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February 11, 2011

5 Quick References for Photoshop and Dreamweaver

Here are 3 Photoshop and 2 Dreamweaver Quick References, or Cheat Sheets, hosted by customguide. I found these on google, doing this search. These quick reference cards are in pdf format. Photoshop versions include 6, 7, and CS3 for Mac, and the Dreamweaver versions are 8 and CS3.

Photoshop 7 Quick Reference, Photoshop 7 Cheat Sheet
(3 pages, 905kb)

Photoshop 6 Quick Reference, Photoshop 6 Cheat Sheet
(3 pages, 905kb)

Photoshop CS3 for Mac Quick Reference
(2 pages, 1.01mb)

Dreamweaver CS3 Quick Reference, Dreamweaver CS3 Cheat Sheet
(3 pages, 990kb)

Dreamweaver 8 Quick Reference, Dreamweaver 8 Cheat Sheet
(2 pages, 1.10mb)

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