training Tutorial I
(30 pages, 786kb, pdf)
Upon completion of this Excel training module, you will know and be able to:
1. Use the Menu bar, Standard and Formatting Toolbars;
2. Know the parts of an Excel worksheet;
3. Know how to open and save a workbook;
4. Use the Page Setup Dialog box;
5. Insert a row, column, or worksheet;
6. Format a cell;
7. Change the font type, style, size and color of a cell or range of cells;
8. Create a border around a range of cells;
9. Use basic Excel formulas;
10. Know how to use the Chart Wizard to create a chart

Excel 2003 Training Tutorial II
(17 pages, 241kb, pdf)
 - Overview
 - Setting up the Spreadsheet
 - Inputting Data
 - AutoSum
 - Average Formula
 - Multiplication Formula
 - Minimum Formula
 - Maximum Formula
 - Types of Charts
 - Creating a Chart

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