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December 11, 2007

Free eBook for HTML, XML and JavaScript

This is an excellent free web development ebook that teaches you how to use and work with HTML XML, and JavaScript within your web pages and web sites. This ebook was written by Professors Dr. habil. Willi-Hans Steeb and Yorick Hardy.

Free eBook: ”HTML, XML and JavaScript
(241kb, 109 pages, pdf format)

Table of Contents:
  1.1 Introduction
  1.2 HTML Tags
  1.3 Main Commands
  1.4 Linking to other Documents
  1.5 Forms and CGI Programming
  1.6 Images
  1.7 HTML Sound Tags
  1.8 Tables
  1.9 Examples
  1.10 Applets
2 XML25
  2.1 Introduction
  2.2 Schema
  2.3 Document Type Definition
  2.4 Displaying XML usin Data Binding
  2.5 Displaying XML Using XSL
  2.6 Using org.w3c.dom.*
3 JavaScript
  3.1 Introduction
  3.2 Document Object
  3.3 Window Object
  3.4 Data Types
  3.5 Special Characters
  3.6 Arithmetic Operations
  3.7 Comparison Operators
  3.8 Bitwise Operators
  3.9 Program Flow
  3.10 Recursion
  3.11 Other JavaScript Constructs
  3.12 Functions
  3.13 Creating New Objects
  3.14 Predefined Core Objects
  3.15 Object object
  3.16 Date Object
  3.17 Regular Expression
  3.18 Prompts
  3.19 Events
  3.20 Java Applets and JavaScript
  3.21 JavaScript and XML
  3.22 Loading a js-file
4 Resources and Web Sites

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