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January 14, 2010

54 JavaScript and Web Development Tutorials

Here are 54 JavaScript and Web Development Tutorials at Switch On The Code. These tutorials will teach and show you details about the scripting language of web, JavaScript which is used in millions of web pages to add functionality, validate forms, detect browsers, and much more. Wide ranging topics are covered in these JavaScript and Web Development tutorials, including jQuery snippets for different functionalities, using sIFR in WordPress, XML parsing using jQuery, inline sliding panels in JavaScript, PHP and JavaScript, Silverlight and JavaScript, securing authentication without SSL Using JavaScript and a many other web dev topics related to JavaScript.

54 JavaScript and Web Development Tutorials:

 - How to Build a jQuery Treeview
 - Building a Twitter Extension for Google Chrome
 - How to Build a Star Ratings jQuery Plugin
 - jQuery Snippet – The e.preventDefault() Function
 - jQuery Snippet – Useful Form Selectors
 - jQuery Snippet – Relative Mouse Position
 - jQuery Custom ToolTips
 - Using sIFR in WordPress
 - Javascript Snippet Tutorial – Dynamically Modifying Tables
 - jQuery – Creating a Slideshow
 - jQuery - Transmitting Data Using JSON
 - XML Parsing with jQuery
 - JQuery Tutorial – Getting Browser Information
 - JQuery Tutorial – Dynamic Sliding Panels
 - Using jQuery Slider to Scroll a Div
 - Drupal 6 Basic Javascript w/ jQuery
 - Javascript Tutorial – Inline Sliding Panels
 - Javascript Tutorial – Radial Menus Part 1
 - Javascript Tutorial – Getting User Input with Prompt and Confirm
 - Simple AJAX – PHP and Javascript
 - Javascript Tutorial – Draggable View In A Container
 - Javascript Tutorial – Generic Resizeable Container
 - Javascript Sliding Panels – Starting the Panels Up
 - Javascript Tutorial – Continuous Pagination
 - Javascript Tutorial – Simple Fade Animation
 - Javascript Tutorial – Variadic Functions
 - Javascript Controls – Resizeable Textbox, Part Tres
 - Spice Up WordPress with Resizable Comment Boxes
 - Javascript Controls – Resizeable Textbox
 - Javascript Tutorial – The Scroll Wheel
 - Javascript Controls – The Spin Control
 - Javascript Tutorial – Trackbar Component
 - Javascript And CSS Tutorial – Accordion Menus
 - Javascript Tutorial – Drag & Drop Lists
 - Javascript Tutorial – Resizeable Textboxes
 - HTML and Javascript – Putting it all Together
 - Javascript Tutorial – Generic Animation V2.0
 - Javascript Tutorial – Why The this Keyword Breaks
 - Javascript Tutorial – Fun Object Syntax
 - How To Embed Silverlight Into a Webpage
 - Javascript Tutorial – Using setInterval and setTimeout
 - Javascript - Interactive Color Picker
 - Communicate Between Flex and Silverlight using Javascript
 - Javascript - Draggable Elements
 - Silverlight and Javascript Interaction
 - Javascript - Working With Events
 - Javascript Sliding Panels using Generic Animation
 - Javascript Objects – A Useful Example
 - Javascript and CSS Tutorial – Generic Animation
 - Secure Authentication Without SSL Using Javascript
 - Flex & Javascript Tutorial – Simple Interaction
 - Javascript And CSS Tutorial – Dynamic Tabbed Panels
 - Javascript Tutorial – How to Auto Ellipse Text
 - Javascript and CSS Tutorial – How to make Sliding Panels

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