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October 14, 2009

XML Document Type Definition (DTD) Tutorial

Here is is a XML Document Type Definition (DTD) Tutorial, hosted at the New Mexico Tech Computer Center. This DTD tutorial describes the Document Type Definition notation for describing the schema of an SGML or XML document type. The purpose of a Document Type Definition or DTD is to define the structure of a document encoded in XML. This DTD tutorial also can be downloaded as pdf.

Document Type Definition Tutorial:

  What is a DTD?
     - Definitions
  Where does a DTD live?
     - Linking an XML file to an external DTD
     - Including the DTD inside your XML file
  Types of DTD declarations
  Element declarations
     - Declaring empty elements
     - Elements with text content only
     - Elements with mixed content
  Attribute declarations
     - Tokenized attributes
     - Enumerated attributes
  Declaring and using entities
     - General entities
     - Character entities
     - Parameter entities
     - Binary (non-parsed) entities
  Notation declarations

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