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July 28, 2005

Learn to Code HTML and Control Windows XP

TechTrax is an free online training site providing tutorials and learning content for popular software and web site development and programming. Here are their HTML and Windows XP series of training tutorials. TechTrax: Learning HTML Series of Training Tutorials: Part 1: Beginnings: Part 2: Tables: Part 3: Dealing with Image: Part 4: Designing Navigation Buttons: Part 5: Special Formatting: Part 6: Frames: Microsoft Windows XP Series of Training Tutorials: Part 1: WinXP_01 – Customizing the Look: Part 2: WinXP_02 – Messing with the Display: Part 3: WinXP_03 – The Control Panel: Part 4: WinXP_04: Favorite Features: Part 5: WinXP_05: Remote Assistance:

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