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July 13, 2009

Web Design Tutorial

Here is an excellent Web Design Tutorial, at The University of South Dakota. Some of the aspects covered in this Web Design tutorial include the drafting of the contents of the page, including the header, the body, the font, color and its accessibility. Also included are tips on various types of sites that can be created, and their requisite colors, balance, levels of navigation, and management of information. This web design tutorial is in pdf format, is 11 pages in length, and has a file size of 500kb.

Contents of Web Design Tutorial:

Purpose of Tutorial

Website Development

Page Content
 - Responsibility
 - The Header
 - Body
 - Outline Style
 - Font/ Font Color
 - Website Content
 - Top
 - Down Design
 - Active Voice
 - Accessibility

Designing the Site
 - Type of Site
 - Balance
 - Contrast/Color
 - Navigation
 - Management Information

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