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January 24, 2011

3 Excel 2007 Training Sessions

Here are 3 Excel 2007 Training Sessions, each providing a Tutorial and Workshop Manual, from Hillsborough Community College. These Excel training sessions provide free learning materials for many important Excel features and functionality. The tutorials and manuals have screen shots to demonstrate each feature taught. The first Excel training session shows how to open and save worksheets, print them, format cells, insert rows and columns, and use and work with formulas and charts. The second Excel training session teaches currency and percent formatting, inserting charts and graphics, using the IF statement, autoformatting a worksheet, conditional formatting of a worksheet, and sharing a worksheet. The third Excel training session demonstrates how to use and work with pivot tables and macros.

Excel Animated Tutorial Excel 1

Unit 1: Navigating Excel 2007
Unit 2: Open, Save
Unit 3: Page Setup and Print
Unit 4: Format Cells
Unit 5: Insert Row, Column or Sheet
Unit 6: Formulas
Unit 7: Charts

Excel Workshop Manual 1
(35 pages, 1.3mb, pdf)

 - Overview
 - Ribbon (Toolbar)
     Home Tab
     Insert Tab
     Page Layout Tab
     Formulas Tab
     Data Tab
     Review Tab
     View Tab
 - Parts of a Worksheet
 - Open an Existing Workbook
 - Save a Workbook
 - Page Setup
 - Print Preview and Print
 - Insert a Row, Column or Worksheet
 - Format a Cell
     Merging Cells
     Text Orientation
     Change the Font
 - Formulas
 - Types of Charts
 - Create a Chart
 - Customize a Chart

Upon completion of Excel training 1, you will be able to:

  1. Use the Office Button and Ribbon tabs;
  2. Know the parts of an Excel worksheet;
  3. Know how to open and save a workbook;
  4. Use the Page Setup Dialog box;
  5. Insert a row, column, or worksheet;
  6. Format a cell;
  7. Change the font type, style, size and color of a cell or range of cells;
  8. Create a border around a range of cells;
  9. Use basic Excel formulas;
  10. Know how to create and customize a chart.

Excel Animated Tutorial 2

Unit 1:  Automatically Number Rows and Sort
Unit 2:  Formatting Cells – Currency & Percent
Unit 3:  Inserting Charts & Graphics
Unit 4:  Create IF Statement
Unit 5:  Insert a Comment
Unit 6:  AutoFormat a Worksheet
Unit 7:  Conditional Format a Worksheet
Unit 8:  Share a Workbook

Excel Workshop Manual 2
(22 pages, 570kb, pdf)

 - Automatically Number Rows
 - Sort the worksheet
 - Format Cells – Currency
 - Format Cells – Percent
 - Insert Tables or Charts into other Office docs
 - Insert Graphics
 - Create IF statement
 - Insert a Comment
 - AutoFormat a Worksheet
 - Conditionally Format a Worksheet
 - Format the Header and Footer
 - Share a Workbook

Upon completion of Excel training 2, you will be able to:
  1. Automatically number rows;
  2. Sort the worksheet;
  3. Format the cells to currency;
  4. Format the cells to percent;
  5. Insert a chart into another Microsoft Offi ce Document;
  6. Insert a graphic into a worksheet;
  7. Create IF Statements;
  8. Insert a comment into a worksheet;
  9. Use autoformat to format the body of a worksheet;
  10. Use conditional formatting to format the body of a worksheet;
  11. Format the header and footer of a worksheet;
  12. Set up a workbook to be shared simultaneously

Excel Animated Tutorial 3

Unit 1: Create a PivotTable
Unit 2: Populate PivotTable with Data
Unit 3: Create a PivotTable Chart
Unit 4: Record and Run a Macro
Unit 5: Create a Macro Shortcut
Unit 6: View Macro in the VB Script Editor 

Excel Workshop Manual 3
(25 pages, 1.0mb, pdf)

 - PivotTable
     Create a PivotTable
     PivotTable Layout Area
     PivotTable Tools Options Tab
     Populate PivotTable with Data
     Change Summary Calculation
     Add Data and Pivot a PivotTable
     Rename Data Headings
     Remove Data from PivotTable
     Report Filter
     Group and View Underlying Data
     Create a Chart
     Format a Report
 - Macros
     Security Setting
     Record and Run a Macro
     Create a Macro Shortcut
     Record a Macro to Alter Format
     View Macro in the VB Script Editor

Upon completion of Excel training 3, you will be able to:
  1. Understand the purpose of a PivotTable;
  2. Choose the correct data source for the PivotTable;
  3. Choose the information desired on the PivotTable;
  4. Modify Pivot Table layout;
  5. Group and view data within a PivotTable;
  6. Create a chart from a PivotTable;
  7. Format a report from a PivotTable;
  8. Understand the purpose of a macro;
  9. Plan and record a macro;
  10. Record a macro;
  11. Run a macro;
  12. Assign a macro to a button.

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