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January 18, 2011

46 eBooks, Tools and Scripts for Web Marketing and Design

For those looking to increase their web marketing and web development skills, here are 46 eBooks, Tools and Scripts from two different web marketing/development sites. These cover development technologies (HTML, Javascript, Flash, PHP, Web Design) and marketing ebooks and tools to increase your web presence and revenue.

Way Creative Media provides these 32 web design, development, and marketing ebooks and tutorials:

HTML Guide
HTML Course
HTML Security Report
Javascript Book
Flash Web Applications
Cold Fusion MX Creating Web Service
PHP Manual
CGI Programming
Graphics and Webpage Design
Web Page Design
How to Create Adobe PDF Files for eBooks
Service Sellers Masters Course
Inside the Minds of Winners
Instant Internet Empires
Web Development Tools Guide
Certificate Of Reprint And Duplication Rights
Secret Ebay Marketing
1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips
Ezine Empire
Marketing Miracle
Web Marketing Explained
The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages
Saving Money On Rights
The Perpetual Traffic Generator Manual
Wake Em Up
Ezine Ad Profits
Pay Per Text
Getting your business online
Internet Marketing and Web Site Promotion
99 Sites you should bookmark
Make your content presell
eBay Secrets

Azam Marketing offers 7 Free Webmaster Tools, Scripts and eBooks and 7 more on this page. Here are the names of 7 of them:

 - Profitable Keywords
 - Website Audio Player
 - The AdSense Report
 - Make Your Ebook Sell Like Crazy
 - Marketing Toolkit
 - Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers
 - 10 Simple Steps To Authoring A Best Seller

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    Comment by johnmatthews — January 21, 2011 @ 3:34 am

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