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July 21, 2009

HTML Tutorials and References

Here are HTML Tutorials and References at that provide understanding on how to create and manage websites using HTML. Most of these HTML tutorials are focused on various aspects of HTML, its tags, the structures, the attributes and the most commonly used concepts in HTML such as Doctypes, HTML and XHTML and accessibility features. These HTML tutorials are easy to follow and understand and have code samples provided for each topic. Each topic is followed by a short description of its related tags as well.

HTML Elements
This section describes the various elements available in HTML. These elements include structural, head, list, text formatting, table frame and window elements. Each of these elements is followed by a small description. Clicking on the element will display an in-depth explanation and its supportability.

 - Structural Elements
 - Head Elements
 - List Elements
 - Text Formatting Elements
 - Form Elements
 - Image and Media Elements
 - Table Elements
 - Frame and Window Elements
 - Deprecated Elements (to avoid using)
 - Proprietary & Nonstandard Elements
 - Alphabetic Element Index
 - Elements and Valid DTDs They May Appear In

Common Attributes of HTML
This section teaches all attributes that are common to all HTML elements, such as styling, scripting, title and class attributes. The attributes taught here include core attributes and event attributes such as key press, mouse click and mouse move.

 - Core Attributes
 - Event Attributes
 - Extended Event Attributes

HTML Concepts
This tutorial section explains when to use HTML and XHTML, their differences and covers high level concepts related to HTML and XHTML. Also discussed are DocTypes and the syntaxes of HTML and XHTML.

 - Basic Structure of a Web Page
 - Doctypes
 - HTML and XHTML Syntax
 - HTML Versus XHTML
 - HTML/XHTML Accessibility Features

HTML Extras
This tutorial covers additional information about HTML other than attributes and elements such as MIME types, ISO Language Codes and Color names and their related Hex values.

 - Color Names and Related Hex Values
 - ISO 2 Letter Language Codes
 - MIME Types – Complete List

HTML Microformats
This HTML tutorial covers the concept of HTML Microformats which were introduced as a defined set of attributed based on a preexisting standard. Microformats are meant to provide additional formatting in the HTML tags that use them. This tutorial explains Microformats in detail and provides examples for them.

 - hCard
 - hCalendar
 - XFN
 - hReview
 - VoteLinks
 - rel-license
 - rel-nofollow
 - rel-tag

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