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January 26, 2011

PowerPoint Seminars, Lessons, and Tips

Here are several seminars, lessons, and tips for using PowerPoint for your presentations and making them more effective on your audience. These are all from the the University of Nebraska. These will help you become a better and more productive PowerPoint user.

Seminars: Tips for Effective Presentations
Topics include: text and bullet use, proper color combinations, slide animations and transitions, charts and graphs, and more. These are in Real video format (you will need the free RealPlayer to view the video).

 - Part 1: Presenting your text information (17:56)
 - Part 2: Color and graphics tips (15:39)
 - Part 3: Explanation of digital images – picture resolution and size (11:59)
 - Seminar Handout (1 page, 27kb, pdf)

Graphic Tips for Presentations 
Covers basic guidelines on layout, text, and color as given in the seminar, plus provides guidelines for using Tables, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Graphs, Area Charts, and Diagrams and Tips for TV and Streaming Video

Tips for Using PowerPoint
Tips on creating a better slide show, using PowerPoint’s Master View, effectively running a slide show, and more.

Using Images: Select the correct file format and use the proper size
When working with images for PowerPoint, Web, or print use, there are three common graphics file formats to use: GIF, JPEG, and TIFF. Learn the definitions of these formats and guidelines for effective use of images. And a bonus – this tip includes sites that provide free photo images.

Use IrfanView for Simple & Quick Image Editing
IrfanView is a simple and free image editing program that you may want to try. This instructions page covers the basic image editing processes for Web and slide show use, including resizing an image and cropping an image. This page includes a link to the website for downloading the program.

Resolution of Digital Images (web slideshow)
More detailed explanation of resolution, bit depth, file size and color modes than provided in the seminar video. By gaining a better understanding of resolution, bit depth, file size and color modes, you will be able to use images correctly and efficiently in your slide show.

Creating Effective Presentations with PowerPoint
Provides instructions and lessons on effectively and efficiently using the basic and advanced features of PowerPoint.

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