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March 22, 2010

4 HTML Reference Guides

Here are 4 HTML Reference Guides, from Ohio University, which provide technical references into the intricacies of HTML, web forms, CGI scripts, frames, HTML tags, creating HTML files, and testing these files. These HTML tutorial guides are designed in a way that beginners can move onto advanced topics easily. They are easy to follow and understand with all of them having examples. All guides can be downloaded for later reference and are in pdf format.

HTML Advanced Reference Guide 16 Pages, 154 Kb
This HTML tutorial guide explains what a Web Form is, how CGI scripts work, what frames are, frame tags and the creation of HTML files.

 - What is a Web Form
 - What is a CGI Script File
 - Initiating the HTML File
 - Composing the Form Tags
 - Saving Your HTML Form
 - Testing Your Web File
 - Uploading the HTML File
 - What is a Frame
 - Frame tags

HTML Intermediate Reference Guide 13 Pages, 128 Kb
This HTML guide discusses the do’s and don’ts of designing web pages, working with tables and images, and an introduction to forms.

 - Different Web Servers
 - Planning Steps
 - Designing Do’s and Don’ts
 - Creating the HTML Files
 - Tables
 - Images
 - Image in a Table
 - Forms Introduction

HTML Reference Guide 13 Pages, 282 Kb
This HTML reference guide explains the back end process of the working of HTML files such as saving and testing web files and putting files on the web server.

 - Getting Ready
 - What Will Be On a Page
 - Creating the HTML Files
 - Saving Your HTML File
 - Testing Your Web File
 - Putting Your File on the Server

HTML Tag Reference Guide 5 pages 69 Kb
This guide explains the various tags in an HTML file.


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