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July 9, 2009

XHTML Tutorial

Here is a very good XHTML Tutorial at The University of South Dakota. The topics covered in this XHTML tutorial include a brief history of XHTML, its need and its uses. Further, well explained sections on writing XHTML, ensuring XML code compliance, creating XHTML structures and using block and inline elements is provided. A detailed listing of XHTML tags are described with each tag having its own example. Additional resources and a glossary of commonly used terms are given for later reference. This XHTML tutorial is in pdf format, and is 16 pages, and 312kb in size.

XHTML Tutorial:

Introduction to XHTML
 - Where did it come from?
 - What is it used for?

Writing XHTML
 - Well
 - formed XHTML
 - Being XML Compliant
 - Understanding Doctypes
 - XHTML Structure
 - XHTML IDs and Classes
 - Document Organization
 - XHTML Language
 - Block vs. Inline Elements
 - Development by Purpose

XHTML Tag Listing



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