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January 30, 2011

2 Excel 2007 Quick Reference Cards

Here are 2 Excel 2007 Quick Reference Cards, covering many of the important features and functionality of Excel that you need to know to start using Excel like an expert or to refer to when you need a little Excel help.

Quick Reference card: Getting Started with Excel 2007

 - Working with Workbooks
 - Entering Data
 - Moving and Copying Cells
 - Entering Formulas
 - Entering Functions
 - Inserting Functions
 - Formatting Cells
 - Merging and Unmerging Cells
 - Inserting Columns or Rows
 - Deleting Columns or Rows
 - Creating Charts
 - Editing a Chart
 - Printing a Worksheet
 - Page Setup Features

Quick Reference card: Doing More with Excel 2007

 - Using AutoFill
 - Setting a Custom Auto-Fill Series
 - Using Paste Special
 - Selecting Non-contiguous Cells
 - Entering the same data in many cells at once
 - Absolute & Relative References
 - Customizing Toolbars
 - Freezing Panes
 - Setting Print Titles and Print Area
 - Controlling Page Breaks
 - Sorting Data
 - Filtering Data

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