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January 28, 2011

3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Here are 3 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials, from Hillsborough College. These are nicely illustrated with screen shots and detailed explanations of the PowerPoint features and topics listed below for each tutorial. They will help you become a more productive PowerPoint 2003 user.

Powerpoint Tutorial 1
(27 pages, 486kb, pdf)

 - Opening PowerPoint
 - Saving a PowerPoint Presentation
 - Slide Set-up
 - Master Slides
 - Slide Design Template
 - Slide Layout Template
 - Views
 - New Slides
 - Text Boxes
 - Font Format
 - Font Alignment
 - Clip Art
 - Pictures
 - Sound from Clip Organizer
 - Sound from File
 - Movie from Clip Organizer
 - Movie from File
 - AutoShapes
 - WordArt

Upon completion of this PowerPoint tutorial, you will be able to:
1. Open and save PowerPoint files;
2. Use the page setup feature;
3. Design a master slide (title master and slide master);
4. Use the slide design templates;
5. Use the slide layout templates;
6. Select various views (normal, slide sorter, slide show);
7. Insert a new slide;
8. Insert a text box;
9. Format font (type, style, size, color, effects, alignment);
10. Insert graphics (clip art and pictures);
11. Insert sound files (from the clip organizer and custom sounds);
12. Insert movie files (from the clip organizer and custom movies);
13. Use autoshapes to create custom graphics;
14. Use WordArt to create custom text.

PowerPoint Tutorial 2
(21 pages, 395kb, pdf)

 - Background Standard and Custom Color
 - Insert Shadow Effects
 - Insert 3-D Effects
 - Insert Fills
 - Line Style
 - Rotate
 - Dash Style
 - Group
 - Order
 - Slide Transition
 - Custom Animation

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Apply a standard or custom color, style or picture to selected slides;
2. Apply a slide background color, style, or picture;
3. Apply a texture background to all or select slides;
4. Apply a pattern background to all or select slides;
5. Insert shadow effects to text, shapes, and WordArt;
6. Insert 3-D effects to text, shapes or WordArt;
7. Insert fi lls to text boxes, AutoShapes, WordArt, and Pictures;
8. Apply Line effects to text, shapes, and WordArt;
9. Rotate text, shapes, ClipArt and WordArt;
10. Apply a dash style to text, shapes, and WordArt;
11. Group objects as one piece;
12. Order objects;
13. Create slide transitions;
14. Create custom animations.

PowerPoint Tutorial 3
(13 pages, 314kb, pdf)

 - Action Buttons
 - Action Settings for AutoShapes and Graphics
 - Creating Hyperlinks
 - Print Options
 - Saving Note Files

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Insert and hyperlink Action buttons;
2. Create an Action setting where any AutoShape or graphic is “hyperlinked”;
3. Create hyperlinks for text or objects to a file or web page.
4. Print presentation handouts;
5. Print Outlines of a presentation;
6. Save a PowerPoint presentation as an rich text file (rtf).

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