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January 18, 2011

2 Access 2007 Training Sessions

Here are 2 great Access 2007 Training Sessions with Tutorials and Workshop Manuals, from the Hillsborough Community College. This freely available Access training gives you step-by-step instructions and are illustrated with screen shots to show and guide you through the many features and topics of Access. The first two links make up the Access 1 training session as an animated Access tutorial and a workbook manual in pdf format. The second two comprise the Access 2 training and are in the same formats.

Access Animated Tutorial 1

 - Unit 1: Database structure and terminology
 - Unit 2: Create a new database and a table
 - Unit 3: Enter data
 - Unit 4: Data types
 - Unit 5: Insert and delete fields
 - Unit 6: Forms and Split Forms

Access Workshop Manual 1 (28 pages, 1.6mb, pdf)

 - Objectives
 - Database Structure
 - Database Terminology
 - Relationships
 - Create a New Database
 - Access 2007 Tour and Features
 - Create a Table in Datasheet View
 - Edit a Table in Design View
 - Save a Table
 - Enter Data
 - Data Types 
 - Use Input Mask Wizard
 - Data Type: Yes/No
 - Data Type: Lookup Wizard
 - Insert and Delete Fields
 - Set a Primary Key
 - Form Wizard
 - Split Form

Access Training 1 Tutorial and Manual Objectives:
At the end of Access 1 training, you should be able to:

  1. Create a new database;
  2. Create tables for data entry in datasheet view and design view;
  3. Enter data into a table;
  4. Use, understand, and set data types: text, memo, number, currency, date/time, autonumber, yes/no, lookup wizard;
  5. Insert and delete a row and a field;
  6. Create and delete a primary key;
  7. Create a form using the Wizard tool;
  8. Create a split form.

Access Animated Tutorial 2

 - Unit 1: Import and Export Data
 - Unit 2: Create a Query
 - Unit 3: Modify a Query
 - Unit 4: Text Data Criteria and Wildcards in a Query
 - Unit 5: Number Criteria and Comparisons
 - Unit 6: Aggregate Functions in a Query
 - Unit 7: Create a Report

Access Workshop Manual 2 (pages, 2.1mb, pdf)

 - Objectives
 - Import a Table from Excel
 - Export an Access Table to Excel
 - Create a Query
 - Query
      Text Data Criteria
      Field Not in Result
      Comparison And
      Comparison Or
 - Aggregate Functions
      Avg (Average)
 - Parameters and the Between Operator
 - Report Wizard
 - Modify a Report
 - Insert Images into a Form or Report
 - Resize Images in a Form or Report

Access Training 2 Tutorial and Manual Objectives:
At the end of Access 2 training, you should be able to:
  1. Import a table from Excel;
  2. Export an Access table to Excel;
  3. Create a query;
  4. Sort fields in a query;
  5. Show fields in a query;
  6. Run a query using wildcards;
  7. Run a query for fields not in result;
  8. Run a query for a number value;
  9. Run a query using the comparison criteria “And”;
  10. Run a query using the comparison criteria “Or”;
  11. Understand the purpose of Aggregate Functions;
  12. Create and run a query using count;
  13. Create and run a query using average;
  14. Create and run a query using the parameter between;
  15. Insert and resize a graphic/image;
  16. Create and Modify a Report.

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