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January 12, 2011

2 Sharepoint 2007 Books

Here are a majority of chapters from two Sharepoint 2007 Books that are freely available on google books. Sharepoint is an integrated application or that connects people, information, processes, and systems both within and beyond the organizational firewall. The first book below will show what you can do using Sharepoint and how it will increase your group’s productivity, and the second book teaches you how to setup and administer Sharepoint for collaboration among your associates.

Essential SharePoint 2007: Delivering High-Impact Collaboration

This is an overview of what Sharepoint does and doesn’t do; it discusses collaboration solutions and presents many useful ideas on how to deploy business-specific solutions using Sharepoint. It is more of a “what it is” than “how to do it” book, and gives a more business than technical perspective.

 - Ensuring Success
 - HighImpact Collaboration
 - Collaboration
 - Consistency
 - Key Points
 - Whats New?
 - Planning Your Information Architecture
 - Disaster Recovery Planning Sites Blogs and Wikis
 - Sites Blogs and Wikis
 - Documents
 - Records Management
 - Web Content Management
 - Office SharePoint Designer 207
 - InfoPath 2007
 - Creating Web Forms
 - Offline Options for MOSS 2007
 - Appendix A SharePoint User Tasks
 - Index 

Sharepoint 2007: the Definitive Guide

This book shows administrators of all levels how to get up and running with SharePoint Services in Office 2007. It provides a detailed discussion of all Sharepoint features, applications and extensions. You will find out how to build Sharepoint sites and how to administer, secure, and extend them, including techniques to create lists, libraries, discussions and surveys, integrate email, use web parts, track changes, and use database reporting services.

 - Chapter 1 Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 200
 - Chapter 2 Changes in the WSS Architecture
 - Chapter 3 Installing SharePoint 2007
 - Chapter 4 Configuring a Multiserver Farm
 - Chapter 5 Designing SharePoint Sites
 - Chapter 7 Applying Templates Page Layoutsand Themes
 - Chapter 8 Creating Web Parts
 - Chapter 9 Creating and Managing Document Workspaces and Libraries
 - Chapter 10 Creating and Managing Meeting Workspaces
 - Chapter 11 Creating and Managing Discussions
 - Chapter 12 Creating and Managing SharePoint Groups and Users
 - Chapter 13 Creating and Managing Picture Libraries
 - Chapter 14 Creating and Managing Lists
 - Chapter 15 Business Intelligence and SharePoint
 - Chapter 16 Sharing Contacts and Meetings with Outlook
 - Chapter 17 Creating Editing and Managing Word Documents with SharePoint
 - Chapter 18 Creating Editing and Managing Excel Documents with SharePoint
 - Chapter 19 Creating in SharePoint Designer 2007
 - Chapter 20 InfoPath and SharePoint Chapter 21 Designing SharePoint My Sites
 - Chapter 22 Applying Security to Your SharePoint Site
 - Chapter 24 Upgrading from SharePoint Portal Server 2003
 - Chapter 25 Using ServerSide and ClientSide Web Parts
 - Chapter 26 Using SharePoint Web Services
 - Chapter 28 Using the SharePoint Object Model
 - Chapter 29 Web Content Management
 - Index

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