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February 16, 2011

32 Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Here are 32 free Photoshop Elements Tutorials from This site has many more of these types of tutorials available in their paid member section. These Photoshop Elements tutorials are well written, with screen shots, or videos, to demonstrate and show you how to use the features and tools being described.

3 Digital Backgrounds to Make
Adding a Boken Light Effect
P.E.T.’s Best Tips and Tricks for Photoshop Elements
Introducing Photoshop Elements 9
A Basic Elements Vocabulary
Picture-Perfect Gift Tags
Creating Masks with Threshold Adjustments
Removing Chromatic Aberration with Elements
Faking the “Looking at the Past” effect
Elements 9: New Guided Edit Modes
Elements 9: Easy Layer Masks
Elements 9: Content-Aware Healing
Adding Whimsical Scribbles to a Photo
Getting the Orton Effect
Create a Reusable Photo Frame
Getting the Hipstamatic Look
Introduction to the Editor
Introduction to the Organizer
Importing Your Camera Images into the Organizer
Adobe Bridge: Introduction
Adobe Bridge: Importing Your Photos
Elements 8: Getting True Symmetry in Your Photos
Quick & Easy Calendars From Templates
Adjustment Layer Panels
Photomerge Exposure
Elements 8: Recompose Tool
Elements 8: Updated Organizer (Windows)
Elements 8: The New Look (Part 2)
Elements 8: The New Look

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