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March 7, 2011

2 Outlook 2003 Tutorials

Here are 2 Outlook 2003 Tutorials, hosted by Hillsborough Community College. These tutorials include comprehensive instructions to all of Outlook’s main features, along with screen shots to help you become more versatile using this popular email and calendaring application.

Outlook 2003 Training Tutorial I
(23 pages, 875kb, pdf)
Upon completion of this Outlook training module, you will know and be able to:
1. Enable and disable the Standard and Advanced Toolbar;
2. Customize Outlook Today;
3. Send fl agged messages;
4. Set a stationery to your outgoing messages;
5. Create and add a personal signature to outgoing messages;
6. Send attachments;
7. Recall an e-mail;
8. Add contacts;
9. Create a contact distribution list;
10. Send e-mail to contacts;
11. Access Public Folders;
12. Organize e-mail with folders;
13. Turn on and off AutoArchive;
14. Retrieve Archived fi les;
15. Log into Outlook Remotely.

Outlook 2003 Training Tutorial II
(32 pages, 1.2mb, pdf)
Outlook Tutorial Contents:
 - Calendar
   – Schedule Appointments
   - Adjust Appointment Time
   - Group Schedules
   - Schedule Group Meeting -
   - Recurring Appointment
   - Incoming Message for Meeting
   - Invitee Proposed New Meeting
   - Meeting Cancellation
   - Meeting Updates
   - Invite Attendees Not In Group
 - Tasks
   - Add Fields
   - Add Additional Tasks
   - Reminder Feature
   - Navigation
   - Organize By Category
   - Organize Task Folders
   - Delegates
   - Assign Tasks
   - Final Report
 - Notes
   - Create New Note
   - Print Note
   - Forward Note
   - Turn Note Into Task
   - Change Note Appearance
 - Journal
   - Journal Fields

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