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November 17, 2009

10 Excel Tips that Speed up Spreadsheets

Here are two good video tutorials for 10 Excel Tips that Speed up Spreadsheets. Excel is a spreadsheet application from Microsoft that features calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables and a macro programming language called VBA. These two video tutorials explain various features in Excel, such as data entry; moving multiple cells, columns and rows; formatting, charting, inserting line breaks and graphics, and editing strings using functions.

10 Excel Tips to Make Your Life Easier – Part 1
This Excel video tutorial explains how to handle bulk data entry, inserting rows and columns, moving data and utilizing the format painter and format copy tool.

 - Master the Art of Bulk Entry
 - Quickly Inserting Rows & Columns
 - Moving Your Data Around in One Shot
 - Utilize the Format Painter & Format Copying
 - Taking the “Work” out of Worksheets

10 Excel Tips to Make Your Life Easier – Part 2
This video tutorial discusses the use of charts, working with repeated data, inserting line breaks, working with dates, inserting a picture and manipulating strings with functions.

 - Utilizing Quick Charts
 - Easily Remove Repeated Data
 - Inserting Line Breaks & Today’s Date in a Cell
 - Insert a Picture in a Comment
 - Manipulating Strings with Functions

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