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January 7, 2011

How to Build HTML eBook

Here is a 75-page instructional ebook that will teach you how to code HTML to build web pages and sites, titled How to Build HTML. Click on the link to the pdf file on this page. This will help you learn the details of HTML so will be able to code it and update it when needed. Many times you will already have the code there, created from an application like Dreamweaver, but sometimes it makes sense to review parts of the code and actually make updates directly in the code to get what you want on your web page. Of course, using CSS will make some of the HTML tags obsolete, but this HTML ebook will help you review and change the HTML code as needed. Please note the links in the ebook to download the templates no longer work. (75 pages, 364kb, pdf)

Table of Contents of How to Build HTML ebook:

 - The Basics
 - The Common Tags
 - More Common Tags
 - A little more tags
 - Extended Fonts and Text Color
 - Links and Images
 - Lists
 - Clean code, comments, and escape codes
 - Navigation within a document
 - Tables
 - Using Frames
 - Using Meta Tags
 - Forms
 - Forms continued
 - Counters and Search Engines
 - Graphics
 - HTML Style Basics

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