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January 27, 2011

Excel 2003 Reference Guide

Here is a well written, detailed, and illustrated Excel 2003 Reference Guide. The important features taught by this reference tutorial are listed below. This document will show you how to perform Excel tasks that will help you work with and manage your data, perform math functions and formulas, and do some database functions. (26 pages, 1.1 mb, pdf file)

Contents of Excel 2003 Reference Guide:
 - Working with and Managing Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, and Cells
 - Saving Workbook
 - Changing Options
 - Display Toolbars
 - Entering and Editing Cell Data
 - Controlling Row Height
 - Inserting Cells, Rows. and Columns
 - Selecting with Shift and Control Keys
 - Moving Cells and Worksheets
 - Using other Sheets in the Workbook
 - Page Setup
 - Working with Headers and Footers
 - Excel Help
 - Printing from Excel
 - Templates
 - Autofill b y Example
 - Cell References
 - Excel Formulas
 - Auto Calculate
 - start with page 13, right side

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