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January 11, 2011

24 Web Design Tutorials

Here are 24 Web Design and Development Tutorials, hosted by (click on the Tutorials tab). These cover understanding what web design is and planning for your web site; Joomla and Drupa web content applications, HTML, search engine optimization, computer basics such as file organization, data storage, hardware components, and data communication. These web design tutorials are all in pdf format.

Web Design 101:
 - Starting a Website
 - Basic Rules of Website Design
 - Website Design Termonology
 - Rate your website design
 - Introduction to HTML
 - Dealing With Web Developers

Web Development Tutorials:
 - Joomla vs Drupal – CMS
 - Joomla Extensions
 - HTML5 vs older versions of HTML
 - HTML 5 – Without Plug-ins
 - HTML 5 – Canvas Drawing

SEO Tutorials (Search Engine Optimization):
 - Directory Submission
 - Basic SEO Steps
 - SEO Site Structure Requirements -
 - White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO
 - SEO Tool - SEO Doctor
 - Search Engine Ranking via nofollow
 - 404 Website Error Page
 - Have you done a website evaluation?

Computer Science 101:
 - File Organization
 - PC Components
 - I/O & Storage Media
 - Architecture of CPU
 - Data Communication

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