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July 23, 2007

The Web Designers Killer Handbook

The goal of The Web Designer’s Killer Handbook, by Stefan Mischook, is to present and demonstrate some of the more useful techniques and code, in relation to HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), that the author has found when creating websites and web applications. As such it provides useful tips and code snippets. The easiest way to get started with this web designer handbook is to create a practice HTML page, cut and paste the code provided, and then make small changes to see how your changes look in the browser and affect functionality. You will learn more if you try some things on your own and change the code to try to do other things, or break the code, and then see what happens. This article explains why its important to understand and know HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, even when you are using a wysiwyg type of web editor.

Contents of Web Designer’s Killer Handbook:

Styling Your Web Pages

  • Styling Tips
  • Change the color of the browser’s scroll bars:
  • Create link roll-over effects without images:
  • CSS floating background image
  • CSS relative positioning
  • CSS absolute positioning
  • Fieldset element with CSS styling affecting margin (outside) and padding (inside)
  • CSS Border style (inline) applied to a table

Miscellaneous Web Design Tips

  • Subscripts
  • Supercripts
  • Prevent the page from jumping
  • Cause the page to jump
  • Obfuscated email address to protect yourself from spam
  • Jump to a spot on another page
  • ASCII Character Code
  • Easy navigational drop-down menus
  • Removing the %20 in URL’s
  • Add to favorites: How to create an ‘add to favorites’ link
  • Link made with an image instead of text
  • A more extensive version of the “Add to Favorites” code

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